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Interest rates, memorials remonstrating against meas- Page

ures to raise, especially on rural electrification

127, 225
Intergovernmental Relations (See also Advisory

Commission on Intergovernmental Relations.)
Commission on, printing copies of House Docu-

ment entitled-(See H. Con. Res. 693.)
Internal Revenue Code of 1939, amending, estate tax

paid on certain prior transfers, to provide a
credit against, in the case of decedents dying

after December 31, 1947—(See S. 2996.)
Internal Revenue Code of 1954—

Accrual of, to provide a limitation on the accel-

eration of the- (See S. 3103.)
Additions to tax, with respect to the procedure

for assessing certain-(See H.R. 9660.)
Advertising, charges for, relating to the treat-

ment of charges for local, for determining the

manufacturer's sale price— (See H.R. 12536.)
Alien, nonresident employees, to exclude from

gross income amounts paid to certain—(See

H.R. 135.)
Aromatic cachous, relating to — (See H.R. 4586.)
Assessments and charges against taxpayer or

property without regard to whether they in-

crease value, resolution favoring deductions.- 19
Aviation, fuel, draft of proposed legislation by
imposing a tax on the sale of.---

Bicycle tires and tubes used in the manufac-

ture, or production of new bicycles, to exempt,
from the manufacturer's excise tax on tires

and tubes-(See H.R. 8318.)
Cabaret tax, to reduce— (See H.R. 2164.)
Charitable contributions, relating to unlimited

deductions for- (See H.R. 6066, H.R. 6779.)
Cigars, with respect to the excise tax on-(See

S. 3293; H.R. 10960.)
Copyright, royalties of personal holding com-

pany tax, with respect to treatment of — (See

H.R. 7588.)
Corporate normal tax rate and certain excise

tax rates, draft of proposed legislation to pro-
vide extension of the---

Credit for taxes paid by a, to allow a-(See

H.R. 11681.)
Dividends paid by, relating to (See H.R.

Corporations or associations, nonprofit, to ex-

empt from taxation certain—(See H.R. 6155.)
Dealer reserve income, to provide transitional

provisions for the income tax treatment of -

(See H.R. 8684.)
Dramatic performance (including musical),

providing that the tax on admissions shall

not apply to admissions to live (See S. 3891.)
Dues to organizations, to permit the, to be in-

cluded in gross income for taxable years to

which the dues relate— (See H.R. 11266.)
Employment taxes on employers, to provide a

special credit against social security taxes to
employers who employ individuals 45 or

over-(See S. 2879.)
Estate taxes paid on transfers of decedents dy-

ing after December 31, 1947, relating to

(See S. 2996; H.R. 2397.)
Estates, trusts, partners, and partnerships, to

revise the income tax provisions of—(See

H.R. 9662.)
Excise tax rates—(See Corporate normal tax,

Exploration expenditures, with respect to limita-

tion on the deduction of_(See H.R. 4251.)

Internal Revenue Code of 1954-Continued

Federal National Mortgage Association, relating

to the income tax treatment of nonrefund-
able capital contributions to—(See H.R. 7885,

H.R. 7947.)
Fishermen, to extend to, the same treatment ac-

corded farmers in relation to estimated in-

come tax—(See H.R. 1925.)
Central bank of issue, draft of proposed legis-

lation to exempt from taxation the income
derived by, from obligations by the United

Investment-(See Investment, infra.)
Tax credit, to permit taxpayers to elect an

overall limitation on the-(See H.R. 10087).
Gift tax-
Paid on a gift of property which is included

in the gross estate of a decedent, relating
to the credit against the estate tax for the

amount of — (See S. 3240.)
Purposes, relating to transfers for— (See S.

Gifts and inheritances, relating to exclusion

from gross income of—(See S. 3430.)
Ground rent, redeemable, to allow a deduction

for payments of, and for real property taxes
paid on property subject to redeemable

ground rent (See S. 3220.)
Historical societies or agencies, with respect to

charitable contributions to— (See S. 3178.)
Hospital, nursing home, home nursing service

and diagnostic outpatient hospital services for
persons eligible for old-age, survivors and dis-
ability insurance benefits, to provide insur-

ance against the costs of—(See S. 2915.)
Hospitals, nonprofit, to exempt, from certain

