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Valentine's Meat-Juice


In Typhoid Fever Valentine's Meat-Juice demonstrates its Ease of Assimilation and Power of Restoring and Strengthening.

1. Burney Yeo, M. D., Professor of Therapeutics, King's College, London, in the well known work, Food in Health and Disease: “In a very severe case of Typhoid, under our care in King's College Hospital, with most alarming and profuse hemorrhage, we carried out a rigorous method of feeding with remarkably satisfactory results. The clear indication was to keep the intestines absolutely at rest and to allow no debris of food to pass through to excite peristaltic action. It was necessary therefore to give food which, while adequate to sustain and strengthen the patient, should be wholly absorbed in the stomach and upper part of the small intestines. To give milk might be fatal. For our purpose we selected VALENTINE'S MEAT-JUICE, giving one teaspoonful in a wineglassful of cold water every three hours, with one teaspoonful of brandy. The patient's diet was absolutely limited to these quantities for seven days. The plan answered admirably and the patient made a perfect recovery and fairly rapid convalescence.” For Sale by American and European Chemists and Druggists. VALENTINE'S MEAT-JUICE CO.,


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The knowledge that a man can use is the only real knowledge; the only knowledge that has life and growth in it and converts itself into practical power. The rest hangs like

dust about the brain, or dries like raindrops off the stones.-FROUDE,

The Medical World who come to him asking him to do so. But


to Canada


the young doctor, just graduated, sits in C. F. TAYLOR, M.D., Editor and Publisher.

his office around the corner and argues that, A. L. RUSSELL, M.D., J. C. ROMMEL, M.D.,

having learned and been licensed to pracAssociate Editors.

tise medicin and treat the sick, the sick E. S. TAYLOR, Business Manager.

people should come to him for that purpose. Entered at the Philadelphia Postoffice as Second-Class Matter.

But the druggist continues to treat the

sick without charge and sell them medicins SUBSCRIPTION RATES: any part of the United States or Mexico, One DOLLAR per year, or Four

at full price, and asks the young doctor to YEARS for THREE DOLLARS in advance;

write prescriptions for him to fill. The ONE DOLLAR AND TWENTY-FIVE CENTS per year, or FOUR YEARS for FOUR DOLLARS in advance; to Eng- argument, then, that druggists should be land and the British Colonies, Five SHILLINGS Six PENCE per year; to other foreign countries in the

given compounding to do is as faulty as an Postal Union, the equivalent of_5s. 6d. Postage free. argument that the sick people must come to Single copies, current issue, TEN CENTS; previous issues, from TEN to TWENTY-FIVE Cents. These

the young doctor in their neighborhood inrates are due in advance.

stead of exercising their choice and going HOW TO REMIT: For their own protection we advise that our patrons remit in a safe way, such as by

to whatever doctor they please.
postal money order, express order, check, draft, or
registered mail. Currency sent by ordinary mail

What is the object of customers asking usually reaches its destination safely, but money so a druggist for medicin instead of going to

sent must be at the risk of the sender. We cannot always supply back numbers. Should a num. a doctor to have him prescribe? They be

ber fail to reach a subscriber, we will supply another,
if notified before the end of the month.

lieve they are not very sick and think it Notify us promptly of any change of address, mentioning will be cheaper. This is therefore an argu

both old and new addresses. If you want your subscription stopt at expiration of the ment for dispensing by the doctor. The

time paid for, kindly notify us, as in the absence of
such notice we will understand that it is the sub-

people wish to save expense. The drugscriber's pleasure, that the subscription be gists' tendency is toward higher prices,

tinued and we will act accordingly. Pay no money to agents unless publisher's receipt is given. while the people require cheaper drugs. ADDRESS ALL COMMUNICATIONS TO

The ones who fill this need are the ones "THE MEDICAL WORLD"

who will succeed. 1520 Chestnut Street

Philadelphia, Pa.

