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Agencies (See also Branches; Departments and Page

Hearing proceedings, resolution favoring estab-
lishing standards of conduct for.---

Matters pending before Federal agencies, to make

unlawful any ex parte discussion of certain-

(See S. 3308.)
Orders, review of, applicable to the judicial review

of orders issued under the, to make the uni-
form law relating to the record on—(See

H.R. 7847.)
Publications, to authorize, payment in advance

for-(See S. 3579.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding------ 207
Regulatory, relating to terms of office of members

of-(See H.R. 13067.)

Draft of proposed legislation regarding--- 414
Agencies and Departments—(See also Departments

and Agencies.)
Medical care and treatment furnished by, recov-

ery from third persons of the cost of—(See

S. 3547.)
Agreements (See also Agricultural-Agreements;

GATT; Treaties and executive agreemants.)
Commodities—(See also Agricultural Adjustment

Act of 1938; Department of Agri Iture.)
Perishable, relating to practices in the market-

ing of — (See S. 3787.)
Recovery of costs of inspecting, identifying, and

certifying the class, quality, and condition of,
and licensing of inspectors and graders, draft
of proposed legislation relating to.--

Remeasuring acreage, to treat all basic, with

respect to the cost of—(See S. 3117; H.R.

Surplus, report on liquidation of.

Conservation committees—(See Stabilization,

Corps, national marketing orders for, resolution

Domestic workers, to amend the law to provide

protection for the employment opportunities

of— (See S. 3666.)
Experiment stations, receipts, expenditures, and
work of, report for fiscal 1959_

Extension work, to authorize and direct the trans-

fer of property to State and county agencies

engaged in cooperative (See S. 1018.)
Migrant employees

Adult education for, to provide (see S. 2865.)
Children, to provide educational opportunities

for- (See S. 2864.)
Products, industrial purposes, to provide for the

increased use of, for-(See S. 690.)
Stabilization and conservation county committees,

to extend benefits to employees of-
Health benefits—(See S. 2899.)

Insurance(See S. 2971.)
Surplus, disposal, report of interagency committee
on, from the President---

Workers-(See Mexican.)
Agricultural Act of 1949—

Amending—(See H.R. 12759.)
Domestic agricultural workers, to provide pro-

tection for the employment opportunities of -

(See S. 3666.)
Milk and butterfat, to establish a price support

level for-(See S. 2917.)
Tobacco, support levels for, to stabilize, against

fluctuations, and to provide for adjustment in
such levels (See S. 2845; H.R. 9664.)

Agricultural Act of 1949—Continued

Market demand for, to help restore the bal-

ance between the production of and the

(See S. 3336.)
Marketing quota and price support program,

strengthening the — (See S. 2759.)
Agricultural Act of 1956%


Acreage reduction, relating to—(See S. 3335.)
Berries, canning and freezing, to authorize

marketing agreements and orders with re-

spect-(See S. 3318.)
Marketing orders, to eliminate block voting

for- (See S. 3207.)
Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1933—

Cotton, acreage planted to, draft of proposed

legislation, with relation to the remeasure-

ment of----
Fruits for canning or freezing, to authorize the

issuance of marketing orders with respect to

certain— (See S. 3233.)
Milk, marketing order, to prevent the applica-

tion of any, to milk produced in Delaware and

Maryland-(See S. 2952.)
Secretary of Agriculture, orders of, judicial re-

view of, to provide for— (See S. 3897.)
Walnuts, dates with pits, dates with pits re-

moved, and products made principally of
dates, extending the restrictions on—(See

H.R. 12341.)
Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938–

Agricultural commodities, remeasuring acreage,

to treat all basic, with respect to the cost

of-(See 8. 3117; H.R. 12420.)
Cotton, long staple, to extend the minimum na-

tional marketing quota for extra, to the 1961

crop(See S. 3294; H.R. 12115.)
Eminent domain, relating to the preservation of

acreage allotments on land from which the

owner is displaced by-(See H.R. 8343.)
Farms—(see also Wheat, infra.)
Wheat, marketing excess of, relating to farms

on which the, is adjusted to zero- (See H.R.

Rice, quotas for, to require marketing, when the

total supply exceeds the normal supply-(See

H.R. 7889.)
Wheat(See also Farms, supra.)
Acreage history, to preserve for 1960 through

1964—(See S. 2968.)
Allotments, relating to (See S. 3626, S.