excise taxes--(See S. 3401.)
Incomes, estates, and gifts, concurrent reso-

lution favoring an amendment to the Con-

stitution relative to ---
Insurance benefits, increasing the amount of-

(See S. 3725.)
Investment abroad, to encourage private_(See

S. 3251; H.R. 5.)
Iron Workers' Mid-America Pension Trust, re-

lating to the effective date of the qualification

of the, as a trust- (See S. 3029.)
Lead and zinc, to impose import taxes on-

(See S. 3696, S. 3698.)
Legislative purposes, to provide that lawful ex-

penditures for, shall be allowed as deductions

from gross income-(See S. 3145.)
Life insurance companies-
Accident and health insurance contracts, to

permit a deduction by, of the premiums

from-(See S. 3474, S. 3756.)
Investment securities, to provide for, the same

treatment with respect to losses on certain,

as is provided for banks—(See S. 3475.)
Liquor stores operated by States and political

subdivisions, to provide that, shall not be re-
quired to pay more than one tax as a retail

dealer in liquor (See S. 3026; H.R. 9000.)
Machineguns and certain other firearms, to

eliminate the proration of the tax on persons

dealing in— (See H.R. 4029.)
Minister, social security, to extend the time

within which a, may elect coverage as a self-
employed individual for— (See S. 3289, S. 3398,

S. 3521, S. 3535.)
Motor club, to provide the same treatment for

prepaid dues income received by a nonprofit,
as for prepaid subscription income-(See S.





Internal Revenue Code of 1954—Continued

Pipe and Refrigeration Fitters Local 537 Pen-

sion Fund, relating to the date of the quali-
fication of the, as a qualified trust(See S.

3694, S. 3712.)
Playing cards, with respect to the method of

paying the tax on-(See S. 2938.)
Committees, to exclude service performed in

the employment of certain(See S. 3301.)
Contributions, to provide for a credit or de-

duction against Federal income taxes for

certain-(See S. 2905.)
Possessions of the United States, relating to

(See H.R. 5547.)
Private investment abroad, to encourage, in less

developed areas and thereby promote Ameri-
can industry and reduce Government expendi-
tures for foreign economic assistance in such

areas (See S. 3251; H.R. 5.)
Corporation in receivership proceeding or in

proceeding under the Bankruptcy Act, to
provide for the treatment of income from
discharge of indebtedness of a~ (See H.R.

Corporations, relating to-(See S. 3765.)
Real estate investment trusts, to provide a spe-

cial method of taxation of—(See H.R. 12559.)
Resident of home, to provide that the taxpayer's

personal exemption for an individual not re-
lated to him shall be allowed if such individual
resides in his home for the major part of the
taxable year, making special provision where
such individual is a child living with him for

the duration of a school year— (See S. 3200.)
Retailers and other distributors, to restore com-

petitive equality to, with respect to certain
sales to business and other organizations-

(See S. 2995.)
Small business
Investment companies, relating to— (See S.

Tax status of, relating to the election of— (See

S. 2789.)
Stock, shares or certificates of, relating to the

rate of tax on the issuance of, by regulated

investment companies—(See H.R. 6132.)
Elementary or high school, to treat as chari-

table contributions amounts paid by tax-
payers in maintaining, including foreign

and Indian students—(See S. 3614.)
Foreign, to allow an exemption for- (See

S. 2754.)
Subscription income, prepaid, to permit tax-

payers who use the cash receipts and dis-
bursements method of accounting to make an

election with respect to (See S. 3243.)
Tax Court of the United States, judges' widows,

relating to(See H.R. 8732.)
Television, tubes, relating to the taxable status

of sales prior to September 1, 1955, of, for use
in the production of certain component parts

of receiving sets (See S. 3244.)
Tires produced from used tires, to fix a tax on

laminated—(See H.R. 6785.)
Trade policy, to provide assistance to facilitate

adjustments made necessary by the-(See
S. 3803.)
Trusts (See Real estate, supra.)
Trusts, reciprocal and other, relating to the gift

and estate tax treatment of the relinquish-
ment of powers in the case of — (See S. 3668;
H.R. 12329.)

Internal Revenue Code of 1954–Continued

Trusts and corporations, charitable, relating to

accumulation of income by certain-(See S.

Unemployment, benefit trusts, to provide an ex-

emption from income tax for supplemental-

(See H.R. 8229.)
Pattern Makers' Pension Trust of Chicago, re-

lating to the effective date of the qualifica-

tion of the, as a qualified trust(See S. 3073.)
Internal Security Manual, revised edition, printing ad-

ditional copies of — (See S. Con. Res. 96.)
Internal security of the United States, to strengthen

the-(See S. 2652.)

