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The following quotations from the label, carton, or circular are interesting: "The public is hereby assured that this is the genuine and original family physician.

"For fever you need not give anything else but this medicin; it will keep the rash out itself. . . . For cases of smallpox take plenty and often-use freely. Give no hot teas; just give the medicin and what pimples are under the skin will come out; the rest will be carried off by the medicin. . . . Also a wonderful and positive remedy for dyspepsia, keeps measles out nicely, regulates the bowels without trouble, and by purifying the blood prevents your liability to disease."

Analysis of the product, which was claimed by the manufacturer to be effective in the treatment of so many virulent and contagious diseases, as well as a variety of minor ills, showed that it was a syrup containing 19.2% non-volatile matter, 8.9% alcohol, anise, and a vegetable cathartic drug. The government, therefore, charged that the medicin did not contain ingredients or medicinal agents effective for the relief and cure of the diseases which it was claimed to cure. The court imposed a fine of $75. Remarkable Claims for Dr. H. A. Ingham's Vegetable Expectorant Nervine Pain Extractor.

A plea of guilty was entered by H. A. Ingham & Co., of Vergennes, Vt., to the charge that statements and claims as to curative powers of a product called "Dr. H. A. Ingham's Vegetable Expectorant Nervine Pain Extractor" were false and fraudulent. An analysis of a sample of the product by the Bureau of Chemistry showed the same to contain alcohol, 86%; opium alkaloids, camphor, capsicum, and vegetable extractive matter. The government, therefore, alleged that the medicin did not contain ingredients or medicinal agents effective, as the labels or circulars asserted, to subdue raging fever, or to cure typhoid fever, lung fever, scarlet fever, rheumatic fever, cholera, dysentery, sunstroke, diphtheria, bleeding at the lungs, nervous exhaustion or piles, or to prevent fits of apoplexy and epilepsy when coming on, or to heal without inflammation or suffering all wounds, sprains, or burns, or to break up a felon, or to cure congestion of the lungs, pleurisy, fits of apoplexy, chronic rheumatism, paralyzed limbs and croup.

It was also alleged by the government that the statements, "for teething and restless children, it is not only safe and harmless, but positively beneficial; it agrees with the most tender child or feeble infant," were false and misleading in that they were of such nature as to mislead the purchasers into the belief that the article contained no harmful or poisonous ingredient, whereas, in fact, it did contain morphin and other opium alkaloids of a poisonous and deleterious nature, such as might prove harmful and deleterious to the health of tender children and feeble infants and other persons, if consumed by them. The court fined the defendant $100.

Seized Four Thousand Bottles of "Father John's Medicin."

Four thousand and ninety-two bottles of "Father John's Medicin" were seized in Philadelphia, Pa., it being alleged in the libel that the labels on the bottles and on the pasteboard packages containing the bottles bore statements regarding the curative effects of the medicin that were false and fraudulent. Claims were made by the manufacturers for the efficacy of the medicin in the treatment of consumption, coughs, colds, croup, asthma, bronchitis, sore throat, whooping couch, pneumonia, catarrh, rickets, and a number of other ailments. ment of condemnation and forfeiture was entered, and it was ordered by the court that the product be delivered to Carleton & Hovey Company, Lowell, Mass., upon payment of all the costs in the proceedings and the execution of a bond in the sum of $5.000, to insure that the goods would not be sold unless truthfully relabeled.

A judg

Jury Says "Guilty” for Misbranding “Bad-Em-Salz.” A verdict of "guilty" was rendered against_the American Laboratories, a corporation located at Philadelphia, Pa., for shipping into interstate commerce a product called 'Bad-Em-Salz," which it was alleged was falsely and fraudulently labeled. An analysis of a sample of the product showed that it consisted of common salt, Glauber salt, baking soda, and a small amount of tartaric acid. It was claimed by the manufacturers that this preparation reproduced the medicinal properties of the great European springs famous for centuries for the cure of diseases of the stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys or bladder, and that it represented the medicinal agents obtained by the evaporating of the water from famous European springs. government alleged among other things that these claims were false and misleading. It was also alleged that the statements in the circular indicating that the preparation contained ingredients or medicinal agents effective for dissolving gallstones, for the prevention of gastritis, for curing diabetes, for preventing or checking chronic inflammation of the kidneys, and for relieving catarrh of the bladder were false and fraudulent. A fine of $100 was imposed by the court.


