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This section provides a listing of 1979 papers organized by primary subject matter as follows: Acoustics and Sound Analytical Chemistry Atomic and Molecular Studies Building Technology Computer Science and Technology Consumer Information and Protection Electromagnetic Metrology Electronic Technology Energy Conservation and Production Engineering, Product and Information Standards Eavironmental Studies: Pollution Measurement Failure Analysis Fire Research Fluids: Liquids, Gases and Plasmus General Theoretical Chemistry and Physics Health and Safety Instrumentation and Experimental Methods Lasers and Their Applications Low Temperature Science and Engineering Mathematical and Statistical Methods Measurement Science and Technology:

Policy and State-of-the-Art Surveys Measurement Science and Technology:

Physical Standards and Fundamental Constants Mechanica: Design, Testing and Measurement Metrology: Physical Measurements

It permits users of this catalog to scan the Bureau's output by major subject category. The user should bear in mind that a paper is listed once by major subject even though it might well contain other secondary subject matters of interest. The keyword index permits the reader to determine the overall context of a paper, and provides an excellent secondary reference source.

The categories currently in use for classifying NBS publications are listed below and are followed by a listing of each paper by category. Full citations (including key-words and abstracts) will be found under the appropriate publication series, which is included in the paper title. Also of use will be the key-word index (mentioned above) and the author index.

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Acoustics and Sound

NBSIR 79-1599. Microphone windscreen performance, R. N.

Hosier and P. R. Donavan, 85 pages (Jan. 1979). Order from

NTIS as PB292967. NBSIR 79-1753. Radiation-induced acoustic cavitation;

Threshold vs temperature for some liquids, M. Greenspan and C. E. Tschiegg. 54 pages (May 1979). Order from NTIS as

PB296228. 18438. Miller, E. B., Eitzen, D. G., Ultrasonic transducer characterization at the NBS, IEEE Truns. Sonics Ultrason. SU.

26, No. 1, 28-37, 63-64 (Jan. 1979). 18479. Greenspan, M., Piston radiator: Some extensions of the

theory, J. Acoust. Sox'. Am. 65, No. 3, 608-621 (Mar. 1979). 18728. Cook, R. K., Proctor. T. M., A standing-wave tube as

an absolutely known source of sound power, J. Acoust. Soc.

Am. 65, No. 6, 1542-1555 (June 1979). 18763. Collings, E. W., Ledhelter, H. M., Sound velocity

anomalies near the spin glass trnsition in an austenitic stainless steel alloy, Phys. Lell. 72A, No. 1, 53-56 (June 11,

1979). 18785. Flynn, D. R., Regulation of new products noise emission,

Chapter 41 in Hund hook of Noise Control, 2d Edition, pp.

41-1-41-8 (McGraw-Hill Inc., New York, NY, Jan. 1979). 18907. Sachse, W., Hsu, N. N., Ultrasonic transducers for

materials testing and their characterization, Chapter in Physical Acoustics XIV, 277-405 (Academic Press, Inc., New York, NY, 1979).

Analytical Chemistry

Pope, A. L. Alford, and C. K. Doll, SP519, pp. 65-78 (Apr. 1979).

Identification and quantitation of aromatic hydrocarbon metabolites in marine biota, L. C. Thomas, W. D. MacLeod, Jr., and D. C. Malins, SP519. pp. 79-86 (Apr. 1979).

The trace-level determination of organics by high-pressure liquid chromatography, R. W. Edwards, K. A. Nonnemaker, and R. L. Colter, SP519. pp. 87-94 (Apr. 1979).

Co-condensation with n-pentane. A new route to concentration of atmospheric pollutants, D. J. Freed, SPS 19. pp. 95-99 (Apr. 1979).

Analysis of organic ambient aerosols, E. S. Macias, K. S. Kumar, and M. K. Hoffman, SP519, pp. 101-107 (Apr. 1979).

Polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons associated with coal combustion, L. Sucre, W. Jennings, G. L. Fisher, O. G. Raabe, and J. Olechno, SP519, pp. 109-120 (Apr. 1979).

Diurnal and spatial variations of organic aerosol constituents in the Los Angeles Basin, B. R. Appel, E. M. Hoffer, E. L. Kothny, S. M. Wall, M. Haik, and R. L. Knights, SPS 19, pp. 121-129 (Apr. 1979).

Trace analysis in respiratory carcinogenesis, D. Hoffmann, K. D. Brunnemann, I. Schmeltz., and E. L. Wynder, SP519, pp. 131-141 (Apr. 1979).