Education-(See also Educational.)
Educational exchange programs, reports on for.. 10,

335, 504
Exposition in the United States, resolution con-

cerning the holding of an-(See S. Res. 169.)
Food and raw materials reserve, relative to the

establishment of an-(See S. Res. 340, S.

Res. 357.)
Food program, establishing—(See S. Con. Res.

Health and medical research, to establish an-

(See S.J. Res. 41.)
Medical-(See Health, supra.)
Organizations contributions, report on extent and
disposition of, for fiscal 1959-----

Payments (See Exports, Imports.)
Special program, supplemental estimate of..---- 534
Trade fairs and expositions, concerning partici-

pation in—(See S. Con. Res. 106.)
Travel, to establish an Office of—(See S. 3162.)
International Bureau for the Protection of Industrial

Property, authorizing appropriations for-

(See H.J. Res. 627.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding ----

International Claims Settlement Act, amending, Italy,

claims arising out of the war with, to provide

for the payment of American—(See S. 3553.)
International Claims Settlement Act of 1949—

Amending-(See S. 3008.)
Alien property interests, relative to the return

of certain (See S. 2634.)
International Cooperation Administration—(See De-

partment of State.)
International Court of Justice, recognition of the

jurisdiction of the, in legal disputes, relating

to- (See S. Con. Res. 115.)
Memorials, petitions, and resolutions remonstrat-
ing against.

111, 118, 123, 124, 127, 134, 141, 142, 152, 155,
171, 175, 195, 215, 221, 224, 247, 265, 276, 306,

483, 530.
Resolution favoring.

International Cultural Exchange and Trade Fair Par-

ticipation Act of 1956-
Operations under, reports of.---

International Development Association, participation

of the United States in, providing for-(See

S. 3074; H.R. 11001.)
Articles of agreement for the establishment of,
from the President..

International Development Association Act (See S.

3074: H.R. 11001.)
Articles of agreement for the establishment of,
from the President.

International Food and Raw Materials Reserve, to pro-

vide for the creation of an-(See S. Res. 340.)
International Labor Conference, texts of convention

and recommendations adopted by the, at its
conference at Geneva in..


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International Law Society (See American Society of Page

International Law.)
International Rules of Judicial Procedure - (See Com-

mission-International Rules of Judicial Pro-

International Travel and Tourism, establishing an

Office of — (See S. 3102.)
Interparliamentary-(See Canada-United States In-

terparliamentary; North Atlantic Treaty

Interstate Commerce Act

Alaska, grandfather rights for certain motor

carriers and freight forwarders operating in-

(See S. 1509.)
Discriminatory rates, charges, and practices, to

make unlawful certain—(See S. 3578.)
Express companies, to exclude from certain sec-

tions— (See S. 3542.)
Freight forwarders, civil liabilities for violations

of the law by, to provide—(See S. 3389.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding ----- 221
Civil liabilities for violations of the law by, to

provide— (See S. 3389.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding--- 221
Emergency transportation, to provide an ex-

emption for, by towing-(See S. 2375.)
Taxes, State and local, to require proof of

payment of, as a condition to transfer cer-
tificate or permit issued to a carrier by
motor vehicle under the provisions of such

part- (See S. 3281.)
Within a State which authorizes certain oper-

ations, as a common carrier by motor ve-
hicle engaged in interstate or foreign com-

merce if State authorized—(See S. 3228.)
Rail and water transportation by, with respect

to reasonable differentials in favor of joint

rates—(See S. 3048.)
Bulk commodities, to provide that the trans-

portation of, shall be exempt from regula-

tion_(See S. 3618.)
Track motorcars, to provide for the protec-

tion of employees by regulating the use of

(See S. 1425.)
Rates, charges, and prac ces-(See Discrimina-

tory, supra.)
Transportation system, national, to strengthen

and improve the-(See S. 2935, S. 3020.)
Water carriers, to require suspension of rates

pending hearing and decision concerning their

lawfulness-(See S. 3047.)
Interstate Commerce Commission-
Carriers, railroad, amending the law requiring, to

make reports to, with respect to certain acci-

dents-(See S. 1964.)
Communications from, transmitting-
Pipeline carriers in interstate commerce, copies

of valuations of properties of certain.----- 64
Reports by, on-
Annual, for fiscal 1959..

Appropriation, restoration of balances with-
drawn from the.