Long List of Other Misbranded Medicins. The following list includes other preparations against which the government's charge that they were falsely or fraudulently labeled was sustained by the federal courts. Statements were made on the labels of, or on the circulars accompanying, the preparations intended to make the purchaser believe that the medicins were effective cures for a great variety of diseases for which they were recommended by the manufacturers or promoters. The main allegations of the government were upheld by the courts and judgment accordingly entered in connection with each of the following preparations:

Ballard's Horehound Syrup Comp.
Black's Pulmonic Syrup.

Carswell's Liver Aid.

Cassidy's 4X, the Great Blood Purifier.
Cod Liver Oil with Syrup of Tar.
Coe's Cough Balsam.

Cranitonic Scalp Food-Hair Food.
Dennis Eucalyptus Ointment.

Dr. Herman Koch's Brand Phosfate, Celery and Gin Compound.

Dr. David Kennedy's Cal-Cura Solvent.
Dr. Martel's Female Pills.
Dr. Mozley's Lemon Elixir.
Dr. Shoop's Cough Remedy.
Dr. Shoop's Night Cure.
Dr. Shoop's Restorative.

Dr. Shoop's Twenty Minute Croup Remedy.
Dr. Sullivan's Sure Solvent.
Green Mountain Oil.

Hill's Aromatic Ext. Cod Liver Oil (HollanderKoshland Co.).

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Notes: To be Turned Into Bank Notes. The neurasthenic has come to be the surgeon's bugaboo, and gives him a case of buck-ague when seeking surgical relief from neurasthenic symptoms, per se.-W. A. BRYAN, Southern Pract.

We are just recovering from a Wassermann and salvarsan obsession, and are in the midst of a thyroid and tonsil obsession.-W. A. BRYAN, South Pract.

To stitch up floating kidneys leaving the balance of the abdominal viscera hanging in an abnormal position will frequently be followed by disappointment.-W. A. OUGHTERSON, South.


Unless we can figure out the causation in any case of neurasthenia, the treatment will avail little or nothing.-P. H. YATES, Therap. Record.

R. H. Barnes objects to purgatives preceding operations for hemorrhoids, preferring cold enemas. These, in after-treatment, do not induce constipation, but aid in securing regular evacuations.-Therap. Record.

After over 500 rectal operations without a single unpleasant result W. H. Kiger prefers spinal anesthesia in such surgery.-Therap. Record.

A clergyman got the notion that salt was bad, and stopped it for a year; when he died a most agonizing death.-W. V. WILSON, Therap. Record.

Spray the throat with peroxid on all suspected cases, and continue this after the diagnosis of diphtheria has been made.-Therap. Record.

The Cadillac Motor Company refuses to hire a man who uses cigarettes. The manager, C. M. Carson, says much tuberculosis is due to weak lungs from the irritation of smoking.-Public Health.

50,000 die in the U. S. yearly from sexual diseases, and 90,000 from Bright's disease. Of the latter only 1% would die if recognized early enough.-VAUGHAN, Public Health.

The doctors' dream is the realization of the time when the province of their profession will be principally to prevent instead of cure disease. -VAUGHAN, Public Health.

Absolute rest in bed is a therapeutic measure of inestimable value in toxic thyroid. For the nervous state veronal, gr. v as needed, seems of service.-H. K. BONN, Indpls. Med. Journal.

