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campaign, both in the legislature and for the purpose of selling, bartering, furnishamong the doctors thruout the state, ing, or giving away, directly or indirectly, caused a halt on that bill, until some any quantity of" (then follows the usual educational work could be done. The list of narcotic drugs, including chloral doctors in the legislature proved tractable, hydrate) “except upon the original written and what they finally "put over" in the prescription of a physician," etc. There is way of narcotic legislation they proudly no exception covering physicians dispensing boasted was better than the Harrison law- to their patients. It is a pharmacy bill and they were right.

exclusively. It permits the selling "in The one other state that I will speak of good faith as medicins preparations conhere is Ohio. A good start was made early taining in one fluid ounce, or if a solid or in this state. House Bill No. 305 was an semi-solid preparation, in one avoirdupois excellent narcotic bill in every way, and ounce, not more than two grains of opium, in complete harmony with the Harrison not more than one-fourth grain of morphine, law. I sent words of commendation to the etc., which exceptions are of course intended doctors in the legislature and thruout the to permit the selling of certain proprietaries state, and after heartily urging the passing over the counter by druggists. It places of this bill, I turned my attention to other upon the State Board of Pharmacy the duty states.

of enforcing the provisions of the bill. Imagine my surprise when, a number of You see, it is purely a druggists' measure, weeks later, after I had supposed that but it is so drawn that nobody may do the Bill 305 had been passed and become a things mentioned in the bill but druggists. law, I learned that Bill 305 had been dropped, Physicians are mentioned only as the and that House Bill 132 had been passed writers of prescriptions. This is not difficult by both houses and was in the Governor's to see if one will only open his eyes. And hands. I rapidly analyzed Bill 132 and where would it have put the doctors of sent the strongest letter I could write to Ohio? Right under the thumbs of the the Governor, asking him to veto it. I then retail druggists, as far as the narcotic drugs wrote earnestly to the doctors in the legis- are concerned. A physician could not have lature, who it seemed had gone to sleep, even given a hypodermic of morphine, and they do not seem to have wakened except in the strength of one-fourth grain yet. One of them replied that he saw in one fluid ounce of water! nothing wrong with the bill, and that the And the next legislature, if it contained others seemed to think it all right. I then no better friends of the medical profession wrote a strong letter to every medical than this legislature, could easily have journal in Ohio, asking that the editor amended this bill, had it become a law, 'to telegraph to the Governor to veto the bill. embrace other “poisons,” as veratrum, Strangely, the Journal of the Ohio Medical aconite, etc. Then the custom of the Association, the official organ of the Ohio Eclectics to drop so many drops of fluid profession, rather favored the bill. You

veratrum into half a glass of water for may bet that I put in a strong reply there, "fever drops," with directions to take a but heard nothing further from that source, teaspoonful or tablespoonful every hour, and the Governor vetoed the bill.

would have to be stopped-and what would Now for the bill: It dealt only with they think of that? narcotics. It was a narcotic bill, but it Are the plans and purposes of the retail sailed under the misleading name of a druggists now becoming plain to the doctors poison bill. Its full title was:

of this country? Suppose this bill No. 132 "A Bill to amend sections 1313, 12672 and 12673

had not come to my attention, and the of the General Code, relative to the enforcement of Governor had innocently signed it. Then the laws relative to the practice of pharmacy and the doctors of Ohio would have wakened the sale and distribution of poisons.

up some morning and found that they Who would suspect this to be a bullet could not give a Dover's powder to a aimed directly at the heart of the most patient without breaking the law! ancient right of the medical profession? I well remember my preceptor's saddle The doctors in the legislature couldn't see bags. They were later replaced (except for it when it was pointed out plainly to them. muddy riding) by a “buggy case”-and In brief, its provisions were: "Whoever how I admired that wonderful creation sells, barters, furnishes or gives away, with its numerous compartments, bottles directly or indirectly, or has in his possession of various sizes, etc. And then his pocket

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medicin case, which he always carried, Two Judicial Decisions on the Federal

Narcotic Bill. even to church. Must all these be swept

The national narcotic bill is getting some away at the behest of retail druggists, and the doctor's outfit reduced to a prescription

queer twists and turns. It was supposed pad? Imagine an anxious call at midnight, the officials in whose hands rests the enforce

by all those who supported the bill and by dark and rainy, urging the doctor to go

ment of it that unregistered persons could ten miles into the country "and please not legally have possession of opium or hurry; the case is desperate." The doctor cocain in any form without violating that says, “Wait till I get my prescription pad! law. The collector of internal revenue for That's all the retail druggists will permit the first district of Pennsylvania, in sending me to carry.”

out notices for reregistration of physicians And must I come way back here for and dealers, states: the medicin?"

