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Statement of_Continued

Fulton, Thompson R., professor of social work, West Virginia Vuiversity

and chairman, West Virginia Commission on Aging ---
Gallagher, Right Rev. Msgr. Raymond J., secretary, National Con-

ference of Catholic Charities ..

Gingras, Miss Dorothy, National Retired Teachers Association and

American Association of Retired Persons..

Gordon, Dr. Margaret S., associate director, Institute of Industrial

Relations, University of California, Berkeley, Calif.-

Gordon, Dr. Morton, head of university extension, University of


Greer, Mrs. Phyllis, exetnsion specialist in human relations, Rutgers


Gretchen, Michael, vice president of district 6, United Mine Workers.
Harger, Mrs. Eone, New Jersey Commission on Aging

Hirsch, Monroe J., practicing optometrist, Ojai, California, repre-

senting the American Optometric Association.

Hood, Lucille, secretary to Stanley M. Sworder, chairman, Inter-

departmental Committee on the Problems of the Aging, State of


Howe, Carl, Olney, Md., chairman, Montgomery County Commission,

on Aging -

Hubbard, Miss Howard, assistant director, Washington office, Ameri-

can Library Association...
Jacobson, Joel, first executive vice president of the New Jersey State


Jenkins, Thomas M., Esq., attorney representing some homes for the

aged, San Francisco..

Kirkpatrick, Dr. Forest H., assistant to the president of the Wheeling

Steel Corp., Wheeling, W. Va---

Kuplan, Louis, consultant to Association of Northern California

Homes for the Aged.---

Lane, Hon. Thomas J., a Representative in Congress from the State

of Massachusetts --

Leask, Samuel, Jr., administrator, Health and Welfare Agency, State

of California. -

Lefkowitz, Mrs. Louis, 34 North 8th Avenue, Highland Park, N.J.,

Golden Age, in Highland Park..
Levine, Louis, president, Golden Age Club of New Brunswick, High-

land Park and vicinity -
Marin, Andrew, chief, Vocational Rehabilitation Service, State De-

partment of Education, Sacramento, Calif..

McMahon, Dr. Ernest E., dean of University College and the Univer-

sity Extension Division and director of the Institute of Management

and Labor Relations, Rutgers University -

McNutt, Waldo R., assistant director of the division on aging, Tren-

ton, N.J..

Meyer, Garson, president, the National Council on the Aging -

Molynieux, Mrs. Walter, president of New Jersey Association of

Homes for Aged, also National Board of Newly Formed National

Association for Non-Profit Homes.-

Monagan, Hon. John S., a Representative in Congress from the State

of Connecticut..

Monsman, Gerald, executive director, State of Maryland Commission

on the Aging-

Morgan, Dr. Meredith, dean of the School of Optometry, University of


Mulvey, Dr. Mary, Rhode Island Commission on Aging-

Nyman, Dr. Seward P., assistant secretary, American Podiatry Asso-


Odell, Charles, chairman, Michigan Commission on Aging -

Pfost, Hon. Gracie, a Representative in Congress from the State of
















Statement of_Continued

Plesher, Michael A., staff member, Insurance, Pension and Unem-

ployment Department, United Steelworkers of America (accom-
panied by Joseph J. MacDonald, legislative representative, United

Steelworkers of America) --
Price, Carol, Licensed Proprietary Ambulatory Homes for the Aged,

Oakland, Calif....
Pryor, Roy J., general manager, Forest Hill Manor, representing the

Association of Northern California Homes for the Aged.-
Pulley, Hamlet C., assistant director, State department of health.---

Rasp, Edward, representing the Association of Retired Persons,

Bloomfield, N.J., Essex Chapter

Robbins, Richard S., Richard Š. Robbins, Ltd., New York, N.Y..

Rosner, Ben, M.D., physician and surgeon, Hayward.

