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that will improve the vital forces. Atten- data; and I know my own views on this tion to the digestiv tract, looking after malady have been largely influenced by one digestion and elimination, is an essential. case: It was a doctor who had been driven In the polar regions the inhabitants depend to morphin by the atrocious itching. On upon the free ingestion of fat, eating whale opening his abdomen we found that his blubber in great quantities and using animal colon was contracted to the diameter of a oils freely. When the general health is lead pencil, and along its whole course was best, resistance to cold is highest.–Ed.] a double row of little pockets, each con

taining a scybalum the size of a marble--

too large to escape into the bowel. The Comments on the February WORLD.

conclusion was that the pruritus was caused Care of Drug Habitués.

by a discharge from these retained masses. EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:--What is to

After this I treated all cases by very careful become of the drug habitués after Feb- and complete emptying of the bowel, and ruary? One thing sure, the institutions ?

in many the pruritus was thereby relieved. for their cure will be thronged. Let us hope But not in all; and I am free to say I that the fakes and incompetents may not

believe this is one element in causing the get the majority of the victims. The man

itching, but not the only one. who determins to stop such a habit is going to pass thru an ordeal, and he may as well

Drugs in Therapeutics. make up his mind that he will suffer. But Despite the popularity of serotherapy we it is not at all difficult for one to obtain are told that America's drug bill amounts to “promises" of a painless cure. In selecting

In selecting half a billion dollars annually. How much the physician who is to be entrusted with would it be, if every person who used the this grave responsibility, the patient should drugs should be compelled to give a definit be assured that his life is safe, that he will reason for the use of each? be really cured; and he may reasonably most commonly used prescription, and tell ask that his suffering shall be reduced to us why you use each ingredient, what it the lowest possible point and confined within will do, how you recognize its action and the shortest period. This much can be how you know when enuf has been given, honestly promised, and the engagements how soon its action reaches its acme and kept; and provided the patient really in- how long this lasts, how long its subsidence tends to be cured and gives enuf time for takes, and how soon and by what means it, the cure may be permanent. But many it gets out of the system. victims will go to the people who make the doctors know that after an animal has biggest promises without reflecting on King received a full dose of digitalis it is months David's sage estimate of human veracity before the effects have disappeared? Yet


they give this powefrul drug right along, Autoserotherapy, Serotherapy and Vaccines.

"every four hours." The editorial on autoserotherapy, page Despite the present popularity of the 45, would make mighty interesting reading so-called physiologic therapy, the profession to any physician who had been out of activ will return to drugs, if only for their conwork for ten years.

How the practise is venience. But it must be to a very different developing! Some striking results are also drug therapeusis from the old. being secured in treating pruritus ani with have absolute accuracy, and on this base an vaccines. The autogenous form seems most absolute knowledge of the powers of drugs successful. One writer tells of an obstinate and the influence they exert over the bodily case thus cured, and refers to the old-timers functions. Every day I am askt if I still who still look on the malady as due to con- believe in the activ principles. Draw a stitutional faults rather than to local

to local broad line between their therapeutic use staphylococcal infection. He takes it for and the commercialism with which they granted that his cure will prove permanent, have been connected, and I reply, most altho he speaks of the tendency to recurrence assuredly I believe in them. To quinin, after apparent cure by the older methods. morphin, strychnin, atropin, pilocarpin, Let us hope that his faith may be justified. apomorphin, cocain, has now been added Meanwhile, applications of scarlet red seem emetin; and the possibilities inhering in to afford more relief than others.

ipecac have been demonstrated as they Our ideas are apt to be based rather on never could be, so long as we were confined single impressiv cases than on more extensiv 'to the older galenic preparations. That

How many

similar values are to be found in the other then graduate as teachers. If a teacher pure alkaloids is hardly a matter for argu- gets to know the child, it would be well ment. Some day we will have the 27 for her to have charge of him for five years alkaloids of opium, the 30 principles of instead of changing every year. cinchona, the 17 of chelidonium, the 6 of

Irritable Cough. jaborandi, and the hundreds found in other plants, each separated and arranged for our Apply a strip of mustard leaf an inch use, like the numerous little instruments on wide over the right pneumogastric in the the dentist's tray, each for the applications neck, until the burning is decided. Restrain it is better adapted to than any other. the cough by the will. Remove sources of Corrosiv Sublimate Poisoning.

