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Funny, isn't it, that so many men are

second cash payment on your subscription for the dishonest in business? When you find

Preferred Stock of this Company, amounting to one who is strictly honest, treasure him.

$10, comes due on the 1st of June.

We trust that you are finding Dennos Food A Pure Speculation.

beneficial to you in your practice and that you THE MEDICAL WORLD:-Having been warned are making use of Dennos in your adult practise thru your columns of the “get-rich-quick" schemes, as well as for infants. Remember that Dennos will I am writing you to know what you think of the meet your requirements wherever a delicate diet is Prepayment Fan Co.'s stock of Vincennes, Ind.? indicated. They are incorporated under the laws of Arizona. Thanking you in advance for your remittance, The proposition looks good on paper, but I do not we beg to remain know how it will work for the small stockholder.

Very truly yours, The prepayment fan seems to be a success.

DENNOS FOOD SALES Co., Works like a slot machine and is intended to be placed in hotels, etc.

per A. C. Fitzpatrick, Asst. Cashier. The agents can readily show what the Bell Dr. C. F. Taylor; DEAR DOCTOR:—I write you Telephone stock is worth, the Coca Cola stock, for information regarding the Dennos Food Sales etc., and are very positive that this stock will pay Co. As per this letter you sec “I also fell.' The a better dividend than either.

fellow who sold me must have been the same one The General Electric Co. makes the fans and that Dr. W. L. Rukenbrod, of Decatur, III., wrote sells them to the company and they operate them

about in the May issue. He said, “I bet you on the percentage basis with the proprietor of the dollars to doughnuts his equal has never been house where installed.

born,” for he surely was a spellbinder that sold The agents, Bell & Barnett, of Memphis, Tenn., seem to be ready to meet any argument that I

As I look back at him now, however, I wonder have been able to put up against the buying of why I bit. I have been reading your most valuable their bonds.

Business Talks to Doctors for over four years now, Will you kindly investigate this concern and and to think, at this late day, I would get into let me know at once? I will appreciate an early something I did not know about is indeed a surprise reply by letter.

W. W. HICKMAN. to me. Doctor, this is discouraging. When You know, if we doctors would only say to agents begin by telling about the Bell

these spellbinders, "submit your proposition to me

in a letter," and then the doctor read this letter Telephone stock and other well-known

in his own sober state of mind, when not under successes to boost their stock, let it alone. the irresistible influence of personal argument, I have said this so often. Of course, the

not one in ten of these schemes would result in us agents can meet all arguments. Show

fool doctors giving up our hard-earned dollars.

Now this company may be O.K.; but I do not them a copy of THE MEDICAL WORLD and

know a thing about them. So I write to you for say that you have read it for years, and advice before I squander another ten. they will go away and let you alone. I

Yours most sincerely, never heard of this “fan” company before,

HARRISON J. SAUNDERS. but I can see with half an eye that its Doctor, I am inclined to think that the stock is a pure speculation. It might commercial reputation of this company is go among undiscriminating investors, but good, but that is not the point. The ask your banker to invest in some of it question is, what is their stock worth? and see what he will say. Why are the What can you get for it? What will they agents running around among doctors to give for it? What is it worth on the market? sell the stock? Why don't they go to What income does it pay? What is the investors in Vincennes or Memphis, instead capitalization of the company, what the of going away down in Mississippi among assets in tangible property, and the annual the doctors? The General Electric people expense and gross and net income of the have plenty of money. Why do they not

business? As a stockholder you have a buy the stock if it is such a good thing? right to all this information. Write and Doctor, don't touch it, nor anything of get it. With this information you will this kind. Keep your money in bank. need no further word from me. But if Whenever these slick talking agents come you do, send me the information and I into your office, show them THE MEDICAL will help you to interpret it. WORLD, and then the door.

But there is one thing I want to call to Please read this letter, and then read the your attention, and also the attention of one immediately following, which was writ- all who read these lines. The company's ten on the other side of the same sheet. letter to you asks you for $10 and at the DENNOS FOOD SALES CO.

same time very nicely boosts their product. 220 W. ONTARIO St.

