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cow with high quality milk very rich in cream He recommends the last quart of BUSINESS TALK TO DOCTORS the milk as taken from the cow, the “strippings,” which in the proper cow, he says, will be “nearly all cream.”

I have told you that a few years ago the The usual

stock of the two leading New England railexperience with milking, we believe, is to find the "strippings" to be very poor in

roads was considered by conservativ bankers

in Boston and all over New England as cream.

gilt edged." Then New Haven stock was Dr. Kendall directs his patient to drink the milk, or cream, while still warm from

about $250 a share, and Boston & Maine

about $140. Now New Haven is about the cow. This, of course, can only be done

50, the latter is reduced in almost as great if the cow is kept for the purpose and the patient is at hand. If, as Dr. Kendall proportion, and many families who were contends, ingestion of warm cream in suit- wealthy or well-to-do have become imable quantities will cure tuberculosis, then, poverisht.

, by all means, let us give our patients the

These three clippings are cut from the cream.

Financial World: However, we fear the doctor's contention The subjoined comparisons tell what great is not well founded, for many fat persons losses investors have suffered in the Gould securihave wasted away and died of tuberculosis.

ties :

Present Some stout persons are flabby and weak.

Market Val. Face Val. Stoutness, with robust health, is the acme

Denver Rio Grande Comof resistance to disease, albeit there is very

$1,520,000 $38,000,000 much truth in the old adage, “A lean dog Denver Rio Grande Prefor a long race."


3,484,486 49,779,800

Missouri Pacific Common 4,962,150 82,702,585 The fat of meat can be assimilated by Western Pacific 1st Mtge. everybody with a normal or nearly normal Bds.

16,666,666 50,000,000 digestion. Those who are not accustomed to it should begin with a small quantity at


$26,633,302 $220,482,385 a meal. This will very likely cause some flatulence and perhaps a laxativ effect. A

Confronting the holders of the Rock Island col

lateral bonds who have not deposited their securistomachic mixture containing hydrochloric ties with the Wallace Committee, is the interesting acid, pepsin and nux vomica might be problem whether it is better for them to take for administered to stimulate the digestiv join with the committee and receive their col

their bonds the cash available after the sale or glands, and a little calomel after each meal

lateral in lieu of their bonds. will cause a flow of bile, which will split If the bondholder prefers the first mentioned the fat into small globules ready for ab- plan, for each $1,000 bond he will obtain $98.50 sorption in the intestins.

in cash or thereabouts, which is equivalent to In spite of the flatulence, however, the

$9.80 a share for the operating company's stock.

On the second proposition by paying about $4.50 person should persist in his eating of fat

per $1,000 bond to cover legal and committee exand he will succeed in his endeavor to penses, there will be turned over to him the stock appropriate the fat he ingests, and, what

of the old Rock Island Company. is more, he will very probably develop a Here, again, we see that large numbers of liking for a taste of the fat, which will investors-intelligent investors, were lured keep him eating the fat until he is as plump to their ruin. These wrecks were caused by as he wishes to be. Then, if fat is a cure

dishonesty. Some say by mismanagement, for tuberculosis, he will have attained the but the mismanagement always resulted in cure. In any event, it is a splendid food large increase in the private fortunes of and we should encourage the whole human

the mismanagers. family to eat the fat set before it on the

Again: table, and not to waste it.

I do not suppose there ever has been a time in the United States when investments have been

so thoroly tested as they have been since last All failures to promptly check postpartum August 1st. There are now, I believe, more than hemorrhage are due to failure to make emptying seven hundred million dollars of railroad bonds of the uterus of all clots the first essential. If this in default, with the prospect of more. The Wall is done, bimanual manipulation (one hand on the Street Journal has listed 191 corporations which uterus from the abdominal wall, and the other passed or reduced their dividends during the year. kneading thru the vagina) will promptly cause a The shrinkage of standard stocks undoubtedly cessation of bleeding. A hot intra-uterin douche runs into the billions of dollars. The best class of (120° F.), and the hypodermic injection of ergot listed bonds are now quoted far below their norinto the thigh complete the immediate treatment. mal level.