Spinal anesthesia works better below the abdomen than in it. Its dangers are far greater than at first believed, and poor enough anywhere. -E. E. PADGETT, Indpls. Med. Jour.

What can more keenly impress one than to be confronted with the syndrome of ileus? What call for more prompt action?-D. F. LEE, Indpls. Med. Jour.

Senn said three things must not be neglected

in any case of intestinal obstruction-arrest

stomach feeding, use copious enemata, and stomach lavage.-LEE, Indpls. Med. Jour.

A long experience in the treatment of accident cases has made W. C. Iuen, of Kansas City, an earnest advocate of the use of antitetanic serum as a prophylactic. One case of tetanus is enough to convert a man to this doctrine.

The long sway of the tonics has been broken. Their dynasty has been dethroned and the scepter is wielded by the germicides and the eliminants.— Am. J. Clin. Med.

Drug-therapeusis is not dead, but shows signs of coming out of the trance.-Am. Jour. Clin. Med.

When the therapeutic nihilist raises his voice, just whisper "emetin," and he subsides into his place with a full-fledged, classic dull thud.-A. J. Cl. Med.

The delicate, impressible nervous system of the child renders it liable to febrile attacks from causes that would not noticeably affect an adult. -A. J. C. M.

Nine-tenths of children's febrile attacks are toxemic, and 90% are of intestinal origin. Every member of the Grand Order of Mothers knows this, by precept and intuition, and every real doctor learns it sooner or later.—A. J. C. M.

Pilocarpin is liable to show no action until suddenly profuse sweating sets in, far beyond what is needed.-A. J. C. M.

When during convalescence a tonic is really needed quinin ferrocyanid is highly valued.A. J. C. M.

There never will come a time when the world can do without the personal service of the doctor himself-wise, kindly, knowing, prescient.-A. J. C. M.

The complete application of anociassociation before, during and after operation, minimize the two greatest dangers attending stomach and duodenal operations, exhaustion with its fatal sequels, acidosis and post-operative pneumonia.-CRILE, O. S. M. J.

The majority of our luetics first came under the influence of alcohol, and then took the leap: and in private cases the percentage, 79, was even higher.-H. N. COLE, O. S. M. J.

Children may be backward in books, but do creditable work in manual and industrial fields.E. J. EMERICH, O. S. M. J.

Thinking people are beginning to see that interest in everything concerning the sex instinct and the mutual relations of men and women is not morbid, but perfectly natural, perfectly legitimate and perfectly right.-Am. Jour. Urol., etc.

Gonorrhea: True abortive treatment is useless after the first twenty or twenty-four hours after the appearance of the discharge.-W. D. BIEBERBACH, A. J. Urol.

Gynecology: Many cases which would have been immediately operated upon a few years ago are now treated by mild, conservative measures,

with a much lower mortality and with altogether better results.-Critic and Guide.

The medical profession is the most altruistic of all; the only one that is constantly digging its own grave, and taking away its own means of livelihood.-Critic and Guide.

Neisser finds that soldiers in this war suffer more from venereals than in peace; and that married men bear the loss of sex relations worse than the single.-Critic and Guide.

When a man has gonorrhea he knows it. A woman may go thru the acute stage and have chronic gonorrhea for years without being aware of its existence; often sincerely believing herself perfectly well.-ROBINSON, Critic and Guide.

Carrel and Dakin find calcium hypochlorite the most powerful antiseptic known. Its injurious action on the tissues is due to acidity and decomposition; remedied, respectively, by adding calcium carbonate and boric acid.

T. D. Crothers (Texas Med. Jour.) strongly presents the advantages of employing the family doctor by the year, to prevent instead of curing illness.

There is little need to cry for more babies when so many of those now born die before they are a year old.-BESSIE DRYSDALE, Texas Medical Journal.

The general practician needs more education in the proper handling of syphilis than he does with respect to most of the other questions that come daily before him.-GRADWOHL, Ur. and Cutan. Review.