Corn, grain sorghum, and other feeds, to es-

tablish a proper relationship between, on a

proper feed unit basis—(See S. 3087.)
Marketing program for, to establish (See

S. 3159.)
Agricultural Hall of Fame, to incorporate the(See

H.R. 5789.)
Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Commit-

Extending benefits of—(See 8. 3099.)
Removal of restrictions on days for compensation,

to provide for (See S. 2853.)
Agricultural Trade Development and Assistance Act

of 1954
Agreements entered into with, reports concerning,

concluded under—(See Department of Agri-
culture Foreign Agricultural Service.)

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Agricultural Trade Development and Assistance Act Page

of 1954_Continued
Amending-(See 8. 3456.)

Draft of proposed legislation regarding..... 232
Trade Fairs in the United States, to provide for

the use of foreign currencies acquired for cer-
tain foreign expenses requisite to participa-

tion by foreign nations in-(See S. 3573.)
Agricultural Trade Development and Assistance Act,

(See also Department of Agriculture Foreign

Agricultural Service.)
Report on activities..

Cold weather agriculture, authorizing the printing

of the report on, as a Senate document-(See

8. Res. 262.)
Colleges of, to amend the law relating to the

endowment and support of relating to resi-
dent teaching grants to land grant institu-

tions (See S. 3450.)
Emergency conservation measures authorized by

the Third Supplemental Appropriation Act,
1957, validating payments made for certain-

(See S. 2761.)
Aguirre, Regidor Nava (also known as Felipe Capu-

long) -(See 8. 3051.)
Ahalt, Chauncey A.-(See H.R. 11327.)
Ahn, Kyong-Ok—(See S. 2863.)

Foreign, petition favoring appropriations for --- 266

Home, petition favoring appropriations for ------ 266
Aiken, George D. (Senator from the State of Ver-


Canada-United States Interparliamentary Group,
appointed member--

Conferee, appointed as.

212, 328
President pro tempore, appointed acting--

Ainsworth unit, Missouri River Basin project, to pro-

vide for payment for rights-of-way used for
the, being constructed by the Bureau of Rec-

lamation_(See S. 3894.)

Supplemental, to provide that the Civil Aero-

nautics Board may temporarily authorize
air carriers to engage in (See 8. 1543;

H.R. 7593.)
System of the United States, to promote

the-(See S. 3268.)
Mall, to amend the law relating to rates for- (See

8. 3603.)
Public hearings on, to provide for, and extend

the duration of the air-pollution-control

law-(See S. 3108.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding ---- 125
Resolution favoring national.----

Air Force(See Armed Forces; Department of De-

fense; Department of the Air Force; Secre-

tary of Defense; Secretary of the Air Force.)
Aircraft (See also Vessels or aircraft.)
Crash at Little Rock, Ark., to remove limitation

preventing the Secretary of the Air Force
from settling claims arising out of—(See S.

Destruction of, to amend the law to increase the

punishment for knowingly giving false infor-

mation concerning-(See S. 3230.)
Government-owned, to amend the law relating

to penalties for the use of, for other than

oficial purposes (See H.R. 766.)
Port of entry-
Pennsylvania, to provide for the designation of

Port Erie Airport, Erie Pa., as 4-(See S.

Travel between the United States and Canada or

Mexico without extra compensation for cus-

toms, to provide that private- (See S. 2874.)
Airmail_(See Postal Service-Airmail.)
Airmen's certificates, to amend the law with respect to

the authority of the Administrator of the,

over— (See S. 3564.)
Air Rescue Service, Department of the Air Force, to

amend the law to establish an, in the United

States Air Force—(See S. 3122.)
Aizer, Daisy—(See S. 3413.)
Ajisaka, Tatsumi-(See H.R. 8251.)
Auburn University, Auburn, authorizing the Sec-

retary of Agriculture to convey lands to

(See S. 3759.)
Big Prairie and French Creeks, works of improve-

ment for..---
Jackson lock and dam navigation project, to au-

thorize the acquisition of land for a national

wildlife refuge at-(See H.R. 8347.)
Senators from

Hill, Lister, attended.--

Sparkman, John, attended...
Submerged lands, establishing the seaward

boundaries as extending 3 marine leagues in-

into the Gulf of Mexico (See S. 3851.)
Terrapin Creek, report of improvement in water-