reflex irritability. Let 1/12 grain of zinc

cyanid dissolve on the tongue, without Have we exhausted the possibilities of swallowing, repeated every half hour for drug medication? Hardly. My friend and three doses. If this does not suffice, the former pupil, Dr. Thomas A. Carter, has diagnosis is wrong. recently attracted attention thru his treat

Tuberculosis. ment of sublimate poisoning. He has now treated 44 cases, losing 3. He employs Is there any germicide with which we can sodium phosfite as an antidote, keeping safely saturate the body so as to kill the enuf of it at all times in the stomach to germs and yet not injure the patient? If neutralize the sublimate as it is dissolved. we do kill them, how long before they will Of the three fatal cases, one was moribund

reinfect? For the body once submitting to when admitted and the remedies had not such invasion is very liable to succumb to time to act. One died of anuria and con- others. The phenol group, iodin and vulsions. She was doing well and the sulfur, have been urged as systemic germikidneys had commenced to secrete a few cides. Some success has accrued to the use ounces of urin a day, when an interne applied of each. I recollect one girl who took to a sore arm a hot solution of sublimate as créosote till she smelt like a ham; and she a dressing-the renal secretion ceast and was cured.

Iodin has been reintroduced death followed quickly. The third case was

Sulfur has been utilized especially interesting. The patient was

mainly as calx sulfurata; and it looks doing well, when friends insisted on feeding reasonable, since it has proved of value in her; hematemesis followed and she died. other infections. Phosforus and phosfates This points to an essential feature of treat- not therapeutically interchangeable. ment--absolute prohibition of food. The Many applications of the salts have been local action of the sublimate is corrosion; made, but the nearest anybody has come some tissue is killed and some retains a to using phosforus was when Luton advised little vitality, being just on the verge of the phosfide of copper. In not one of these death. Give food, and the acid gastric has a real scientific test ever been made. juice pours out, attacks the enfeebled The danger of reinfection has not been tissues, and erosion follows, with hemorrhage recognized, and true cures may have been from the patulous vessels. If this is correct, overlookt. all food must be forbidden, and alkalies For dyspnea of pulmonary tuberculosis should be given almost constantly to give a whiff of amyl nitrite or a very small neutralize any possible acid forming. This dose of nitroglycerin. is included in Carter's method.

Respiratory Affections.
Teacher and Pupil.

Williams cured nasal catarrh by keeping Dr. Beard (page 54) might have termed the bowels clear and clean. Do this and his cases nerve exhaustion instead of nerve apply the crusht tablets of the Bulgarian wear. And why does he limit the malady bacillus locally. to neurotics? Any man may develop such For dry cough: Emetin, lobelia, cocillana, conditions by overworking his brain, even antimony, narcein. if he have no strain of abnormality in his For loose cough, bronchorrhea: Copaiba, ancestry-if that be possible. The paper cubeb, tar, petroleum, narcotin, myrrh. illustrates the importance of a suggestion terpin, iron, tolu. I have just made in a school journal, that To soothe cough: Codein, heroin, canthe teachers beginning with the first grade nabis, cyanides, glycyrrhiza, sugar, steam. of the primary schools should stay with To stimulate cough: Squill

, Senega, their class thru five years of teaching---and sanguinaria, ammonia, thebain.

many times.


For reflex cough and spasmodic forms: and had cases by the dozens where there Atropin, hyoscin, gelseminin, solanin. was no infection following examinations

For fetid sputa: Tar, turpentine and other made before the expulsion of the uterin volatil oils.

contents. I have removed several dead For hemoptysis: Lycopus, hydrastinin, fetuses that I know some of them had been stypticin.

dead for several days without any infection. For bronchial hemorrhage: Atropin, I can cite some interesting cases, and will emetin, nitroglycerin.

cite one: Try using but one remedy at a time, and

A few years ago I was consulted by a man in that one exactly the one that is indicated. regard to his wife's condition. He said that they Chicago, Ill. William F. WAUGH, M.D. thought she was pregnant, but as she was smaller

than she was three months before, and having some

flow lately, made them think it was a retarded Infection of the Uterus.

menstruation. A few days later I was called to

see this lady, and I removed a dead fetus. This EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD :-I have seen

lady had not menstruated for six months, and had so often where the curet has been used and noticed her abdomen had increast the first three prescribed for all kinds of uterin diseases months, and decreast the last three months. From that I often wonder if we realize the great

this history and the shrunken condition of the fetus

made me think possibly that it had been dead for danger to infection that we often risk our three months. patients, and the complications that often

Why cannot a dead fetus stay in a follow a curetment.