From a symposium of the leading specialists in the land, Gradwohl deduces that the best treatment of syphilis to-day embraces mercury, iodid and salvarsan.-Ur. and Cutan. Review.

C. B. Burke treats gonorrheal seminal vesiculitis by injecting argyrol into the seminal vesicles, 10% solution, thru the vas deferens.-Ur. and Cutan. Review.

When the purity of family life is destroyed by excesses, unfaithfulness and luxury, the destruction of the state is inevitably compassed in material, moral and political ruin.-KRafftEBING.

Asch finds the best treatment of epididymitis to be the injection of novocain, 2 to 6 c.c. of a sterile 2% solution, directly into the inflamed organ.-A. J. Surg.

Chancre: Wash with boric acid, bichlorid or permanganate; powder with thymol iodid; cover with gauze; later apply calomel in vaselin, 10%. -Progrès Médical.

Bull, of the University of Melbourne, announces that oil of eucalyptus will destroy the germ of cerebrospinal meningitis.

Because a patient presents a positive Wassermann, is that enough to justify us in attributing everything that may ail him to syphilis? Yet this is being done.

In a series of threatening streptococcus infections, W. C. Iuen, surgeon to the Kansas City street railways, injected 1500 units of antitetanic serum with brilliant results. He offers no explanation of this singular experience.

Defense against plague lies first in quarantine against infected rats, immunization being a weak

reed upon which to lean.-W. C. RUCKER, Texas S. J. M.

If the amount of a year's depredations by rodents were spent on their extermination the peril of plague would be abrogated.

No modern city can afford to regard ratproofing as a luxury. The only kind worth while is by brick, concrete or stone.-RUCKER, Texas State Med. Journal.

The favored treatment of trachoma is by scarification and radical expression. The most rational treatment is by systematic prophylaxis.-W. A. RAPE, Texas S. M. J.

In pityriasis versicolor Kanngieser recommends repeated painting with 10% alcoholic solution of sodium salicylate.-Urol. and Cutan. Review.

Albert Anderson describes some interesting cases of bromid delirium occurring during treatment of alcohol and drug habitués.-Charlotte Med. Journal.

The satisfying assurance of the medical manhis "go along, my friend, you are just a bit run down"-will take from the ammunition used in the fight against tuberculosis everything except the big noise and the blinding smoke.-C. O'H. LAUGHINGHOUSE, Charlotte Med. Jour.

Patients complain of pain, often very severe, in the eye. This looks normal; no signs of inflammation; frequently tenderness on pressing the roof of the orbit, at the inner wall, and quite often the trouble begins with grip. This complex at once suggests the nose, and proper nasal treatment generally brings prompt relief.—H. GIFFORD, Medical Herald.

L. D. Bristol describes a case of wound diphtheria, enduring for months, finally cured by spraying with cultures of lactic acid bacilli. The dangers of such a case as a carrier have not been sufficiently considered.-Am. J. Pub. Health.

Bristol's case of wound infection with diphtheria resisted applications of phenol, iodin and strong nitric acid, as well as antitoxin injections. Would it have resisted applications of chlorin?

F. D. Bell proposed to the American Public Health Association a course of study for those who contemplate taking up this work. Were we to be seeking an avocation, a specialty of medicine, it should be public and personal sanitation.

W. F. Elgin finds that out of more than half a million vaccinations, tetanus developed in 13, most, if not all, being post-vaccinal. This may be prevented by care of the wound, and by vaccinating in the cold months, when tetanus is not active. Am. Jour. Pub. Health.

Is the laundry a means of disseminating disease? Muslin soaked in virulent cultures of typhoid, dysentery, colon, anthrax and cholera bacilli, strepto- and staphylococci, were put thru the ordinary washing process. None of the germs survived.-Am. Jour. Pub. Health.

