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Petitions relative to.

143, 144, 156
Memorial remonstrating against--

Schools for military personnel dependents closed

by desegregation, to provide for—(See S.

Senate's deliberations on, memorial remonstrat-
ing against

Senators from the South, concurrent resolution

commending them on their stand in opposing
the proposed “civil rights” legislation now

Strengthening—(See S. 3821.)
Telegram remonstrating against---

Vote — (See S. 2391, S. 2814.)
Discharging the Committee on Rules and Ad-

ministration from consideration of
S. 2391—(See S. Res. 174, S. Res. 273.)

S. 2814—(See S. Res. 274.)
Voting referees, to provide for- (See S. 3001.)
Service-(See Civil Service Commission; Civil

Service Retirement Act; Officers and em-

ployees of the United States; Postal Service.)
Strife, draft of proposed legislation to amend the

law relative to duties and rights of States in
event of.--

Civil Aeronautics Board-
Air transportation-

Supplemental, to provide that the may tem-

porarily authorize air carriers to engage

in—(See S. 1543; H.R. 7593.)
Communications from, transmitting-
Proposed legislation, drafts of, powers of the, to

clarify the, in respect of consolidation of cer-
tain proceedings---

Reports by, on-
Annual for fiscal 1959-

Professional and scientific positions, fiscal

Federal Aviation Agency, Administrator of the, to

amend the law to give the, review authority

over— (See S. 3563.)
Hearings, to amend the law to authorize the elim-

ination of — (See S. 1545.)
Powers of the, to clarify the, in respect of consoli-

dation of certain proceedings(See S. 3342.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding ---

Professional and scientific positions, report for

fiscal 1959---
Service authorized, to amend the law to include in

certificates of public convenience and neces-
sity limitations on the type and extent of-

(See S. 1543; H.R. 7593.)
Civil Air Patrol, annual report for calendar 1959----- 480
Civil Rights Act, amending vote, protecting the right

to, in Federal elections—(See S. 2782.)
Civil Rights Act of 1959—(See H.R. 8601.)

Committee on the Judiciary authorized to report. 191
Civil Rights Act of 1960—(See S. 3045; H.R. 8315, H.R.

Commission on Equal Job Opportunity Under

Government Contracts, to establish a—(See

S. 3823.)
Desegregation in public schools, to effectuate-

(See S. 3823.)
Committee on the Judiciary authorized to report
(H.R. 8601),


Civil Service Commission-

Annual for fiscal 1959.-

Appropriations, restoration of balances withdrawn

Communications from, transmitting-
Proposed legislation, drafts of
Federal Employees' Group Insurance Act,

Travel and transportation cost for persons se-

lected for appointment to positions, to
amend the law to provide..

Reports by, on-
Civil service retirement system, annual for
fiscal 1958-----

Departments and agencies, professional and

scientific positions established in various,
for calendar 1959_

111, 130
Professional and scientific positions, for cal-
endar 1959.-

Employee training for better service, report on.-- 284
Professional and scientific positions, report of, for
calendar 1959.-

Civil Service Retirement Act-

Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation
committees, extending the benefits of the-

(See S. 3099.)
Annuitants, refunds of contributions for, whose

length of service exceeds the maximum, to

amend the law to provide for- (See S. 2857.)
Eligibility for, to provide, for certain employ-

ees serving on May 22, 1920—(See S. 3584.)
Retired or separated personnel, relating to

(See S. 3139.)
Basic salary, to provide for the inclusion of

certain additional types of compensation
within the meaning of the term-(See S.

Children attending school, to increase, from 18

to 21, the age for receiving benefits—(See S.

Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund,

interest rates payable on obligations of the
United States purchased by the—(See S.

Members, reemployment of, relating to (See

H.R. 8241.)
Members and employees, granting, eligibility

for benefits after 5 years service- (See S.

Military pay, to permit, in the computation of

average salary for annuity purposes—(See

S. 2750.)
Retirement, survivor annuities, accelerating the

commencing date of—(See H.R. 8289.)
Service performed in Federal-State cooperative

program finances in whole or part by Federal
funds, to include creditable (See S.