This is a nice combination for them. This CHICAGO, ILL., May 27, 1915. Dr. H. J. Saunders,

is what I have preached so much about for 929 Grand Ave., Kansas City, Mo.:

ten years or more.

You are furnishing Dear DOCTOR: This is to notify you that your their capital and also their market. They

expect you to keep on paying for the of the business is done there—the pruning stock, and to keep up a good demand for of investors. The little formality of some their product among your patients. Other land for the fig trees to grow on-when agents will go around to other doctors and they grow, if they ever grow, is in Mistell them how fast they will get rich by sissippi. They have a tract of land down subscribing for certain stock, and then there. You can get a tract, there, also, if other doctors will be in the same position you will go down and look around; and that you are in. I will go on preaching, you will be surprised how much land a but I will not be able to prevent all of this little cash will buy. And then you will kind of business, but I will keep working wonder why you bought it and what you away at it. Doctor, please be sure to tell .

are going to do with it. Well, these Pittsus what the rate of income is on this invest- burgh people will take your money (they ment; or is it still in the prospect stage, want lots of it), and will agree to plant like a lot of gold mines are? When stocks your fig trees on terms that will make you are in the "blow" stage, and you ask the rich, they say. Beware of people who rate of income they tell you the rate of want to make you rich. A lot of innocent income on Bell Telephone stock! How people tried to get rich thru the flame that has helped towheedle innocent believers! Tokay grape land route, and the eucaSOUTHINGTON, Conn., May 28, 1915.

lyptus grove route and other similar DEAR DR. TAYLOR:—Are U. S. Government routes. The schemers get the money, and bonds sold in fractions of $1,000? Would they the investors get the experience. If they not be a good investment for a poor man with only a few hundred dollars saved during these critica complain the schemers can say, your land times? True, he would lose 2% or 3% interest,

is out there in California-land that the but the chance of banks breaking would be out of victims paid $300 an acre for, which is the question, and if he wanted coin it could be probably abandoned again now. Here's easily raised. You see I'm looking for safety now, instead of

another similar scheme. One of our trusting 10% and "good things," as previously.

subscribers who has a little money to Once bitten, twice shy," you know; and I invest that will bring quick results, but think I've learned my lesson.

cannot afford to lose it,” sends me the literaAm learning it every day. Years ago I planned for my boys to go to college, and carried endow

ture and asks my advice. This dear subment insurance to help out when the time came.

scriber will receive a personal letter from The time has come, and now they must go to me right away. The above is written for work, while the sons of my formerly “poor" patients any others of the "family" that may be go to college in spite of the fact that their parents still owe me.

tempted. What do you want to bet on PAUL PLUMMER.

the condition of this fig farm in five years Doctor, I never bought U. S. bonds, so

or ten years? or that those who invest in I do not know if they sell in fractions of

it with this smoky city company will ever $1,000. Your banker can tell you. But, get half their money back? I don't know Doctor, aren't you flying to the other anything about these people, but I know extreme? Your banker can sell you some

about these schemes. thing conservative and safe that will yield from 4% to 5%, or possibly 6%.

THE MEDICAL MONTH. Typical. Dr. S. Grim, of Elberfeld, Ind., sends Now that systematic propaganda is in progress me a long, four-page letter to him from on cancer, it will be well for medical societies in H. L. Barber & Co., Chicago. It is a

nearby counties to join with The American Societv

for the Control of Cancer. This public-spirited typical get-rich-quick letter—the kind to

body (Curtis E. Lakeman, executive secretary, 289 always throw into the waste basket or the Fourth Avenue, New York City) co-operates to fire. Don't waste the half hour it will supply able speakers and carry on an efficient press require to read it. The earmarks are all

campaign in any state or section. over it, which you can identify in a minute.