Here we have something different. The practically nothing at all in the way of development

work, the products were poor, and that dividends were only wonder is that such a war as is now being paid from the money received from stockbolders. in progress has not disturbed values all

Florida Land-From a Resident Doctor. over the world more than it has.

DEAR DR. TAYLOR:- Twice in the last few What tremendous losses! And add to

months, once in MEDICAL WORLD and once in Medthese the flood of hard-earned dollars ical Council, I have felt compelled to defend our flowing into the greedy hands of fraudulent fair State, and in a way warn the brethren against schemers of all kinds. Not only the silly

real estate swindlers. If the same proportion of “small investor,” who does not know any

men who read my letters and did not write me,

bit on some of the Florida literature they may thing about finance, but astute bankers and

have seen as existed among those who did write business men have been deceived and de- me, certainly several have liberally contributed. frauded, as above indicated.

The real estate swindler has done us harm that Discouraging, isn't it? We thus see how

we will be years in getting over.

Many of the brothers who wrote askt about difficult is the problem of safe investing. our climate for rheumatism, and for the benefit We know that to put money into barefaced of others will tell them that in our fine grapefrauds and the risks of mining companies,

fruit exists one of the best treatments for this

condition. oil companies, tropical plantations, etc., is

The whole fruit on the market is expensiv, but equivalent to throwing it away. And now

the bottled juice, squeezed from the choicest we see that investments in the bonds and fruit, can be bought cheaper, and is worth trying. stocks of prominent railroads have their For the love of all that is good, keep up your risks. Few things are absolutely certain in

fight on investing money in anything from a

pocket knife to Florida land that has not first this world; hence, we should get as near been seen.


D. C. MAIN. certainty as we possibly can. We see the Welaka, Fla. importance of guarding the principle. The showings above almost drive one back to

How to Avoid Loss from Insurance. the old stocking hidden away in the cellar

You carry an insurance policy for acciwall. But we must all take reasonable

dents and illness. You have an accident or risks, and keep our money in circulation. an illness and you send your application in If everybody would resort to the old stock

a reasonable and sensible way. You are ing, business would dry up for want of

surprised to learn that your claim is not circulating medium.

good. You have not applied in the specified Here is a good sample of the kind of in- time or in the regular way; or there is an vesting that bankers and all good investors exception in the terms of your policy that avoid (clipping from the Philadelphia Ledger

counts your claim out. You are surprised. for February 11th):

You feel that you have been defrauded.

You look up the exact terms of your policy LAST OFFICIAL CONVICTED IN LUMBER FRAUD CASES.

and you see that you have been caught on COJIAXT PLEADS GUILTY IN $6,000,000

a technicality-because you were not posted

as to the terms oĄ your policy. You have Henry A Merrill, former manager and director of been paying your premiums regularly, the International Lumber and Development Company, yesterday pleaded guilty in the United States District perhaps for years, but you have lost your Court to a charge of conspiracy to defraud by use of claim. the mails.

deferred until early in March for the purpose of allowing counsel time to ob- Moral: Don't insure until you have tain evidence in support of a plea for leniency.

Verrill's plea practically ends the Government's acquainted yourself fully with the details of prosecution of a swindle that resulted in stockholders

the policy. If you do not approve of them, of the company being fleeced out of $6,000,000. officers stood trial an were convicted and sentenced do not sure. If you do, insure; but as to terms ranging from one to two years. Fines, running as high as $10,000, were also imposed. Recently

soon as you have an illness or accident, get the United States Supreme Court denied the rehearing your policy and read all the conditions in of their cases. The convicted men are John R. Markley, Isaiah B. Miller, William H. Armstrong, Jr., detail again, and fulfil every technical reCharles J. McMahon and Albert G. Stewart. These men will all go to the Eastern Penitentiary

quirement. In this way you will get the early in March. The United States Circuit Court of good of your insurance, but in no other way. Appeals has received the higher court's mandate. This will be transmitted to the District Court on February No careless man should insure. 25th, and within five days the defendants will be re