A new approach to the trace analysis of mono- and dihalogenated organics, an analysis of methyl chloride in the at. mosphere, E. P. Grimsrud and D. A. Miller, SP519, pp. 143. 151 (Apr. 1979).

Analytical facilities for the analysis of trace organic volatiles in ambient air, R. B. Denyszyn, J. M. Harden, D. L. Hardison, J. F. McGaughey, and A. L. Sykes, SPS19, pp. 153-159 (Apr. 1979).

Analysis of trace levels of petroleum hydrocarbons in marine sediments using a solvent/slurry extraction procedure, D. W. Brown, L. S. Ramos, A. J. Friedman, and W. D. MacLeod, Jr., SP519, pp. 161-167 (Apr. 1979).

Automatic analysis of organic pollutants in water via GC/MS, D. Beggs, SPS19, pp. 169-173 (Apr. 1979).

A simple, sensitive method for the quantitative analysis of carbon tetrachloride and chloroform in water at the parts-perbillion level, G. Brozowski, D. Burkitt, M. Gabriel, J. Hanrahan, E. McCarthy, and J. Smith, SP519, pp. 175-179 (Apr. 1979).

Analysis of tire cord emissions, D. Richton, J. Scott, J. S. Smith, A. F. Weston, and C. Wezwick, SP519, pp. 181-184 (Apr. 1979).

Trace organic analysis of wastewater by liquid chromatog. raphy, H. F. Walton and G. A. Eiceman. SP519, pp. 185-190 (Apr. 1979).

Analysis of soil and sediment to determine potential pesticide contamination of a water supply impoundment, F. Amore, SP519, pp. 191-203 (Apr. 1979).

Sampling and analysis of beta-chloroethers in the environment, P. L. Sherman, A. M. Kemmer, L. Metcalfe, H. D. Toy, and G. E. Parris, SP519, pp. 205-212 (Apr. 1979).

A statistical study of atmospheric sampling for an enclosed inhabited environment, H. G. Eaton, F. W. Williams, J. R. Wyatt, J. J. DeCorpo, F. E. Saalfeld, D. E. Smith, and T. L. King. SP519. pp. 213-218 (Apr. 1979).

Development of an aqueous polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbon standard reference material, W. E. May, J. M. Brown, S. N. Chesler, F. Guenther, L. R. Hilpert, H. S. Hertz, and S. A. Wise, SP519. pp. 219-224 (Apr. 1979).

A novel method for analyzing silver sediment with high preci.

sion, R. S. Davis and V. E. Bower, J. Res. Nar. Bur. Stund.

(U.S.), 84, No. 2, 157-160 (Mar.-Apr. 1979). SPS 19. Trace organic analysis: A new frontier in analytical

chemistry. Proceedings of the 9th Materials Research Symposium held at the National Bureau of Standards, Gaithershurg, MD, Apr. 10-13, 1978, H. S. Hertz and S. N. Chesler, Eds., Nur. Bur. Stund. (U.S.), Spec. Publ. 519, 788 pages (Apr. 1979) SN003-003-02054-1.

Statistical sampling and environmental trace organic analysis, H. H. Ku, SP519. pp. 1-6 (Apr. 1979).

Sample preparation for en vironmental trace organic analysis, F. C. McElroy. T. D. Searl, and R. A. Brown, SPS 19. pp. 7-18 (Apr. 1979).

Analysis of water for chlorinated hydrocarbon pesticides and PCB's by membrane filters, D. A. Kurtz, SP519. pp. 1932 (Apr. 1979).

Application of liquid and gas chromatographic techniques to a study of the persistence of petroleum in marine sediments, R. G. Riley and R. M. Bean, SP519. pp. 33-40 (Apr. 1979).

The use of a fluorescence detector in high performance liquid chromatographic routine analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in environmental pollution and occupational health studies, B. S. Das and G. H. Thomas, SP519, pp. 4150 (Apr. 1979).

Study of organometal speciation in water samples using liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection, W. A. MacCrehan. R. A. Durst, and J. M. Bellama. SP5 19. pp. 5763 (Apr. 1979).

An automatic sampler, a master analytical scheme, and a registry system for organics in water, A. W. Garrison, J. D.


New column technology in the analysis of organics in water by gas chromatography, R. Mindrup. Jr., SP519. pp. 225-229 (Apr. 1979).

Sampling methods for trace organic analysis in foods, W. Horwitz and J. W. Howard, SP519, pp. 231-242 (Apr. 1979).