In a talk with a wholesale druggist re

cently he said, that druggists should be VOL. XXXIII AUGUST, 1915

No. 8

paid a minimum of 75 cents for each pre

scription they fill. This is an enormous Dispensing By Physicians.

jump from the former figure of 30 to 40 The dispensing of medicins by physicians cents that heretofore has prevailed in most to their patients is the point around which communities. It makes sickness a very excenters the tilt between doctors and drug- pensive—not to say exorbitant-event in gists. Physicians, on the whole, are writ- the average family in the course of a year. ing fewer and fewer prescriptions and dis- It would be absolutely impossible for one pensing more and more. As one result, the family to pay, that we have knowledge of. druggists are having much less prescription In this family the baby took sick with work to do. The druggists feel that, hav- broncho-pneumonia. Immediately after his ing learned the art of compounding, they recovery three older children took measles, should be given that work to do. Likewise then one got mumps, then all three got the man with a trade, when he is out of whooping cough and the baby got the work, says that, having learned a trade, he measles. The father is a driver of a should be given work at it. But when there wagon. Could he afford to buy medicin at is none of that work to do, who can give 75 cents a prescription for two months and him employment at it? The druggist, hav- also pay his doctor? The wholesale druging learned the art of compounding and gist admitted that the price was high, but assuming a knowledge of practise of medi- added that the druggist might as well.

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charge it, “as they would spend their money better for doctor and family if he can disanyway.” This is an unusual and unfor- pense the medicins as needed. tunate position concerning the misfortunes The question of the safety of the patient of the masses, of the people. There was as regards the remedies dispensed is a very no suggestion made that the prescription important one, the druggists make the most itself was worth that amount of money. extravagant claims for the great security

The druggists assert that they are a ne- of patients in taking remedies compounded cessity as a check on physicians, to prevent by them, and boldly assert that such seadministration of overdoses of medicin, ac- curity is lacking in medicins dispensed by cidentally or intentionally, and to avoid all

doctors. But druggists have no means of other possible mistakes or blunders. As a

checking themselves in filling prescriptions. matter of fact, a druggist is of no use what- Placing a mark on the prescription beside ever as a check in that manner, for a drug- the name of the remedy is no guarantee gist is as liable to error as a physician and that the remedy was used as directed. The there is no means of detecting a druggist's druggist could have picked up the wrong error. No one can tell in a majority of in- bottle. In a conversation on this subject stances whether a druggist has compounded with a wholesale druggist who asserted a prescription properly or not. No one can that physicians should not dispense at all, tell whether the proper ingredients are

giving for one reason the possibility of used or omitted, whether short weight is error by the doctor, he was asked if the used, whether the material is properly and druggists did not make mistakes. He adthoroly triturated so that each pill, capsule, mitted, “That's it, they make barrels of suppository or other preparation has its them!” exact proportion of each ingredient. In

The intelligent, conscientious doctor is fact, all the possibilities of error that the capable of dispensing remedies to his padruggist charges to the physicians' ready- tient and it is a blessing to his patient. made tablet are inherent in the druggists' own preparation. He is just as human and

Character Building. just as liable to make a mistake as any A multi-millionaire died the other day other human being.

and left many dollars—to a fool. Absorbed The same quality of drugs is used in in his business, the great Captain of drug stores as in doctors' offices, in spite of Industry left his son to grow up how the great howl of the druggists that doctors he might, and he did grow up as the use poor drugs. We know something unprotected son of a wealthy man will. about drugs and about some drugstores. Many things and many persons conspired We have purchased some inert drugs in to ruin the boy. He never learned the drugstores, also. Druggists are just as lessons of self-restraint, self-control, selfanxious to strike a bargain in purchasing reliance. How could he? The ever-ready drugs as are physicians, and will always paternal checkbook blocked the way. Servpurchase them as advantageously as pos- ants kowtowed to him; self-seekers flattered sible. Hence all sorts of discounts and in- him; greedy men sought to encourage him ducements are offered the druggists, even in scattering the coin they gathered in his to the point of giving them 10 or 15% com- track, and women tried to fasten their missions on all orders for drugs sent in by tentacles about him. What chance had the doctors in their community, on which unfortunate boy? At heart he was not a orders the doctors pay net prices.

half bad sort, but the weeds flourished in To the public, the dispensing of remedies the neglected garden and choked the plants by the doctor is a distinct boon. In place of value. of the 50 or 75 cents paid the druggist the Doctor, how about that son of yours? patient pays the doctor usually nothing It is all very well to attend to your practise, additional for the medicin or at the most and to get in your daily round of calls, 25 cents. This may look like a small sum to study your bad cases at night and in rare save, but where there has been a long period leisure moments, to read your journals and of sickness it amounts to a great deal. The get in a bit of advance work at the new druggist collects his money when he hands books. You find time to attend society over the prescription and is always ahead meetings, and even to prepare a paper for of the game.