Any, persons or corporations which have failed "So the retail druggists have willed."

to register on or before June 30th will be liable to Doctor, will you and your patients permit

the penalties imposed by the act, if they have in

their possession or prescribe or dispense any of it to come to this? Now is the time to

the prohibited drugs, no matter how small the think and act. Not one doctor in fifty is quantity. alive to the situation as he should be.

Notwithstanding the general idea of the Talk to the next dozen doctors and see for

intents and purposes of this bill, it has yourself. There

doctors the

already been subjected to official rulings Health Committee in both houses of the

by the commissioner of internal revenue, Ohio legislature, and they let House Bill

who requires physicians to keep a record No. 132 pass! I wrote one of them that

of all medicins dispensed, either in the THE MEDICAL WORLD has over 1,300 sub

office or at the bedside. Only hypodermic

. scribers in Ohio; and if this bill became a injections and remedies administered to the law, within a year we would have double patient by the physicians are excepted. that many subscribers in Ohio. Perhaps the bill as passed by the makers of the law it would be a good thing to let one prominent and signed by the president exempted physistate, like Ohio, slide into the trap as a

cians from recording any remedies dispensed “horrible example.” And Ohio would be

to patients. a good one, for the Eclectics there would,

Now comes a judicial decision in the justifiably, make a howl that would be

district court of the United States for the heard from ocean to ocean.

But why Western District of Pennsylvania, May should we not be "wise rats” and see the 12th, in which a suit by the government trap before getting into it?

against Jin Fuey Moy for unlawful posAs to the retail druggists, they are nice session was decided against the government fellows, and brighter than doctors. This

on the ground that the defendant was not is proven by the fact that they can walk

in the class of persons defined in the bill all around the doctors when it comes to

as requiring to be registered in order to legislation. Maybe it is because druggists be permitted to have the remedy in his are frankly (and properly) commercial,

possession. while doctors are not, as a rule. I have

The indictment in this case was drawn taken a more pronounced and persistent under the provisions of Section 8, defining stand on this legislation question than any unlawful possession. The court held as member of our profession known to me.

follows: But I want it understood clearly that I am

In reading the eighth section, in connection with not anti-retail druggist. I have nothing the remaining sections of the act of congress, when against the retail druggists except their it provides that it shall be unlawful for any person, schemes against the doctors. All we want not registered under the provisions of this act, to is to not be disturbed in our ancient rights

have in his possession certain drugs, 'I think that

the word “person" should be held to refer to the and privileges. Druggists and doctors can

persons with whom the act of congress is dealing, work hand in hand, advantageously to both. that is, persons who are required to register and But when our druggist friends seek to rob pay the special tax in order to import, produce, us of our ancient privilege of administering

manufacture, deal in, dispense, sell or distribute.

And the is no allegation in the indictment that or dispensing to our patients according to

Moy had in his possession these drugs for any of our judgment, convenience and desire, we

these purposes. must raise our hand warningly and say, The indictment, therefore, could not be sus"you shall not do this thing.'

tained, unless the mere fact of having the drug

in his possession is a violation of the law. If so, United States Attorney, located at Los any person would be presumptively guilty and subject to indictment and have the burden of

Angeles, has also ruled that the federal narproof cast upon him under this section, if he had

cotic law does not apply to unregistered perany small amount of the proscribed drug in his sons found with narcotic drugs when such possession, without any reference to the purpose persons have made no effort to sell or give for which it was to be used, whether legitimate or otherwise.

away, etc., the said narcotics. On account of the view which the court enter

In the case of the government against tains as to the scope of the act of congress, the

Kenneth Brown in the United States motion to quash the indictment is sustained, and

District Court for the Western District of a general exception is noted to the government, Washington, Northern Division, April 21st, and it will be given any special exceptions that

the defendant held section 8 to be unconmay be desired.

stitutional as interfering with the police It will be noted that the defendant in

regulations of the state. On this ground this case, in support of the demurrer to

the court ruled the act to be constitutional, the indictment, does not contend that

as follows: section 8 of the federal narcotic law is unconstitutional as a police provision, but

Congress having the power to exclude the drug

entirely from the United States, and the right to rather contends that the federal narcotic

regulate its relation to interstate commerce and to law does not apply to unregistered persons levy a tax, must be held to have the right to make found with narcotic drugs in their pos

it unlawful for any person who has not complied session when such persons have made no

with the provisions of the act, by registration or

paying a tax, to have in his possession this “outeffort to sell, give away, etc., the said lawed” article. The act must be construed as a narcotics.

whole and force given to every part when this can In other words, it is contended by the be done. defendant that the word "person" used in This decision is a very important one, the following manner in section 8:

in that it sustains the constitutionality of Section 8.—That it shall be unlawful for any

the Federal Narcotic Law, with particular person not registered under the provisions of this reference to section 8, defining unlawful act, and who has not paid the special tax provided possession. for by this act, to have in his possession or under his control any of the aforesaid drugs; and such possession or control shall be presumptive evidence

