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Page Koumontsos, Athansia G.-(See S. 3506.)
Nichols General Hospital, to provide for the con-

Kouniakis, Harry N.-(See S. 3790.)
veyance of land of, to—(See S. 3041.)

Kramaro, Frank and Katica Marinovich-See S.
Ohio River at Louisville, to change the name of

the locks and dam on the-(See S. 2985; H.R.

Kramer, Dr. Herman Piet and Marie— (See S. 3367.)

Krzak, Wieslawa Barbara-(See S. 3860.)
Pioneer National Monument Association, to au-

Kuchel, Thomas H. (Senator from the State of Cali-
thorize and direct the Secretary of the Army

to convey part of the lock and dam numbered


10, Kentucky River, Madison County, to the

Conferee, appointed as..

--- 232, 337, 376, 414
(See S. 3324; H.R. 11561.)

North Atlantic Treaty Organization Parliamen-
Reelfoot-Indian Creek, works of improvement for

tary Conference, appointed member---

watershed protection and flood prevention.-- 306 Kure Beach- (See North Carolina-Kure Beach.)
Senators from

Kustera, Mr. Srecko- (See S. 3841.)
Cooper, John Sherman, attended..

1 Kwak, Dr. Hyun Mo (See S. 2838.)
Morton, Thruston B., attended.

1 Kwak, Dr. Hyun Mo and his wife, Young Soo Ha-
Zachary Taylor National Cemetery, Jefferson

(See S. 2876.)
County, to authorize acquisition of land for
Kyanite-mullite, report on disposition of..

the expansion of—(See $. 3093.)
Keosauqua, Iowa, to amend the law to provide that

payment for the lands conveyed to, may be
made on a deferred basis (See S. 3247.)

Labor-(See also International Labor Conference; Na-
Kerr, John H., Reservoir, Virginia-North Carolina, to

tional Labor Relations Act.)
authorize adjustment of rentals under leases

Abuse of power in the hands of organized, petition
of recreational facilities at the(See H.R.

praying legislation to regulate the---


Conference (See International Labor Confer-
Kerr, Robert S. (Senator from the State of Okla-


Disputes, amending the law with respect to—(See

S. 2810.)

Conferee, appointed as.

Migratory--(See Migratory–Labor.)

305, 328, 355, 375, 391, 430, 432, 441, 486, 520, 553

Newspaper employers involved in labor disputes,
Kessenich, Gregory J.— (See S. 609.)

to investigate the activities of, in employing
Ketchum, Edward—(See H.R. 7263.)

professional strikebreakers, and its effect on
Khrushchev, N.-

collective bargaining-(See S. Res. 271.)
Prosecution for crimes against humans, petition


Guards— (See Guards.)


Internal Affairs of, to prohibit the exercise of

judicial power in connection with administra-
Evaluated, article on by Senator Dodd, ordered

tion of—(See S. 3444.)
printed --


National, political contributions and expendi-
Resolution of appreciation to Senators who pro-

tures by, to prevent certain—(See S. 3037.)


Strike, secret ballots, to protect union members
Kickapoo Creek, Texas, watershed protection and flood

against pay losses in strikes through provid-


ing for- (See S. 3598.)
Kickback-(See Antikickback.)

Union—(See Officers and Employees of the United
Kimm, Lloyd C.-(See S. 2646.)

King, Maybell— (See S. 540.)

Labor-management disputes, Select Committee on, es-
Kitazawa, Naoka_ (See S. 3120.)

tablishing-(See S. Res. 254.)
Knight, John T.-(See S. 3868.)

Labor-Management Productivity Council Act of 1960–
Referring to Court of Claims—(See S. Res. 366.)

(See S. 3121.)
Know Your Government Office, establishing a, in the

Labor Management Relations Act, 1947, amending-
General Services Administration to dissemi-

(See S. 3097.)
nate general information concerning the or-

Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of
ganization of the Federal Government-(See

1959, amending-(See S. 3098, S. 3802.)
S. 3096.)

LaBranche, Oscar A.-(See H.R. 2849.)
Koblitz, Milton S.-(See H.R. 4835.)