The Florida legislature has appropriated $500 to It winds up: "Opportunity is beckoning the epileptic and feeble-minded, the commission

investigate the State's need of an institution for you, to-day."

in charge to report to the next legislature. The “Nuf sed."

State Medical Society has indorsed this action,

and it is to be hoped that two years hence the Figs in Pittsburgh.

legislature will see fit to appropriate a sufficient sum There is a fig orchard company in smoky to establish an institution along colony lines for Pittsburgh, Pa.

these classes of dependents. Dr. D. C. Main, of Funny, isn't it? The

the Sisco Fruit Company, a farm colony for epilepheadquarters are there and the chief part tics, has been untiring in his work in behalf of this

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bill and, in addition, a big part of the sentiment the upper peninsula, altho the disease itself is in favor of State care of these classes is due to the present as yet only in a mild form. There have work of Dr. William P. Spratling, formerly, of been no deaths. Dr. Joseph A. Crowell, Iron Baltimore but now of Welaka, who has talked Mountain, has been appointed a special agent of before numerous women's clubs and county medical the State Board of Health to investigate the situasocieties, as well as the State Medical Association tion in that vicinity. recently in session at De Land.

Major-General Gorgas, Surgeon-General U. S. Dr. George E. Malsbary, editor of the Southern

A., has resigned his commission in the service so California Practitioner, had caused to be drawn up an as to head the American Red Cross Commission ordinance for the employment of municipal nurses to that is to stamp out the typhus epidemic. The visit tubercular patients in Los Angeles. The initiative Rockefeller Commission will finance this great petition was signed by 20,000 voters, more than four philanthropy. times the required number, and was passed at the June election by a large majority. The initiative is

The death is announced at Berlin, April 9th, thus of value and permits health improvements

of Prof. Friedrich Loeffler, the German scientist that might not otherwise be made.

who in 1884 discovered the diphtheria bacillus. Arthur Denison Light, described as principal of

Dr. Loeffler was born in 1852. the British Health Institute and publisher of a

With the passing out of existence of the Rockeperiodical called Power, Purity and Progress, feller Sanitary Commission on January 1, 1915, was sentenced to three months' imprisonment at

the Tennessee State Board of Health has faced the Old Bailey recently upon a charge of at- the necessity of discontinuing the hookworm camtempting to obtain money by false pretences.- paign initiated by the commission. The hookLancet.

worm campaign has made a deep impression and Dr. Paul F. Eve, a distinguisht Southern sur

aroused great public interest. Surveys have been geon, died_from septicemia December 26th, in

conducted in over sixty counties, and dispensaries Nashville, Tenn., aged 58 years.

have been operated in forty-four of these. There Information was received at Trenton, April 8th, pensaries should be operated.

are a number of counties, however, in which disthat the Bureau of Animal Research to be establisht in New Jersey by the Rockefeller In- Where there is a possibility of diphtheria institute will be located near Princeton on 480 acres

fection, test all those exposed by the Schick perof land adjacent to Carnegie Lake.

cutaneous method (Ir. A. M. A., April 10, 1915). After long consideration the Drs. William J.

This definitly differentiates the well from the

sick. and Charles H. Mayo have recently consummated their plans for the endowment of the grad

The Italian Line steamship. Duca d'Aosta, which uate medical instruction and research work which

sailed from New York April 3d for Naples, carhas for years been a feature of the Mayo Clinic

ried nine sanitary experts, composing the Ameriat Rochester, Minn. The result is the incorpora

can Red Cross Sanitary Commission, which will tion of "The Mayo Foundation for Medical Edu- endeavor to conquer the typhus fever and other cation and Research, Incorporated,” with an ini

dread diseases epidemic in Servia. The extial endowment fund of $1,500,000. The founders penses of the commission will be borne jointly by are: William J. Mayo, Charles H. Mayo, Henry

the Red Cross and the Rockefeller Foundation. S. Plummer, Edward Starr Judd and Donald C.

