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X-ray topography; Zn; Al Ogi Berg-Barrett; Lang; misorienta

tion contrast; 18341. X-ray wavelength ratios; gamma rays; precision wavelength; sil

icon lattice spacing; tungsten x rays; 18487. X-ray yield; characteristic X-ray yield; electron probe

microanalysis; inner shell ionization cross section; Monte Carlo electron trajectory simulation; scanning electron microscopy; 18978.

X-ray diffraction; Bacon function; Bragg function; Ergun func

tion; graphite materials; Lorentz function; preferred orienta

tion function; pyrolitic graphite; Ruland function; 18523. X-ray diffraction; biological assay; crystal structure; single

crystal; uric acid derivative; uric acid determination; 18672. X-ray diffraction; biomedical standard; diacetylurea; molecular

structure; urea; urea determination; 18347. X-ray diffraction; bone; hydroxylapatite; interlayering; octacal

cium phosphate; tooth; 18583. X-ray diffraction; crystal structure; integrated intensities; lattice

constants; peak intensities; powder patterns; reference inten

sities; standard; Monogr. 25, Section 16. X-ray diffraction; crystal structure; mechanism of formation;

molecular compound; silver-sulfur-tungsten cluster; synthesis;

18636. X-ray emission; copper KB; double vacancy; emission spectrum;

Hartree-Fock calculations; 18526. X-ray emission; flare stars; helium; 19007. X-ray energies of 30 to 70 keV; X-ray scatter; diagnostic

radiology; scatterer thickness; scatterer to image plane separation; tissue equivalent phantoms; x-ray beam diameter;

18441. X-ray examination of breast; attenuation of areola; attenuation

of breast tissue; attenuation of malignant tumors; breast cancer detection; breast carcinoma; breast examination techniques; FFT techniques for breast; SP525, pp. 85-91

(Apr. 1979). X-ray image; appropriations; fusion diagnostics; gravity waves;

laser-interferometer; microwave measurements; non-destructive evaluation; pipe welds; standard; DIM/NBS 63, No. 3,

1-28 (1979). X-ray image magnifier; asymmetric diffraction; dynamical dif

fraction; microradiography; radiography; radiology; real-time

radiography; resolution; 18399. X-ray line width; Auger effect; Auger line width; K shell; level

width; line width; L shell; natural width; JPCRD 8, No. 2,

329-338 (1979). X-ray lithography; E-beam lithography; integrated circuits; ion

implantation; plasma etching; radiation damage; radiation

hardening; VLSI processing; 18451. X-ray microanalysis; Auger electron spectroscopy; cathodolu

minescence; ion scattering spectrometry; laser microprobe mass analyzer; laser Raman microprobe; microanalysis;

secondary ion mass spectrometry; 18568. X-ray microanalysis; electron probe analysis; peak-to

background ratios; quantitative analysis; rough surfaces;

18976. X-ray microanalysis; electron probe microanalysis; energy

dispersive X-ray microanalysis; energy dispersive X-ray spectrometry; quantitative analysis; scanning electron microscopy;

18970. X-ray photoelectron spectrometer; crystallographic integrity;

electron diffraction images; hydrated layer; ion microprobe mass spectrometer; roughness; sapphire; ultra-fine polishing;

water; SP562, pp. 317-323 (Oct. 1979). X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy; auger electron spectroscopy;

die attachment; electrical properties; electronics; hermeticity; indium-doped silicon; infrared reflectance; integrated circuits; line-width measurements; oxidation; photolithography;

photovoltaic method; SP400-38. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy; binding energies; copper;

ESCA; gold; relative intensities; round robin; 18924. X-ray scatter; diagnostic radiology; scatterer thickness; scat

terer to image plane separation; tissue equivalent phantoms;

x-ray beam diameter; x-ray energies of 30 to 70 keV; 18441. X-ray, suurces; stars, coronae; stars, flare; stars, supergiants;

18839. X-ray spectrum; computer program; energy dispersive detector;

multichannel analyzer; peak overlap; quantitative electron probe microanalysis; x-ray continuum; TNI 106.

Y Yag laser; two photon absorption; CdSe; CdTe; internal reflec

tions; laser calorimeter; linear absorption; Nd:SP541, pp. 19.