Ladd-Eielson Area, Alaska, to provide for the with-
Koehler, Helga G. F.-(See S. 3817.)

drawal from the public domain of lands in
Koller, Irena Maria—(See S. 3081.)

the- (See S. 3742.)
Kon, Maria Genowefa-(See S. 2635.)

Draft of proposed legislation regarding-

Konishi, Miss Hanako__(See S. 2981.)

Lafayette Square and certain buildings in the vicinity,

District of Columbia, to preserve and main-
Coal purchased for delivery to Korea, to amend

tain-(See S. 3128, S. 3229, S. 3280, S. 3403.)
the law to require that 50 percent of the, be

La Feria division, lower Rio Grande rehabilitation
purchased from independent coal producers

project, Texas, soil survey and land classifica-
in the United States (See S. 3014.)

tion of lands in.---
Fertilizer plant (See McGraw-Hydrocarbon.)

Lake Cumberland, Ky., to authorize (adjustment of
Hostilities, to accord naturalization privileges to

rentals under leases entered into for the provi-
veterans of (See H.R. 7209.)

sion of commercial recreational facilities at
McGraw-Hydrocarbon, review of contracts with

(See S. 3259.)

for the construction of a fertilizer plant----


Lake Mead, memorandum of proposed general prin-
Reply to..

ciples to govern and operating criteria for,
Meredith Victory, to provide appropriate recog-

during the Glen Canyon filling period.---

nition of the gallant action of the steamship,

Lake Okeechobee, Fla., resolution favoring flood con-
in the evacuation of Hungnam-(See S. 2185.)


trol program on..
Military assistance program for, report of review

132 Lam, Tai-(See S. 3837.)

Lambert, H. P., Co., Inc., and Southeastern Drilling
Kostelac, Mike H.-(See H.R. 6709.)

Corp.---(See H.R. 7618.)


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Kotscha, Max-(See S. 2046.)

Land-(See also Property-Real.)

Desert(See Desert land.)
Grazing-(See Grazing lands.)
Legislative jurisdiction exercised by the United

States over, to provide for the adjustment of

the- (See S. 1617.)
Moving expenses, to authorize reimbursement of

owners and tenants of lands or interests in,
acquired for projects or activities under his

jurisdiction for—(See S. 2583.)
Nonphosphate in character, to require the Secre-

tary of the Interior to issue new or supple-
mental patents in certain cases where lands

have been classified as S-(See S. 3300.)
Land Acquisition Policy Act of 1960—(See H.R. 7634.)
Highway purposes, to amend the law to permit

conveyance of, for-(See H.R. 11522.)
Payment for, conveyed to the United States, to

provide for, as a basis for lieu selections from

the public domain (See H.R. 9142.)
Public-(See Public-Lands.)

Submerged—(See Submerged lands.)
Langer, William—(Senator from the State of North

Appreciation for Senate tribute, expression of,
from daughter--

Death of-
Announcement of—(See S. Res. 203) ----

2, 22
Funeral expenses relating to, authorizing pay-

ment of—(See S. Res. 211.)
Memorial addresses on—(S. Res. 268)

Resolution expressing deep affection for--

Laos, assistance program for, review of the

Larson, Henry C.-(See S. 2548.)
LaRue, Charles Bradford-(See S. 2887; H.R. 9442.)
Lascoula, Giuseppa Lanza-(See S. 3440.)
Lathes used for shoe last roughing or for shoe last

finishing, to continue for 2 years the existing
suspension of duties on certain-(See H.R.

Latin America
Development of, to provide for assistance in the

(See S. 3839, S. 3861; H.R. 13021.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding--

Housing, to encourage loan guarantee programs,

to encourage the start of pilot housing proj-
ects, and to promote private home owner-

ship-(See S. Res. 295.)
United States-Latin American relations, print-

ing studies of, as a Senate document, (See

S. Con. Res. 99.)
Lausche, Frank J. (Senator from the State of Ohio).

Lava flow due to volcanic activity, to broaden the law

to include losses resulting from—(See S. 3358.)
Law Day, to designate the 1st day of May each year

as-(See S.J. Res. 203.)
Laws (See also American Society of International

Application of all, resolution favoring, with equal

force to business, unions, or any other groups
or persons that may affect the life or welfare
of the Nation --