The Abderhalden Test. of a violation of this section, and, also, of a viola

Altho it would seem that the Abderhalden tion of the provisions of section 1 of this act; ...

test had been before the profession for a refers to the word “person" used in section time sufficient to have permitted a definite 1 of the act in the following text:

conclusion having been reached as to its Section 1.—That on and after the first day of value, it is a fact that the matter is almost March, nineteen hundred and fifteen, every person as much a mooted point as it was just after who produces, imports, manufactures, compounds, deals in, dispenses, sells, distributes or gives away

the announcement. F. H. Falls, in the opium or coca leaves, or any compound, manu. Journal A. M. A., June 5, 1915, tersely facture, salt, derivative or preparation thereof, sums the situation by saying: “The workers shall register, etc.

in the field may at present be divided into In other words, an unregistered person three groups: 1. Those who support Abderwho has the proscribed narcotic drugs in halden's contentions entirely and believe his possession, but who has not dealt in, that a diagnosis of pregnancy, carcinoma dispensed, sold, distributed, or given away and various other conditions can be made these drugs, does not hold such possession absolutely by exposing the serum from a contrary to the federal narcotic law. The case to the specific substrate against which court sustained the contentions of the these ferments are mobilized by the body. defendant and held as indicated above. 2. Those who believe that the method is of

In our opinion this decision is not sound, , no value. 3. Those who believe that, while and is not the construction which will be the ferment content of the blood is unfinally sustained by the Supreme Court of doubtedly increased in pregnancy and the United States. The government will, various other conditions, the specificity of no doubt, take an appeal from this decision, the ferments as maintained by Abderhalden and we trust that this important question and his supporters is not yet proved, and may be shortly determined by the Supreme in the light of the most recent work is Court.

highly improbable." In this connection it will be interesting The textbook of a few years ago airily to note that Robert O'Connor, Assistant disposed of the physiology of digestion of

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albumins, and many of us have long been to faulty technic, and it is little wonder content to believe in the peptones as that many half-fledged experimenters workrepresenting the end product of proteid ing on the intricate tests could find condigestion. Recent work of reliable observers flicting results. Those who deny anything has convinced us, however, that the albumin whatever for the tests are generally those molecule is really a complex substance who have had no experience with them, which is broken up into albumoses, pep- and the value of their judgment is easily tones, parapeptones, etc.—the amido-acids estimated. Tho it is quite possible that -of which there are a great number of the Abderhalden test is not absolute (what distinct bodies. It requires no great stretch test is?), if it gives results in a goodly of the imagination to consider that the bone proportion of cases it has done much for cell requires a different nourishment than medicin, and is well worth continued study the nerve cell, and that nature unquestion in the confidence that improved technic ably must have the faculty of developing will ultimately yield us much more than the requirements of the metabolism of the the originator now claims. We can use it various kinds of cells.

now in every case of suspected pregnancy Abderhalden elaborated the theory that where the diagnosis is important, but we when foreign proteids are introduced into can remember its limitations and the the blood protective ferments are formed possibility of error. In cancer, we can use which break down the albumin into pep- it as corroborative evidence when associated tones and amido-acids. From this, he with other phenomena on which we have proceeded to develop his “test.” If serum learned to depend. derived from blood of a pregnant woman be brought in contact with placental albumin, the protective ferments contained

BUSINESS TALK TO DOCTORS will attack the placental albumin, converting it into peptones and amido-acids. He demonstrates this by dialyzation thru July for a vacation, say many city a dialyzing membrane, the albumins re- dwellers -- merchants, professional men, fusing to pass thru, while the peptones and clerks, etc. But not so on the farm, where amido-acids pass easily and are demon- nature is her busiest, and the farmer must strable in the filtrate by well-known reac- be busy, also. People in towns are not so tions. On the other hand, serum from a much given to vacations as city people are, non-pregnant woman allowed to act on but they are getting the habit. A formal placental tissue will be without disintegrat- vacation varies from one week up. Ex-presiing power on the albumin of the placental dent Taft once said that he believed in an mass, and no product passes thru the annual vacation of four months. Evidently membrane.

he was speaking for the aristocracy. The same theory applies to cancer.