Arctic Wildlife Range, to authorize the establish-

ment of the- (See H.R. 7045.)
Big Delta and Tok Junctions, to provide for dis-

posal of public lands within highway, tele-
phone, and pipeline withdrawals, subject to

appropriate easements—(See S. 1411.)
Big Delta Area, to provide for the withdrawal

from the, for use by the Department of the

Army at Fort Greely—(See S. 3711.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding.-
Grandfather rights for certain motor carriers

and freight forwarders operating in—(See

S. 1509.)
Routes and rates for, to establish a joint board

and to permit the filing of-(See S. 2452.)
Caudill, Jesse Lee, to provide preference right to

certain land in, to(See S. 2910.)
Crater-Long Lakes division of the Snettisham

project, to authorize the construction, opera-

tion, and maintenance of them (See S. 3095.)
Eklutna project, to authorize the modification or

reconstruction of certain works of the (See

S. 3222.)
Fairbanks, to provide for the withdrawal of lands

east of, for a Nike range(See S. 3762.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding---
Ferry system for southeastern, resolution favoring

financing the.--..
Industry, concurrent resolution favoring the re-

habilitation of the ---
Regulations in, resolution favoring revocation of

the order governing Indian.
Freight to and from places on waters of south-

eastern, to extend the period of exemption

from inspection—(See S. 2669.)
Granite Creek area, to provide for the withdrawal

from the public domain of lands in the, for
use by the Department of the Army-(See

S. 3710.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding---

Amending the law relating to—(See S. 2976.)
Construction in, telegram favoring $300 million

proposed for



















Alaska Continued
House of Representatives, memorial remonstrat-

ing against legislature relative to the Wilder-

ness Act.
Ladd-Eileson area, to provide for the withdrawal

from the public domain of lands in the (See

S. 3742.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding ----
Lands—(See also Public Lands, infra.)
Public sales, to amend the law relating to (See

S. 3469.)
Sales—(See Public sales, supra.)
Legislature of the State of
Petitions, resolutions, and memorials from
Ferry system for southeastern, resolution fav-

oring financing the---
Fishing industry, concurrent resolution favor-

ing the rehabilitation of the...
Insurance, unemployment, resolution favoring

legislation relating to ----
Mineral entries, concurrent resolution favor-

ing repealing the law relating to filing

claims and suits against...
Salmon fishing by nets on the high seas of

the North Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea,
concurrent resolution favoring stoppage of

Transportation, concurrent resolution favor-

ing governing commerce affecting---
Vessels, transporting merchandise to and from

places in the inland waters of Alaska and
Prince Rupert, British Columbia, concur-
rent resolution favoring permitting certain

First-class, to provide for the transportation of,

to and from—(See S. 2963.)
Fourth-class matter, to restore the size and

weight limitations on, existing prior to its ad-

mission as States (See 8. 2869.)
Entries in, to repeal the law extending the time

for filing adverse claims and suits against

(See S. 2909.)
Resolution favoring.
Lease or permit, to facilitate the selection by, of

certain public lands under-(See S. 3434;

H.R. 11957.)
Rights in homestead lands in the State of, pro-

viding for the granting of—(See S. 1670.)
National System of Interstate and Defense High-

ways, report on the need for extension of the..
Public lands—(See also Lands, infra.)
Disposition of, to amend the law relating to

certain-(See S. 3267.)

Draft of proposed legislation regarding.-----
Senate of the State of -
United Nations Conference on Law of the Sea,

resolution favoring ratification of the conven-
tions and protocol formulated at the, relative

to "absention".
Senators from-

Bartlett, E. L., attended.---

Gruening, Ernest, attended..
Canadian vessels, to provide, between ports in

Alaska-(See S. 2773; H.R. 9599.)
Concurrent resolution favoring governing com-

merce affecting..
University of-
Leasing of public lands by the, amending the

law relating to— (See S. 3545.)
Veterans who relied on erroneous information,

to relieve certain, from repayment of allow-
ances paid them— (See S. 3015.)


Carrying freight to and from, to extend the

period of exemption from inspection granted

certain (See S. 2669.)
Transporting merchandise to and from places in

the inland waters of Alaska and Prince Ru-
pert, British Columbia, concurrent resolution
favoring permitting certain small.--

Alaska Railroad— (See Department of the Interior-

Alaska Railroad.)
Albertson Water District, Nassau County, N.Y.-(See

H.R. 8868.)
Albi, Evelyn-(See H.R. 1653.)
Ali, Abdulkarim Ahmad (See S. 2990.)
Marihuana, illicit possession of, to provide for

exclusion or deportation of any alien con-
victed for violation of law relating to (See

H.R. 9385.)
Nonresident employees, to exclude from gross in-

come amounts paid to certain—(See H.R.

