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Valentine's Meat-Juice

In Diarrhoea, Dysentery and Cholera
Infantum where it is Essential to Con.
serve the Weakened Vital Forces with-
out Irritating the Digestive Organs,
Valentine's Meat-Juice demonstrates
its Ease of Assimilation and Power to
Sustain and Strengthen.

Dr. Simonyi Bela, Physician to the Israelite Hospital, Buda-Pest, Hungary: "I have tested ValENTINE'S MEAT-JUICE in the case of a child five years old who was much weakened by a severe and obstinate attack of Gastro-Enteritis, during which there was great difficulty in properly feeding him. Two days after he had begun taking VALENTINE'S MEAT-JUICE the extreme weakness began to abate and the patient recovered in a remarkably short time. I find VALENTINE'S MEAT-JUICE an excellent preparation, and in cases where a powerfully stimulating nourishment is needed it answers wonderfully.'

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For Sale by American and European Chemists and Druggists.



Eye Ointments

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Carefully prepared, put up in block tin tubes, under aseptic conditions, with Eye Tip on Tube.

On receipt of $1.25 we will send one of
each (eleven) of the following ointments to
you, prepaid :
Atropine Sulphate 12%.
Acid Boric (Carbolated).
Copper Citrate 10%.
Copper Citrate 5%.
Mercury Chloride Corrosive.
Mercury Yellow Oxide 2%.
Mercury Yellow Oxide 1%.
Mercury Yellow Oxide with Atropine.
Mercury Yellow Oxide with Adrenalin comp.
Zinc Acetate.

Neuralgia, Neuritis, Asthma,

Chorea and allied NERVE TROUBLES are usually promptly relieved even after failure by other

forms of treatment.


Our sterile solutions are carefully prepared

and have a uniform potency. Bacteriologically and Physiologically Tested

WRITE FOR LITERATURE. Rochester Biologic Corporation


Pharmaceutical Chemists 215-219 W. OHIO ST.


The knowledge that a man can use is the only real knowledge; the only knowledge that has life and growth in it and converts itself into practical power. The rest hangs like

dust about the brain, or dries like raindrops off the stones.-FROUDE.

The Medical World physicians,e at a meeting of the Philadel

Second Class Matter.




. At

phia County Medical Society on June 9th, C. F. TAYLOR, M.D., Editor and Publisher. Dr. Gordon J. Saxon detailed a number of A. L. RUSSELL, M.D.,

Associate Editors.

experiments with diet and rat and mouse J. C. ROMMEL, M.D., E. S. TAYLOR, Business Manager.

tumors. Using a modified Mendel-Osborne

diet for some and a normal diet for other Intered at the Philadelphia Postoffice as

animals it was found that the Mendel

Osborne diet (consisting of pure gluten, SUBSCRIPTION RATES: To any part of the United States or Mexico, ONE DOLLAR per year, or Four

pure starch, hog fat, and pure recrystallized Years for THREE DOLLARS in advance; to Canada lactose, with a mixture of salts-sodium ONE DOLLAR AND TWENTY-FIVE CENTS per year, or FOUR YEARS for Four DOLLARS in advance; to Eng.

hypophosfite, a magnesia salt, ferric sulfate, land and the British Colonies, FIVE SHILLINGS Six and sodium chlorid) had a controlling Pence per year; to other foreign countries in the Postal Union, the equivalent of_5s. 6d. Postage free. action over the tumors. Tumor formation Single copies, current issue, Ten Cents; previous issues, from Ten to TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. These

was produced by inoculating the animals rates are due in advance.

in the abdomen with sections of a tumor. HOW TO REMIT: For their own protection we advise that our patrons remit in a safe way, such as by

This produced a tumor growth that in postal money order, express order, check, draft, or registered mail. Currency sent by ordinary mail

some instances was very large. Under the usually reaches its destination safely, but money so Mendel-Osborne diet some of the tumors

sent must be at the risk of the sender. We cannot always supply back numbers. Should

retrogressed. When lactose was added to ber fail to reach a subscriber, we will supply another, if notified before the end of the month.

the diet the tumors grew rapidly. When Notify us promptly of any change of address, mentioning cholesterol was added to the diet or admin

both old and new addresses. If you want your subscription stopt at expiration of the

istered hypodermically metastases occurred, time paid for, kindly notify us, as in the absence of such notice we will understand that it is the sub

which did not happen otherwise. Indol scriber's pleasure that the subscription be

and skatol also increased the growth of tinued and we will act accordingly. Pay no money to agents unless publisher's receipt is given. tumors. In some experiments a 2% solution ADDRESS ALL COMMUNICATIONS TO

of potassium iodid was also administered to “THE MEDICAL WORLD"

stimulate thyroid secretion and the animals 1520 Chestnut Street

Philadelphia, Pa.