23 (Dec. 1978). Y-deflection modulation; ceramic; scanning electron

microscope; secondary electron emission; silicon; surface

roughness; SP562, pp. 407-415 (Oct. 1979). Youden plot; Youden ruggedness test; Youden squares; You

den, W. di statistics; 18990. Youden ruggedness test; Youden squares; Youden, W. bi

statistics; Youden plot; 18990. Youden squares; Youden, W. fi statistics; Youden plot; Youden

ruggedness test; 18990. Youden, W. Li statistics; Youden plot; Youden ruggedness test;

Youden squares; 18990. Young's modulus; aluminum alloys; copper alloys; elastic con

stants; iron alloys; nickel alloys; stainless steels; 18630. Young's modulus; aramid-epoxy; boron-aluminum; boron

epoxy; composites; elastic constants glass-epoxy; internal fric

tion; 18716. Young's modulus; audio frequencies; impurities; internal fric

tion; isomers; low temperatures; n-paraffins; polycrystals;

relaxation process; 18467. Ytterbium; crystal diffraction; gamma-ray energies; thulium;

18510. Ytterbium; energy levels; hafnium; ionization energies; luteti

um; osmium; rhenium; tantalum; tungsten; wavelengths;

18506. Yttrium; energy levels; ion; ionization energy; spectrum;

wavelengths; 18868.

z Zero crossing detection; non-invasive temperature monitoring;

soft tissue; temperature dependence; ultrasound velocity;

SP525, pp. 57-61 (Apr. 1979). Zero span tensile; fiber length distribution; fiber strength; inter

fiber bonding; recycled pulps; short span tensile analysis;

NBSIR 79-1914. Zinc; copper; iron; plastic; polymer; proton-induced x-ray

fluorescence; thin films; trace element analysis; trace element

concentrations; 18375. Zinc effect; creep; dental amalgam; dimensional changes; extru

sion of restorations; marginal fracture; 18586. Zinc sulfide; characteristic phonons; chemical-vapor deposition;

image spoiling; infrared imaging; lattice absorption; SP541,

pp. 86-97 (Dec. 1978). Zirconium; spectra; ultraviolet; wavelengths; 18499. Zn; Al,Os; Berg-Barrett; Lang; misorientation contrast; x-ray

topography; 18341. Zn sequence; Cu sequence; oscillator stength; 18366. Zn-doped glasses; boron nitride; Cl-doped glasses; diffusion in

silicon; integrated circuit processing; kinetics of oxide growth; oxidation of silicon; semiconductor processing; silicon; silicon dioxide; thermally stimulated measurement; ther

mal oxidation; NBS-GCR-78-134. ZnS; ZnSe; Al,03; Ass, glass; BaFz; CaFg; CdFg; chalcogenide

glass; elastic compliances; elastic constants; elasto-optic constants; fused silica; Ge; hot forged; TN993.

485 K; diffusion; quasielastic scattering; tantalum hydride;

vanadium hydride; a phase; 18730. $£*; energy curve; excited state; Ng; radiative transition; "II.;

18935. N.; "2,; energy curve; excited state; Ng; radiative transition;

18935. SeNi; electric quadrupole; electrodisintegration; electron energy;

giant resonance; virtual photons; 18520. CO y-ray thermometer; comparison measurements; Germanium resistance thermometer; Josephson junction noise thermometer; low temperature scale; 'He/'He dilution refrigera

tor; 18555. MOCO gamma-ray beam; calibration source; collimation system;

data-reduction technique; low-activity replacement source; measurement technique; scatter contribution; source capsule;

source housing; spectrometry results; 18416. 9,12-di-cis-polyunsaturated fatty acids; fats; lipoxidase; oils;

PUFA; SP519, pp. 289-295 (Apr. 1979). 9.2 to 10.6 mm; absorption; KCI; NaCl; tuneable laser

calorimetry; SP541, pp. 24-32 (Dec. 1978).

ZnSe; absorption edge; CaFz; KCI; optical absorption coeffi

cient; optoacoustic spectroscopy; PbFz; photoacoustic spec

troscopy; TII; SP541, pp. 43-49 (Dec. 1978). ZnSe; AlOz; As Sy glass; BaFz; CaFz; CDFz; chalcogenide glass;

elastic compliances; elastic constants; elasto-optic constants;

fused silica; Ge; hot forged; KBr; TN993. Zoning regulations; infrastructure; land use; resource zoning;

urban; SPS52, pp. 347-360 (July 1979). Zwitterion; amino acid derivative; crystal structure; S-carbox

ymethyl-L=cysteine; single crystal; x ray; 18673. 0.65 to 3.0 microns; absorption coefficient; sodium fluoride

film; total internal reflection; SPS41, pp. 13-18 (Dec. 1978). 1.15 Om; frequency; He-Ne laser; nonlinear optics; 18562. 12C y-rays; 10 y-rays; cosmic source; preliminary; proton in

teractions; relative measurements; 19015. 1315ndecay scheme; coincidence counting; decay probability;

isomeric transition; liquid scintillation counting; photon

counting; radioactivity; 18841. 1231; ISGD; Cst; detection efficiency; Lixiscope; radioactive x

ray source; rare-earth scintillator screen; 19001. 13c; conformation; crystallinity; NMR; polyethylene; resolution;

sample spinning; solids; 18745. 1,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene polymer; 3,3,3-trifluoropropene

copolymers; 3,3,4,4,5,5,5-heptafluoropentene-1 polymer; isobutene copolymers; pyrolysis gas chromatography; random

scission; tetrafluoroethylene copolymers; 18580. 15.1 MeV branching ratio; positron annihilation-in-flight; quasi

monoenergetic photons; sodium iodide spectrometer; 18522. ISIGD; Cst; detection efficiency; Lixiscope; radioactive x-ray

source; rare-earth scintillator screen; 1231; 19001. "O g-rays; cosmic source; preliminary; proton interactions;

relative measurements; '2C y-rays; 19015. les Hola Ho; atomic magnetic structures; conical spin structure;

decay of 168m Ho; nuclear orientation; nuclear spin system;