Property interests, to amend the law relative to

the return of certain— (See S. 2634.)
Aliens (See also Immigration and Naturalization;

Adjustment of status of certain, reports of the--- 344,

353, 363, 441
Withdrawal of names.
Deportation of

Relating to (See H.J. Res. 638.)
Suspension of —
Favoring the, in the case of certain-(See S.

Con. Res. 103, S. Con. Res. 108.)
Reports stating all the facts and pertinent

provisions of law in the cases of, together
with the reason for such suspension.----- 94, 123,

146, 169, 207, 227, 258, 290, 344, 368, 482, 504
Withdrawing certain names from.--. 16, 530
Displaced Persons Act of 1948, admitted to the

United States under the provisions of section
4 of the report of.---

Distressed, for the relief of certain-(See H.R.

Entry of certain, relating to—(See H.J. Res. 678;

H.J. Res. 722.)
Immigrants who are blood relatives of citizens,

resolutions favoring granting non-quota-
immigrant status to certain, and to reestab-
lish families.....

19, 20
Immigration and Nationality Act,
Aliens granted admission into the United

States under-
Section 212(a) (28) (I) (1), stating all the

facts and pertinent provisions of law in
the case of certain, reports on..


148, 225, 402, 507
Section 212(d) (3)

65, 106, 155, 224, 267, 368, 482, 507
Permanent residence, report granting application

Quota system, to amend the law to modernize and

liberalize the, and provide for the admission

of persecuted peoples-(See S. 3225.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding----- 169
Message from the President on..--

Resolution favoring---

Refugee Relief Act of 1953, aliens admitted to the

United States under the provisions of section
6, reports on...

61, 146, 368
Refugees, resettlement of, to enable the United

States to participate in the-(See S. 3513;
H.J. Res. 397.)

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Aliens Continued

Relatives of citizens and resident aliens, to amend

the law to provide for the entry of certain-

(See S. 3011.)
Relief of certain—(See S. 3028; H.J. Res. 688, H.J.

Res. 721.)
Status of, relating to— (See H. Con. Res. 660.)
Visitors to the United States, to increase the

amount of goods in transit allowed for-(See

S. 2934.)
All-American Family Week, authorizing the President

to issue a proclamation designating the seven-
day period beginning May 24, 1960 as (See

S.J. Res. 169.)
Allen, William Y., Junior-(See S. 3105.)
Alleys-(See Streets, highways or alleys.)
Allott, Gordon (Senator from the State of Colorado).

Board of Visitors to Air Force Academy, appointed

Almeida, John David, for the relief of the legal guard-

ian of, a minor-(See H.R. 4428.)
Alonzi, Giuseppe (See S. 2901.)
Alumina, duty on certain, to continue for 2 years the

suspension of-(See H.R. 9307.)
Aluminum pig, primary, relating to the duty on-(See

S. 3133, S. 3144.)
American Association of University Women, Educa-

tional Foundation, Inc., to exempt from tax-
ation property of the, in the District of Co-

lumbia--(See S. 3415.)
American Battle Monuments Commission-
Appointment of Representatives of the Senate on
delegation --

Communications from, transmitting, reports by,

on, Pershing, Gen. John J., progress of me-
morial to----

American History Month, designating February of

each year as-(See S.J. Res. 164.)
American Hotel Association, to provide for the is-

suance of a stamp in commemoration of 300
years of hotels in America, and the 50th anni-

versary of the-(See S. 3754.)
American Indian Day, to establish the fourth Friday

in September of each year as—(See S.J.

Res. 199.)
American Legion, communications from, transmitting,

reports by, on, finances for the year ending
October 31, 1959.-

American National Red Cross (See also Red Cross.)
Peace, just and lasting, to promote, by including

among the purposes of-(See S. 2775.)
American Republics Cooperation Act(See S. 3861.)
American Samoa (See Samoa, American.)
American Society of International Law, annual report
for period April 1959 to March 1960.--

American Telephone & Telegraph Co., employees pen- I

sion trust fund, petition praying an investiga-
tion of...