thus experimented upon promptly developed

large tumors. Vol. XXXIII JULY, 1915

No, 7

Bulkley' advocates a vegetarian diet with

the avoidance of coffee and alcohol in every The Doctor's Burden-Cancer.

form. Care must be taken that sufficient The Pennsylvania State Medical Society, food is consumed to supply the necessary in a commendable effort to overcome the quantity of calories, and that it contains enormous death rate from cancer, has, thru sufficient protein, carbohydrate and fat in the great efforts of its Commission on a form and condition to be digested. Yet Cancer, of which Dr. Jonathan M. Wain- in the experiments of Saxon, mentioned wright, of Scranton, Pa., is the hard-working above, lactose, a carbohydrate, increased chairman, started an active campaign against tumor growth. Butter fat was found by this dreaded disease thruout this country the latter to accumulate in the body, but and enlisted the aid of many medical hog fat did not. Likewise commercial journals and practicians. We are pleased sugar of milk was found to contain a to present a few articles on that subject in fattening substance that was absent from this issue.

pure sugar of milk. We have found, howConsiderable has been written about ever, in feeding experiments on the human cancer and appeared in recent publications. that patients who ingest fat pork put on Naturally a very prevalent disease would a layer of fat. Bulkley advises these patients attract much attention and be discussed widely. Some things that are new and

1 Medical Record, May 15, 1915.


to ingest a quarter pound of butter, repre- the host. In this condition metastasis senting 800 calories, each day.

occurs to various near and remote parts Bulkley believes cancer is a biologic of the body. In Abelmann's experience, disease, a deviation from the normal life the infection takes a long period of time and action of certain of the ordinary cells to develop the disease. of the tissues, which may be Cohnheim's Certain of the animals experimented embryonic cells or rests. He believes eating upon did not develop cancer, but instead meat helps in the production of the disease. pernicious anemia, leukemia and a con

a Likewise, constipation being an accom- dition simulating tuberculosis. paniment of cancer, he concludes that the Saxon's experiments of inoculating rats toxins produced by the millions of micro- also seem to show the infectious nature of organisms generated thru intestinal stasis the disease. Were it not so, would not the and fecal putrefaction are the real inci- tumor material, when injected into the dental cause of cancer, which is somewhat animals, follow the course of other foreign akin to Bell's view.

proteids, etc., and cause anaphylaxis, abBell' believes cancer is due to a chronically scess, ulcer, etc.?

, toxin-laden blood. This acting on the Erwin F. Smith,' of the United States tissues for years distorts their physiologic Department of Agriculture, says that so processes to such an extent that the per- far as known all overgrowths on plants, version of the cells leads them to the forma- such as galls and common knots on forest tion of a fungus, not bacterial in origin. trees, are caused by parasites. The specific He believes it possible to prevent cancer parasites capable of stimulating these overgrowth and to maintain the blood in a growths may be numerous and easily healthy condition by supplying it with visible or few and hard to see. In terms of food that has not been deprived by heat or animal pathology, the growths resulting other means of its vital principle. Faulty from their presence in plants may be diet produces constipation, whereby toxins classified either as granulomata or as true are absorbed into the blood stream, poison- tumors, depending on whether the secondary ing the tissue cells. When long continued, overgrowths are the result of the direct Bell believes cancer results.

migration of the parasite, which in its new Abelmann' is conducting experiments to location stimulates the surrounding tissues determine whether or not cancer is an as it did in its former locations, or whether infectious disease and also to learn if cancer the cell of the plant itself is the primary and sarcoma are merely two different migrant (whipped into abnormal multiplimanifestations of disease. He is cation under the stimulus of some intrainoculating guinea pigs, chickens and rab- cellular parasite). In this second case, of bits with cancer and sarcoma tissue and course, the parasite is carried along to reproducing the disease therein.

other parts of the tissue, where secondary perimental work seems to be favoring his tumors arise, but it does not move of its hypothesis.

own accord. It is held like a prisoner Abelmann believes there is a difference within the multiplying cells of the host, in cancer-cell transplantation and cancer and appears not elsewhere than in the infection. When cells alone are trans- original site of the disease except as it is planted they continue their growth at the carried from one part of the host plant to point of inoculation and do not metastate. another part in the proliferating cells along They are then distinctly a mushroom sort with their growth, and then, of course, the of parasitic growth, much like moss on a secondary tumor must repeat the structure tree. In this instance the tissues of the of the primary tumor. This type of plant animal themselves do not become cancer, disease is of interest because it simulates but merely harbor the cancer cells growing very closely what takes place in malignant upon them.