The principal causes of prostitution are medical. The principal methods of cure are medical. There is wisdom in building the Morals Commission around the Health Department.-W. A. EVANS, Am. Jour. Pub. Health.

Eynard suggests applying gasoline to remove the fat from wound and skin, before using iodin and aseptic dressings.-Presse Médical.

The Ford Medical Department says that the best thing to do with a burn is to let it alone. Don't touch it or put anything on it. The aftertreatment consists in keeping it clean and free from infection.

The greatest obstacle to sanitation is the innate belief that sickness comes as the will of God; and it is irreligious to interfere with it. Hence the deaths from an accident like the Eastland shock the community far more than many times more deaths from preventable infections.

Dropsy, dyspnea, insomnia, dyspepsia and cardialgia usually indicate cardiac failure or cardiac decomposition. Broken compensation in chronic heart disease calls for the greatest skill on the part of practicians.-C. L. WHEATON, Chi. Med. Rec.

Digitalis and the alkaloids hold first place as heart tonics. Strophanthus is not as trustworthy as digitalis. Convallaria may be tried in advanced cardiac disease. Nux and strychnin will relieve heart pain when other remedies have failed. WHEATON, Chi. Med. Rec.

When the heart no longer responds to the whip, we must endeavor to relax the peripheral arterioles, and by lowering blood pressure lighten the heart's burden.-WHEATON, Chi. Med. Recorder.

The insomnia of advanced heart disease is most troublesome. Chloral depresses the heart. Paraldehyde, chloralamid, urethane, sulphonal, trional and veronal are worthy of trial.WHEATON, Chi. Med. Rec.

There is at least one remedy that has been very helpful in dementia precox, and ought to be used as a routine-sodium nucleate.-BAYARD HOLMES, Chi. Med. Rec.

The battle is on between health, hygiene and happiness and disease, dirt and discomfort. Which are you with: the three H's or the three D's? A. M. CORWIN, Chi. Med. Rec.

Paroxysms of gastric pain and distension may be relieved by belching and vomiting. Or, marked dyspnea is present, and the abdominal pain so great that in all probability these are cases of abdominal angina due to spasm of the splanchnic arterioles, to which the smaller sclerosed_vessels are prone.-W. W. KERR, Cal. State Jour. Med.

I know nothing more distressing to patient and physician than the persistent nausea and absolute horror of food that frequently exists in advanced senile cardiovascular disease.-KERR, Cal. S. J. M.

Theobromine sodium salicylate has a selective action on the splanchnic area and appears to act directly on the vessels rather than upon the nerve centers. It relieves the vascular spasm, dilates such sclerosed vessels as are still capable of responding to its stimulus, and thus insures a better blood supply to the different viscera and a consequent increased capability for their functional activity.-KERR, Cal. S. J. M.

In leukemia temporary improvement follows the use of benzol, in gelatin capsule with olive oil. Best results follow the combination of benzol with x-ray.-W. W. BOARDMAN, Cal. S. J. M.

Half the typhoid of San Francisco is contracted in the country, the blame lying with in

sanitary summer resorts and careless campers.— Cal. S. J. M.

The primary thing in intestinal toxemia may not be stasis, ptosis, colitis or peri-intestinal bands, membranes and adhesions, but intestinal bacterial food poisons and intestinal bacterial infection.-W. H. FOREMAN, Western Medical Times.

Intestinal motor insufficiency is the fundamental cause of alimentary stasis. A proper and sufficient amount of food is essential as a stimulus to intestinal activity.-FOREMAN, West. Med. Times.

Stuver prevents shock and vomiting in surgical cases by first applying adrenalin solution with 1% cocain to the nasal tract, before anesthetizing. -West. Med. T.

J. C. Warbrick treats a sprained ankle by rest and elevation, hot water continuously with gentle friction with laudanum and belladonna, cold water cloths alternating with hot, witch hazel and wood alcohol with friction, cold cloths during nights; all continued till recovery.-West. Med. Times.