18604. 2-cyanoacrylate esters; adhesion; bonding to mineralized tis

sues; bone; dentin; hydrolytic stability of bonds; isobutyl 2

cyanoacrylate; mineralized tissue; 18569. 2-cyanoacrylate esters; adhesive; bonding to dentin; dental ad

hesive; dentin; durability of dentin acrylic bond; isobutyl 2

cyanoacrylate; pretreatment of dentin; 18985. 238U; chemical effects; delayed neutrons; Einstein model; fis

sion; temperature effects; thermal; 18687. zsU(n,r); fission cross section; linac; neutron flux determina

tion; proton telescope; standard cross section; 18581. **U; Doppler effect; fission; gas target; molecular vibrations;

neutron reactions; 18585. wU; electrodisintegration; proton spectrum; ternary fission; a

particles; a-spectrum; 18518. 22Cf; charge transfer; chlorophyll; erythromycin; fast reactions;

fission track; ion-dipole; B-endorphin; SPS 19, pp. 673-677

(Apr. 1979). "He/*He dilution refrigerator; MCO y-ray thermometer; com

parison measurements; Germanium resistance thermometer; Josephson junction noise thermometer; low temperature

scale; 18555. 3,3,3-trifluoropropene copolymers; 3,3,4,4,5,5,5-hep

tafluoropentene-1 polymer; isobutene copolymers; pyrolysis gas chromatography; random scission; tetrafluoroethylene

copolymers; 1,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene polymer; 18580. 3,3,4,4,5,5,5-heptafluoropentene-1 polymer; isobutene

copolymers; pyrolysis gas chromatography; random scission; tetrafluoroethylene copolymers; 1,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene

polymer; 3,3,3-trifluoropropene copolymers; 18580. 4th and 6th rank octahedral tensor; asymptotic eigensolutions;

high resolution spectra; spectral clusters; spherical top

molecules; 18706. 455 and 50s; diffusion coefficient; E. coli ribosomal subunit;

quasielastic light scattering; J. Res. 84, No. 1, 1-8 (1979).





Department of Library and Archives (unknown)-REGION. Alexander City: Alexander City State Junior College, Thomas

D. Russell Library (1967).

Grand Canyon College, Fleming Library.
Auburn: Auburn University, Ralph Brown Draughon Library

Phoenix Public Library (1917). (1907).

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Tucson Public Library (1970).
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University of South Alabama Library (1968).

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Long Beach:

California State University at Long Beach Library (1962).

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Los Angeles:
California State College at Los Angeles, John F. Kennedy

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Federal Reserve System Law Library (1976). Danbury: Western Connecticut State College, Ruth A. Haas Li

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brary (1963) Mystic: Marine Historical Association, Inc., G. W. Blunt White

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Library (1964).

Office of The Adjutant General, Department of Army LiNew Britain: Central Connecticut State College, Elihu Burritt Li

brary (1969). brary (1973).

Postal Service Library (1895). New Haven:

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Treasury Department Library (1895). New London:

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Veterans' Administration, Central Office Library (1976).
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Post College, Traurig Library (1977).

Silas Bronson Library (1869).
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Fort Lauderdale:
State Department of Community Affairs and Economic

Broward County Library System (1967).
Development, Division of Libraries (1972).

Nova University Law Library (1967).
State Law Library in Kent County (unknown).

Fort Pierce: Indian River Community College Library (1975). Georgetown: Delaware Technical and Community College, Southern

Gainesville: University of Florida Libraries (1907)-REGION

Branch Library (1968).

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University of North Florida Library (1972). New Castle County Law Library (1974).

Lakeland: Lakeland Public Library (1928). Wilmington Institute and New Castle County Library

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Florida International University Library (1970).

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Campus Library (1977). Administrative Conference of U.S. Library (1977).

Opa Locka: Biscayne College Library (1966). Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations Li. Orlando: Florida Technological University Library (1966). brary (1972).

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Pensacola: University of West Florida, John C. Pace Library Civil Service Commission Library (1963).

(1966). Department of Commerce Library (1955).

Port Charlotte: Charlotte County Library System (1973).

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