This growth takes place animal tumors. immediately upon its being engrafted. Crown-gall, according to Smith, behaves

When a true cancer infection occurs, like cancer. It is produced by Bacterium however, the specific micro-organism pro- tumefaciens. When a crown-gall appears duces a cancerous state in the tissues of upon a plant there occurs an enormous overthe animal, a tumor developing that is growth of tissues, partly of the woody tissues, composed of the non-malignant cells of but the greater part consists of soft paren1 Medical Record, June 5, 1915.

3“ Proceedings of Seventeenth International Congress of 2 TUinois Medical Journal, February, 1915.

Medicin," London, 1913.


His ex:



chyma cells. Secondary tumors are formed stage and operation is rarely successful. by the outgrowth of strands of tumor Occult blood was found in the feces in 72%. cells, which destroy the surrounding tissue The glycyltryptophan test was positive in and extend toward the surface of the 40%. The Wolff test for soluble albumin plant. True metastasis—the growth of was positive in 78.5%. The test gave a secondary tumors at a distance, not con- more positive finding than absence of nected structurally with the

the primary acidity, the presence of lactic acid or posigrowth-has not been found in plants. tive glycyltryptophan test. It was approxiThis tumor disease has been reproduced in mately as constant a finding as tests for plants at least 2,000 times experimentally altered blood and the demonstration of by Smith and every inoculation of a plant motor insufficiency. It was not so conwith the germ starts a tumor.'

In en

stantly manifested as organisms of the deavors to cultivate and experiment with Boas-Oppler type or increase in the formol the germs it was found that small quan- index. In extragastric malignancy and in tities of acetic acid killed the bacteria. gastric syphilis the test was inconstant. Similar results with acetic acid in foot-and- In the differentiation between malignant mouth disease are reported in THE WORLD, and non-malignant achylias the Wolff test, April, 1915, page 143, by Page.

when interpreted in connection with other Smith inoculated fish with this organism clinical and laboratory data, proved of and there resulted a growth resembling considerable value. sarcoma. His view is that cancer is not a The Oppler-Boas bacilli were present in cell anarchy, but a cell symbiosis.

94%, yeasts in 30%, sarcines in 10%. Packard also investigated plant tumors When Oppler-Boas bacilli are present hydrodue to parasites. It may be, as we expressed chloric acid is absent in more than 80% in quoting Packard's investigations, that and an abdominal lump is detectible in human beings spread such tumors by

such tumors by three out of four cases. handling diseased plants.

The average hemoglobin percentage was The heredity theory finds a few followers.' 72. Red cells averaged 3,620,000 and

Green* states that from analysis of maps leucocytes 11,200. In nineteen cases an of cancer mortality and fuel consumed it excess of eosinophiles might have supported is shown that where the cancer mortality the contention of those who favor the is the highest coal is burned, and he believes parasitic etiology of cancer. that the composition of the coal has much does not show cancer until it has obtained to do with the causation of cancer. In

some size. Orkney, where peat, containing a large Ambrose' says that a patient afflicted percentage of sulfur, is burned, cancer is with a stomach trouble that does not common. In those parts of France in which respond to proper medical or dietetic cancer is frequent the coal burned contains treatment within six weeks' time should a large percentage of sulfur.

be looked upon as suffering with an organic Smithiess says that the problem of the stomach lesion until proven otherwise. cure of gastric cancer is that of detecting Loeper and Buret endeavor to secure malignant processes before there is an cancer cells by introducing into the empty appreciable degree of perigastric lymph- stomach a quart of physiologic salt solution, gland invasion. From the records of 700 massaging the stomach for a few moments

a gastric cancer cases he found retention of and then

removing the solution and centrifood for 6 to 12 hours, with variable color fuging it. Microscopic examination may and rancidity. Free hydrochloric acid was then reveal cancer cells. present in 46% Where lactic acid is McGrath’ says that cancer in the prostate present the disease is in a very advanced is usually insignificant in size, while metas

The X-ray

tases therefrom in bone is extensive. Similar 1 For details concerning the parasitic nature of Bacterium relations have been observed with small tumefaciens see

Plant Industry, United States Department of Agriculture. (Sent on receipt of cancerous nodules in the female breast and 40 cents by the Superintendent of Documents, Government the thyroid. Manifestations in bone, with Printing Office, Washington, D. C.) Also Bulletin 255, Bureau of Plant Industry, United States Department of Agriculture. cause obscure, should direct attention to (Sent on receipt of 50 cents by the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office.)

these observations. Involvement of lymph? Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics, February, 1913; MEDI- atic glands is not a dependable factor CAL WORLD, June, 1913, pages 223 and 224. 3 Moullin, Annals of Surgery, January, 1915.

in diagnosis, since metastasis may be Edinburgh Medical Journal, January, 1915; Medical Rceord, May 8, 1915.