The role of sample preparation in nutritional labeling analy. sis, H. G. Lento, SPS 19. pp. 243-248 ( Apr. 1979).

Nutrient analyses of foods: A reexamination, K. K. Stewart, SPS 19. pp. 249-255 (Apr. 1979).

Measurement of the trace amounts of vitamin B, present in various foods by a radiometric microbiologic technique, M. Chen and P. A. McIntyre, SP5 19. pp. 257-265 (Apr. 1979).

Gas liquid chromatographic analysis of pantothenates and panthenol, A. J. Sheppard and W. D. Hubbard, SP519, pp. 267-269 (Apr. 1979).

Quantitative analysis of simple carbohydrates in foods, B. W. Li and K. K. Stewart, SPS 19, pp. 271-278 (Apr. 1979).

Determination of vitamins E and K in foods and tissues using high performance liquid chromatography, J. N. Thompson, G. Hatina, and W. B. Maxwell, SP519, pp. 279-288 (Apr. 1979).

Current status of lipoxidase method for determining 9,12di-cis-polyunsaturated fatty acids, A. J. Sheppard and W. D. Hubbard, SP519, pp. 289-295 (Apr. 1979).

Trace analysis in agricultural products. Methods for hydrazines, carbamates, N-nitrosodiethanolamine and other compounds, I. Schmeltz, K. D. Brunnemann, and D. Hoffmann, SP519, pp. 297-309 (Apr. 1979).

Criteria for purity of food additives used in biological tests. Experience with saccharin and Amaranth (FD&C Red No. 2), B. Stavric, D. R. Stoltz, and R. Klassen, SP519, pp. 311-319 (Apr. 1979).

Advances in the analysis of natural food toxicants, D. L. Park and A. E. Pohland, SP519, pp. 321-331 (Apr. 1979).

Analysis of potato for glycoalkaloid content by radioimmu. noassay (RIA), R. P. Vallejo and C. D. Ercegovich, SP519. pp. 333-340 (Apr. 1979).

Analysis of kepone in biological samples, N. Mady, D. Smith, J. Smith, and C. Wezwick, SP519, pp. 341-343 (Apr. 1979).

Progress in the automation of extraction and cleanup procedures for detecting trace amounts of pesticides in environmental samples, M. E. Getz, G. W. Hanes, and K. R. Hill, SP519, pp. 345-353 (Apr. 1979).

Method of aflatoxin analysis, S. Nesheim, SP519, pp. 355372 (Apr. 1979).

Trace organic sampling in the clinical area, B. Halpern, SP519, pp. 373-379 (Apr. 1979).

Sample preparation for clinical trace organic analysis, K. H. Dudley, SPS 19. pp. 381-390 (Apr. 1979).

Measurement of catecholamines and their metabolites in tissue and physiological fluids using reverse-phase liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection, L. J. Felice, C. S. Bruntlett, R. E. Shoup, and P. T. Kissinger, SPS 19, pp. 391397 (Apr. 1979).

Quantitative analysis of melatonin in human plasma by negative chemical ionization mass spectrometry, S. P. Markey and A. J. Lewy. SPS 19. pp. 399-404 (Apr. 1979).

A candidate definitive method for the determination of total cholesterol in serum, R. Schaffer, E. White V, L. T. Sniegoski, and A. Cohen, SP5 19. pp. 405-410 (Apr. 1979).

The determination of neurologically important tryptophan metabolites in brain cerebrospinal fluid, G. M. Anderson, W. C. Purdy, and S. N. Young. SP519. pp. 411-418 (Apr. 1979).

Applications of the nitrogen detector to the analysis of steroid hormones and related compounds by gas chromatog. raphy, J. P. Thenot and A. Hung. SP519. pp. 419-427 (Apr. 1979).

Analysis of neutral lipids by high-performance liquid chromatography and nephelometric detection, S. L. Smith, J. W. Jorgenson, and M. Novotny. SP519, pp. 429-436 (Apr. 1979).

The determination of anabolic steroids in human body fluids, H. W. Durbeck. C. G. B. Frischkorn, I. Buker. B. Scheulen, and B. Telin, SP519, pp. 437-445 (Apr. 1979).

Development of a standard reference material for an. tiepilepsy drugs in serum, D. J. Reeder, D. P. Enagonio, R. G. Christensen, and R. Schaffer, SPS 19, pp. 447-453 (Apr. 1974).

