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tuition and fees for the years in optometry school. The recipient is selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and financial need.


(Contact the Woman's Auxiliary to the Kentucky Optometric
Association, Mrs. Henry Siegel, 602 Forest Hill Drive, Frank-

fort, Kentucky).
Woman's Auxiliary to the Kentucky Optometric Association.

Two $800 scholarships available at the direction of the Council
on Public Higher Education for use through the Southern Re-
gional Education Board at the University of Houston College
of Optometry.


(Contact Mrs. Leon M. Reiss, President, Women's Auxiliary to
the Louisiana State Association of Optometrists, 1705 Green

Acres Road, Metairie, La.)

Women's Auxiliory to the Louisiona State Association of Optome-

Funds available for scholarships for Optometric Students.
Woman's Auxiliary to the Maryland Optometric Association

$250 scholarship to student from Maryland meeting scholastic
requirements. Applicant must have completed pre-optometric
requirements and been accepted by an Optometric college. Con-
cace Mrs. Carole Rubin, 2510 Colebrook Drive, Hillcrest Heights,


(Contact Massachusetts Society of Optometrists, 101 Tremont

Street, Room 603, Boston, Massachusetts.)
Massachusetts Society of Optometrists

Four $200 scholarships offered annually to worthy students who
give promise of achievement in the study of optometry. Students
who are awarded these scholarships are eligible for continued
payment of the stated sum as long as they continue to maintain
grade levels placing them in the upper half of their classes and
they continue to demonstrate need for financial assistance. Ap-
plicants must be residents of Massachusetts and must signify

their intention to practice within the Commonwealth. MICHIGAN

(Contact Michigan Optometric Association, 321-22 Hollister Building, Lansing 8, Michigan.)

Woman's Auxiliary to the Michigan Optometric Association

Three $250 scholarships are given annually to optometric
students from Michigan. Recipients may attend the optometry
college of their choice.
Students must have a "B" average in pre-optometric studies to
be considered and must show financial need. Grant will be re
newed yearly if scholarship level is maintained and need for

financial assistance continue s.
Emil H. Arnold Scholarship

Two $300 scholarships are maintained at Ohio State Univer-
sity for optometric students from Michigan. Requirements are at
least a "B" average in pre-optometric studies. Scholarships
will be renewed yearly if scholastic average is maintained.


(Contact the Woman's Auxiliary to the Minnesota Optometric
Association, c/o Mrs. John R. Hanson, 103 E. Chapman St.,

Ely, Minn.)

$250 scholarship to Minnesota student enrolled in second year
of college. Must be in upper one-third of class and following
course leading to optometric study. Selection will be based on
academic performance and ability, on leadership, character,
personality and sincerity of interest in optometry. Cannot be
related to a licensed optometrist.


(Contact the Mississippi Optometric Association, Lexington,

Mississippi Optometric Association

Scholarship provided through Better Vision Program of Universi

ty of Houston. (See University of Houston). . Mississippi Optometric Foundation

Provides scholarship assistance through Memorial Fund.


(Contact the Missouri Optometric Association, 238 East High

Street, Jefferson City, Missouri.)

Woman's Auxiliary in cooperation with Missouri Optometric Assoc.

The "Man of Vision" scholarship – $500.00 for the study of
optometry sponsored by The Woman's Auxiliary of the Missouri
Optometric Association.
The "Roberta Ruth Langley Memorial" $500.00 scholarship
sponsored by Langley Optical, Inc., in cooperation with The
Missouri Optometric Association, Inc.

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(Contact the Woman's Auxiliary to the Montana Optometric As

sociation, c/o Mrs. Chris Berg, Conrad, Montana.)
Woman's Auxiliary to the Montana Optometric Association

One $250 annual award to student entering study of optometry.
May be awarded to pre-optometry student, but funds are not to be

used until student enters school of optometry.

(Contact Nebraska Optometric Association, 418-419 Clarke

Hotel, Hastings, Nebraska.)
Woman's Auxiliary to the Nebraska Optometric Association

Two $200 scholarships. Each awarded annually to man or woman
with proper pre-optometry credits. Recipients selected on
character, financial need and scholastic achievement. Con-
tact: Mrs. Ardith Macaluso, 630 North D, Fremont, Nebraska.

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(Contact the New Hampshire Optometric Association, 3 Central

Square, Keene, New Hampshire.)
New Hampshire Optometric Association and Woman's Auxiliary

Joint scholarship of $200 to $250 annually.