uterus for three months without any To make it more impressiv, and worth infection when a gallon of pus can stay for more than anything that I could say on

six months without any infection? I had the subject, I will quote from the October

a patient two years ago that came fifty “Clinics" of J: B. Murphy, page 959: miles to see me in regard to a dropsy that

The average curetment is done almost always her doctor was treating. I drained over a with a sharp instrument; and a sharp curet abrades gallon of pus from this woman's abdomen the surface of the uterin mucosa, opening up the

that had been there for five months, and lymphatic spaces of the submucosa and muscularis, and simultaneously inoculating them with infectious gave no more trouble than had it been material. Frequently brisk infection sets in, and water. We cannot have any infection as with that infection comes, first, the chill and then long as the pus and contents of the uterus the rapid rise of temperature. When the infection passes out along the lym

are steril. From a long obstetric practise phatics into the cellular tissue of the broad liga- of thirty years I believe that infection ment, it usually forms an abscess there, which always enters or is carried into the uterus extends along the tube. This abscess, if not opened, from outside. Careful asepsis is always may open spontaneously in the peritoneum, bowel or bladder.

required in uterin treatment of any kind.

W. C. STIRLING. I heard this great surgeon say to a class

Sulphur Springs. Texas. of physicians that if we had seen how often he had taken guts out of a uterus after a

Puerperal Eclampsia. curetment we would never put another

EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD :-I report the sharp curet inside a uterus, and that a sharp curet had no place inside a uterus.

following case of puerperal eclampsia that He also said that infection of a uterus

was controlled without any attempt to was always carried in from without, and bring on labor. warned against making examination in

Mrs. M., age 38, mother of five children, 834

months pregnant. Feet and legs badly swollen. abortion cases until we were ready to clean

Complained early in the morning of feeling badly. out the uterus; and do it with all the By 12 m. had violent headache. At 5 p. m. was antiseptic precaution that we would use in seized with a violent convulsion, and it recurred

every twenty minutes.

When I arrived she was any other kind of an operation on the

having the sixth one (according to the count of uterus.

the husband and friends). Found her unconscious; This coming from such a great surgeon pulse, 128 and bounding. No signs of labor whatand teacher as Murphy put me thinking I injected 2 grain morphin, 1175 grain over my long list of treatments for abortion, atropin, and 10 minims Norwood's veratrum viride

in arm and left 10 grains of calomel and 5 grains of and I could not remember a single case of

carbonated soda (in powder) to be given 4 hours infection following abortion where there after the injection of morphin, etc., to be followed had been no examination made before I in two hours with 2 ounces of castor oil (hot). was ready to remove the contents of the

Saw her the next morning at 8 a. m. Pulse, 90 and

soft. No more convulsions. Was able to answer uterus or it had been expelled before

questions fairly intelligently. Had her first labor hand. On the other hand, I have seen pain at 8.15 a. m., and by 12 m. was delivered


naturally of twins weighing 772 pounds each (living and doing well). Ordered the nurse to give 10 minims of turpentine at 10 p. m. and 6 a. m., to be followed with 1 ounce of castor oil at 11 a. m., with light diet for three days. The mother is doing well and is ready to resume her regular housework.

Allow me to say I have been in the work for thirty-five years and I never try to hasten labor in these cases and have never lost a mother or child.

H. B. STEWART, M.D. Fountain Inn, S. C.

Cause of Decapitation of Fetal Head. EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD: For the benefit of Dr. Daisey and "the_family,” referring to the above heading in the February World, page 68, I would say that during the late winter or early spring of 1898 I met with the same condition of affairs in a newly married young woman, who upon close interrogation admitted having called upon a noted abortionist (then living) in the community-and excused herself upon the ground that the normal time of birth would be too soon after wedlock.

The head was completely severed from the body, and was delivered with placental forceps, as did Dr. Daisey in his case.

That same season I also ran into another case of a young unmarried woman who aborted about the fifth month. This infant was completely disemboweled.

No admissions could be obtained from her--but the conditions were powerfully suggestiv.

From the foregoing Dr. Daisey can guess how much reliance I would place on that wornan's story about the fall two weeks previous to her delivery—so far as decapitation was concerned. Elliott, III.


Puerperal Eclampsia Treated by Veratrin

and Lobelin. EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:- The following report may interest your readers :

On October 8, 1914, I was called to attend Miss N., a girl 18 years old, primipara. I found labor advancing normally and I very soon delivered her of a ten-pound boy baby.