Civil Service retirement and disability fund, interest

rates payable on obligations of the United

States purchased by the- (See S. 3147.)
Civil War—(See also National Shrine Commission.)
Microfilm the records of, authorizing the Admin- ,

istrator of General Services to publish on-

(See S. 2841.)
One hundredth anniversary of the, authorizing

the District of Columbia Civil War Centennial
Commission to plan carry out in the District
of Columbia programs relating to the — (See
S. 3835.)





Civil War Centennial Commission-

Anniversary of — (See S. 3835.)
Annual report and financial statement as of March
1, 1960.--

Civil War Centennial Medal, to authorize the manu-

facture and sale of-(See S.J. Res. 61.)
Civil War Commission, to amend the law relative to

the establishment of a- (See S.J. Res. 61.)
Civilian achievement- (See Presidential Medal for.)
Claims—(See also International Claims Settlement

Coast Guard—(See Department of the Treasury-

Coast Guard.)
Damages and judgments rendered against the

United States, supplemental estimate of ap-
propriations to pay---

Foreign, statute of limitations, to amend the law

to extend the, in the case of — (See H.R.

Indian-(See Indians and Indian reservations

International-(See International Claims Settle-

Israel and France, payment of claims against the

United States, authorizing-(See S. 3072.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding ----

Tort, paid-
Atomic Energy Commission_-

Canal Zone Government, paid by-----

Central Intelligence Agency, paid by-

Department of Agriculture, paid by---

Department of Health, Education, and Wel-

Department of the Treasury ---

Government Printing Office, fiscal 1959--

Housing and Home Finance Agency--

Post Office Department for fiscal 1959.
Smithsonian Institution.--

16, 482
Clark, Capt. Lucien B., O2051623, MSC, U.S. Army-

(See H.R. 12471.)
Clark, Evelyn, to pay a gratuity to (See S. Res. 217.)
Clark, Joseph S., Jr. (Senator from the State of Penn-


Called to order..

Committee appointment, funeral-

25, 393
Clark, Maj. Howard L.—(See H.R. 11827.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding-

Clark County 4-H Club, nc., Clark County, Ind., to

authorize property to be made available for

use by the-(See S. 3921.)
Classification Act of 1949—

Defense mobilization, Office of, to amend the

law to eliminate the exemption of the, from
the requirement that appointments in super-
grades be approved by the Civil Service Com-

mission-(See S. 2972.)
Downgrading, to amend the law with respect to

the preservation of basic compensation in-

(See S. 3583; H.R. 12336.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding----- 282
Interstate Commerce Commission, positions in

grades 16, 17, and 18, authorizing certain-

(See S. 2984.)
Library of Congress, positions in the, with re-

spect to—(See H.R. 8424.)
Claxton, Hilma, estate of-(See S. 2234.)
Clemente, Giovanni-(See S. 3577.)
Clements, Mary Alice— (See S. 2317.)
Clifford, Mrs. Elizabeth—(See S. 3086.)
Climax Molybdenum Co., New York, N.Y., report of

audit of General Services Administration


Cloture- (See also Senate-Rules Amending- Page

Motion for—(See H.R. 8315)

Voting on---

Postponing time for----

Korea, purchased for delivery in, to amend the law

to require that 50 percent of the, be purchased
from independent coal producers in the

United States (See S. 3014.)
Mine safety-(See Federal Coal Mine Safety Act.)
Production and conservation of, to encourage and

stimulate the— (See S. 3116; H.R. 3375.)
Ofice of, to establish an, in the Department of

the Interior— (See S. 2885.)
Production and utilization, to provide for and

encourage- (See S. 2885.)
Coal Research and Development Act-(See S. 3116;

H.R. 3375.)
Coal Research and Development Commission, creat-

ing a— (See S. 3116; H.R. 3375.)
Resolution favoring--

Coast Guard—(See Department of the Treasury.)
Coast Guard Academy-(See Armed Forces-Acad-

Cochiti site on Galister Creek, New Mexico, near its

mouth, resolution favoring the construction of

dams and reservoirs on the Rio Grande at--- 142
Coconut meat, to create a specific tariff classification

for certain imported—(See S. 3349.)
Coconut oil, palm oil, palm-kernel oil, and fatty acids,

salts, combinations, or mixtures, to continue
suspensions of the tax on processing of -

(See H.R. 8649.)
Cocuzza, Nardina (Leonarda Cocuzza)-(See S. 3724.)
Coexistence, if Coexistence Fails: The Khrushchev

Visit Evaluated, article on by Senator Dodd,
ordered printed.--

Cohan, Dr. Henry H.—(See H.R. 11388.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding------

Coin-operated music, amusement, and cigarette vend-

ing machine industry, report on by the Select
Committee on Improper Activities in the

Labor Or Management Field, ordered printed. 195
Coins or currency of the United States, prohibiting

certain acts involving the use of tokens, slugs,
etc., similar in shape and size to the (See S.