From Naples they will go to Saloniki, Greece, Balfour. The board of temporary trustees hav

and then proceed into the heart of the plagueing in charge for the present the investment of

ridden regions. The commission will be under the fund is composed of Bert W. Eaton, George

the direction of Dr. Richard P. Strong, of Har. W. Granger and Harry J. Harwick. The board vard University, who already is in Europe. Those of scientific directors is composed of Louis B.

who sailed to-day were Dr. Thomas W. Jackson, Wilson, William F. Braasch, E. Hessel Beckman, chief sanitary inspector; Dr. Hans Zinsser, bacA. H. Sanford and Walter D. Sheldon. For the teriologist; Dr. Andrew W. Sellards, Dr. George present the expenses of the foundation will be C. Shattuck, Dr. F. G. Grinnell, Dr. F. W. Caldmet by annual contributions from the Mayo

well, Hobart D. Brink, W. S. Standifer and Clinic, the income from the endowment being

Louis de la Pena. The last two named were allowed to accumulate and increase the principal.

members of General Gorgas' staff in the sanitary On March 27th, President Wilson and former

campaign that rid the Panama Canal Zone of

fever. President Taft assisted at the laying of the cornerstone of the new building for the American California's compulsory vaccination law is now Red Cross to be erected at a cost of $800,000 as

upheld by the state's legal department in an opina memorial to the heroic women of the Civil

ion just issued. War. The building is to be completed by April, Those wishing to compete for a prize of one 1916.

thousand dollars for a social hygiene pamphlet In the presence of distinguisht foreign scien- for adolescents, suggested and generously protists, the Thomas W. Evans Museum and Dental vided by the Metropolitan Life Insurance ComInstitute of the School of Dentistry of the Uni- pany, should address the American Social Hygiene versity of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, was dedi- Association, 105 W. 40th Street, New York, N. Y. cated February 220 and 23d. Over $1.000.000 is Sir George Turner, who was knighted in recogrepresented in this bequest of the late Dr. Evans, nition of his self-sacrifice in fighting leprosy, died the noted Parisian dentist.

of that disease March 12th at Colyton, DevonSmallpox exists in nearly every "copper coun- shire, where he had lived in seclusion for two try” town and in many of the “iron country" years. Sir George worked for many years in towns in Michigan. The outbreak at Crystal South Africa and discovered a cure for the rinder Falls is said to be the worst in the history of pest. He had also seen service as Medical Officer

of Health in Cape Colony and the Transvaal, and the hospital had received $440,000, of which later was engaged in research work in England. $120,000 was contributed by Americans in Europe. He was born in Melbourne in 1851.

There are at present 398 patients in the hospital, A public celebration was held in Vienna on

and the average cost per patient per day is $1.50. March 1st in honor of the 80th birthday of Pro- The cost of the maintenance of an ambulance is fessor Winternitz, father of scientific hydro- about $200 a month. therapy.

The city health officer of Cumberland, Md., The cable brings word of the death of another has recommended the establishment of a sanavictim to exanthematous typhus among noted spe- torium on Haystack Mountain for the care of cialists in infectious diseases, Prof. Georg Cornet, negroes afficted with tuberculosis. of Berlin, aged 57. He was the first to discover

The Springfield Lake, Ohio, Tuberculosis Sanathe tubercle bacillus outside of the body and

torium, jointly establisht by. Summit, Portage, preach its non-ubiquity, thus providing a basis for

Mahoning, Stark and Columbiana counties, at a prophylaxis. He was assistant to Robert Koch in

cost of nearly $250,000, was opened February 1st. the Institute for Infectious Diseases at Berlin, The institution has accommodations for seventyand the list of Cornet's works, especially on tuber

two patients and this can be doubled in case of culosis, is long and imposing.

necessity. The Canadian Medical Association meeting, The Maryland General Hospital, at Baltimore, scheduled for Vancouver, B. C., July 7-10, has is raising $200,000 to enlarge and modernize. It been cancelled. Too many members are activ in is under Methodist Episcopal control. war duties this year.