I Minois Medical Journal, February, 1915. Illinois Medical Journal, February, 1915.

2 Jour. Amer. Med. Assoc., September 19, 1914.

Bulletin 213, Bureau of


present in the skeletal structure and these into rabbits and the antitoxin formed in glands be apparently unaffected.

their blood has been injected by him into Beebe treated a number of cases by cancer patients, with success. means of a vegetable poultice and the . administration of certain of the remedies Retail Druggists and State Medical contained in the poultice. The poultice

Legislation. was composed of menyanthes trifoliata The editor of this journal believes in law (water trefoil, buckbean), melilotus offici- and order. He is not a dreamer, but he is nalis (yellow melilot, balsam-flower), mentha an idealist in so far as ideals of the highest crispa (cross mint), brassica alba (white perfection should be conceived, in order to

, mustard), anemone hepatica (liverwort), work toward them when they cannot be viola tricolor (pansy), anthemis (chamomile), reached.

reached. Humanity is very imperfect, and fructus colocynthidis (colocynth fruit), civilization is very imperfect. But both are lignum quassiæ (quassia wood), urtica better than they were formerly, and they dioica (stinging nettle), radix rhei (rhubarb are getting better all the time, with the root), and hedge hyssop (gratiola officinalis). exception of an occasional ebb in the Experiments on animals by hypodermic flowing tide toward better things. Howinjections of a solution of the material of ever, perhaps it would be all ebb if some the poultice showed an active local reaction, of us did not constantly strive to make evidenced by swelling, redness, heat and things better. tenderness. Then follows a leucocytosis, The narcotic evil has long been with us. with relatively high lymphocytosis, some Remedies have long been considered. A

A rise in temperature, and in human subjects good place to start was in Congress, as a a chill of varying intensity and duration. law made there would be nation-wide. Under the microscope are found all the Several bills were introduced, but the characteristics of a moderately acute in- friends of narcotic legislation finally comflammatory reaction with a relatively large bined on the Harrison bill. This journal leucocytic infiltration. When such extracts advocated narcotic legislation from the were injected directly into a transplantable first, and did what it could to make the rat sarcoma, the characteristic reaction Harrison bill an efficient law. followed and was accompanied by a peculiar Immediately after the Harrison bill benecrosis of the tumor cells. When the skin came a law, last December, this journal over the tumor is ulcerated the affected sought to secure state narcotic legislation area rapidly degenerates and a mass of in harmony with the national legislation necrotic tissue is discharged, followed by just achieved. About forty state legishealing; while if the skin is not broken latures met during the past winter, and or ulcerated the reaction following the many hundreds of letters went out from injection produced a marked infiltration of this office concerning narcotic legislation in serum and leucocytes, particularly around the various states. All could not be achieved the borders of the tumor, the tumor itself at once. That would have been beyond was gradually absorbed, and there was an reasonable expectation. But good results apparent complete restoration of normal were achieved in many states, and many cellular conditions.

bad bills were defeated. Few realize the Beebe is now giving the remedy to his importance of the latter.

importance of the latter. If a good law patients subcutaneously in the arm and cannot be secured, the next best thing is securing results thereby.

to defeat bad bills. Great care must be exercised in applying I will here mention only two states. The this poultice. It must be wrapped in gauze Connecticut legislature was about to pass and the skin covered with a layer of petro- perhaps the worst bill from the standpoint latum. The solution of the drugs for of the medical profession that has been hypodermic use has been made by him in seriously proposed in any state, when I various ways.

From 5 to 7 minims are got in touch with affairs there. It was not injected every second day, the amount narcotic legislation at all. It went much being judged by the patient's susceptibility. farther than narcotics. It provided that

Nowell? has been using a carcinoma one except a registered pharmacist toxin and antitoxin. The toxin was derived could dispense any medicins whatever, in from cancer tumors. This was injected any amount nor for any purpose.


would have reduced the physician's outfit i New York Medical Journal, May 15, 1915. 9 New England Medical Gazette, March, 1915.

to a prescription pad. A quick and vigorous


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