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Journal 722. Joint resolution relating to the entry of certain

aliensreceived -

342 read twice and referred.

343 reported with an amendment (Rept. 1809)-- 435 considered, amended, read the third time, and passed.-

462 House agrees to Senate amendments.

467 examined and signed.--

472 approved (Private Law 420].

475 723. Joint resolution extending an invitation to the

Federation Aeronautique Internationale to
hold the 1962 world sport parachuting

championships at Orange, Mass.-

570 read twice.-

574 considered, read the third time, and passed.. 574 motion to reconsider vote on passage laid on table--

574 examined and signed.-

586 approved [Public Law 796)---

590 765. Joint resolution making a supplemental appro

priation for the Department of Labor for
the fiscal year ending June 30, 1960, and for

other purposes

393 read twice.--

395 considered, read the third time, and passed.. 395 examined and signed.

396 approved (Public Law 535).


Number, title, and action

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Journal 778. Joint resolution making temporary appropria

tions for the fiscal year 1961, and for other

purposes received

443 read twice and referred.---

443 reported without amendment.-

450 considered, read the third time, and passed.. 450 examined and signed.-

458 approved [Public Law 569).

472 784. Joint resolution amending the act of July 14, 1960,

to extend the time within which the U.S.
Constitution 175th Anniversary Commis-
sion shall report to Congress; including cer-

tain amendments relating to housing-

511 read twice and referred...

511 reported without amendment

534 considered, amended, read the third time, and passed; title amended.-

569 motion to reconsider vote on passage laid on table -

569 House agrees to Senate amendments..

573 examined and signed ---

586 approved (Public Law 788)...

590 799. Joint resolution establishing a George Washing

ton Carver Centennial Commissionreceived ------

533 read twice and referred.-



Number, title, and action

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Journal 7. Concurrent resolution declaring the sense of Con

gress on the closing of Indian hospitalsreceived

113 read and referred..

113 change of reference..

188 225. Concurrent resolution expressing the sense of the

Congress with respect to oficial recognition
by the United States of the centennial an-

niversary of the unity of Italy-

339 read and referred...

339 reported without amendment (Rept 1762) --- 420 considered and agreed to..

462 443. Concurrent resolution that the two Houses of Con

gress assemble in the Hall of the House of
Representatives on Thursday, January 7,

1960, at 12:30 o'clock in the afternoon-

2 read

2 considered and agreed to.--.

2 449. Concurrent resolution to print as a House docu

ment the publication “Facts on Commu-
nism–Volume 1, The Communist Ideology"
and to provide for the printing of additional


69 read and referred..

69 reported without amendment---

76 considered and agreed to----

105 457. Concurrent resolution to authorize printing as a

House document a publication relating to
the nomination and election of President
and Vice President, including the manner
of selecting delegates to national political


69 read and referred.--

69 reported without amendment.-

76 considered, amended, and agreed to.--

105 459. Concurrent resolution expressing the sense of the

Congress that any variation in the tradi-
tional interpretation of the treaties be-
tween the United States and the Republic
of Panama may only be made pursuant to


85 read and referred.--

85 465. Concurrent resolution expressing the indignation

of Congress at the recent desecrations of

houses of worship and other sacred sites, received

85 read and referred..

85 558. Concurrent resolution providing for printing of

additional copies of the panel discussions

entitled “Income Tax Revision"received

120 read and referred..

120 reported without amendment..

268 considered and agreed to----

296 579. Concurrent resolution authorizing the printing

of additional copies of a Veterans' Benefits

Number, title, and action

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Journal 579— Continued received

120 read and referred.

120 reported without amendment.

268 considered and agreed to...-..

296 582. Concurrent resolution providing under section

3(e) of the Strategic and Critical Materials
Stock Piling Act, the express approval of the
Congress for the disposal from the national
stockpile of approximately 470,000 long tons

of natural rubber-

196 read and referred...

196 reported without amendment (Rept. 1283). 229 considered and agreed to---

256 586. Concurrent resolution authorizing the printing of

additional copies of the hearings on civil

rights, received

138 read and referred..

138 reported without amendment

268 considered and agreed to.---

296 607. Concurrent resolution authorizing the printing as

a House document of the pamphlet entitled
"Our American Government. What Is It?

How Does It Function?"-

196 read and referred.-

196 reported without amendment...

268 considered and agreed to.---

296 633. Concurrent resolution relating to restoration of

freedom to captive nationsreceived..

247 read and referred..

247 660. Concurrent resolution relating to the status of

certain aliens received.-

396 read and referred.-

397 reported without amendment (Rept 1810). 435 considered and agreed to.-

462 691. Concurrent resolution authorizing the disposal of

certain publications now stored in the fold-
ing room of the House of Representatives

and the warehouse of the Senate-

342 read and referred..

343 reported without amendment.

397 considered and agreed to.--

422 693. Concurrent resolution authorizing the printing of

additional copies of House Document No.
198 of the 84th Congress, entitled “The
Commission on Intergovernmental Rela-


579 read and referred.----

584 706. Concurrent resolution authorizing corrections in

the engrossment of the bill H.R. 11602received

443 read.-

449 considered and agreed to



491008 J-86-2446

Number, title, and action

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Journal 712. Concurrent resolution authorizing the Speaker

of the House of Representatives and the
President of the Senate to sign enrolled
bills and joint resolutions duly passed by

the two Houses and found truly enrolled-
received --

470 read..