Everything went well until the night of October 12th. At 1 a. m. I was called again, and found her restless, with slight headache and pulse accelerated. I was told that she had had some kind of a spell before I came. I gave a cathartic and she went immediately into convulsions. Then I gave a hypodermic of H. M. C. (Abbott), with orders to give salts at 6 a. m., and left.

I returned at 8 a. m. next morning and found her unconscious. Had had no action of the bowels. Had had three or four convulsions during the night. I pause here to state that this unmarried girl lived with her uncle and he refused to have filled the necessary prescriptions for her, the nearest drug store being five miles away.

Therefore I was left with a limited amount of drugs to work with. So I set to work with enemies, together with one granule of Abbott's veratrin hydrochlorid by mouth every hour until 3 p. m. Up to this time no improvement, no movement of bowels; but the water thrown into bowels would pass back. Convulsions continuing, at 3.30 p. m. I gave a hypodermic of Abbott's lobelia sulfate. Convulsions now farther apart. So I repeated the dose at 5.30 p. m. and ordered oil given at 7.30 p. m. I then went home, and returned at 7

p. m., October 14th. I found patient perfectly quiet, yet unconscious, bowels moving freely, and had been all thru the night, and had not had any convulsions since 8 p. m. that night. I gave a dose of oil and left again, and returned on the morning of October 15th. I found her conscious and feeling fine, and called for her breakfast. In a few days she was out of bed; no more trouble. No medicin was given at all after beginning the lobelin sulfate except oil.

Now, my object in writing this is to call the profession's attention to the lobelia treatment for eclampsia. I do hope the brothers will try this and report results.

Rentiesville, Okla. J. J. LOWE, M.D.

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-On reading Dr. Oville Daisey's report of his unique case, in which the body was born leaving the head behind, reminds me of a case I had some years ago, the difference being, however, I pulled the head off, leaving the body to follow.

It was a colored woman, and four months previous to the incident she was thrown from a mule, at or about which time, I suppose, the child died.

On the day of confinement the woman had a fight with another woman at a wash place, and in the combat she was knockt down with the washboard, which brought on her labor. As it so happened, I was passing the place, and being called in had barely time to sterilize my hands and get back on the job before the head was born. Taking it in my hands and making gentle traction, as is my custom, lo and behold the head pulled off!

Recognizing that I had a decayed body to deal with, I waited patiently for another pain, which came soon, expelling body, placenta and all. After this I thoroly washt out the uterus with a 1 to 3,000 bichlorid solution, when all went well as tho nothing out of the ordinary had happened. So we learn that all dangers are not death. Cascilla, Miss.



The Prince of Weeds. EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:- I suppose I am one of those "hysteric” writers of whom you speak as assailing intemperately the tobacco habit, albeit I am not aware that I am intemperate, since I try to have my arguments fair and free from pernicious

I must say I do not quite like your half-hearted way of dealing with this matter, vital at least from the social side and in my judgment of no practical use from the physical side, ranking as an evil because on the down rather than on the up side of life. “The man who does not begin its use antil maturity” gets no very deleterious effects, but how rare a bird is he-hardly worth mentioning, and yet when this rare maturity man, who should know better, so sets the smoking example that nine-tenths of the "little men” around him take

DEAR DR. TAYLOR : Inclosed find check to renew subscription to THE MEDICAL WORLD. I appreciate your efforts in so ably editing THE MEDICAL WORLD. I always get something new in every issue. Venomonee Falls, Wis.


Phytolacca for Enlarged Glands


I am


up the habit to become big men like him, where is sonally I apply this principle even to coffee and tea the virtue in this reasoning except to excuse a My "morning cup

is hot milk flavored with a single individual?

little coffee, and I seldom drink tea. I believe that You acknowledge it is a waste of money, yet say, this would be a better world if it were whiskeyless, so is the wearing of clothing beyond the cheapest, tobaccoless, coffeeless and tealess; but I can't plainest and coarsest.' But clothing is both useful undertake a propaganda to make it so. and necessary and scores over tobacco here, making trying to do too much already. a waste here at least more excusable, and besides it The Philadelphia Medical Club is an organization is true that the "cheapest fabrics” may be more to which the best medical men of this city and wasteful than the more expensiv ones--the best surrounding sections belong. It is a social organimay be the cheapest.

zation only, and its meetings are delightful. There Again, you assert that while tobacco is un- are four regular meetings per season. As each pleasant to those not accustomed to it, so are member registers and enters, two cigars, artistically onions, another useful article with an excuse, and bound together, are handed to him. I suppose they besides a glass of milk banishes the onion odor, are very fine cigars--I have never tried them, and but nothing will blot out the breath tainted by the I would be no judge if I did. I usually give mine Prince of Weeds.

