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This compilation of laws relating to the Navy was prepared in the Office of the Judge Advocate General of the Navy for the purpose of making available to personnel of the Naval Establishment such basic legal materials as may be required in the solution of problems arising in the performance of their ordinary duties.

The compilation is divided into six parts. Part 1 contains the fuil text of the Constitution of the United States and all amendments adopted prior to January 1, 1945. Part 2 contains treaties and other international acts of the United States in force on January 1, 1945. Part 3 contains sections of the Revised Statutes of the United States, as expressly amended, in force on January 1, 1945. Part 4 contains provisions of general acts and joint resolutions of Congress, as expressly amended, in force on January 1, 1945. For the most part, the provisions included in Part 4 were enacted after the adoption of the Revised Statutes; a few, however, were enacted prior to adoption of the Revised Statutes and were not repealed by the act which adopted the Revised Statutes. Part 5 contains proclamations of the President in force on January 1, 1945. Part 6 contains executive orders, as expressly amended, in force on January 1, 1945. The materials included in Parts 2, 4, 5 and 6 are arranged chronologically. The sections of the Revised Statutes included in Part 3 are in numerical order. Each part contains relevant editorial notes, cross references, and case notes.

The following classes of temporary provisions are not embodied in Part 4 of the compilation: (a) provisions which authorize the construction, acquisition or conversion of vessels for the Navy; (b) provisions which authorize the making of contracts or the appropriation of funds for essential equipment and facilities at private or naval establishments for the building and equipping of naval vessels, the alteration and repair of naval vessels, the manufacture of aircraft and aeronautical material, or the production of ordnance and munitions; (c) provisions which authorize the appropriation of funds for construction of public works; and (d) provisions which appropriate funds for the Navy Department and the naval service.

No inference of departmental construction is to be drawn from the inclusion in, or omission from, the compilation of a particular international act, statute, proclamation, or executive order, or from the arrangement thereof, or from the utilization of particular cross references. No added weight is to be given to any decision or opinion by reason of its citation in the case notes.

Parts 3 and 4 of the compilation are at variance, as to substance, with the United States Code (1940 edition), and the fourth supplement thereto. This is attributable chiefly to differences concerning application of the rules relating to the repeal of statutes by implication.

The compilation was planned and the work thereon was executed by Comdr. Francis W. Laurent, U.S.N. (Ret.). He was assisted throughout the course of the work by Lt. (jg) Thelma Siefkas, W-L, U.S.N.R. Other members of the staff of the Office of the Judge Advocate General assisted in special phases of the project! Extensive use was made of Laws Relating to the Navy, Annotated (1921 edition), and the 1929 supplement thereto, prepared by Mr. George Melling.

The compilation is being given a limited distribution in its present form for the purpose of obtaining service comment before undertaking revision and submission to the Secretary of the Navy for approval of printing and distribution as a Navy Department publication. Comments and suggestions, for consideration in connection with the revision, are invited.



Rear Admiral, U.S.N.,

Judge Advocate General of the Navy.

A limited number of copies are distributed to field activites for information only.


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