Cold Spring Harbor Marine Biological Reserve, au-

thorizing the Secretary of the Interior to

establish the-(See S.J. Res. 218.)
Cold weather agriculture, authorizing the printing of

the report on, as a Senate document (See S.

Res. 262.)

Agriculture— (See Agriculture-Colleges.)
Housing-(See Housing College.)

Mechanical arts—(See Mechanic arts-Colleges.)
College Classroom Assistance Act of 1960—(See S.

3007, S. 3776.)
Colleges and universities
Classroom buildings and other academic facilities,

to authorize Federal loans to, for— (See S.

Loans and grants to, to authorize for construction,

rehabilitation, alteration, conversion, or im-
provement of classroom buildings and other

academic facilities—(See S. 3776.)
Collins, Arthur E.-(See H.R. 4826.)
Collins, Michael J.-(See H.R. 5589.)
Collins Radio Co., Cedar Rapids, Iowa, examination of

allowances for taxes included in spare parts
prices under Department of the Army con-
tract with.


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Lleras-Camargo, Hon. Alberto, president of -
Visit of, announcement.---

205, 207
Address to joint meeting --

Color additives, to protect the public health by amend-

ing the law to authorize the use of—(See S.

Bent's Old Fort near La Junta, authorizing the

establishment of a national historic site at

(See S. 1833.)
Cascade, El Paso County, authorizing the Secre-

tary of Agriculture to convey land in the

(See S. 2772.)
Conejos Water Conservancy District, to approve

a contract with the, to ratify its execution-

(See H.R. 6516.)
Franktown-Parker tributaries of Cherry Creek,
works of improvement on..

Grand Valley Federal reclamation project, to pro-

vide for the application and disposition of net
revenues from the power development on

the-(See S. 3424; H.R. 5098.)
Ruedi Dam and Reservoir, report and findings

Savery-Pot Hook Federal reclamation project,

Colorado-Wyoming, to provide for the con-
struction, operation and maintenance of

the_ (See S. 3822, S. 3909.)
Senators from
Allott, Gordon, attended.

Carroll, John A., attended.

Smith Fork project, soil survey and land classi-

University of Colorado Medical Center, Denver,

to provide for the free entry of a microscope

for the use of the— (See H.R. 11573.)
Vineland area tributary, Arkansas River, water-

shed protection and flood prevention, report

Colorado River--(See also Indians and Indian Reser-

vations-Colorado River; Lower Colorado

Basin, Resources Planning Commission, for the

establishment of a-(See S. 3652.)
Bridge Canyon, authorizing the construction, op-

eration, and maintenance of a dam and inci-
dental works in the main stream of the-(See S.

Commission, to convey certain public lands in

Nevada to the-(See H.R. 7359.)
Near Needles, Calif., to authorize the transfer of a

bridge across the, to San Bernardino County,

Calif., and Mohave County, Ariz.— (See S. 3514.)
Power system audit report for fiscal year 1959--- 12
Storage Project-
Interest, relating to the computation of, with

respect to any unit, participating project, or
separable feature thereof, of the-(See S.

Savery-Pot Hook project, to construct the-(See

S. 3822.)
Colorado River Basin Water Resources Development
program, audit for fiscal years 1957–59..

Colorado River Storage Project Act, amending, with

respect to the protection of national parks

and monuments-(See S. 3180.)
Colorado River Commission, to convey certain public

lands in Nevada to the-(See H.R. 7359.)
Colorado River storage project and particpating proj-

Report on status of for fiscal 1959_,

15, 18
Report on the, and program of the Upper Colorado

River Basin water resources for fiscal 1957–59.. 71

Columbia, agreements concluded under Agricultural Page
Trade Development and Assistance Act---