Potentiometric titration of microgram amounts of penicillamine using ion selective electrodes, S. M. Donahe, G. E. Janauer, T. D. Zucconi, and C. Lewkowicz, SP519, pp. 455459 (Apr. 1979).

Detection and quantitative determination of tricyclic antidepressants and benzodiazepines in serum and plasma by high performance liquid chromatography, C. Hesse, SPS 19, pp. 461-468 (Apr. 1979).

The identification of odoriferous compounds formed by coital ejaculate in collagen sponge contraceptives, C. D. Eskelson, S. Y. Chang, T. Chvapil, and M. Chvapil, SP519, pp. 469.476 (Apr. 1979).

The assay of triamterene in human blood by ion-pair ex. traction and high performance liquid chromatography, S, Sved and J. A. A. Sertie, SPS 19, pp. 477-480 (Apr. 1979).

The gas chromatographic measurement of dextromethorphan levels in human plasma, J. E. O'Brien, O. N. Hinsvark, W. R. Newman, L. P. Amsel, J. E. Giering, and F. E. Leaders, Jr., SPS 19, pp. 481-485 (Apr. 1979).

Chromatographic methods in organic trace analysis: Cur. rent situation and perspectives of future progress, M. Novotny, SP519, pp. 487-499 (Apr. 1979).

Flow injection analysis—A new approach to quantitative measurements, J. Ruzicka and E. H. Hansen, SPS 19, pp. 501507 (Apr. 1979).

Ion-pair HPLC of drugs and related organic compounds, G. Schill and K. G. Wahlund, SP519, pp. 509-523 (Apr. 1979).

Bio-selective membrane electrodes, G. A. Rechnitz, SP519, pp. 525-532 (Apr. 1979).

Recent developments in homogeneous immunoassay techniques, D. S. Kabakoff, SPS 19. pp. 533-539 (Apr. 1979).

Analytical systems for trace organic analysis, H. M. McNair, SP519, pp. 541-546 (Apr. 1979).

Selective detection in chromatographic analysis, L. S. Ettre, SP519, pp. 547-585 (Apr. 1979).

Automation of trace organic analysis, D. A. Burns, SPS 19, pp. 587-600 (Apr. 1979).

Electron capture negative ion chemical ionization mass spec. trometry, D. F. Hunt and F. W. Crow, SP519, pp. 601-607 (Apr. 1979).

Mixture analysis by mass spectrometry, R. G. Cooks, SP519, pp. 609-625 (Apr. 1979). Organic secondary


spectrometry, A Benninghoven, SP519, pp. 627-635 (Apr. 1979).

The wire transport LC/MS system, R. P. W. Scott, SP519. pp. 637-645 (Apr. 1979).

Techniques for combined liquid chromatography-mass spec. trometry, M. L. Vestal, SP519. pp. 647-654 (Apr. 1979).

Atmospheric pressure ionization mass spectrometry, D. I. Carroll, I. Dzidic. R. N. Stillwell, and E. C. Horning. SP519. pp. 655-671 (Apr. 1979).

25Cf-plasma desorption mass spectrometry (PDMS) of antibiotic molecules, R. D. Macfarlane, SP519. pp. 673-677 (Apr. 1979).

Recent advances in synchronous luminescence spectroscopy for trace organic analysis, T. Vo-Dinh. R. B. Gammage. A. R. Hawthorne, and J. H. Thorngate, SP519, pp. 679-684 (Apr. 1979).


Analysis of individual polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and their hepatic microsomal metabolites by HPLC-MS, P. Dymurski, M. Kennedy, and L. Kaminsky, SP519, pp. 685690 (Apr. 1979).

Sub-part-per-trillion detection of organics in aqueous solution by laser induced molecular fluorescence, J. H. Richardson. S. M. George, and M. E. Ando, SPS 19, pp. 691-696 (Apr. 1979).

Analysis of polymer outgassing as studied by plasma chromatography-mass spectroscopy, T. W. Carr, SP519, pp. 697703 (Apr. 1979).

Liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection. State of the art and future directions, P. T. Kissinger, C. S. Bruntlett, K. Bratin, and J. R. Rice, SPS 19, pp. 705-712 (Apr. 1979).

Modification of conventional gas chromatographic inlets for the use of glass capillary columns, L. S. Ramos, D. W. Brown, R. G. Jenkins, and W. D. MacLeod, Jr., SPS 19, pp. 713-718 (Apr. 1979).