American War Mothers, Inc., District of Columbia, to

exempt from taxation certain property of

the-(See S. 2671.)
Amistad Dam, report of the name of the proposed dam
on the Rio Grande.---

Amphibians (See Mammals.)
An, Yi Young-(See S. 2681.)
Anabtawi, Samir-(See S. 3027.)
Anaconda Co., New Mexico, review of the Atomic

Energy Commission contracts with. ---- 347
Andersen, Neal E.-(See H.R. 6885.)
Anderson, Clinton P. (Senator from the State of New


Conferee, appointed as.. 355, 401, 402, 430, 441, 469, 486
Anderson, Edward S.-(See H.R. 11188.)

Anderson, Mrs. Alice- (See H.R. 8941.)

Anderson, Ralph W.-(See H.R. 8989.)
Andrew, Adamantios Demoglou—(See S. 3270.)
Angelo, Major, petition relative to an investigation

Angeloff, Krste- (See S. 2607.)
Duties on excess imports of certain live, to im-

pose additional-(See S. 3035.)
Humane treatment of, to provide for the-(See

S. 3570.)
Annual youth-(See Youth.)
Annuitants Health Benefits Act of 1959— (See 's.

Antarctic, claims to sovereignty, resolution favoring-- 19
Antarctica, medal to persons serving as members of

expedition to, to provide for the presenta-

tion_(See H.R. 3923.)

Community-(See Community antenna.)
Towers, draft of proposed legislation to authorize

control over the installation, height, and
location of receiving---

Anthony, Dr. Anwar Amin-(See S. 3213.)
Anthracite formations, Pennsylvania, report on the

progress and accomplishments of the anthra-
cite mine water control and drainage of
water to prevent flooding of ----

Anti-Recession Act of 1960—(See S. 3471.)
Antietam Battlefield, Maryland, to provide for the

protection and preservation of the— (See H.R.

Antikickback statute, to amend the, to extend it to all

negotiated contracts-(See S. 3487.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding --

Antitrust-(See also Committee, standing—Judiciary.)
Laws, application of all, resolution favoring, with

equal force to business, unions, or any other
groups or persons that may affect the life or
welfare of the Nation..

Team, sport, to make antitrust laws and the Fed-

eral Trade Commission Act applicable to the
organized, of baseball and to limit the appli-

cability of such laws (See S. 3483.)
Antitrust and monopoly
Laws, resolution authorizing an investigation of

the (See S. Res. 57, S. Res. 238.)
Extending time for filing report on S. Res. 57--79, 163
Funds for, authorizing additional — (See S. Res.

Report on, ordered printed.---

Apprenticeship, to provide for the issuance of a stamp

honoring, as a sustaining force in economic

life (See S. 3445.)
Atomic Energy Commission, appropriations for

the, to authorize, in accordance with the
Atomic Energy Act of 1954—(See $. 3084,

S. 3387; H.R. 11713.)
Bills making-
Civil functions; Department of the Army, De-

partment of the Interior, Atomic Energy
Commission, Tennessee Valley Authority,

fiscal 1961-(See H.R. 12326.)
Department of Agriculture and Farm Credit

Administration for fiscal year 1961—(See H.R.

H.R. 12117.)
Department of Commerce and related agencies

for fiscal year 1961—(See H.R. 10234.)
Notices of motions to suspend the rules.--- 126
Department of Defense-

Fiscal year 1961- (See H.R. 11998.)
Military construction—(See H.R. 12231.)
Authorizing—(See H.R. 10777.)

Draft of proposed legislation regarding --


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Appropriations Continued

Bills making-
Department of Health, Education, and Wel-

fare— (See Department of Labor, infra.)
Department of Labor, supplemental for fiscal

1960—(See H.J. Res. 765.)
Fiscal year 1961—(See H.R. 10401.)
Departments of Labor, and Health, Education,

and Welfare, and related agencies, for fiscal

year 1961—(See H.R. 11390.)
Notice of motion to suspend rules.----

Department of State and Justice, the Judiciary,

and related agencies for fiscal year 1961—(See

H.R. 11666.)
Department of the Interior-(See also civil

functions, supra; Department of the Army,

Departments of the Treasury and Post Office

and the Tax Court of the United States for

fiscal year 1961—(See H.R. 10569.)
District of Columbia and other activities charge-

able in whole or in part against the revenues
of said District for fiscal year 1961—(See

H.R. 10233.)
Executive Office of the President and sundry

general Government agencies for fiscal year

1961—(See H.R. 11389.)
independent executive bureaus, boards, com-

missions, corporations, agencies, and offices,

for fiscal year 1961—(See H.R. 11776.)
Notices of motion to suspend the rules.--- 369
Legislative branch for fiscal year 1961—(See

H.R. 12232.)
Notices of motion to suspend the rule..---- 364, 377
Military construction for the Department of

Defense for the fiscal year ending June 30,

1961—(See H.R. 12231.)
Authorizing-(See H.R. 10777.)

