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National Bureau of Standards Publication 483 Nat. Bur. Stand. (U.S.), Spec. Publ. 483, 127 pages (Aug. 1977)




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The editor appreciates the efforts of the following for their contributions to this Index: the American Nuclear Society (ANS) which initiated the idea; Mrs. Annette Rachlin, former Nuclear Coordinator with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI); Ms. Mary Monty, former Assistant Program Administrator, ANSI; Mrs. Mary Crehan Vaca, Assistant Program Administrator-Nuclear, ANSI, for her editorial review of the Index; Mrs. Ethelene Lewis, Library Technician, Standards Information and Analysis Section (SIAS), National Bureau of Standards (NBS), for keypunching the standards data; and Paul Majewski, Computer Specialist (SIAS), for programming assistance.

Index of U.S. Nuclear Standards

William J. Slattery, Editor

This Index contains the permuted titles of more than 1,200 nuclear and nuclear-related standards,
specifications, test methods, codes and recommended practices published by 34 U.S. government
agencies, technical societies, professional organizations and trade associations. Each title can be found
under all the significant key words which it contains. These key words are arranged alphabetically
down the center of each page together with their surrounding context. Each entry includes the date of
publication or last revision, the standard number, an acronym designating the standards-issuing
organization, any cross reference standard number, and price.
Key words: Engineering standards, index of; index of nuclear standards; nuclear standards; KWIC index
of standards

1. Introduction

1.1. Background

In 1974, the American Nuclear Society (ANS) of Nuclear Industry Standards," referenced above, asked NBS to cooperate in the publication of a Key- was also prepared under the NTAB and published at Word-In-Context (KWIC) Index of U.S., foreign ANSI. The catalog greatly expanded the informanational and international standards. That Index tion contained in the original compilation and emwould update the 1974 "Catalog of Nuclear Industry ployed subject headings rather than a KWIC index. Standards" published by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). After a series of meet- 1.2. Scope ings and correspondence between NBS and ANS, and NBS and ANSI, NBS decided it would compile

This Index, which includes only U.S. industry and the present index with ANSI as the co-sponsoring

government standards, is designed to serve as an organization.

interim reference tool for the nuclear community. An earlier publication, the Compilation of Nucle- The standards are current as of July 31, 1976. NBS ar Standards, was a project of the Nuclear Safety plans to format ANSI's Catalog of Nuclear StanInformation Center (NSIC) and was prepared under dards into a more comprehensive

Key-Word-Out-ofthe auspices of ANSI's Nuclear Technical Advisory Context (KWOC) Index. Both NBS and ANSI hope Board (NTAB). That compilation, which was pub- that this present Index will meet the needs for the lished by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), immediate future of all who are interested in nuclear consisted of two parts, one on U.S. activities in 1973 standards. NBS plans to prepare a separate Index of and the other on foreign and international activities foreign national and international standards. Please in 1972. Each part included information on commit- send all comments on this index to the Editor, tee activities and projects, and a KWIC Index of the William J. Slattery, National Bureau of Standards, standards themselves. The ORNL compilation was Room B-162, Technology Building, Washington, discontinued upon the recommendation of the D.C. 20234, or Dr. Irving G. Young, Program NTAB Executive Committee and the USAEC Stan- Administrator- Nuclear, American National Standdards Program because a new document was avail- ards Institute, 1430 Broadway, New York, New able to replace it. The new document, the “Catalog York 10018.

2. How To Use The KWIC Index

2.1. Index Entries
An index entry contains at least four items of

information, and may contain as many as eight, e.g.,:





(3) MIX 1469 11471 Sl15

Beta Particle Radiactivity of Water, Method of Test for (1973) ASTM

Beta Particle Radioactivity of Water, Test for (1966) (R1971) $1.75

Alpha Particle Radioactivity of Water, Test for (1966) (R1971) $175 "INRI Appletons 1961) $3.00)

à Manual of Radioactivity Procedures (A) Stds (B) Medical and Biol chininat. Miss Spectromelnic, Spectrochemical, Nuclear and Radiochemical Analysis of Nuclear Grade Plutonium Metal


NISI DIXO D1947 R28 N572

(1) Title (2) Date of Approval (3) Acronym for issuing organization (4) Standard no. of issuing organization (5) Date of Standard of issuing organization (6) Acronym of organization from which available (7) Standard no. of organization from which avail

able (8) Price

Occasionally both ends of a title will be truncated. When this condition occurs, the virgule will be omitted. Missing portions of a title can be found by locating in the Index one or more of the title's other key words.


ement of Patients Who Have Received Therapeutic Amounts of Radionuclid's (1970) $4.00

Precautions in the Manag NCRP Support a Rule Making Petition Seeking an Exemption for A - dionuciu Containing Product (Revision 1, 0176)

O NRC 1970 siis

Radionuclides of Riidium in Water, Method of Test for (1973) ASTM D2460)- ANSI
Radionuclides of Ragam in Water, Test for (1970) SL75


RG 67

2.2. Reading the KWIC Index

The title of each standard can be found under all the significant key words which it contains. These key words are arranged alphabetically down the center of each page together with their surrounding context. Each such permuted title is assigned only one line per key word entry in the Index; therefore, titles longer than one line have been cut by the computer. This truncation is indicated by a virgule () at the point where the title was cut.

All standards in this index should be ordered from the organizations listed in section 3.2., except standards with CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) as part of their designation, for example, USCG 46 CFR 146. This designation means that the standard was prepared by the U.S. Coast Guard, appears in Title 46, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 146, and is available in that Title for the price shown from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402. In some cases, it may be possible to obtain such standards directly from the responsible organization.

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American Bureau of Shipping
American Concrete Institute
American Conference of Governmental

Industrial Hygienists
American Industrial Hygiene Associ-

ation, American Institute of Steel Construc

tion American Nuclear Society American National Standards Institute American Petroleum Institute American Society of Mechanical Engi

neers American Society for Nondestructive

Testing American Society for Testing and Ma

terials American Welding Society Bureau of Radiological Health Crane Manufacturers Association on

America Department of Labor

Department of Transportation Environmental Protection Agency Energy Research and Development

Administration Food and Drug Administration Hoist Manufacturers Institute Institute of Electrical and Electronics

Engineers Illuminating Engineering Society Instrument Society of America Manufacturers Standardization Society

of the Valve and Fittings Industry National Academy of Sciences National Council on Radiation Protec

tion and Measurements National Electrical Manufacturers Asso

National Fire Protection Association
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Nationai Sanitation Foundation
Society of Automotive Engineers
Soci: y of Naval Architects and Marine

United States Coast Guard
United States Postal Service









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