Lazaro, Dr. Benigno R.-(See S. 3585.)
Lazic, Nikolija (See S. 2886.)
Lazo, Dr. Avelino Raquiza, and Dr. Segundina Del

Carmen-(See S. 2837.)
Lead and zinc-
Import taxes on, to amend the law to impose

(See S. 3696, S. 3698.)
Mining of, to stabilize the, by small domestic pro-

ducers on public, Indian, and other lands-

(See H.R. 8860.)
Leader-Middle Clear Boggy Creek, Oklahoma, water-

shed protection and flood prevention---- 493

Leatherwood Creek, Virginia, watershed protection and Page
flood prevention --

Lee, Dr. Ya-Pin-(See S. 3752.)
Lee, Henry K. (Hyun Kui)-(See S. 2089.)
Lee, Roger Nai-whei--(See S. 3703.)
Lee, Yick Yuen- (See S. 3774.)

Appropriations—(See also Appropriations—Leg-

islative Branch.)

Supplemental estimates of --- -- 143, 155, 315
Proposals, message from the President on.

Purposes, to amend the law to provide that lawful

expenditures for, shall be allowed as deduc-

tions from gross income (See S. 3145.)
Recommendations of the President-

Legislative Branch Appropriation Act, 1961—(See H.R.

Notices of motion to suspend the rule--

364, 377
Leilani, to loan the, to the University of the Seven

Seas, Inc., for educational purposes—(See

S.J. Res. 159.)
Lemus-Ramos, Evidio M. (See S. 3478.)
Lend-lease operations, report on, for calendar 1959,
from the President----

Leong, Mock Fook-(See H.R. 9043.)
Less Developed Area Investment Incentive Tax Act of

1960—(See S. 3251.)
Leverette, Samuel Preston- (See S. 3599.)
Levitt, Paul-(See H.R. 7447.)
Lewis, Louis— (See H.R. 10627.)
Lewis, Sinclair—(See Sinclair Lewis Year.)
Li, Daisy Pong Hi Tong-(See S. 3076.)
Li, Po Part- (See S. 3766.)
Li, Richard T. K.-(See S. 2741.)
Library of Congress-
Braille musical scores, establishing a library of,

within the (See S. 2760.)
Building for, to authorize preliminary study and

review with proposed additional-(See S.J.

Res. 97; H.J. Res. 352.)
Communications from, transmitting-
Reports by, on-
Annual, including copyright business, and the

annual report of the Library of Congress
Trust Fund Board, for fiscal 1959-

Appropriations, restoration of balances with-
drawn from...

Joint Committee on the- (See Committees

Positions in the, to amend the law with respect

to-(See H.R. 8424.)
Library of Congress Trust Fund Board
Communication from, transmitting, report by,
on, annual, for fiscal 1959 --

Wilbur, James B., trust instrument executed by,

to authorize the Attorney General to consent,
on behalf of the, to a modification of the

terms of a-(See $. 1321.)
Library Services Act, amending, extending for 5

years-(See S. 2764, S. 2788, S. 2830.)
Licensed media—(See Political-Opinions.)
Lien, Hwachi- (See S. 2689.)
Liens, relating to— (See H.R. 7242.)
Lieu selections from the public domain, to provide for

payment for lands heretofore conveyed to the

United States as a basis for— (See H.R. 9142.)
Life insurance companies—(See also Internal Revenue

Code of 1954-Amending-Life.)
Accident and health insurance contracts, to

amend the law to permit a deduction by, of

the premiums from—(See S. 3756.)
Funds held and owned by, draft of proposed leg-

islation to provide for the administration of.. 356
Lignite Research Laboratory, Grand Forks, N. Dak.,

report on activities of, expenditures by, and
donations to, for calendar 1959.-



Legislature of the State of -
Petitions, resolutions, and memorials from
Taxes on personal incomes, estates, and gifts,

concurrent resolution favoring an amend-

ment to the Constitution relative to ---- 412
Ouachita and Black Rivers, review of reports on.. 429
Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge and Game Preserve,

to restate terms of the grant covering the-

(See S. 3777.)
Senators from
Ellender, Allen J., Sr., attended.---

Long, Russell B., attended---

Submerged lands, establishing the seaward bound-

aries as extending 3 marine leagues into the

Gulf of Mexico—(See S. 3851.)
Louisiana State University Centennial Day, to provide

for the designation of June 4, 1960, as—(See

S.J. Res. 182.)
Loveday, Gloria Anne-(See H.R. 7895.)
Loyalty oaths-(See also Affidavits of belief.)
Memorials remonstrating against disclaimer af-
fidavit of..