Members, oficers and employees of the, to amend

the law for the protection of—(See S. 3527.)
Positions in grades 16, 17, and 18, authorizing cer-

tain-(See S. 2984.)
Railroads, accidents, to amend the law requiring,

to makė reports to, with respect to certain
accidents to clarify the requirements-(See
S. 1964.)

Intraindustry problems, memorial remonstrating Page

against Federal Government intervention in.. 80
Intracoastal Waterway, resolutions favoring authori-

zation for expenditure for the continuance of
the construction of the..

146, 165, 171

Patents- (See Patents.)
Property rights in, draft of proposed legislation
relating to----

Scientific and technical, acquisition and disposi-

tion of rights in-(See S. 3610.)
Inventions Act (See S. 3610.)
Investment-(See also Private investment.)
Abroad, to amend the law to encourage private

(See S. 3251; H.R. 5.)
Investment Advisers Act of 1940, amending—(See

S. 3773.)
Investment Company Act, amending-(See S. 3772.)
Badger Creek Mill-Picayune Creek, works of im-

provement for watershed protection and flood

Coralville Reservoir on Iowa River, to modify the

project for the, to provide for a highway
bridge across Coralville Reservoir—(See S.

Keosauqua, to amend the law to provide that

payment for the lands conveyed to, may be

made on a deferred basis-(See S. 3247.)
Senators from
Hickenlooper, Bourke B., attended..

Martin, Thomas E., attended.----

Iran, agreements concluded under Agricultural Trade
Development and Assistance Act-----

Iron Workers' Mid-America Pension Trust, relating to

the effective date of the qualification of the,

as a trust-(See S. 3029.)
Irrigation, center for research on principles of, concur-

rent resolution favoring the establishment of
a national.---

Ischua Creek, New York, works of improvement for.-- 347
Isil, Dr. Niyazi H.-(See S. 3737.)
Agreements concluded under Agricultural Trade

Development and Assistance Act----- 125, 480
Payment of claims against the United States, au-

thorizing-(See S. 3072.)

Draft of proposed legislation regarding---
Istle or Tampico fiber, to continue for a temporary

period the existing suspension of duty on cer-

tain-(See H.R. 9861.)
Claims arising out of the war with, to amend

the law to provide for the payment of Amer-

ican-(See S. 3553.)
Military assistance program for, report on the---- 141
Unity of, official recognition of the centennial

anniversary of—(See H. Con. Res. 225.)



Jackson, Henry M. (Senator from the State of Wash-

Attended -

Commission, National Outdoor Recreation Re-

sources Review Commission, appointed mem-

Committee appointment, funeral.

160, 187
Conferee, appointed as..

282, 373
Jackson lock and dam navigation project, Alabama,

to authorize the acquisition of land for a na-

tional wildlife refuge at(See H.R. 8347.)
Jamil, Amaran Bin—(See S. 3372.)
Janavaras, Markos J.—(See S. 3592.)
Janitis, Anatolijs_(See H.R. 4555.)


Agreement under the Agricultural Trade De-
velopment and Assistance Act---

Military assistance program for, report of review

Payment to the Government of, authorizing—(See

S. 2130.)
Supply activities for military assistance program,
U.S. Army, report of---

Japan Locker Fund, to exempt the manager-cus-

todian of the, from certain dual-compensa-

tion restrictions— (See S. 3246.)
Japanese ancestry, to credit internment periods to

employees of, for purposes of the Civil Re-
tirement Act and the Annual and Sick Leave

Act of 1951-(See H.R. 7810.)
Javits, Jacob K. (Senator from the State of New

Attendance, excused from..


Board of Visitors to, Merchant Marine Academy,

Committee assignments—(See S. Res. 251.)
Conferee, appointed as..

332, 343, 531
North Atlantic Treaty Organization Parliamen-

tary Conference, appointed member ---- 591
Jefferies, John Travor, Charmian Candy, and Stephen

Reid-(See S. 3637.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding--

Jefferson National Forest, Va., memorial remonstrat-

ing against issuance of prospecting permits

Jensen, P. D., a Danish representative to the United

Nations, petition praying the prosecution of
the assassins of.---

Jewish War Dead, National Shrine to the, communi-

cation from, transmitting, reports by, on
finances of, for period April 1, 1958 through
March 31, 1959---

Jochnick, Adolph B.—(See H.R. 10376.)
John Day Dam project, to provide for reimbursing the

city of Arlington, Oreg., for the loss of taxes
on property in connection with the—(See S.

