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For More Than a Quarter of a Century


have unfailingly aided physicians in the treatment of the genital diseases of women. Whenever Leucorrhea, Gonorrhea, Vaginitis or Urethritis is present, or catarrhal, ulcerated or inflamed conditions exist in the vaginal or uterine tract, MICAJAH'S WAFERS exert a prompt alleviative and healing influence peculiar to this simple but potent local remedy. Their gradual, continuous effect upon the mucous membrane is entirely beneficial, while their tonic properties are absorbed with excellent systemic effects. Local medication by MICAJAH'S WAFERS at once arrests the spread of disease, and in many cases effects complete recovery. Approved and used by physicians all over the world.



Warren, Pa.

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A good typewriter is an almost indispensable The D, A. B. D. Aprons are a very neat conceppart of the equipment of an up-to-date physician. tion to add to the comfort, assist in the cure, and No long course of training is necessary to learn to prevent spreading of the infection in gonorrhea of operate a typewriter, as it can be easily mastered the male. Combining a suspensory for the testicles during your leisure moments. Its advantages are and a cotton-containing pouch for the penis, with a many. A good typewriter will quickly pay for pocket for carrying cotton and a flap for its easy itself in the time it will save you in your corre- application and removal, it constitutes a real spondence, billing, etc. Also if your prescriptions luxury, and is sold at a moderate price. See ads. are written with a typewriter, it obviates any possibility of their being misunderstood by the druggists due to illegible handwriting. A No. 5 Oliver

Doctor, please refer to the colored insert in this is one of the standard machines, and is particularly typical case of septic infection and is illustrative

issue of THE MEDICAL WORLD. It represents a adapted to the use of physicians on account of its keyboard with medical symbols, and paper fingers

of the influence of Echitone on the phagocytic funcfor feeding labels. It may be purchased on the

tion. Strong, Cobb & Co. are the manufacturers partial payment plan. See details on adv. page xxii.

of Echitone and they will be pleased to send sample and literature upon request if you mention

THE MEDICAL WORLD. Doctor, what are you doing for the drug addicts who come to you for relief because they are "The Medicinal Trocar in Dropsical Effusion" now unable to secure their accustomed drugs? is the descriptive phrase used by the manufaeWhenever it is practical you doubtless send them turers of Anedemin to explain its purpose and aeto an institution specializing along this line, as it tion in the treatment of all forms of dropsy result. is conceded that institutional treatment, where ing from the heart, liver and kidneys. Anedemin there is absolute control over dietetic, hygienic and is indicated in cases of ascites, anasarca, Bright's therapeutical measures, approaches nearest to the

disease, nephritis, cirrhosis and valvular disturbideal. However, many of these unfortunates either

ances, and those other conditions accompanied by cannot or will not take advantage of institutional forms of edema. It is a prompt and positive hy. treatment. Many such cases have been treated suc

dragogue, an efficient diuretic and an ideal cardiac cessfully by the family physician by the use of tonic. Can be pushed to a finish—is non-toxic and the gradual reduction method marketed by Combs

not cumulative. The formula of Anedemin inChemical Co. and known as Hyos-sco-phine. This cludes apocynum cannibinum, urginea scilla, treatment has the great advantage that it may be strophanthus hispidus and sambucus. Samples with adjusted to the individual requirements of each interesting reports and literature will be mailed case and can be given at the patient's home without free to WORLD readers. See further details on adv. interfering with his ordinary duties. Refer to adv. page xxi and send for formula and literature.

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Valentine's Meat-Juice


In Typhoid Fever Valentine's Meat-Juice
demonstrates its Ease of Assimilation and
Power of Restoring and Strengthening.

1. Burney Yeo, M. D., Professor of Therapeutics, King's College, London, in the well known work, Food in Health and Disease'': “In a very severe case of Typhoid, under our care in King's College Hospital, with most alarming and profuse hemorrhage, we carried out a rigorous method of feeding with remarkably satisfactory results. The clear indication was to keep the intestines absolutely at rest and to allow no debris of food to pass through to excite peristaltic action. It was necessary therefore to give food which, while adequate to sustain and strengthen the patient, should be wholly absorbed in the stomach and upper part of the small intestines. To give milk might be fatal. For our purpose we selected VALENTINE'S MEAT-JUICE, giving one teaspoonful in a wineglassful of cold water every three hours, with one teaspoonful of brandy. The patient's diet was absolutely limited to these quantities for seven days. The plan answered admirably and the patient made a perfect recovery and fairly rapid convalescence.” For Sale by American and European Chemists and Druggists. VALENTINE'S MEAT-JUICE CO.,






Is Complete and Unexcelled


} Automatic TABLES Specialists'