34, 109, 221
Resolution favoring students taking-

Resolutions remonstrating against-

Lund, Mr. and Mrs. Don- (See S. 3426.)
Lund, Nels— (See H.R. 5880.)
Lusk, Hall S.-(Senator-designate from the State of

Committee assignments—(S. Res. 297.)

Credentials presented and oath administered.---- 175
Lybarger, Joanne Lea (Buffington)-(See S. 477.)
Lynching, trial, to protect against deprivation of the

right to a fair-(See S. 2784.)


Lillie, Robert 0.-(See S. 3393.)

Lin, Yu Shu-(See S. 2739.)
Lincoln Sesquicentennial Commission, report of the

extending the time for filing the final-(See

S.J. Res. 161; H.J. Res. 598.)
Lindell, John George Sarkis— (See S. 2769.)
Lindsay, Hsiao-li (nee Li-Hsiao-li)-(See H.R. 9444.)
Lipset, John—(See S. 2528.)
Liquor stores operated by States and political subdivi-

sions, to provide that, shall not be required to
pay more than one tax as a retail dealer in

liquor—(See S. 3026; H.R. 9000.)
Lithuania, memorial remonstrating against the in-

justice committed on, by Soviet Russia----- 121
Lithuania Independence Day, authorizing the Presi-

dent to issue a proclamation designating Feb-

ruary 16 of each year as— (See S.J. Res. 163.)
Livestock, humane slaughter of, to delay the law relat-

ing to (See S. 3716; H.R. 12705.)
Livingston, Helen E., Library of Congress, granted
privileges of the floor of the Senate ---

Lleras-Camargo, Hon. Alberto, President of Colom-

Address to joint meeting----

Visits of, announcement.--

205, 207

Holding Company—(See Savings and loan.)

Veterans— (See Veterans-Loan.)
Foreign currencies, to authorize evaluation in dol-

lars, expressed in, arising as a result of World

War II— (See H.R. 808.)
Public facility— (See Public-Facility loans.)
Loessin, Merle K.-(See S. 3735.)
Lohry, Nellie V.-(See S. 3040.)
Long Marsh, Md., watershed protection and flood pre-

Long, Oren E. (Senator from the State of Hawaii)-
Attended -

Long, Russell B. (Senator from the State of Louisi-


Conferee, appointed as.

391, 469, 520, 553
President pro tempore, appointed acting---

Longshoremen's and Harbor Workers' Compensation

Injuries, to provide benefits in case of dis-

abling-(See S. 3405; H.R. 12777.)
Physician, to provide that an injured employee

shall select his own—(See S. 3404; H.R.

Lottery, national, petition praying establishment of

Loui, Tong Mo—(See S. 2639.)

Black River—(See Quachita, infra.)
Hammond, to permit the coverage under social

security of certain policemen and police-

women in the city of—(See S. 3620.)
Intracoastal waterway in the vicinity of Algiers

at New Orleans, relating to— (See S. 3302.)
Legislature of the State of —
Petitions, resolutions, and memorials from
Old-age and survivors insurance, concurrent

resolution favoring legislation to provide
persons eligible for benefits from both, full
payment from each program.-

Old-age recipients, concurrent resolution

favoring legislation granting, the right to

earn $500 without having benefits affected. 344
Shrimp, concurrent resolution favoring legis-

lation to curtail and control foreign im-
portation of--------

State powers, resolution favoring amending

the Constitution relative to certain --- 333

Mablekos, Evagelos-(See S. 1913.)
Machineguns and certain other firearms, to eliminate

the proration of the tax on persons dealing

in— (See H.R. 4029.)
Mack, Russell V., death of, late a Representative from

the State of Washington-(See S. Res. 296)-- 187
MacKay, Hamish Scott- (See S. 3587.)
Mackie, T. R.-(See S. 3613.)
Macmillan, Hon. Harold, Prime Minister of Great

Britain, visit of and address to the Senate --- 194
Maco Warehouse Co.-(See H.R. 8801.)
Macpherson, Gregor, appointing, Official Reporter of

the Senate- (See S. Res. 309.)
Madison, James, memorial to, establishing commission

to formulate plans for--(See S.J. Res. 128.)
Appointment of Senate members.---

Magnuson, Warren G. (Senator from the State of

Washington) -

Canada-United States Interparliamentary Group,
appointed member.