The trustees of the Presbyterian Hospital of The council of the Society of American Bac- New York City have taken an option of the teriologists will hold a special meeting in San former American League baseball grounds on Francisco, August 3-5, 1915. Dr. Wilfred H.

Washington Heights. This tract of ground conManwaring, Stanford University, Cal., is the tains about six city blocks and is valued at local chairman.

$2,000,000. The purchase of this site has been Dr. Dudley Sharpe Reynolds, one of the South's made possible by the bequest of the late John S. distinguisht ophthalmologists, died near Louis

Kennedy, by whose will the hospital received ville, Ky., February 4th, aged 72 years.

$2,500,000. It is planed to use a large part of A special cable dispatch in the Philadelphia

the site for hospital purposes, but considerable

space will be used by buildings for special purLedger from Paris, March 18th, states that what

poses, scientific and educational, in connection is described as the greatest surgical discovery

with Columbia University. since Lister's antisepsis is now at the service of the French wounded. It is an antitoxin dis

Thru the Rockefeller Foundation six new doccovered by the well-known bacteriologists, Pro

tors will be added to the medical staff of the fessors La Chaineheand and Vallee, and it is

School at Chang Sha, Fu-Nan Province, China, likely to supplant other antiseptics in preventing

which is being operated by Yale men co-operating infection of wounds. The new serum, called

with the Chinese government. "polyvalent," is effectiv against all malignant Dr. Charles McDonald, of Washington, head germs, actually stimulates the tissue surround- of the American War Relief Hospital in Budaing the wound and promotes rapid healing. pest, who recently arrived in New York, predicts

The first “get together" held in Boston took that when warmer weather comes typhoid will place in its Medical Library, October 31st last,

become very prevalent in the Austrian army. when the Suffolk County District Medical So- He says conditions, relativ to sanitation in the ciety had as guests the Boston Section of the camps, are similar to those prevailing in the Massachusetts Homeopathic Medical Society. American camps in 1898. Conditions among the This wiping out of "treatment" distinctions must wounded are deplorable. As many as 70,000 spread. Force everyone who treats injury or ill- wounded had been in Budapest at one time. ness to prove his skill in differentiating diseases Col. George E. Bushnell, M. C., U. S. A., Fort or hurts before an impartial single State Depart- Bayard, N. Mex., has been detailed to visit ment of Education. Then, as for treatment, per- the Public Health Service sanatorium at Fort mit a separate State Board examination by each Stanton, N. Mex., and the Navy Sanatorium at school of practise. Then, and then only, is the Las Animas, Col., and report on the advisability public protected.

of consolidating these institutions with the Another typhoid fever outbreak has been traced

United States General Hospital (the Army Sanato "typhoid Mary” Mallon at New York. It is

torium) at Fort Bayard, N. Mex. Colonel Bushnow impossible for her to escape detention and

nell's report will be considered by the secretaries an effort is being made to eradicate the focus in

of the Army, Navy and Treasury. Colonel Bushher case.

nell is the present commandant of the Fort Bay

ard institution and during his régime this old Putting local quarantine under national control is a growing movement in U. S. A. seaport cities.

adobe army post has been converted into the

finest institution of its kind in the world at an A memorial to the late Dr. Justin Steer is pro- expenditure of $1.000.000. posed by the alumni of Washington University

The new $1,000,000 Beth Israel Hospital in New medical school at St. Louis, Mo.

York City will be twelve to fifteen stories in The American Ambulance Hospital, in Paris, height and will accommodate 500 patients. A spehas now nearly ninety ambulances in service, cial feature of the hospital will be the accommomost of them at the front. The statistics show dations for persons of moderate means who do not that the mortality in the American Hospital has wish to be charity patients and yet are unable to been less than 8%, and that up to January 31st, pay high charges for services and attendance.


ORIGINAL COMMUNICATIONS matter has also been set at rest by autopsy

made years after treatment of inoperable Short articles of practical help to the profession are cancer. solicited for this department.