He After writing the above lines the conbelieves that in the blood of a person ditions in Europe flash into my mind, and suffering from cancer a protective ferment I feel ashamed of what I have written. is developed which acts against cancer However, as long as we have sufficient proteid. The "test" is the same, sub- good common sense to live together on this stituting carcinomatous tissue for placental continent without constant war and preparatissue, and peptones and amido-acids pass tion for war, I guess we have a right to thru the membrane and are demonstrable talk about summer vacations. We fervently in the filtrate.

hope that the people of the continent of The test is essentially a laboratory Europe will learn the good sense of living procedure, but this is no reason why the together in peace.

together in peace. It is so much cheaper general country practician, now, may not

than war, and it is life, while war is death. take advantage of it as well as his more

And how foolish it is for men to line up conveniently located urban brother. A and shoot one another! That is not the number of laboratories are advertising very way to find out what is right. moderate rates for such tests, and the

And did I tell you in my Travel Talks specimens are readily forwarded by mail. of last year what I saw on one of the large Abderhalden has made no admission of battleships at Kiel last summer? As an failure in his tests, and his standing entitles ordinary tourist, along with other tourists, him to respectful attention. He claims the I was taken on and thru the Deutschland, errors reported by various workers are due one of the largest naval vessels there. The

men happened to be at mess.

Each one

war at a much higher figure than we ask for them was plentifully helped with fat pork,

now, but we were not then ready. roast peeled potatoes, spinach and bread.

We inherited this property from our father, who

held it for 24 years. There being no improvements All was well cooked. It was a good, whole- on it, we do not care to hold it any longer, altho some meal. What surprised me was the the taxes are not high. We would like to sell and waste. I think every one got more than

get some income. he could eat, nay, much more. What was

My plan is to sell the lots on long-time payments,

8 or 10 years' time, with a small cash payment to left was dumped into barrels, and, I was insure good faith on the part of the buyers. told, taken ashore and fed to hogs. In The prices vary from $1,000 to $1,250, interest these barrels, over half full of this excellent 6% on deferred payments. food, I saw entire slices of bread, whole

Would you advise me to advertise these in your

MEDICAL WORLD? What do you think of this potatoes, and chunks of fat pork as large plan? If you think it feasible, send us your adveras your fist. I thought of the old saying, tising rates.

J. C. R. CHAREST, M.D. Wilful waste brings woful want.” I have Thief River Falls, Minn. thought of this awful waste many times [Tho it is against my interest, I advise during recent months whenever I have you not to advertise in our pages. Doctors read of impending starvation in Germany, scattered from ocean to ocean and from the the use of “war bread" even on the Kaiser's Gulf to the Arctic, have no occasion to buy table, etc. I don't think there is, nor that lots in Montreal. Your proper market is there will be, any danger of starvation in local. After holding this property so long, Germany. But I do think that that awful better wait till after the war, when you waste has long ago been stopped.

can make sales more readily than now,

and at better prices. Then, better put the Work in July.

lots into the hands of a good, honest local Do you like to work in July? Is it

Is it agent on the usual commission. But be pretty hot? You must go when called to

sure that the agent is honest, and acting the sick, but you are tempted to lag on

in your interest, and not playing the double your bookkeeping. If you do the work game of agent and speculator. I say this in July, you ought certainly see to it that

because I have come in contact with two you do not do it for nothing. If you have

instances of this kind just lately. In one, good, safe investments, they work for

the owner agreed to sell for $1,200. The you, hot or cold, day and night. But some agent got a party interested. The prospective people, when they think of this, want to purchaser innocently “let the cat out" by quit work and live on their investments. saying to the owner, “I will pay $1,500 It is then that they are tempted by a

but not $1,700"! The agent was trying to promised high rate of income to sacrifice

make a profit of $500 plus his commission the safety of the principal, and thus lose

on $1,200. This was not honest. It would all. That is the height of folly. However, have been all right if he had bought the just now, if you are careful, you can get property and then sold it at as high a

Another case: The a higher rate of income on capital than figure as he could. you could a few years ago, with safety of agent (a strict churchman-I know this the principal. Some pretty good bonds now

case intimately) was authorized to sell at yield as high as 6%. Consult your banker.

a certain figure. He called up his principal

(in another town) and said he could get Wants to Sell Lots.

only $4,500. Principal told him to sell if Dr. C. P. Taylor; Dear DoctOR:-Having had the buyer would pay the commission. opportunity of profiting by your sound advice on Agent said buyer wouldn't do it. Principal financial matters as well as medical, I wish to ask finally said all right. Agent had deed made

. your opinion on the following plan. With my brothers and sisters, I own some 450

out, and when owner came to sign it he lots within the city limits of the city of Montreal,

found $4,850 named as the purchase price. which, as you know, is the New York of Canada in The agent stood to get the difference, plus every way:

$90 commission! The owner would not These lots are free from incumbrance, and situated on one of the most important thorofares;

sign the deed till the agreed amount was in fact, the most important street connecting the

named therein. The agent would not north and south shores of the island of Montreal. work honestly for his principal. However, The city is well built up to our property and be- if he had been an investor, not posing as yond. The street railway runs the whole length of the property, which is level and most desirable

an agent representing a principal, his in every way for building homes or stores. transaction would have been all right, as

These lots could have been sold easily before the nobody would have been deceived.

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