John Day lock and dam, Oregon-
Designating the, as the Richard L. Neuberger

lock and dam—(See S. 3215.)
Resolution favoring waterfowl resources a
purpose of -

Umatilla, authorizing the raising of the level of,

and to convey the land to the city of—(See

S. 3731.)
Johnson, Candace Elizabeth Lee (Kyung Hee Lee)—

(See S. 2028.)
Johnson, Ella, to pay a gratuity to (See S. Res. 315.)
Johnson, Essie V.—(See H.R. 12079.)
Johnson, Lyndon B. (Senator from the State of


Committee appointments
Escort Prime Minister of Great Britain, Hon.
Harold Macmillan, to the rostrum...


Notify the President that Congress is ready to

Notify the President that a quorum of each
House is assembled..

Conferee, appointed as..

252, 366,

392, 419, 427, 431, 440, 551
North Atlantic Treaty Organization Parliamen-
tary Conference, appointed member-----

Reception in honor of..


Johnston, Olin D. (Senator from the State of South Page


Committee appointment, Joint Select Committee

on Disposition of Papers in the Executive De-

34, 79, 130,
161, 198, 227, 240, 294, 315, 357, 407, 434, 504, 530
Conferee, appointed as..

232, 328, 337
Joliet Arsenal Military Reservation, to provide for the

conveyance of lands in, to the State of Illi-

nois— (See S. 747.)
Jones, M. Sgt. Emery C.-(See H.R. 6081.)
Jones, Mary V.-(See H.R. 6083.)
Jordan, B. Everett (Senator from the State of North


Committee appointment, funeral..

Jordan, Junko Hosaka-(See S. 2418.)
Josephine-Jackson Creek, Fla., works of improve-
ment on.--

Journal-(See also Senate-Journal.)
Relating to reading of, at commencement of daily

sessions- (See S. Res. 377.)
Judges, circuit and district, draft of proposed legisla-

tion to clarify the status of, retired from
regular active service---

Judgments and compromise settlements, to simplify

the payment of—(See S. 3852; H.R. 9523.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding-

Federal system, study of, report of, ordered

Nominations, resolution favoring the Senate Com-

mittee on the Judiciary act on all pending,
prior to final adjournment---

Offices, appointments to, resolution favoring equal,
by two major political parties---

System, resolution authorizing a study of-(See

S. Res. 91, S. Res. 231.)

Extending time for filing reports on S. Res. 91. 79, 163
Judicial Conference of the United States, held Sep-

tember 1959, report of annual meeting of_- 78, 482
Judicial Survivors Annuity Act, to amend the law

relating to the, draft of proposed legislation.- 239
Judiciary Appropriation Act, 1961—(See H.R. 11666.)
Justices and judges, retirement of, to amend the law

to provide an alternative plan for—(See S.


Control problems, to provide assistance to

solve- (See S. 694.)
Correction in engrossment of..

Federal Youth Office, Department of Health,

Education, and Welfare, resolution favoring

Investigating, resolution to investigate-(See S.

Res. 54, S. Res. 232.)
Extending time for filing report on S. Res.

79, 163, 222, 288
Reports on

360, 408
Resolution favoring action of the Senate on.--- 94
Delinquents, escape or attempted escape of, draft

of proposed legislation with respect to the--- 221
Juvenile Delinquency Act of 1960—(See S. 694.)
Corrections in engrossment of---



[blocks in formation]


Kaiser, William J.-(See H.R. 6023.)

Kalemba, Helena Palin-(See S. 3315.)
Kaloian, Harry—(See H.R. 9417.)
Kalpaka, Stamatina-(See S. 1752.)
Kanawha County, W. Va., to permit, for civil defense

purposes, the use of certain property in— (See

S. 2937.)
Kanopolis Dam and Reservoir, Kans., providing for

adjustments in lands or interest acquired

for— (See S. 2844.)
Big Blue River and tributaries, to negotiate and

enter into a compact relating to the appor-

tionment of the waters of the— (See S. 1605.)
Cheney division, Wichita Federal reclamation

project, to provide for the construction of

the- (See S. 1092.)
Court for the District of Kansas at Salina, reso-

lution favoring the establishment of----- 442
Fort Riley, resolution favoring land at---

Fort Scott national historic site at Fort Scott, con-

current resolutions favoring the establishment
of the un

109, 121
Great Bend, concurrent resolution favoring an

airway communications and navigation sta-
tion in the vicinity of --

Huron Cemetery in Kansas City, resolution favor-

ing, the, to be held as a national historic site

as a preservation of early Indian history--- 376
Kanopolis Dam and Reservoir, providing for ad-

justments in lands or interests acquired for-

(See S. 2844.)
Legislature of the State of -
Petitions, resolutions, and memorials from-
Beef and red meats from foreign countries,

resolutions favoring reduction and control
of the importation of------

103, 107
Brucellosis-eradication program, conc rrent

resolution favoring funds for the continua-
tion of the.---

Fort Scott national historic site at Fort Scott,

concurrent resolutions favoring the estab-
lishment of the..