Cancers of the skin are most amenable to Articles to be accepted must be contributed to this jour.

nal only. The editors are not responsible for views radiation. The only obstinate and refrac

exprest by contributors. Copy must be received on or before the twelfth of the

tory group of cases here is the cases which month for publication in the issue for the have existed for years and which have been month. We decline responsibility for the safety of unused manuscript. It can usually be returned if treated by cautery, caustics, etc. Those request and postage for return are received with

cases are also obstinate which have invaded manuscript; but we cannot agree to always do so. Certainly it is excellent discipline for an author to feel

the deeper tissues or which have crept that he must say all he has to say in the fewest pos. over on to the mucous surfaces. The most sible words, or his reader is sure to skip them; and in the plainest possible words, or his reader will cer. obvious advantages of radium are seen in tainly misunderstand them. Generally, also, a down. righi fact may be told in a plain way; and we want

cancers around the eye, the ear, the lips, downright facts at present more than anything else.

the nose, where the healing takes place RUSKIN.

without mutilation, in marked contrast READ REFLECT COMPARE RECORD

with exsective surgery. Even where there The Treatment of Cancer by Radium.*

has been extensive ulceration there is often

a surprisingly good restoration of form. By HOWARD A. KELLY, M.D.

The entire surgical world has been startled BALTIMORE, MD.

by the results secured so rapidly in treating Radium, our newest therapeutic agent, is with radium that hitherto hopeless group proving to be of the utmost value in the the lymphosarcomata. Here great tumors treatment of cancer of all kinds, whether interpenetrating all the anatomic structures operable or inoperable. Two of the three even to the base of the skull, the neck or into rays emitted by radium, the beta and the the chest, literally melt away in a few days' gamma rays, affect the tissues of the body time. The rays act like myriads of micromost profoundly, fortunately, however, scopic knives attacking every individual acting much more potently on the weaker invading cell, while sparing normal tissues. cancer cells than upon the normal cells of Many other sarcomata are also helped the body. No one claims and no one ever in a remarkable manner, but not in such a has claimed that radium would cure all large percentage of the cases. Epitheliomata cases of cancer—that erroneous statement of the mouth, tonsils and larynx, especially is due to the daily newspapers, hunting for the basal celled, even in totally inoperable something dramatic for their columns. conditions, can be cured in a fair percentage

Radium has, however, won for itself a of instances. definite place in cancer therapy, and with A favorable form of cancer is that of the time and experience, and above all, with thyroid gland. Thymus growths of the increased amounts of radium and newer small round-cell type are very amenable to methods of applying it, its domain over treatment. Lip cancers yield more and this dread realm will undoubtedly extend more as our experience grows, but the block from year to year.

dissection is always called. Radium therapy is analogous to x-ray Nearly all breast tumors respond in some therapy, with the striking differences that

measure, the larger medullary form being radium is far more potent and is less likely the most susceptible. The best rule here to cause any irritation or injury to the is operation first, when feasible, and radiasound tissues. Radium acts more speedily tion afterward. Cancer of the vagina usuthan x-ray; for example, it is the rule to ally disappears rapidly under radiation. finish the treatment of a fibroid tumor I am glad to report that cancers of the with one or two applications of radium, cervix are among the most amenable to while many x-ray treatments are called for radium therapy, and this remarkable stateextending over weeks or even months. I ment holds good not only for the early, include here under the broad term cancer, but even for the later cases where the sarcomata as well as epithelial growths. disease, tho massive, still remains localized.

At first the question was: does radium In nearly 30% of the inoperable cases really cure. But now that query can be even the disease has disappeared under answered positively and in the affirmative efficient radiation with large amounts of after the lapse of years. This fundamental radium element. This was true in a group

of over two hundred cases treated by Dr. * Publisht simultaneously in THE MEDICAL WORLD and Maryland Medical Journal.

C. F. Burnam and myself. It is a common

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