Russell, Mrs. A. M. G., chairman, Citizens Advisory Committee on

Aging, State of California -

Schade, John G., 425 Lenox Avenue, Westfield, N.J., director of the

New Jersey Citizens Council of Aging ---
Schatz, Mrs. Dora N., president, Citizens Central Association of

Philadelphia, Pa....

Simmons, Eugene S., president, League of Senior Citizens' Clubs,

Washington Metropolitan Area

Simmons, Harold E., deputy director, State Department of Social

Welfare, State of California --

Simmons, Rev. Wilbur, Northern California Council of Churches'

Committee on Churches' Responsibility to Older Persons.-

Smigel, Mrs. Alfred, president, Washington, D.C., section, National

Council of Jewish Women, and Alfred Greenberg, president, Golden

Age Club, sponsored by the Jewish Community Center of Greater

Washington, D.C., section, National Council of Jewish Women.--:.

Smith, W. Bernard, 'head of West Virginia Public Assistance Depart-


Snyder, Mrs. James R., past president, Paradise Senior Citizens'


Stanley, Miles C., president, West Virginia Labor Federation, AFL-


Steger, Dr. William, president of the Ohio County Medical Society --

Sweygart, Frank, representing the American Association of Retired

Persons, Union County, N.J.

Thomas, Dr. Thomas L---

Van Frank, Mrs. Isabelle, Berkeley Committee on Aging, president

of Coordinating Council of East Bay Citizens Group-
Vasey, Dr. Wayne, dean of Graduate School of Social Work, Rutgers,

the State University, 430 Harrison Avenue, Highland Park, N.J-
Volosen, Jacob, New Jersey Council of Senior Citizens, 1401 Sunny-

field Drive, Linden, N.J.

Ward, Dr. Stephen D..

Watson, Charles W., chief, bureau of special education, a division of

special education and services in the State Department of Educa-

tion, State of California.

Williams, Mrs. Ethel James, program consultant, National Council of

Negro Women, Inc.--

Woolf, Dr. Hayvis, director of public welfare, Cranston, R.I., chair-

man of the New England Council of Optometrists, Vision Care of

the Aging, director of the Rhode Island Optometric Association.--

Zablocki, Hon. Clement J., a Representative in Congress from the

State of Wisconsin.--

Zubak, Dr. Matt F.,
Statements, letters, supplemental material, etc.:

Addonizio, Hon. Hugh J., a Representative in Congress from the State

of New Jersey, statement of ..

American Nurses' Association, New York, N.Y., statement of stand-

ards for nursing care in nursing homes -

Austin, Thomas G., Phoenix, Ariz., letter to Chairman Bailey -

Avila, Joan, director, Arroyo Viejo Center, Oakland Recreation

Department, letter to Mr. Ted Ellsworth.-

Beckman, R. O., executive director, Senior Service Foundation of

Miami, Fla., prepared statement of -








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Statements, letters, supplemental material, etc.—Continued

Black, Geo. L., executive director, the Housing Authority of the

County of San Bernardino:

"Interested in a 100-percent Loan To Build Apartment House?

article by David Rees, in the Los Angeles Times of March 25,


Letter to Ted Ellsworth.-.

Pilot project for elderly development by the Housing Authority

of the County of San Bernardino in the city of Redlands, Calif.

Statement by
Bright, Barbara, director, Senior Citizens Information Center, Com-

munity Welfare Council, statement of.

Buck, J. M., manager, Retirement Department, Florida Development

Commission, Tallahassee, Fla., letter to Chairman Bailey --

Cabot, Hugh, executive director, Age Center of New England, Inc.,

Boston, Mass., telegram to Chairman Bailey-

California Podiatry Association, statement of

Campbell, James H., executive director, Homemaker Service of Los

Angeles region:

Junior League Homemaker demonstration project for senior

citizens in West Los Angeles ---

Prepared statement of_

Cohen, Wilbur J., Assistant Secretary of Health, Education, and Wel-


“Current Proposals for Federal Legislation on Aging,” address

before the Conference of State Executives on Aging, April 10, 1962..

