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To James Currie, January 18

Littlepage and Jay-Freedom of press—Designs for capitol

of Virginia-Scientific news.

To the Governor of Virginia, January 24

Houdon's return-Statue of Washington-Littlepage--Arms

-Improvement in musket-Tobacco.

Answers to Meusnier, January 24

American codes-Ainerican constitutions-Debts-Emigra-

tion—Vermont-Maine-Land cessions—Loyalists—Articles of

Confederation-Paper money-American bankruptcy–National

forces—Slaves-Constitution of Virginia-Office-holding-

Quarrels between States-Coercive power under confederation

- British property.

Additional Answers to Meusnier

Voting in Congress-Federal debts-Paper money–British

debts of Virginia— Pay of Congressmen-Secession of States-

New States—Violation of Virginia Constitution by Assembly.

Observations on Meusnier's Article, January 22

Convicts in America—Indented servants-Settlement of the

colonies--Impost-Commerce—Annapolis convention-Ken-

tucky-Mutiny of troops—Paper money-Public lands—Vir-

ginia's contribution-Bankruptcy-Debts to soldiers-Alien

land-holding-Revisal-Slavery amendment-Pardon-Man-

slaughter-Bill for crimes and punishments-Society of Cincin-

nati-Population of America-Extent of territory-Vote on

slavery clause of government for western territory-Rate of

interest—Treaty with Portugal-Cruelty of British-Slave law

of Virginia.

To John Jay, January 25 ·


To Archibald Stuart, January 25

Desire for local news- -European news-American credit-

Kentucky-Spanish colonies-Specimens of animals.

To C. W. F. Dumas, February 2

U. S. funds-Notes on Virginia.

To James Madison, February 8.

Assessment in Virginia-Commerce-Notes on Virginia-

Books and watch-Houdon-Inscription for statue of Wash-
ington-Gifts to French officers-Copying invention.

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