He will lose if he does. The only way to quired to surrender to the United States marshal. About this time Merrill's case will be disposed of. keep up with an insurance company is to

Merrill, who was formerly the president of the City National Bank of Mason City, Iowa, was a director

be methodical and accurate. of the International concern and manager of the company's plantation in Campeche, Mexico. According to

If your policy has a “septic clause,' postal inspectors, the defendants flooded the country scrutinize it carefully. Usually they read with alluring literature in support of statements that t be 288,000-acre plantation was rich in valuable mahogany trees, henequen plants and other products, and the concern was doing an enormous business.

Subject otherwise to all of its conditions was shown by evidence that the company was doing and provisions, this policy, covers septic poi










No use.

this way:


If you


soning, the result of external inoculation thru ported that the secretary of the board of accidental contact with septic matter.

pharmacy has advised that the druggists of the Notice the word “accidental.”

state be notified of the danger of the practise.

Jr. of the N. A. R. D., November 12, 1914. are operating and get poisoned, is your

To obtain hot water on the battle fronts, troops contact with the poison accidental? You

utilize farm engines that are portable. Baths, knew you would certainly or very probably potable water and sterilized water are thus poscome into contact with septic matter while

sible. operating Then why did you operate? On October 29th the Atlanta (Ga.) RoentgenDid you operate "accidentally"? Think of Ray Society was formed, with an initial memthese points and settle them before you

bership of fifteen. insure.

The Tri-State Medical Association of the Carolinas and Virginia held its annual meeting in

Charleston, S. C., February 17th and 18th. I appreciate this from a southern brother:

At a regular meeting of the Mississippi State KERSHAW, S. C., February 4, 1915. Board of Health, on October 26, 1914, a resoluDEAR DR. TAYLOR :-I am sending you my check for tion was adopted that the definition of a reputable $1 to renew my subscription. I enjoy reading THE WORLD very much, especially

medical college be amended to read as follows: your Business and Monthly Talks. In your Business "One which is clastas A plus or B by the Talk in February WORLD, I notice where you offer to American Medical Association until January 1, extend credit to southern subscribers on account of

1919, After this date said colleges shall require low price of cotton.

We of the south, of course, appreciate your offer an entrance qualification in addition to four years and the sentiment which prompted it, but wish to of standard high school work, one year of colstate that the south is not in pear as bad condition as our "calamity bowlers" would make believe. While

lege work, including courses in physics, chemistry, there is some depression in business, we have plenty biology and a modern language. This to apply to eat and wear, and nearly everybody has

to all who graduate in 1919, or thereafter. Those money. I will say for the benefit of our friends further

graduating before this to be allowed credit for north that the low price of one cotton crop will never four years or more of regular practise instead break the south, but that we will come out stronger of this additional qualification.” This is the than ever. It has taught our people to be more economical, which is a valuable lesson, for, as you know,

twenty-fourth state to adopt this higher requirewe have been the most extravagant people in the ment. whole country. I have been beeding your business advice for nearly

“Insanity and crime among American negroes fifteen years, and find it good. I never invest in get- are increasing at an alarming rate, due to the rich-quick schemes, but have always found safe and

mental inferiority of the black race as compared profitable investment for my earnings at home. With best wishes for the continued success of THE

with the white race and their inability to stand WORLD, which I consider the best journal I get, I am, the strain which increast responsibility and Yours truly, L. T. GREGORY, M.D.

change in their habits of life since slavery days THESE ARE SAD CASES.

have brought upon them.” This statement was DEAR DR. TAYLOR :-$2 inclosed for 1914 and 1915. made by Dr. Charles W. Burr in a paper on Collections are difficult in this as in other states and