Columbia River Power System, audit for fiscal 1959--- 12
Columbus Bend project, Texas, to authorize the Secre-

tary of the Interior to construct, operate, and'

maintain the— (See S. 2906.)
Combs, Mary A.-- (See H.R. 11757.)
Combustibles — (See Explosives and combustibles.)
Comer, M. F., Bridge and Foundation Co. v. The United

States, decision of the court in the case of -- 16
Commercial Fishing Industry--(See Fishing Indus-

Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Rela-

tions- (See Advisory Commission on Inter-

governmental Relations.)
American Battle Monuments Commission- (See

American Battle Monuments Commission.)
Appointments to, authorizing the Vice President

to make— (See S. Res. 352, S. Res. 392.)
Arlington Memorial Amphitheater Commission,

(See Arlington Memorial Amphitheater.)
Atomic Energy Commission-(See Atomic Energy

Civil Rights (See also Civil-Rights.)
Appropriation for salaries and expenses—(See

H.R. 11666.)
Extending the— (See S. 2391; H.R. 8601.)
Discharging the Committee on the Judiciary

from consideration of—(See S. Res. 174, S.

Res. 273.)
Civil War, to amend the law relative to the estab-

lishment of a-(See S.J. Res. 61.)
Coal Research and Development Commission-

(See Coal Research and Development Com-

Colorado River--(See Colorado River-Commis-

Lower Colorado River Resources Planning Com-

mission Act (See S. 3652.)
Constitution, 175th anniversary of the formation

of the, providing for the preparation and
completion of plans for an observance of the

(See H.J. Res. 605.)
Corregidor-Bataan Memorial Commission—(See

Corregidor-Bataan Memorial Commission.)
Crime-(See Crime; National Crimes Commis-

District of Columbia Civil War Centennial Com-

mission_(See District of Columbia-Civil

Educational Exchange-(See United States Ad-

visory Commission Educational Exchange.)
Equal Job Opportunity Under Government Con-

tracts, to establish-(See S. 3001, S. 3165, S.

Federal Communications Commission-(See Fed-

eral Communications Commission.)
Federal Power Commission-(See Federal Power

Federal Trade Commission-(See Federal Trade

Fine Arts-
District of Columbia, to render advice and com-

ment on matters relating to parks and struc-

tures in the-(See S.J. Res. 147.)
Law relating to, amending-(See S. 2778.)
Fisheries, to create a planning commission to

study the possibility of establishing, in the

District of Columbia- (See S. 2840.)
Foreign Claims Settlement Commission_(See For-

eign Claims Settlement Commission.)
Foreign, trade, to provide, to study and report on

the influence of, on business and industrial
expansion—(See S.J. Res. 208.)

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George Washington Carver Centennial Commis-

sion, establishing—(See S.J. Res. 220, H.J.

Res. 799.)
Hudson-Champlain Celebration Commission-

(See Hudson-Champlain Celebration Commis-

Indian Claims— (See Indian Claims Commission.)
Inland Navigation Commission, to establish the

(See S. 3608.)
Intergovernmental Relations—(See Intergovern-

mental Relations.)
International Rules of Judicial Procedure, report

of the, for period ending December 31, 1959.-
Interstate Commerce Commission-(See Interstate

Commerce Commission.)
Lincoln Sesquicentennial Commission, report of

the, extending the time for filing the final-

(See S.J. Res. 161; H.J. Res. 598.)
Madison, James-
Memorial, establishing a, to formulate plans

for- (See S.J. Res. 128.)
Appointment of Senate members, to.---
Manpower Needs for Defense in the Space Age, to

establish-(See S.J. Res. 188.)
Migratory Bird Conservation Commission-(See

Migratory Bird Conservation Commission.)
Mount Rushmore National Memorial Commission,

to authorize a study and investigation by

the- (See S. 2944.)
National Capital Planning Commission-(See Na-

tional Capital Planning Commission.)
National Forest Reservation Commission-(See

National Forest Reservation Commission.)
National Monument-(See National Monument

National Outdoor Recreation Resources Review

Commission- (See National Outdoor Recrea-

tion Resources Review Commission.)
National Shrine Commission, establishing a, for

the construction of a memorial building in
memory of the veterans of the Civil War-

(See S.J. Res. 213.)
New Jersey Tercentenary Celebration Commis-

sion, providing for the establishment of the

(See S.J. Res. 68.)
Niagara Falls Bridge Commission, amending the

law creating a- -(See S.J. Res. 198.)
North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Citizens com-

mission on, to authorize the participation in
an international convention of, to promote
political and economic cooperation and to pro-
vide for the appointment of delegates to such

convention-(See S.J. Res. 170.)
Noxious and Obscene Matters and Materials,

creating a—(See S. 3736.)
Noxious Printed and Pictured material, creating

a-(Şee S. 3325.)
Pershing, Gen. John J.--(See Pershing.)
Presidential Office Space, to provide for—(See S.