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(For information on scholarships contact: Mrs, A.S. Mixer, Executive Secretary, New Mexico Optometric Association, P.O. Box

6065, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87107.) NEW YORK

(Contact the New York State Optometric Association, 250 West

57th Street, New York 19, New York.)
New York State Optometric Association

Two scholarships.

(Contact the North Carolina State Optometric Society, Post
Office Box 1153, Wilson, North Carolina.)


North Carolina State Optometric Society and the Woman's Auxiliary to the North Carolina State Optometric Society

Two $500 scholarships to be awarded to optometric students

each year.


Contact Pennsylvania Optometric Association, 218 North Street,
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.)

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Pennsylvania Optometric Association

$3,400 fouryear full tuition scholarship at Pennsylvania State
College of Optometry to residents who meet pre-optometric
college requirements. Candidate must be in upper half of class.
Recipients must remain in upper half of class during course.

Members of immediate families of optometrists are not eligible. Woman's Auxiliary to the Pennsylvania Optometric Association

One $3,400 four-year full tuition scholarship to women residents of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for admittance to the Pennsylvania State College of Optometry. Two years of pre optometric college work and a ranking in the upper half of the class during the last academic year in college is necessary to be eligible. Each scholarship will remain in full force until graduation if the scholastic standing maintained in the professional curriculum ranks the recipient in the upper half of


(For information on Scholarships and Loan Funds contact: David T. Mixon, 0.D., Chairman, SCOA Scholarship Committee, 201

No. Broad St., Clinton, S.C.) TENNESSEE

(Contact: Tennessee State Optometric Association, Whitley

Building, Hillsboro Village, Nashville, Tenn. 37212)
Woman's Auxiliary, Tennessee State Optometric Association.

3-year scholarship, Southern College of Optometry
First-year Grant of $250 by TSOA Auxiliary carries matching
grant of $250 from Southern College of Optometry - $500
Second-year grant by TSOA Auxiliary only - $300
Third-year grant by TSOA Auxiliary only – $300

Total of 3-year scholarship $1,100.00.
Loan Funds
Tennessee State Optometric Association

Loan funds of $300 per year at 3% interest, with terms of repay-
ment to be arranged, are available to students enrolled in a
school of optometry:
Contact Tennessee State Optometric Association, 602-A Main
Street, Savannah, Tennessee.


(Contact the Virginia Optometric Association, 2110 Spencer

Road, Richmond 30, Virginia.)
Virginia Optometric Association

One $500 scholarship available to a Virginia resident on com-
pletion of pre-optometry requirements and acceptance by an

optometric school or college. Woman's Auxiliary to the Virginia Optometric Association

One $250.00 scholarship. Available to a Virginia resident on


completion of pre-optometry requirements and acceptance by an

Optometric School or College.
Loan Funds
Alma H, Wilcox Educational Fund

Loan funds may be obtained from the Alma H. Wilcox Educational
Fund administered by trustees appointed by the Virginia

Optometric Association.

(Contact the Washington Optometric Association, Mr. Ted Best,

Executive Secretary, 4210 S.W. Oregon, Seattle, Washington.)
Woman's Auxiliary to the Washington Optometric Association

A scholarship of $250.00 shall be awarded a student who has
acquired academic credit permitting enrollment in optometric
courses. It can be awarded as early as high school graduation,
but monies become available and are accredited toward tuition
only as the student is admitted to, and actually begins his
optometric studies - normally his junior year, at the college of
his choice. Additional tuitions may be received at most of the
optometric schools. Assistance determined by funds available

and regulations in effect at the individual institutions. WEST VIRGINIA

(Contact the West Virginia Optometric Association Auxiliary Scholarship Chairman, c/o Mr. Eugene Merrill, Executive Secre tary, Room 2, Strong Building, Parkersburg, W. Va.)

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(Contact Optometrical Association of Ontario, 83 Bloor Street,
West, Toronto 5, Ontario, Canada or College of Optometry of

Ontario, 140 St. George St., Toronto 5, Ontario, Canada.)
Optometrical Women's Auxiliary Scholarship

$75 awarded by the Women's Auxiliary to the Optometrical As-
sociation of Ontario, to third year students who have the highest
total marks for the first three years in the subject of Optometry.
$50 awarded by the Women's Auxiliary to the Optometrical As-
sociation of Ontario to the second year student who has the
highest total marks for the first two years on the subject of

optics: geometrical, physical, and mechanical.
The Board of Directors in Optometry in the Province of Ontario

Two $450 scholarships awarded to two Ontario applicants of
outstanding ability on the basis of academic standing. No more
than one of these recipients may be a resident of the City of

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