Trace organic analysis using second-derivative uv-absorption spectroscopy, A. R. Hawthorne, J. H. Thorngate, R. B. Gammage, and T. Vo-Dinh, SPS 19, pp. 719-722 (Apr. 1979).

On the analytical potential of micro-Raman spectroscopy in the trace characterization of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, E. S. Etz, S. A. Wise, and K. F. J. Heinrich, SPS 19, pp. 723-729 (Apr. 1979).

Combined glass capillary-column gas chromatography and mixed charge exchange-chemical ionization mass spectrometry of isomeric polycylic aromatic hydrocarbons, M. L. Lee, D. L. Vassilaros, W. S. Pipkin, and W. L. Sorensen, SP519, pp. 731-738 (Apr. 1979).

New concepts of quantitation in headspace gas analysis by stripping and trapping components in a closed circuit, J. Novak, J. Janak, and J. Golias, SPS 19, pp. 739-746 (Apr. 1979).

Error estimates in total organic elemental content passive personal samplers, J. G. Montalvo, Jr., SPS 19, pp. 747-752 (Apr. 1979).

Concerted trace organic analysis in industrial research, S. A. Liebman and E. J. Levy, SP519, pp. 753-760 (Apr. 1979).

Diffusion tubes as a primary standard for OSHA-type calibration, F. J. Debbrecht, D. T. Daugherty, and E. M. Neel, SPS 19, pp. 761-769 (Apr. 1979).

Methods for the organic analysis of the Mighei; a reputedly contaminated meteorite, P. H. Buhl, SPS19, pp. 771-775 (Apr. 1979).

The use of a novel gas chromatographic detection system for the analysis of trace halo-organics, J. D. Lupton, S. C. Havlicek, and P. R. Loy, SP5 19, pp. 777-782 (Apr. 1979).

Use of polymer supported functional groups for the selective concentration of organic compounds, R. J. Kostyla, T. H. Mourey, R. Cohen, M. E. Merritt, K. Simmons, R. LaFaucia, G. Limentani, D. N. Washburn, and S. Siggia, SP519, pp. 783-787 (Apr. 1979).

A proposal for implementing a reference collection of humic and fulvic acids, R. L. Malcolm and P. MacCarthy, SP519, pp. 789-792 (Apr. 1979).

The need to establish a reference collection of humic substances, P. MacCarthy and R. L. Malcolm, SP519, pp. 793. 796 (Apr. 1979).

Analysis of 4.5 mol/L sulfuric acid for organic compounds leached from battery separators, E. C. Laird and S. B. Hanna, SPS 19. pp. 797-802 (Apr. 1979).

Analysis of trace plant constituents, N. Mandava, SP519, pp. 803-807 (Apr. 1979).

GC-ECD assay after sample work-up: Nomenclature for standards, and some points of practice, E. Reid, SP519, pp. 809-810 (Apr. 1979).

TNT 106. Frame C: A compact procedure for quantitative ener.

gy-dispersive electron probe x-ray analysis, R. L. Myklebust, C. E. Fiori, and K. F. J. Heinrich, Nur. Bur. Stund. (U.S.), Tech. Note 1106, 111 pages (Sept. 1979) SN003-003-02113

0. NBSIR 79-1740. The influence of polymer membrane properties

on the performance of dissolved oxygen sensors, J. D. Barnes,

33 pages (June 1979). Order from NTIS as PB296299. U.S. Patent 4,148,586. Apparatus for galvanic detection of opti

cal absorptions, R. B. Green, R. A. Keller, G. G. Luther, P.

C. Schenck, and J. C. Travis, 7 pages (Apr. 10, 1979). 18325. Blanchard, D. B., Harrison, S. H., Trace element profiles

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deposition radiochemical separation for platinum determination in biological materials, Prix'. Int. Nuclear und Atomic Activation Analysis Conf. und Nineteenth Annual Meeting on Analytical Chemistry in Nucleur Technology, Gatlinburg, TN, Oct. 14-16, 1975, 1 page (American Nuclear Society, Hin

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materials for realization of physicochemical properties, Pure

Appl. Chem. 50, E. F. G. Herington, Ed., 1485-1517 (1978). 18433. Howell, B. F., McCune, S., Schaffer, R., Lactate-topyruvate pyruvate-to-lactate


for lactate dehydrogenase: A re-examination, Clin. Chem. 25, No. 2,

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Atomic and Molecular Studies

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(North-Holland Publ. Co., Amsterdam, The Netherlands,

1979). 18626. Chabay. I., Rosasco, G. J.. Kashiwagi. T., Species.

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