“Insanity in Negroes," read before a large audicities. But I feel that things will open up much better this spring for the people and the poor doctors. ence of physicians and psychologists at the Janu

Your lectures on finance are good. Doctors are, as ary 8th meeting of the Philadelphia Psychiatric a rule, easy marks for the confidence


Society. brother, Dr. F. E. Ross, was induced to invest $7,000 in worthless mining stock. He sent his brother-in-law Under New York City's revised sanitary code no to the mines in Colorado. The visitor was induced to

person with tuberculosis or other contagious disgo down into the mine and procured some of the fine Specimens of gold ore with which the mine bad been ease can be employed as a teacher in a public or a salted, and brought them back witb him to this city, private school without permission from the Health and several good citizens bit hard and lost their

Department. No employes with any infectious money, and three of them died soon after their discovery of the fraud practised on them.

or blood diseases shall be permitted in any place I think the distress of mind following the transac- where food or drink is prepared or sold, and tion caused the death of all three of the purchasers

all workers in such places must be ready to subof the bogus stock. All praise to your efforts to educate the easy medical profession in handling their

mit to a physical examination by the department. hard-earned money in such a sound way as to give them a competency in the days of old age.

The Servian government is in immediate need Yours fraternally, DR. L. C. Ross. of the service of qualified bacteriologists and Springfield, Mo.

physicians experienced in the treatment of epi

demic diseases. The terms of service and reTHE MEDICAL MONTH.

muneration will be made by arrangement. Applicants who are interested should submit their

offers with references to the Secretary of the The Official Register of the Iowa Pharma- Servian Legation, 195 Queens Gate, London, S. W. ceutic Association is our authority for the in- Nathan Straus, the New York pioneer who for formation that Dr. Sumner, of the Iowa Board twenty-three years has urged the purification of of Health, has taken the position that a druggist the milk supplies by pasteurization, at Jacksonis guilty of a conspiracy to fix prices when he ville, Fla.. December 4, 1914, argued that the affixes the X. A. R. D. price mark, “P-H-A-R-M- municipalities ought to take over the protection O-C-I-S-T," to a copy of a prescription. In of the milk supplies.

In a paper before the this position the Doctor has been upheld by the American Public Health Association he pointed state's attorney-general, who opines that the prac- out that "city-owned, city-purified and city-distise constitutes a case for prosecution and has tributed water supplies had cut out one of the turned the matter over to the Iowa Board of three great causes of typhoid fever, and this Pharmacy for further investigation.

It is re

policy had been vindicated."


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Philadelphia has become the American center for supplying European belligerents with surgical supplies, Red Cross ambulances included.

The two sisters who were born May 22d, joined together, back to back, being united in the luinbar region, were cut apart at Paris July 16th. This difficult operation was performed by Dr. Mignot, assisted by Dr. C. W. Du Bouchet, chief surgeon of the American Hospital. The most delicate part of the operation was the dissection of the intestines, which at one point were united for a space of an inch and a quarter.

French Lick Springs, Ind., has been chosen for the half-yearly (March 3d to 5th) meeting of the medical section of the American Life Convention.

An exhaustiv test has proved that rubber heels are a safeguard against slipping, and heels are furnisht the 7,500 men in many departments of the Goodyear Rubber and Tire Company.

The British forces at the front call for many more surgeons with supplies, the present doctors being badly overworkt.

Santa Monica, Cal., now under commission government, requires that its health officer must be a graduate of a reputable medical college and have been in practise at least five years. Incidentally the health officer, according to the Los Angeles (Cal.) Outlook, December 12, 1914, must be the mayor of the town.

The Dietetic and Hygienic Gazette, just completing the thirtieth year of its existence, has been purchast by The Critic and Guide Company, and, beginning with January, 1915, was consolidated with The Critic and Guide, and the combined journals will be under the editorship of Dr. William Ji Robinson. The offices of publication are at 12 Mt. Morris Park W., New York City.