Committee appointment, funeral.

Conferee, appointe as.- 36, 181, 191, 234, 401, 486, 551
Magyar, Ida-(See H.R. 3253.)
Mahal, Karnail Singh-(See H.R. 4670.)
Eastport Harbor, review of, ordered printed as a
Senate document----

Lands located in, to provide for the conveyance

to the State of Maine certain— (See S. 3299.)
Senators from

Muskie, Edmund S., attended

Smith, Mrs. Margaret Chase, attended.--
Mallah, Marcelle and Louise Najib-(See S. 3373.)
Malta Irrigation District, Milk River Federal recla-

mation project, Montana, to authorize the
Secretary of the Interior to defer the reclassi-
fication of certain lands of the— (See S.J.

Res. 175.)
Mainiero, Nicholas, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, to au-

thorize the advance on the retired list of First
Lieutenant (See S. 3052.)

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Mammals, birds, amphibians, fish, and reptiles, to Page

clarify certain provisions of the Criminal
Code relating to the importation or shipment

of injurious (See H.R. 10598.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding.

Mammoth Cave National Park, parkway for— (See S.

Mann Creek reclamation project, Idaho.-

Advisers, creating a council of in the Executive

Office of the President- (See S. 3555.)
Resources, relating to the training and utilization

of the-(See S. 3555.)
Manpower Act of 1960- (See S. 3555.)
Manpower Needs for Defense in the Space Age, to

establish a Commission on (See S.J. Res.

Mansfield, Mike (Senator from the State of Mon-


Canada-United States Interparliamentary Group,
appointed member---

Conferee, appointed as.

President pro tempore, appointed acting---

253, 258, 281, 286, 308, 367, 376, 444
Vote, change of_

Manthey, John B.-(See S. 2330.)
Mao, Chieh-Hsia, and his wife, Rose Tung-Pei-(See

S. 3876.)
Maple City, admitting the, to American registry and

to permit the use in coastwise trade-(See

S. 3516.)
Maraessa, Alessandro (See H.R. 1422.)
Marcantonakis, Nicholas Anthony—(See S. 2627.)
March, Cora V.- (See H.R. 11190.)
Marcolina, Anna Semechole- (See H.R. 9042.)
Marden, Illyene and others, to pay a gratuity to

(See S. Res. 313.)
Maria, Angela— (See H.R. 8888.)
Marianas Islands, resolution favoring incorporation
of, within the Territory of Guam.---

Marigold (Tagetes erecta), designating the, as the

national floral emblem of the United States

(See S.J. Res. 146.)
Marihuana, illicit possession of, to provide for ex-

clusion or deportation of any alien convicted
for violation of law relating to—(See H.R.

Marine, sciences, to advance the, to establish a pro-

gram of oceanographic research and surveys-

(See S. 2692.)
Marine Sciences and Research Act of 1960—(See S.

Maritime Museum Association of San Diego—(See

H.R. 11562.)
Mark, Miss Marie E.-(See H.R. 10152.)
Marketing orders, to eliminate block voting for-

(See S. 3207.)
Marsh Creek-
Kentucky, works of improvement for watershed
protection and flood prevention --

Tennessee, works of improvement for watershed
protection and flood prevention..

Martin, Mr. Hughie D. and Ione— (See H.R. 7226.)
Martin, Thomas E. (Senator from the State of Iowa).
Attendance, excused from..


Commission, American Battle Monuments, ap-
pointed delegate ---


Assignments— (See S. Res. 370, S. Res. 380.)

Service, excused from—(See S. Res. 370.)
Conferee, appointed as..

Martinez, Angel Ardaiz—(See S. 3143.)
Martinez, Antonia-(See H.R. 2671.)
Martinez, Maria Luisa-(See S. 3142.)