to some smoker friend the next day. Now the If you had said "so is whiskey” rather than point is, shall I make a nuisance of myself by flying so are onions," it is very apparent that you would at the personal habits of my friends? They are have made a fairer comparison.

leaders of the medical profession in this country, Horace Greeley said, “All smokers do not drink, and would claim the right to do as they please in hui, all drinkers smoke.”

regard to a matter like smoking. I claim the right: But, after all, the best of arguments against the not to smoke, and I am in the minority in this Prince of Weeds are to be found on the social side

respect in that particular gathering. No one tries of the habit-the setting of the smoking example to interfere with my liberty by urging me to smoke. that induces boys to take up the habit, and even The fact is, it is one of the smaller evils in civilized foolish men, whose families need the money they life, which may some time be taken up seriously squander on this Prince. And then it so often when more important matters are not pressing as makes a sloven and a slouch of the old man. Its they are now. In the meantime let us content pollution of both the air and the earth is also on ourselves by maintaining that tobacco is not for this side--a side too big to enlarge upon here. children, and adults who are perceptibly injured But the childishness of it all, as seen by the non- should avoid it.-C. F. T.] perverted ones who do not worship the Prince!

If tobacco is a digestiv, as you hint, it ought to find favor with those not perverted by its habitual

Another Intact Hymen at Childbirth. use, the fact being, however, that in such subjects

EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:-In January WORLD, it acts as a deterrent to digestion, while if, as you

page 22, Frank Nisbett reports a case of hymen hint, it is in the proper sense a cathartic, it should

intact at childbirth. I will say that I found a be thought of for ordinary use. In my opinion,

condition such as he describes in year 1900, but the man who finds any apparent physical benefits

have not until now heard of a similar case. I from tobacco finds it from perversion, previous to

think it is a condition rarely met with. which he would have had no need of it for such

Dallas, Texas.

J. T. WATSON. purposes. This is not true of either the onions or the clothing.

Phytolacca for Enlarged Glands. But, as I have hinted above, tobacco as an Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-I have read the extravagance and a social nuisance is its own

articles of Dr. M. J. Buck and Dr. L. A. Merriam complete condemnation.

and agree with them in most particulars, but for Lastly, let me say, that rarely have I found a

the last thirty years I have depended on a remedy person who does not use tobacco ever trying to

that in my hands has never failed. The idea of defend or condone the habit-a habit that must

elimination is all important, and to accomplish this necessarily be defended with leaky arguments, being quickly and well we must have an agent that is a on the down rather than the up side of life.

permanent relaxant, not only to the muscles and Boston, Mass.

A. P. REED, M.D.

skin, but to the glandular system. This we have (Doctor, personally I


word in phytolacca decandra. The green pokeroot must say. But THE WORLD stands for so many be used. You cannot depend on the preparations forms" that it cannot attempt any more.

put up and for sale as powders or fluid extracts, as glad, however, that you have come forward as you the root is dried and almost inert. I have had to have in reply to the statements on page 73 of raise what I needed, which is very easily done by February WORLD. Now I guess honors are even, sowing the seed in the fall and allow the shell to as both sides have had their inning. As is announced become soft during the winter, so that it will come at the head of the "Clinic" department, Dr. Russell up early in the spring. usually answers these queries, and Dr. Russell is After the frost has killed the top dig up the a smoker (a rather "hard" one-confidentially), root, which should be two inches in diameter, and and Dr. Rommel and I are not-decidedly not in 12 or 15 inches long. Cut it up so that you can my case. However, I do not wish THE WORLD run it thru a meat cutter and put about 1 pint of to take any extreme position on this question. If the fine root in %2 gallon self-sealing fruit-jar and I had noticed Dr. Russell's reply before it went in, cover with water for 24 hours. Then fill the jar I think I would have modified it, or added something full of alcohol and water so that you will have to it. It may stand as his "say," and you have had 40% of alcohol, and allow it to stand two weeks, yours in the above article, and now I am having and you have the best permanent relaxant that mine. That's fair, isn't it? And I agree with you, can possibly be made. A dose of 10 to 20 drops except that I would put the objection on the broad of this every four hours will produce relaxation of and simple scientific ground that all drugs are the glandular system, relieving hardened livers, harmful except when medicinally indicated. Per- reducing enlarged spleens and other glands, in

agree with



I am

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