109, 121
Great Bend, concurrent resolution favoring an

airway communications and navigation sta-
tion in the vicinity of..--

Medals in commemoration of, to provide for the

striking of—(See S. 2431.)
One-hundredth anniversary of admission into the

Commemorating the- (See S. J. Res. 214.)
Prairie National Park, to authorize the estab-

lishment-(See S. 3651.)
Senators from-
Carlson, Frank, attended.--.

Schoeppel, Andrew F., attended --

Verdigris, Upper, report of improvement in

White Clay, Brewery, Whiskey Creeks, watershed

protection and flood prevention, report of.-- 202
Wilson Dam and Reservoir, Saline River, eco-

nomic justification of, report demonstrating- 282
Kasabian, Sirvart- (See S. 1241.)
Kassis, Anees Hanna (Johnny H. Kassis)-(See S.

Kato, Sachiko (See S. 2369.)
Katopodis, Ioannis (also known as John Cadis)-(See

S. 2815.)
Katragazes, Nikolas (also known as Nick Katrys) -

(See S. 3061.)
Kavoukdjian, Arsene (Arsene Kavookjian)-(See S.

Kearfott Co., Inc., Little Falls, N.J., examination of

pricing of master indicators of the N-1 com-
pass under Department of the Air Force con-


Keating, Kenneth B. (Senator from the State of New Pago

Attended -

President pro tempore, appointed acting--

Keechi Creek, East, Texas, works of improvement on.. 429
Keenan, Betty-(See H.R. 5033.)
“Keep Christ in Christmas," to authorize the Post-

master General to provide for the use of a
special canceling stamp or postmarking die

bearing the words—(See S. 3593.)
Kefauver, Estes (Senator from the State of Tennes-

Attendance, excused from -


Conferee, appointed as..

181, 191, 464
North Atlantic Treaty Organization Parliamen-
tary Conference, appointed member...

Kelemen, Josef-----
Keller, Joe, and Piper, H. E., from 1958 wheat market-

ing penalties and loss of soil bank benefits-

(See S. 2507.)
Keller, Miss Helen, extending greetings to, on the

occasion of 80th birthday-(See S. Res. 336.)
Kennedy, John F. (Senator from the State of Massa-


Conferee, appointed as.

Barkley Dam project, authorizing an emergency

appropriation for prosecution of the— (See

S. 3783.)
Beaver Creek, report of improvement in water-

Boy Scout troop, that Burnside, shall be known as

the original home and founding place of the

first American, (See S. Con. Res. 105.)
Caney Creek, North Fork of Little River and West

Fork of Clarks River, works of improve-
ment for.----

Cave Run Reservoir on Licking River, concurrent

resolutions favoring funds to construct the. 170, 172
House of Representatives of the State of -
Petitions, resolutions, and memorials from-
Davis, Jefferson, resolutions favoring com-

memorative stamp during the year 1960 to
recognize the stature of statesmanship at-
tained by ---

Veterans, education and training benefits pro-

vided by Public Law 550, resolution favor-
ing, being extended to all.--.

Lake Cumberland, to authorize adjustment of

rentals under leases entered into for the pro-
vision of commercial recreational facilities

at- (See S. 3259.)
Legislature of the State of -
Petitions, resolutions, and memorials from-
Cave Run Reservoir on Licking River, concur-

rent resolutions favoring funds to construct

170, 172
Coal Research and Development Commission,

concurrent resolution favoring, as an inde-
pendent agency of the Government-----

Ohio River, bridges across the, concurrent

resolutions remonstrating against the con-
struction of, which do not have adequate
clearance for river traffic.--.

165, 172
Old-age assistance, ceiling, concurrent reso-

lution favoring removal of the, in matching
State funds for..

Mammoth Cave National Park— (See Mammoth

Cave National Park.)
Marsh Creek, works of improvement for watershed
protection and flood prevention --

McAlpine locks and dam, Ohio River, to change

the name at Louisville to-(See S. 2985; H.R.

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