According to the Associated Press, 110 fewer than 54% of the French wounded returned to the firing line before December 12th, according to figures supplied at Paris December 17th by the surgical department of the Ministry of War. Of the remainder, 24% had been given convalescent leaves, 17% were still in hospitals and 11,2% had been discharged from the army. Three and a half per cent. of the wounded died. These statistics demonstrate the remarkable advance made in surgery and show a lower percentage of deaths from wounds than in any preceding war.

For protection against the cold, European troops at the front sleep under heavy wrapping paper fixt between woolen blankets.

The new $70,000 building for medical research at the National Jewish Hospital, Denver, which was dedicated January 10th by Samuel Grabfelder, of Philadelphia, president of the organization who donated it, is the most up to date of its kind in the country. Said Mr. Grabfelder : "We can offer to the penniless man more expert treatment for tuberculosis than the millionaire can secure, for this reason. When a patient comes here the case is thoroly investigated and treatment under the proper expert recommended.”

The New Orleans Post-Graduate School of Medicin opened for its first session October 26th.

A National Committee, which includes some of the most prominent physicians in this country, has been organized to obtain money for the relief of physicians and their families who are destitute in Belgium. Contributions should be sent to Dr.

Wm. L. Rodman, 2106 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, president of the American Medical Association.

A striking advance, probably of significance in diagnosis and treatment, was shown by Dr. Dayton C. Miller, the noted physicist, of Cleveland, Ohio, in the course of a lecture on “The Science of Musical Sounds” at Philadelphia, December 29th, delivered in connection with the Philadelphia meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Upon an instrument of his own invention, called a "phonodeik,” Dr. Miller projected sound waves upon a screen, so that his audience was able to "see each sound as it was made. The human voice, a flute, a cornet and operatic and orchestral selections upon a phonograph were used to show the various sorts of sound waves, the spectators being able to see upon the screen the slightest changes in the pitch, quality or complexity of the music. The waves sent out by the simple tones of a tuning fork gave long, even curves, while the delicate variations in the human voice sputtered upon the screen like fireworks.

At the meeting of the National Eclectic Medical Association in Indianapolis, it was decided that a committee should be appointed with the object of procuring expressiv and fair presentations of the eclectic cause, presented in as condenst form as possible, both to the medical professions of America, regardless of sect, and to the people who depend upon the professions of medicin for their care in sickness and for guidance in health. This committee, with this object, calls therefore upon the friends of therapeutic progress and fairness to present arguments for two condenst leaflets, one to be addrest to laymen and for promiscuous distribution by physicians, with the object of bringing to the people of America the altruistic cause to which eclectics for one hundred years have devoted their thought and care in behalf of the best interests of the people, the other designed for the entire medical profession of America, with the object of disseminating authoritativ information regarding the altruistic aim and object of the eclectic school of medicin.-National Eclectic Medical Association Quarterly, December, 1914.

Spain will nurse 30,000 French wounded back to health.

The typical record of European physicians on the battle line is shown by the large number killed and wounded. This is true in all countries involved.

An American commission, headed by Dr. V. B. Rosenau, Harvard professor of hygiene, is to make a sociologic study of the Jews of Palestine. This will include sanitary and charitable features and vocational opportunities.

European medical journals describe the many decorations given their military surgeons, regular and volunteer, for fine service at the front.

East Prussian towns have been practically drained of doctors by demands of the battle front.

Health-seeking newcomers will find at the rooms of the Denver Visiting Nurses' Association, at Fifteenth and California Streets, not only the supervisor, but a physician, who will give them an examination and advice between 9.30 and 11 a. m. on Mondays and Thursdays.

for the next




ORIGINAL COMMUNICATIONS citing vagotonicity) and in hollow viscera,

by mechanical stimulation, induced by imShort articles of practical help to the profession are pacts, concussion.

solicited for this department, Articles to be accepted must be contributed to this jour.