The doctor must await the one of them. But how about the boy? financial recovery of the family before he Nuisance, isn't he? Always needing gets his remuneration. So therefore it is things, getting expensive notions and de

Is the per

vising ways to draw money from your lean Encourage his notions. He wants to purse; getting into scrapes and scraps that build a sail-boat. Well, why not? You take you and your thoughts away from do not know what genius he may be developtheir proper channels. So silly, too.

So silly, too. So ing. Anyway, he learns to use tools and many things he seems ignorant of, that to exercises his brain as well. Wants a printing you are matters of course; so many things press? Surely—and he may develop it into he seeks to argue or mistakes entirely, that the business of his life. Automobile? are axiomatic to you.

Flying machine? WellConsider him. He is older than you Did old man Wright try to lick the realized; he is learning many things from cussed notions out of those sons of his? many sources, quite a few of which are Did Edison's daddy make any effort to objectionable; he is developing

he is developing habits, make him attend to his plowing and stop thoughts and beliefs that are not yours or wasting time and money on those fool approved by you; he is selecting com- inventions? Jay Gould had a good thing panions and intimates that you may not in that clerkship in a country store. Why like.

didn't he stick to it instead of flying off You have no time to give him, but at about the country, buying old tanneries the garage, the poolroom, the saloon, there

that never made expenses, and whatnot? are those who have time for him. There

You, yourself, do not know it all. That are women who have begun to cast eyes at

boy's notions may develop some latent him, and to estimate your possible monetary

germ in your own head. Very likely his resources. Some mother is going to shift

idea may prove wrong; and that means her daughter's meal-ticket to you soon, if one mistake he will not make in after life. she can; and many an older and wiser man

Possibly his next idea, and the five following has succumbed to woman's wiles.

may turn out as badly—and we know a What that boy needs most is a father.

man whose seventh trial made him a very Talk to him-and see how quickly he drops rich man—so rich that his daughter married all these others for you. He would rather

a foreign nobleman who beat her and chum with you than with anybody else, gambled away her fortune. You don't realize it, but he likes you and

severance that leads to a seventh trial after has a great respect for you. If only you six failures worth nothing? Rather butter would unbend, get acquainted with him, both sides of the boy's bread and have him get to know the processes of his mentality,

to go thru life merely as a rich man's his thoughts, wants and aspirations, it noodle-pated son? would do you as well as him good.

There are

some very few-boys that Don't expect him to be an old man;

even money cannot spoil; but as a rule that would ruin any boy. He should be

we will take the kid that has to depend all boy, with all the faults a boy requires.

on himself. There are millions of things you know that he doesn't; but you have been many years acquiring this knowledge, and he will need as long. He does not know the value

BUSINESS TALK TO DOCTORS of money_let him earn what he gets. He shows no inclination to save-shifts from one fad to another, spending money on each It is a mistake to think that because a that is lost. Well, do you want him to man has been successful at one thing, he become a miser in early youth? God can succeed at anything. Sometimes a sucforbid. Money is the most worthless thing cessful man thinks that of himself, and on earth in itself, and only of value as it makes a great mistake. A much safer rule can be exchanged for real treasures.

would be for a successful man to confine Teach him Franklin's sage maxim-save himself to the line in which he has suchalf what he makes, and put it in permanent ceeded. That is proven. That he may sucinvestment. That teaches the priceless ceed in a different line is unproven until he lessons of self-restraint and forethought, has succeeded in the new line-but his exand yet leaves him the power of enjoying perience in the new line may be failurewhat money brings. When a man loses complete failure. And the failure is likely the faculty of enjoying spending money he to involve many others, who have been led ought to be buried. Just think how much to place funds in his hands for his new expense that would save him!

ventures by his “demonstrated success in

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