Bargains in Display Samples

Seod for Catalog

lastrument} CABINETS


CUSHION PESSARY nspondod from sboulders and applied to uterus, will positively oorrect Cystocele, Rectocele, Procidentia and other Uterine MalPositions. Can easily be adjusted by patient, and worn with perfect comfort. Price completo, $5; with- NOTE SOFT AIR out shoulder strap. $3. We posi

CUSHION tively guarantee satisfaction. Send obeck with order, and if appliance is unsatisfactory after 30 days' trial, we will refund the money. TAKE THE BLOOD PRESSURE

with an instrument you can FAUGHT POCKET

depend upon to give an ac


reading. Faught's Pocket Aneroid Blood Pres. sure Apparatus is the most dependable on the market. Mochanically perfect, accu. rate, simple, easy to use and can be applied in a moment. May be carried in the pocket Price, including Faught's

Blood Pressure Primer. 120 ere

pages, $22.50 net. May be

purchased on partial-payment BUILT LIKE A WATCH

plan. Money promptly re-
turned if not satisfied after

thirty days' trial. Several blood pressure instruments, mechanically perfect, but alightly abopworn, at about one-half usual price.


CHICAGO Makers of Complete Lines of Surgical Instruments


NO 23

Style 38

W. D. ALLISON CO., Mfrs. 1004 N. Alabama St.

Indianapolis PRINCIPAL AGENCIES 110 E. 23d St., New York 691 Boylston St., Boston 121 N. Wabash Ave., Chicago

25 S. 17th St., Phils. 304 Empire Bld., Pittsburgh Baker-Detweiler Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal.

The knowledge that a man can use is the only real knowledge; the only knowledge that has life and growth in it and converts itself into practical power. The rest hangs like

dust about the brain, or dries like raindrops of the stones.-Froude.

The Medical World ing narcotic addicts because one of his pa


Second-Class Matter.


tients was found with morphin in his pocket.
C. F. TAYLOR, M.D., Editor and Publisher. The utter foolishness of the statement

that physicians shall not treat a particular

Associate Editors.
E. S. TAYLOR, Business Manager.

class of patients does not appear evident to

the revenue department, else it would not Entered at the Philadelphia Postoffice as

have been made. No government ever

would be so ridiculous as to interfere with SUBSCRIPTION RATES: To any part of the United States or Mexico, ONE DOLLAR per year, or FOUR

the cure of any of its residents. It would YEARS for Three DOLLARS in advance; to Canada ONE DOLLAR AND TWENTY-FIVE Cents per year, or

no more attempt to prevent the cure of narFOUR YEARS for Four DOLLARS in advance; to Eng.

cotic addicts than it would of the tuberculand and the British Colonies, FIVE SHILLINGS Six PENCE per year; to other foreign countries in the

lous or cancerous or, in fact, of those afPostal Union, the equivalent of_5s. 6d. Postage free. flicted with any other malady. Single copies, current issue, Ten Cents; previous issues, from Ten to TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. These If physicians are not to treat them, who

rates are due in advance. HOW TO REMIT:

are to do so? Just why the internal revenue For their own protection we advise that our patrons remit in a safe way, such as by department presumes to tell physicians that postal money order, express order, check, draft, or registered mail. Currency sent by ordinary mail

they cannot treat such cases is an enigma to usually reaches its destination safely, but money so us. There is absolutely nothing in the Har

sent must be at the risk of the sender.
We cannot always supply back numbers. Should a num- rison law to prevent a physician from treat-

ber fail to reach a subscriber, we will supply another,
if notified before the end of the month.

ing any number of narcotic addicts. There Notify us promptly of any change of address, mentioning is no limitation to his prescriptions, nor to

both old and new addresses.
If you want your subscription stopt at expiration of the his dispensing, if legally required records

time paid for, kindly notify us, as in the absence of
such notice we will understand that it is the sub- are made.
scriber's pleasure that the subscription be
tinued and we will act accordingly.

However, the prescribing or dispensing
Pay no money to agents unless publisher's receipt is given. of narcotics is a very serious matter. The

Harrison law was enacted for the purpose "THE MEDICAL WORLD" 1520 Chestnut Street

Philadelphia, Pa.

of controlling the handling of such drugs, that they might be kept entirely out of the

hands of persons not using them properly. VOL. XXXIII NOVEMBER, 1915

No. 11

For the protection of both patient and phy

sician the doctor should have a consultant Prescribing for Narcotic Addicts Under the

in each case treated. Where two physicians Harrison Law.

agree as to the treatment, it seems to us We have received many inquiries as to a there could be no inquisitorial interference physician's status under the Harrison act in

by any government official.