Property condemnation compensation, to estab-

lish a-(See S. 2802.)
Samoa, American, establishing a—(See S. 2839.)

Resolution favoring---
Science and technology, establishing—(See S.

Securities and Exchange—(See Securities and Ex-

change Commission.)
Small towns and rural counties, to provide for the

establishment of a commission on problems

of — (See S. 3140.)
Theodore Roosevelt Centennial- (See Theodore

Roosevelt Centennial Commission.)
Travel, to establish a-(See S. 3162.)


United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cul-

tural Organization—(See U.S. National Com-
mission for United Nations Educational,

Scientific, and Cultural Organization.)
U.S. Advisory Commission on Educational Ex-

change-(See U.S. Advisory Commission on

Educational Exchange.)
U.S. Advisory Commission on Information—(See

U.S. Advisory Commission on Information.)
United States Constitution One Hundred and

Seventy-fifth Anniversary Commission,
Extending the time for reporting-—(See H.J.

Res. 784.)
Observance of, plans for— (See H.J. Res. 605.)
U.S. Tariff Commission-(See U.S. Tariff Com-

Wabash Basin Interagency Water Resources

Commission, to establish a- -(See S. 3625.)
Wilson, Woodrow-(See Wilson, Woodrow.)
Committee (See also House of Representatives

Appointments to, authorizing the Vice President

to make-(See S. Res. 352, S. Res. 392.)
Disposition of Executive Papers—(See Committee,

joint select-Disposition of Papers in the

Executive Departments.)
Employees and expenditures of, repealing the re-

quirement of publication of certain informa-

tion relating to—(See S. Res. 213.)
Foreign currencies, report on use of---

Funeral-(See Deaths.)
Notify the President that Congress-(See Con-

gress-Adjournment, Congress-Assembling.)
Rail transportation, to establish a National Ad-

visory Committee on—(See S. J. Res. 158.)
Reports, extension of time for----

Underdeveloped regions, to establish an inter-

agency committee on, in the United States-
Committee, joint-

Atomic Energy-
Nuclear war, biological and environmental

effects, printing hearings on— (See S. Con.

Res. 97.)
Subcommittee on Agreements for Cooperation

of the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy
on Amending the Atomic Energy Act of

Hearings of regarding the exchange of mill-

tary information and material with allies,
printing additional copies of—(See S. Con.

Res. 91.)
Congress on the Library, member elected to serv-

ice on—(See S. Res. 276, S. Res. 380.)
Construction of a Building for Museum of His-

tory and Technology for the Smithsonian
Institution, report by----

Employment, growth, and price levels, au-

thorizing printing of copies on hearings on-

(See S. Con. Res. 86.)
Energy resources and technology, authorizing

printing of copies of hearings on-(See S.

Con. Res. 88.)
Reports by, on-
Employment, growth, and price levels, ordered

printed as a Senate document-----
Additional copies ordered—(See S. Con.

Res. 87.)
President's Economic Report for 1960, ordered

United States and Soviet economies, authoriz-

ing printing of copies of studies on compari-

sons—(See S. Con. Res. 89.)
Foreign currencies, report on use of.-




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Committee, joint-Continued

Inauguration of the President-elect and the Vice


Creating a-(See S. Con. Res. 92.)
Member appointed to service on-


380, 591
Membership changes—(See S. Res. 276, S. Res.
380, S. Res. 392).

Nonessential Federal Expenditures, House Member
appointed to service on ---

Printing, Member elected to service on— (See S.