Martinez, Mary, conferring jurisdiction on the U.S. Page

District Court for the District of Colorado to
hear, determine, and adjudicate the claim of-

(See S. 3843.)
Martinson, Paul L.-(See S. 3151.)
Antietam Battlefield, to provide for the protection

and preservation of the— (See H.R. 1805.)
Frederick, relief of the city of— (See S. 3395.)
Hatch Act (See Political activities, infra.)
House of Delegates of the State of -
Petitions, resolutions, and memorials from-
Department of the Navy, Naval Weapons

Plant, Washington, D.C., resolution favor-

ing continuation and modernization of the- 149
Inland waterway between the Delaware Bay

and the Chesapeake Bay, resolution favor-
ing the construction of an..

Inland waterway between the Delaware Bay and

the Chesapeake Bay, resolution favoring the
construction of an.

Legislature of the State of, petitions, resolutions,

and memorials from, Patuxent River, resolu-
tion favoring a survey of the, relative to flood

Long Marsh, watershed protection and flood pre-

Mass transit in the Washington, D.C., metropol-

itan area, granting the consent and approval
of Congress for, to enter into a compact re-
lated to the regulation of—(See H.J. Res.

Political activities (See Omcers and employees

of the United States-Political activities.)
Senate of the State of -
Petitions, resolutions, and memorials from-
Department of the Navy, Naval Weapons

Plant, Washington, D.C., resolution favor-
ing continued operation of..

Senators from-
Beall, J. Glenn, attended..

Butler, John Marshall, attended-

Wilson Memorial Bridge over the Potomac River

from Jones Point, Virginia, to Maryland, to
provide for apportioning the expense of main-

taining and operating the — (See S. 3917.)
Boston, resolution favoring the building of a Gov-
ernment center in.---

Boston Naval Shipyard, to authorize the Secre-

tary of the Navy to transfer to, lands and
improvements comprising a portion of, in ex-

change for other lands—(See H.R. 5888.)
Chicopee River Basin, interim report on.

Legislature of the State of -
Petitions, resolutions, and memorials from-
Age, discrimination in employment because

of, concurrent resolutions favoring out-
lawing --

165, 171
Armed Forces, retirement benefits of members

of the, concurrent resolutions favoring in-
creasing the

123, 125
Cemetery, national, concurrent resolution

favoring the establishment of a, in the New
England Area---

107, 111
Federal Area Redevelopment Act, concurrent
resolutions favoring a..

165, 208
Health insurance coverage, concurrent reso-

lution favoring, as part of social security

Inflation, causes of, concurrent resolutions

favoring investigation of, and remedial leg-
islation --

111, 121
Insurance coverage for certain health benefits

as part of social-security benefits, resolu-
tion favoring -



Legislature of the State of -
Petitions, resolutions, and memorials from
Postal employees, concurrent resolutions fa-

voring legislation increasing the compensa-
tion of------

282, 298
Social Security Act, amending, earnings by

recipients of payments, concurrent resolu-
tions favoring amending the law with re-
spect to maximum..

165, 208
Supreme Court, concurrent resolutions favor-

ing legislation implementing the decisions
of the, outlawing segregation in the public
school system---

111, 121
Veterans, World War I pensions, concurrent
resolutions favoring ---

107, 111
Parachuting championships at Orange, extending

an invitation to hold them (See S.J. Res. 200;

H.J. Res. 723.)
Senate of the State of, petitions, resolutions, and

memorials from, resolution favoring the

building of a Government center in Boston -- 20
Senators from
Kennedy, John F., attended...

Saltonstall, Leverett, attended..

Westfield River, interim report on.

Mastandrea, Martin A.-(See H.R. 7792.)
Matagorda Water Range, to provide for the restriction

of certain areas in the Outer Continental

Shelf for defense purposes-(See S. 3847.)
McAlpine locks and dam, Ohio River, to change the

name at Louisville, Ky., to— (See S. 2985; H.R.

McCarran, Patrick A., statue from the State of Nevada,

recess enabling Members of the Senate to at-
tend the ceremonies in the rotunda of the
Capitol at the acceptance of the------

McCarthy, Eugene J. (Senator from the State of Min-


Vote, change of..