Executive order establishing the President's Council on Aging--

Number of States reporting and number of recipients of and total

payments for medical assistance for the aged in each month,

October 1960–March 1961 (table)

Official State agencies on aging as of May 1962 (table) -

Panel of consultants on aging-

Policies and procedures for administering grants under the pro-

posed Senior Citizens Act of 1962-

Press releaseLetter from the President to the Vice President

and Speaker, transmitting draft of a bill entitled, “Senior

Citizens Act of 1962”.

Proposed legislation-Senior Citizens Act of 1962, 1963–67


Proposed plan for administration of grants program (chart).

Council of Social Planning, Alameda County, statement by ---
Cronin, John P., chairman, Rhode Island Advisory Committee on

Aging, letter to Chairman Bailey -
Davis, Dr. George E., chairman, Indiana Commission on the Aging

and Aged, paper entitled, "Local Program Development”.
Devereaux, Charles, assistant to the chief of social service in the De-
partment of Mental Hygiene, State of California:
A master plan for the Research Division of the California State

Department of Mental Hygiene by Robert T. Ross, Ph. D., act-

ing chief of research..

Supplement to a statement by the department of mental health.-
Donahue, Wilma, the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich.,

letter to Mr. Ted Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, Ted, special consultant on aged and aging, report for the

General Subcommittee on Education -

Exford, Donald C., 0.D., chairman, Committee on Vision Care of the

Aging, American Optometric Association:

Committees of Vision Care of the Aging-

Demonstration project for Federal grant, by Dr. Hayvis Woolf--

“Optometry's Role in Health Maintenance-A Study of Refer-

rals,” by Dr. Galen F. Kintner, reprint from American Journal

of Public Health, November 1961.

Fleck, Gladys, member, State board of directors, East Bay Association

of Nursing Homes, Sanitariums, Rest Homes, Homes for Aged,

Oakland, Calif., letter to Mr. Ted Ellsworth.-

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Statements, letters, supplemental material, etc.—Continued

Florida Podiatry Association, statement presented by Harvey M.

Kopelman, D.S.C., St. Petersburg, Fla.-
Fogarty, Hon. John E., a Representative in Congress from the State
of Rhode Island:

Letter to the President.-

Statement before Conference of State Executives for Aging-
Geddes, Samuel R., senator, 11th senatorial district (Napa-Yolo

Counties), member, Governor's Advisory Commission on Problems

of the Aging, statement by-
Groth, Mrs. Ruth L., Lakeview, Oreg., letter to Chairman Bailey --
Halpern, Hon. Seymour, a Representative in Congress from the State

of New York, statement of...
Jenkins, Thomas M., representing some homes for the aged, city and

county of San Francisco:

Minutes of special meeting of employment committee, January 30,


Morris, Austin, chairman, executive committee, San Francisco

Program for the Aging, letter to Congressman O'Hara -

Report on interviews with representatives of 12 large industries

regarding preretirement preparation programs--

Kennedy, W. P., president, Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, testi-

mony by-
Kinder, John F., North Kingstown, R.I., letter to Mr. Ted Ellsworth.-
Leach, Gertrude, Washington, D.C., letter to Chairman Bailey----
Mazer, Stanley Z., executive secretary, the Baltimore City Commis-

sion on Problems of the Aged, telegram to Chairman Bailey-

McNamara, Hon. Pat, a U.S. Senator from the State of Michigan,

letter to the President...
Mendelsohn, N. K., president, California City Development Co.,

Hollywood, Calif., letter to Chairman Bailey

Monsman, Gerald, executive director, State of Maryland Commission

on the Aging, letter to Chairman Powell --
Montoya, Hon. Joseph M., a Representative in Congress from the

State of New Mexico, statement of

Mitchell, William, San Diego, Calif., letter to Mr. Ted Ellsworth..