Why is it a doctor well posted in all things so very frequently suffers from lack of practise while the mediocre man is so busy he hasn't time to eat?-West. Med. Times.

The criminal tendencies, per se, are the normal tendencies of primitive races, but aboriginal races are, on the whole, defective mentally.-Med. Rev. of Reviews.

The Buffalo Medical Journal suggests_pensions for superannuated doctors. Good. Get them out of the way of the younger brood.

Many and many an old doctor would be only too glad to resign if he could see his way to a living without doing the work of active practise.

The difference between sanity and insanity is the difference of balance among the activities.G. W. ROBINSON, Med. Review of Reviews.

The more tuberculosis you treat, the more the conviction is borne in on one that it is a general disease in nearly every case.-MCSWEENY, Med. Rev. of Rev.

Recent study of alcohol and drug addiction has brought out the important fact that the person thus afflicted should have sympathy and wise care rather than punishment.-Amer. Med.

It is a well demonstrated fact that there is a pathologic basis for alcoholism, morphinism and the like.-Amer. Med.

There is a distinct relation between prostitution and illegitimacy; the fewer the prostitutes, the greater the number of illegitimate births.

Selenium oxidizes, reduces, dissolves, neutralizes, and substitutes; it is in the ideal sense a true remedy, which in many respects will far exceed the marvelous and wonderful radium.WALKER AND KLEIN, Amer. Med.

Our studies show that selenium unquestionably exerts a therapeutic effect on malignant tumors. -WALKER AND KLEIN, Amer. Med.

The sooner we realize that the germs of disease are not carried in fomites or in the air, but in the air passages of living harborers, the better for all concerned.-J. E. STUBBS, A. J. Cl. Med.

Chorea: The system should be furnished the constructive elements it lacks or in which it is deficient. Of these, the two most important are nuclein and lecithin.-T. G. ATKINSON, Am. Jour. Clin. Med.

Mumps: Pilocarpin may abort an attack if given early. I always give calcium sulfide to saturation. Phytolacca is a great favorite of mine.-C. E. HENRY, Cl. M.

Milne now recommends his eucalyptus oil inunctions for measles as well as for scarlatina. Many favorable reports have been made on the method.

Emetin Hydrochlorid as an Hemostatic.

Dr. F. E. Stewart, of Philadelphia, in the Jour. Amer. Pharm. Assoc., says that C. Flandin, impressed by the prompt disappearance of blood from the stools in cases of amebic dysentery treated by hypodermic injection of emetin hydrochlorid, investigated its action as an hemostatic in hemorrhage from the lungs. He applied the remedy by the same technic as for dysentery, injecting into the thigh 1 cc. of distilled water containing 0.04 mg. (about 5% gr.) of the salt. The result of the injection was surprising, the hemorrhage stopping immediately.

In about twenty cases in which this treatment was used, the hemoptysis was regularly arrested, even where copious hemorrhage had been taking place but a short time before. With the exception of one case of galloping tuberculosis, the tendency to pulmonary hemorrhage seemed definitly arrested. However, in the more threatening cases he repeated the injection twelve hours later and once on the following day, and if necessary on the fourth and fifth days.

The injection causes temporary pain only in the most sensitive individuals. No disagreeable sensation was experienced, no palpitation, dizziness or nausea. In some cases there was no longer a trace of blood in the sputum, but occasionally blackish stools were present and persisted for a time.

The effect was not due to a lowering of blood pressure, for the author's sphygmomanometric measurements showed the pressure to remain the same; nor could he detect any effect on the coagulability of the blood or the number of red cells, leucocytes, and platelets. The measure seems to be entirely harmless and has succeeded when all others have failed. In but a single case was permanent arrest of hemoptysis not obtained with emetin.