5. Hydrotherapy (balneotherapy): Acnal only: The editors are not responsible for views tion of heat and cold thru the medium of exprest by contributors.

water. Copy must be received on or before the twelfth of the month for publication in the issue

6. Movement cures (kinesitherapy): Remonth, We decline responsibility for the safety of unused manuscript. It can usually be returned if medial effects produced by eliciting kinesirequest and postage for

received with

dynamics, motor energizing by systemamanuscript; but we cannot agree to always do so. Certainly it is excellent discipline for an author to feel tized movements, activ and passiv; includ

that he must say all he has to say in the fewest pos- ing also its corollary, rest (akinesia); the sible words, or his reader is sure to skip them; and in the plainest possible words, or his reader will cer. employment of activ, passiv and resisted tainly misunderstand them. Generally, also, a down. right fact may be told in a plain way, and we want

movements or exercises to develop underdownright facts at present more than anything else.- developt structures, to correct effects of

local damage, contractions, adhesions, reREAD REFLECT COMPARE RECORD

laxations, maladjustments of viscera (enter

optosia), of faults in skeletal and static Remarks Upon Auxiliary Therapeutics.

structures; also to enhance function by By J. MADISON TAYLOR, A.B., M.D. free and spontaneous activities.

7. Posture as an aid to function; orthoAssociate Professor of Non-Pharmaceutic Therapeutics in the Medical Department of the Temple University

genics, orthotherapy: The power which of Philadelphia.

correct posture, organic adjustments and The Editor of THE MEDICAL World has mobility exert on persons in and out of

health. askt me to present in brief outline some of the more practical measures taught by me

8. Manutherapy, manual therapy, massoat the Temple University. This course is therapy: Expert handwork in producing

effects. the one recommended by the Council on Medical Education of the American Medical

9. Education of the respiratory apparatus, Association, entitled "Non-Pharmaceutic improving thereby the capacities of oxygenaTherapeutics."

tion. Non-pharmaceutic therapeutics, or auxil

Psychotherapy (Psychodynamics): Makiary remedial measures, as I group them, ing an orderly mind out of a disorderly are briefly as follows:

mind by employing psychodiagnosis, psychoMechanotherapy, physicodynamic reme

analysis, psychosynthesis, explanation, perdies (the adaptation of the principles of suasion, education, re-education, mind con** physics"), including all reliable agencies trol, suggestion, etc. for betterment of human disabilities and

Climatotherapy: Reconstructiv personal disorders, whose efficiency depends on the hygiene by means of determining suitautilization of mechanical (thigmotropic, bility or desirability of climate, localities, static, etc.) forces, among which are:

weather conditions, etc., including causes 1. Devices which act as substitutes for

and effects of cold and warm localities, nature to reinforce underdevelopt, dam- elevated, low, damp, dry, mountainous, aged, deformed, overstrained, weakened,

seashore and the like. relaxt or paralyzed parts or to supply

(a) Spa Therapy: Mineral and healing artificial substitutes.

waters, the valuable properties of which 2. To remove obnoxious, obstructing or are, among others: temperature, electric irritating parts, originally present or ac- potential, ionization, colloid (metal) and quired.

radio-activity (niton); catalytic powers due 3. Agencies for altering, mechanically or

to content of substances in colloid state. reflexly, blood and lymph currents, whereby (b) Sanatorium therapy, systematic remedistribution and elimination are activated, dial measures by means of special equipcompelling greater ebb and flow, removing ments in addition to properties of water, local or general excess, or supplying de- springs, etc., including also many elements ficiencies, accomplisht thru mechanical stim- of reconstructiv personal hygiene; rest ulation exerted upon vasomotor, viscero- cures, absolute and partial, “terrain kurs,” motor, autonomic, or cerebro-spinal systems kinesitherapy, etc. of nerves.

Radiotherapy: The uses of radium (rele4. To elicit spinal reflexes of contraction gated to special experts). or dilation in blood-vessels (chiefly thru ex- Electrotherapy: The enormous domain of

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