Mulvey, Dr. Mary C., administrator, Division on Aging, State of Rhode

Island, letter to Chairman Bailey --

Nyman, Dr. Seward P., assistant secretary, American Podiatry Asso-


Abstracts from Conference Publications and Reports, White

House Conference on Aging, January 9-12, 1961,

Excerpts from Dr. Mulvey's address, in the Rhode Island Podi-

atry Journal, of November 1961...

“The Value of Foot Care to the Aged,” reprint from Geriatrics,

May 1961...

Ohl, John H., Sacramento, Calif., letter to Chairman Bailey -

O'Neil, Cecilia, vice president, National Retired Teachers Associa-

tion, statement of ..

Pacific Health Plan, Los Angeles, Calif., statement of

Peeling, V. S., high school teacher, Darien, Conn., statement of..

Prestwood, Alvin T., commissioner, Alabama State Department of

Pensions and Security, statement by -

Randolph, Hon. Jennings, a U.S. Senator from the State of West

Virginia, letter to the President..

Reicher, Frieda, president, the Foundation for Community Aid to

Mental Patients, Alexandria, Va., statement of -

Robbins, Richard S., Richard S. Robbins, Ltd., New York, N.Y.,

supplemental material submitted by..
Rodino, Hon. Peter W., Jr., a Representative in Congress from the

State of New Jersey, statement of..

Roney, Jay L., director, public welfare project on aging, American

Public Welfare Association:






Federal legislative objectives, 1962.-

Letter to Chairman Bailey-








Statements, letters, supplemental material, etc.—Continued

Rosenfield, Leon A., staff adviser, Welfare Planning Council, Los An-

geles, Calif., letter to Mr. Ted Ellsworth.

Salamone, Anthony, director, adult education, chairman, Advisory

Council, Golden Age & Senior Citizens Clubs of U.S.A., Inc., letter

to Chairman Bailey

Several citizens of the State of Rhode Island, petition by -
Schweinhaut, Margaret C., chairman, State Coordinating Commission

on Problems of the Aging, paper entitled, “Legislative Planning and


Sherrod, W., Sacramento, Calif., letter to Chairman Bailey -

Smathers, Hon. George A., a U.S. Senator from the State of Florida,

letter to the President.

Smith, Hon. Benjamin A., II, a U.S. Senator from the State of Massa-

chusetts, letter to the President
Spector, Sidney, Assistant Administrator, Office of Housing for Senior

Citizens, Housing and Home Finance Agency, statement of...
State Coordinating Commission on Problems of the Aging of the State

of Maryland, leaflet prepared by the Maryland State Bar Associa-

tion entitled, “Legal Problems Facing the Older Citizen”.
Steinhaus, Rev. John R., the Alhambra, a California Lutheran home,

Alhambra, Calif., letter to Chairman Powell

Stellar, Rev. Robert T., executive secretary, Department of Christian

Social Relations, Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles:

Letter to Mr. Ellsworth

Resolution on housing for the elderly-

Resolution on the church and medical care for the aging-

VanLandingham, Mrs. A. H., Morgantown, W. Va., statement of

Volk, V. K., M.D., Dr. P. H., medical superintendent, Saginaw County

Hospital, Saginaw, Mich., letter to Chairman Bailey-

Walker, Elva D., chairman, Governor's Citizens Council on Aging,

Minnesota, paper entitled, “Dynamic Programing for the Aged”.

Webber, Irving L., Ph.D., paper entitled, "Problems and Methods in

Research and Demonstration in a State Unit on Aging".

Williams, Hon. Harrison A., Jr., a U.S. Senator from the State of New

Jersey, letter to the President..
Williams, Wayne R., Smith & Williams, architects-engineers, South

Pasadena, Calif., statement of.

Woolf, Dr. Hayvis, director of public welfare, Cranston, R.I., state-

ment of..





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