McCarthy, Joseph, former Senator, petition praying
for understanding for censure of..

McClellan, John L. (Senator from the State of Ar-


Authorized to appear and testify- (See S. Res.

Conferee, appointed as..

232, 337, 366, 486
Hutcheson, Maurice A., permission for, to appear

before U.S. Court of District of Columbia in
case of...

Presser, William, permission for, to testify in case

of— (See S. Res. 326.)
McCormack, Ivan H., to provide for the removal of res-

ervation of timber rights from a patent issued

to- (See S.J. Res. 9.)
McGee, Gale W. (Senator from the State of Wyo-

Attended -

Committee appointment, funeral.

President pro tempore, appointed acting -


197, 289, 419
McGill, Elizabeth, chief clerk of the Juvenile Delin-

quent Subcommittee of the Committee on the
Judiciary to authorize, to testify and produce

records— (See S. Res. 322.)
McGraw-Hydrocarbon, review of contracts with, for

construction and operation of fertilizer plant
in Korea.--

Reply to Comptroller General.

McIver, K. J.-(See H.R. 9752.)
McKinney, George C.-(See S. 2142.)
McLaren, Ennis Craft_(See S. 2872.)
McMurray, Mr. and Mrs. James H.—(See H.R. 1433.)

McNamara, Patrick V. (Senator from the State of Page

Michigan) —
Attended --

Conferee, appointed as..

332, 343, 375, 432, 504
President pro tempore, appointed acting--

McNary projects, completion of, concurrent resolution

McNemar, H.A., directing the Secretary of the Interior

to convey certain property in the State of

Mississippi to the heirs of—(See S. 3221.)
Meat products, duties on excess imports of certain

live, to impose additional-(See S. 3035.)
Meats, duties on excess imports of certain live, to im-

pose additional--(See S. 3035.)
Mechanic arts, colleges of, to amend the law relating to

the endowment and support of relating to
resident teaching grants to land grant institu-

tions— (See S. 3450.)
Medal of Honor, pension payable to persons awarded,

increasing the— (See H.R. 270.)
Amending the law with respect to-(See H.R.

Recommendation not processed, to amend the law

to authorize the award of, within 2 years after
a determination that because of loss or inad-

vertence the-(See H.R.5569.)
Medals and decorations-
Antarctica, medal to persons serving as members

of expedition to, to provide for the presenta-

tion of_(See H.R. 3923.)
Century 21 Exposition, to provide for the striking

of medal in commemoration of, to be held in

Seattle-(See S. 3532.)
Chaplains George L. Fox, Alexander D. Goode,

Clark V. Poling, and John P. Washington, to

authorize awards of, to—(See S. 2969.)
Civil War Centennial Medal, to authorize the

manufacture and sale of— (See S.J. Res. 61.)
Dooley, Dr. Thomas Anthony, III, authorizing the

President to confer a medal on—(See S.J. Res.

Hoover, John Edgar, gold medal in honor of, au-

thorizing the striking of—(See S.J. Res. 172.)
Speaker of the House of Representatives, au-

thorizing the, to confer-(See S.J. Res. 171.)
Idaho, 100th anniversary of the founding of the

State of, to provide for the striking of medals

in commemoration of the- (See S. 3160.)
Kansas, 100th anniversary of statehood of, to pro-

vide for the striking of medals in commemo-

ration of the-(See S. 2431.)
Medal of Honor, pension payable to persons

awarded, increasing the— (See H.R. 270.)
Pony Express, to provide for the striking of medals

in commemoration of the- (See S. 2454.)
Presidential Medal for Civilian Achievements, to

establish, for persons making outstanding
contributions in arts, sciences, and related

fields-(See S. 3706.)
Washington Order of Merit, to create a distin-

guished decoration to be known as the-(See

S. 3184.)

Care, aged-(See Aged.)
Education—(See National Fund for Medical Edu-

Research-(See Health and medical research.)
Teaching facilities, authorizing grants for con-

struction of, and providing scholarships for
students of medicine and public health-(See

S. 3875.)
Medical care and hospitalization for persons eligible

for old-age and survivors benefits, resolutions
favoring providing insurance against cost of 65, 225

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