In all cases treating narcotic addicts. It appears that where it can be shown that the patient is several doctors have been told that the Har- undergoing a reduction in the amount of rison law prevents them from treating that narcotics consumed the physician has nothclass of cases. A physician in Virginia ing to fear. writes us that he has been arrested by the The duty of physicians toward this pitiful internal revenue department for prescribing class of patients is to relieve them, and to for a morphin addict on the ground that his discourage in every possible way the conprescriptions called for too much morphin, tinuation of the habit. Steady reduction, contrary to the Harrison law. A physician with use of eliminatives and tonics, can in Texas writes us that he has been told by safely reduce the original quantity used to the revenue department that he cannot law- a minimum, which will be only a fraction fully treat narcotic addicts under the Har- of the amount originally used. This can be rison law and must cease to do so. A physi- done at home in the course of several weeks,

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when the patient should be sent to a hospital Abelmann is endeavoring to learn, by or a special institution to complete the cure. experiments, whether cancer is parasitic or

The records which the Harrison law re- not. He believes it is. quires to be made make it possible for the Erwin F. Smith,' of the United States proper authorities to trace the drugs to the Department of Agriculture, says that, so consumer. If suspiciously large quantities far as known, all overgrowths on plants, are traced to any physician, it is entirely such as galls and common knots on forest proper that the authorities should call and trees, are caused by parasites. inquire into the matter. If any doctor is found guilty of using his professional rights

Bacteria of Trees and Men. and position to foster the continuance or in- Stephen J. Maher has been investigating crease of addiction to narcotic drugs, he these flora of the woods and studying their should be stopped with a firm hand and pun- effect on man. He divides them into: (1) ished. Such a man should be driven from spore-bearing bacilli, (2) non-spore-bearing the profession in disgrace.

bacilli, (3) cocci, and (4) yeasts, molds and the higher forms.

When a spore-bearing bacillus reaches The Origin of Bacterial Infections.

the limit of its power of vegetative growth, The scope of bacteriology is constantly either because it has covered the surface of enlarging As investigators go farther the hard medium on which it has been afield seeking the great “first cause” of in- planted or because it has produced a suffectious disease they are led to believe that ficient amount of toxins in liquid media to all germs have a single original parent, an inhibit its further development, each little Adam and Eve combined, so to speak. We rod (bacterium) transforms itself into have on more than one occasion called at- ovoidal or round shapes sometimes thicker tention to the work of careful investigators than the original rods and sometimes thinwho have found infectious diseases in

These shapes—the spores-are the plants due to germs. The chestnut blight resting stage of the bacillus. They undergo that has swept over North America is a no further change as they grow older, exwell-known example, in which our Ameri- cept that they thicken their outer capsule, can chestnut trees have been and are still and thus become somewhat more resistant being destroyed by an infection brought to such harmful influences as heat and acid. from Japan.

As soon as they are transplanted to a favorPlant Tumors.

able environment they grow again into rod

shapes and multiply as rods, · Packard' describes parasitic growthis on When the spore-bearing bacillus finds its trees bearing resemblances to tumors oc- life threatened by cold or starvation or by curring in human beings. One group of his poisoning by its own secretions it becomes illustrations shows a series of vegetable a spore or two spores. When its environtumors caused by a deposit of insect ova ment is merely difficult, not exactly threatupon and among vegetable cells. One pic- ening, the bacillus lengthens out into filature shows very large masses of carcinoma ments or develops internal coccal granules. quercus rubræ, a tree cancer found in great The only spore-bearing bacilli that cause abundance among the red oak trees of Cape disease are the bacilli of anthrax, tetanus Cod and caused by the bacillus phyto-phy- and gas bacillus. Much attention to these mato. He also shows pictures of vegetable three germs has been given because they tumors of bacterial origin upon the daisy produce disease. But the harmless sporecaused by bacterium tumefaciens. All these bearing bacilli that we often drink with our were artifically produced by inoculation

milk and that we always eat with our salad with pure cultures of the germs derived have received very scant attention by the from the plant tumors. Packard, in his article, displays a photograph of multiple Illinois Medical Journal, February, 1915; MED

ICAL WORLD, July, 1915, page 244. melanosarcoma by the side of a picture of

3“Proceedings of Seventeenth International Conthe red oak trees affected with the tumors, gress of Medicine.” London, 1913; Medical World, and the resemblance is striking.

July, 1915, page 244.

45'The Bacterial Flora of Trees and Men," Presi

dential Address to the Connecticut State Medical "Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics, February, Society, Hartford, Conn., May 20, 1915. Publisht in 1913; MEDICAL World, June, 1913, pages 223 and the Transactions of the Connecticut State Medical

Society. 1915.


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