Can emetin hydrochlorid be used by mouth? As the hypodermic method is not always convenient in practise, Rogers has tried giving grain of emetin hydrochlorid in tablets by mouth on an empty stomach, and finds that 3 grain can generally be taken without producing any material sickness and with much more favorable results than with ipecac by the mouth. However, the action is slower and less effective than by the hypodermic method, and in one patient blood and mucus reappeared in the stools after three days' absence, altho he had taken a total of 2 grains by the mouth; but all symptoms finally vanished after two more days of hypodermic medication.

Tablets of ipecac and of emetin are now used by mouth in the treatment of pyorrhea alveolaris. Bass and Johns recommend a tablet of ipecac, each representing 10 grains of the powdered drug:

One tablet three times a day does not destroy the endamebas in the mouth in many cases in a week or ten days. Two tablets three times a day destroy all demonstrable endamebas in six days or less in practically all cases. Three tablets three times a day destroy all demonstrable endamebas in from four to six days.

The authors say that this tablet does not cause nausea, but there is frequently more or less abdominal discomfort and also some looseness of the bowels. However, members of the West Virginia Dental Society reported to Stewart their experience and stated that nausea is sometimes produced by the tablets and their use must under such circumstances be dropped until the symptom disappears. Bass says that he would expect to find an individual occasionally who could not take the tablet satisfactorily and also those who would not absorb enuf of the drug to destroy the endamebas on account of the diarrhea produced carrying it thru the intestinal canal too rapidly.

Can emetin hydrochlorid be safely injected intravenously? Rogers has found that emetin hydrochlorid can be safely injected intravenously in considerable doses. In one severe case of amebic dysentery he gave first, 1⁄2 grain of the drug dissolved in 5 cc. of normal saline, injected very slowly into the median basilic vein, without the slightest depressing effect on the pulse, while the same evening he gave grain and a day later, a 1-grain dose in the same way, in addition to several subcutaneous ones. The favorable results in this case-an extremely severe one justifies him in advising the intravenous method in such acute attacks of amebic disease.

Do emetin injections kill all the amebæ and prevent relapses? This question is discussed quite at length in Rogers' papers, and while, in his opinion, it is still too early to give a final answer, yet some important evidence regarding it has been accumulated, sufficient in amount to justify him in believing that this method of treatment can completely sterilize the whole of the tissues of the body as far as pathogenic amebæ are concerned, and afford good ground for hoping that at last a simple drug has been found which will absolutely rid the human system of a deadly protozoal parasite.-Jour. Amer. Phar. Assoc.

Medical Preparations That Are Clast as Liquors. (Concluded from October "World," page 410.) Herb Bitters-Otto F. Lenzt, Petersburg, Ill. Herbs Bitters-Herb Medicine Co., Reading, Pa. Herbton-Hooper Medical Co., Hillsboro, Tex. Hueblein's Calisaya Bitters-G. F. Heublein & Bro., New York City.

Hop Bitters-Hop Bitters Mfg Co., Rochester, N. Y. Horke Vino Bitter Wine-Michael Bosak, Scranton, Pa. Indian Stomach Bitters-Dr. D. Winegardner, Hanna, Okla.

I. X. L. Bitters-I. X. L. Chemical Co., Chicago, Ill. Jack Pot Laxative Bitter Tonic-J. B. Scheuer Co., Chicago, Ill.

Jack's Indian Tonic-W. L. B. Jack, Portsmouth, Ohio.

Jaffe's Intrinsic Tonic-Jaffe Wine Co., Sacramento, Cal. Jerome's Dandelion Stomach Bitters-Jerome Chem. ical Co., St. Louis, Mo.

Johnston's Cherry Elixir-Parker Blake Co., New Orleans, La.

Jones Stomach Bitters-Natchez Drug Co., Natchez, Miss.

June-Kola-Beggs Manufacturing Co., Chicago, Ill. Juniper Kidney Cure-Juniper Kidney Cure Fort Smith, Ark.


Kahn's Iron and

Malt Whiskey-Kahn Brothers,

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