Draft of proposed legislation regarding---- 93
Mutual security for fiscal year 1961 See H.R.

Notice of motion to suspend the rules....

National Aeronautics and Space Administra-

Authorizing-(See H.R. 10809.)

Drafts of proposed legislation regarding---- 61, 93
Supplemental for fiscal 1960– See H.J. Res.

Overobligation of, in excess of approved appor-

tionments—(See under respective agencies or

Post Office Department for fiscal year 1961-

(See H.R. 10569.)
Reapportionment of, and restoration of balances

withdrawn from—(See under respective agen-

cies and departments.)

1960 (See H.R. 10743.)
1961—(See H.R. 12740, H.R. 13161.)
Notice of motions to suspend the rules on
H.R. 13161.

Tax Court of the United States fiscal year 1961–

(See H.R. 10569.)
Temporary for fiscal 1960—(See H.J. Res. 778.)
Obligations in excess of approved apportionment

of-(See under particular Department.)
Architect of the Capitol-(See also U.S. Capitol.)
Capitol, privately owned property adjacent there-

to, authorizing the, to permit construction
work on Capitol Grounds in connection with
the erection of a building on—(See S.J. Res.

Arctic and Antarctic, Coast Guard cutters, to author-

ize the construction and equipping of 3, de-
signed for icebreaking in the regions of-(see
H.R. 4.)

Arctic Wildlife Range, Alaska, to authorize the estab Page

lishment of the(See H.R. 7045.)
Area assistance(See also depressed areas.)
Area Assistance Act of 1960 (See S. 3569.)
Area Redevelopment Act-See S. 722, S. 3568, S. 3569.)
Reconsideration of S. 722.

Veto of, message on, S. 722..

Area Redevelopment Advisory Board, creating (See

S. 722.)
Reconsideration of..

Veto of, message on.

Aresta, Antonio Joaquim de Silva-(See S. 3697.)
Arik, Dr. Mehmet (See S. 2999.)
Arizona-(See also U.S.S. Arizona.)
Colorado River near Needles, Calif., to authorize

the transfer of a bridge across the, to San
Bernardino County, Calif., and Mohave

County, Ariz.(See S. 3514.)
Compact between the State of, and the State of

Nevada establishing a boundary between
those States, giving the consent of Congress

to &(See S. 3433.)
Coronado National Memorial, boundaries of the,

to revise the, and to authorize the repair and

maintenance of a road thereto (See S. 2806.)
Davis Dam and Reservoir, to provide for the allo-

cation of portions of the costs of, to servicing

the Mexican Water Treaty-(See S. 3331.)
Fort Bowie National Historic Site, to authorize

the establishment of the- (See S. 939.)
Gila and Salt Rivers authorizing the construc-

tion of improvements on the, from Gil-
lespie Dam to Granite Reef Dam-(See S.

Gila River and tributaries in the vicinity of Tuc-
son, review of report on..

House of Representatives of the State of -
Petitions, resolutions, and memorials from-
Lukeville, resolution favoring funds for main-
taining the compound at-----

Yuma, resolution favoring the establishment
of a seaport as.---

Senate of the State of, San Carlos Apache Indian

Tribe, resolution favoring an investigation to
determine the equitable rights which the, may
have in "mineral strip” land.---

Senators from
Goldwater, Barry, attended.---

Hayden, Carl, attended.-
Wellton-Mohawk division, Gila project, contract

relating to proposed drainage work on the..-- 393
Yuma, resolution favoring the establishment of a
seaport as...

Arkansas Post National Memorial, establishing

the-(See H.R. 6108.)
Little Rock-
Aircraft crash at, to remove limitation prevent-

ing the Secretary of the Air Force from set-

tling claims arising out of -(See S. 3338.)
Real property, to authorize the Administrator of

General Services to release the recapture pro-
visions contained in the conveyance of

certain(See S. 3319.)
Ouachita and Black Rivers, Ark., and La., review
of reports on.----

Point Remove Creek, East and West Fork, report
of improvement in watersheds...

Senators from

Fulbright, J. W., attended.---

McClellan, John L., attended...
Arkin, Harry L.-(See 8. 2523.)
Arlington Memorial Amphitheater Commission, to

abolish the (See S. 3264.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding -

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