Res. 276, S. Res. 380.)
Smithsonian Institution, construction of a build-

ing for a Museum of History and Technol-

ogy-(See Construction, supra.)
Washington Metropolitan Problems
Extending through September 30, 1960—(See

S. Con. Res. 82.)
Reports by, on-

Further study on transportation and other

metropolitan problems, ordered printed -- 77
Transportation plan for the National Capital

region, printing copies of hearings on-(See

S. Con. Res. 93.)
Authorizing hearings on S. 3193 and H.R.

11135—(See S. Con. Res. 101.)
Committee, joint select-
Disposition of Papers in the Executive Depart-

ments—(See also Committee—Disposition of

Executive Papers.)
Members appointed to service on the part of the

_34, 79, 130, 161,
198, 227, 240, 294, 315, 357, 406, 434, 504, 530
Reports by-

58, 101, 136, 162
211, 227, 267, 307, 333, 394, 420, 442, 510, 552
Committee, select-
Armed Forces, jurisdiction of U.S. Courts over em-

ployees of the, establishing a, to study the

question of—(See S. Res. 253.)
Federal Subsidies, Establishing am - (See S. Res.

Improper Activities in the Labor or Management

Expenditures by the, authorizing additional-

(See S. Res. 373.)
Files, papers, records, and documents, transfer

of to Committee on Government Operations

(See S. Res. 287.)
Reports by, on-
Filing, extending to

January 31, 1961- (See S. Res. 294.)

March 31, 1960—(See S. Res. 249.)
Final and Index, authorizing additional-(See

S. Con. Res. 90.)
Final filed-
Part I, ordered printed.

Part II, ordered printed.

Part III, ordered printed.

Part IV, ordered printed.

Labor-Management disputes, to investigate the

impact of, and of collective bargaining on the

national economy and the public-
Establishing a--(See S. Res. 254.)
National Water Resources-
Clerical assistants, authorizing additional (See

S. Res. 210.)
Reports of States on their water resources and

problems, printing additional copies of com-

mitt print containing-(See S. Con. Res. 94.)
Small Business-
Funds for, providing additional-(See S. Res.

Reports by, on-
Activities of the Committee during first ses-

sion, 86th Congress-

Committee, select_Continued

Small Business-
Reports by, on-
Annual, Tenth, authorizing additional cop-

ies-(See S. Res. 277.)
Automotive tire industry, dual distribution---- 563
Case Problems in Government Procurement - 65
Dual Distribution in the Flat-Glass Industry- 20
Government competition with Business-
Liquid Oxygen Production..

Refrigerated warehouses, authorized to file- 534
Government procurement, 1960.-

Impact of Imports on Small Business-(See

Small Business, infra.)
Impact of Suburban Shopping Centers on
Independent Retailers---

Small Business-
Administration activities.

Impact of imports on --

467, 510
Investment Act, 1960-

Tax Depreciation Allowances on Capital

Weapon-System Contractor, case study in

Authorized --


Water Resources-(See Committee, select-

National Water Resources.)
Committee, special-
Trade adjustment problems, establishing a—(See

S. Res. 350.)
Unemployment Problems,

Creating a~ (See S. Res. 196.)
Expenditures by the, authorizing additional-

(See S. Res. 252.)
Reports by, on-
Extension of time to file--

Filed, ordered printed

Additional copies printed—(See S. Res.

Unemployment, authorizing the printing of

copies of readings and studies on, and hear-
ings on the problems in Indiana-(See S. Res.

256, S. Res. 257, S. Res. 258.)
Committee, standing-

Aeronautical and Space Sciences-
Authorized to sit during the session of the Sen-

80, 83, 100, 124, 164, 181
Report on project Mercury Man-in-Space Pro-
gram of the NASA printed--

Subcommittee on Authorizations-
Authorized to sit during the sessions of the

Subcommittee on National Aeronautical Space

Administration authorization-
Authorized to sit during the sessions of the

Agriculture and Forestry-
Authorized to sit during the session of the Sen-

83, 205, 226, 230, 493, 510

Appointed to service on- (See S. Res. 251.)

Excused from service on—(See S. Res. 251.)
Special Agriculture Investigating Subcommit-

tee, authorized to sit during the sessions of the
Senate for the present session..

Authorized to sit during the sessions of the Sen-
ate for the present session.-

Expenditures by the authorizing additional-

(See S. Res. 282, S. Res. 335.)
Report bills and resolutions, authorized to, with

notices to suspend rule XVI, during adjourn-
ments or recesses of Senate during 2d ses-
sion, 86th Congress-



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