470 considered and agreed to..

470 745. Concurrent resolution establishing that when the

two Houses shall adjourn on Thursday, Sep-
tember 1, 1960, they stand adjourned sine

Number, title, and action

Page of

Journal 745—Continued received...

582 read.--

583 considered and agreed to.--

583 motion to reconsider vote agreeing to resolution laid on table....

583 746. Concurrent resolution authorizing the Speaker

of the House of Representatives and the
President of the Senate to sign enrolled

bills and joint resolutions-

582 read.-

584 considered and agreed to.




NOTE.— For action on bills and resolutions see History of Bills and Resolutions, page 597 to 720, inclusive, under number designated.


Aeronautics and Space—(See also Department of Na- Page

tional Aeronautics and Space.)
Abaca, report of the operations in the production of, Page

Activities, report of, by the President.

during 1959.--.

Africa, foreign policy on, authorizing additional cop-

ies of the committee print lating tor(See
Abaca-fiber program, administered by General Sery-
ices Administration, audit report of the form

S. Res. 227.)

for fiscal 1959....

Affidavits-(See Loyalty oaths.)
Abilez, Inez Gonzalez-(See S. 2419.)

Affidavits of belief, to amend the law to repeal certain
Abstracts, official certifications, and evidence of title,

provisions requiring-(See S. 2929.)
to repeal the law requiring grantors to fur-

Aged-(See also Senior citizens; Social-Security;
nish free— (See S, 3491.)

Social Sacurity Act-Aid; Earnings.)

Draft of proposed legislation regarding-----

Ald to, petition favoring..

Academies—(See Armed Forces Academies.)

Compusury tax, memorial remonstrating against
Acreage reduction, to amend the law relating to (See

programs for, where all citizens are faced
S. 3335.)


Adamska, Halina J.-(See S. 2926.)

Discriminatory employment practices for reasons
Addams, Jane, authorizing and requesting the Presi-

of, to eliminate, by Federal Government con-
dent to issue a proclamation relating to the

tractors and subcontractors (See S. 3726.)
centennial of the birth of, founder and lead-

Resolutions favoring..

165, 171
er of Chicago's Hull House (See H.J. Res.

Employ the Older Worker Week, National, to

provide for the designating of the first full
Addis, Kay_(See S. 3551.)

week in May of each year as (See S.J.
Adjournment-(See Congress Adjournment.)

Res. 189.)
Adler Construction Co.-- (See S. 3199.)

Equality of Employment Opportunity for Older
Reference to Court of Claims (See S. Res. 288.)

Workers Act (See S. 3726.)

Practice- (See Federal Code of Administrative

Insurance at rates they can afford to pay, to

assist aged in obtaining-(See S. 3646.)
Practice and procedure, report on..


Insurance over 65, providing-(See S. 3350.)
Practices of departments and agencies, to pre-

Problems, social security taxes, and related
scribe a code to govern_(See S. 2849.)

problems, resolution favoring solution of.--- 146
Administrative Expenses Act of 1946-


Health services, to provide for the payment of
Travel and transportation cost per persons se-

(See S. 3503, S. 3763.)
lected for appointment to positions in the

Resolution favoring---

United States, to provide for the payment

Petition praying aid to people over 65 who need
of — (See S. 3485.)

assistance to enter...
Draft of proposed legislation regarding..---- 233

Surgical, and nursing home benefits to old age
Administrative Procedure Act

survivors insurance recipients, resolution


Congressional communications relating to pro-

Legislation for, resolution favoring-..
ceedings conducted by administrative agen-

Medical and hospital services, resolution favor-

cies, to provide for the public disclosure of

ing legislation to assist in procuring at reason-
certain-(See S. 3359.)

able cost--
Matters pending before Federal agencies, to

Medical care for

make unlawful any ex parte discussion of

Providing-(See S. 2915, S. 3123, S. 3725; H.R.
certain-(See S. 3308.)

Administrator of Veterans' Affairs (See Veterans'

Report on, printing of (See S. Res. 365.)

Resolution favoring--
Admissions and confessions, voluntary, to make, ad-

Ofice of -(See Department of Health, Education,

265, 263
missible in criminal proceedings and prosecu-

and Welfare.)
tions (See S. 3411.)

Old age recipients, concurrent resolution favor-
Advanced research projects, report of the establish-

ing legislation granting, the right to earn $500
ment or development of installations and fa-

without having benefits affected.

Pensions, resolution favoring --

Advanced Research Projects Agency, professional and

Retired, hospital and health services, to provide

scientific positions established in the------ 106, 107

for the payment of (See S. 3763.)
Advertising—(See also Trade-mark licensing.)

Study of the problems of
Charges for, relating to the treatment of charges

Authorizing a--(See S. Res. 65, S. Res. 266.)
for local, for determining the manufacturer's

Extension of time for minority views of com-
sale price — (See H.R. 12536.)

mittee on.--
Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Rela-

Aged and aging-(See also Committee, standing-


Labor and Public Welfare.)

Appointments to..

National problem, authorizing copies of report
Report by---

on(See S. Res. 278).



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