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The Damon Runyon Memorial Fund for Cancer Research, Inc., awards a number of postdoctoral fellowships on recommendation of its Scientific Advisory Committee. The Scientific Advisory Committee, consisting of nine members, represents both medical and nonmedical aspects of cancer research. These fellowships are not intended for the training of clinicians; they support young investigators whose research potential may be further developed by association with an outstanding investigator or research group.


Men and women, of excellent character, who have received their doctorates in medicine, philosophy, or science, or who have completed all requirements leading toward doctoral degrees are eligible for Damon Runyon cancer research fellowships. The degree must have been earned in a recognized institution, and the applicant must have demonstrated unusual ability to conduct original and independent research. Applicants who have already held 3 years of postdoctoral fellowships from this or other agencies are ineligible.

General policy

The applicant may choose to work in any area within the broad fields of basic or applied cancer research. There is no restriction concerning the institution or sponsor except that both must be of excellent scientific or medical standing. In special circumstances, fellows may be permitted to train outside the United States.

Preference is given to young investigators; in exceptional instances, an established individual may be given a fellowship to acquire some special skill. Experienced investigators, who are without responsible or permanent posts, are rarely awarded fellowships since support of their research project should come from institutional funds or grants.

Although the main purpose of a fellowship is training in research, a fellow may spend a few hours per week in teaching or clinical work. Such activity is justified only if it benefits his special training. Private practice is not permitted; nor is the fellow allowed to earn other income during tenure of a Damon Runyon cancer-research fellowship.

Fellowships may be renewed for a second year and possibly for a third year. The Damon Runyon Memorial Fund does not, as a general policy, support research fellowships beyond 3 years.

Renewal of fellowships shall be contingent on the following: (1) the fellow has demonstrated capacity to work originally and independently; (2) the institution has the facilities and stimulation to extend the fellow's training and points of view; and (3) the sponsor's appraisal of the fellow, in a confidential report, indicates that his abilities are exceptional. No renewal application will be considered unless this report is submitted.

A fellow may remain in the same institution during continuation years of a fellowship, or may work at several institutions or laboratories. All such arrangements are subject to approval by the Scientific Advisory Committee, and must be consistent with the primary aim of the fellowship which is to develop the fellow's research potential.

The sponsor

A research fellowship is intended to augment the training of an individual who has already demonstrated ability to conduct original research. The sponsor shall see that the fellow, in fact, will receive additional training not only in learning new techniques, but also in obtaining a wider grasp of the broader problems in the fellow's field of investigation. It is expected that fellows will participate in seminars and conferences.

At the time a fellow applies for a renewal, the sponsor shall submit a complete -and objective report in accordance with the form supplied by the office of the Damon Runyon Memorial Fund. This confidential report is the principal consideration upon which the scientific advisory committee makes its decision.

The followship is for the training of the fellow-and not for the convience of the sponsor. It must be directed toward the development of the fellow and not necessarily toward the completion of the sponsor's research project.


The basic annual stipend for a Damon Runyon cancer-research fellowship is $3,600, and an additional $600 may be available for each dependent (at the time the fellowship is awarded). Renewals may be increased by $600, except that in no instance will the total exceed $6,000 per year.

Certain allowances for travel may be granted. These requests are subject to the approval and recommendation of the Scientific Advisory Committee. Fellows may take vacations consistent with the policies of the institution in which the fellowship is held. The maximum vacation, however, will not exceed 1 month for each fellowship year.

Federal income tax

At the time the applicant is informed of the fellowship award, a statement from the Bureau of Internal Revenue will be included which defines the status of the fellowship stipend. At the present time, a research fellowship is considered as a gift or gratuity to permit training and not as a payment for services rendered. It is not, therefore, subject to withholding or income tax. This ruling, however, may be changed without further notice.

Annual conference

Each year the Damon Runyon Memorial Fund in cooperation with the New York Academy of Sciences, will hold a 2-day conference for current and former Damon Runyon cancer-research fellows. Each fellow is invited to present a paper summarizing the results of his investigations. There will be ample opportunity for discussion not only at the sessions, but also it is expected that the fellows will hold informal discussions of their own. During the conference the participating fellows will be guests of the Damon Runyon Memorial Fund which assumes the costs of travel to New York City.

Reports and publications

Although participation in the annual conference will constitute a part of the report, fellows are expected to submit a full progress report prior to application for renewal or at the termination of the fellowship. These reports become part of the record of the fellow.

Fellows are encouraged to attend scientific meetings especially, those related to cancer. They should feel free to contribute papers limited only by the specific rules and regulations of the organizations or societies sponsoring the meetings. The Damon Runyon Memorial Fund cannot assume any of the expenses for attending such meetings.

Fellows are also encouraged to publish their results in recognized scientific or medical journals, subject only to the editorial policies of the journals selected. It is requested that whenever a publication appears as a result of a fellowship there will be a footnote on the title page acknowledging support of the Damon Runyon Memorial Fund. The preferred phrasing of the footnote is the following: Damon Runyon cancer research fellow

The fellow will send 10 copies of each reprint to the office of the Damon Runyon Memorial Fund.

Application for fellowships

An applicant may obtain the proper forms, and instructions for preparing them, from the office of the Damon Runyon Memorial Fund. Applications are acted upon during the meetings of April, July, and September; for consideration at these meetings and to leave ample time for processing, it is imperative that applications be submitted by January 1, April 1, and September 1, respectively. Fellowships must be activated within a reasonable time after notice of award. Former fellows of the Damon Runyon Memorial Fund

The office of the Damon Runyon Memorial Fund receives daily inquiries from individuals seeking information on some cancer problem. The executive director will continue to refer many of these letters to former fellows who are now established in responsible positions. From time to time, former fellows may suggest or propose applicants for fellowships. On occasion, they may be called upon to interview an applicant.

The executive director wishes to maintain a complete file of all fellows, former and current, and expects to be informed of promotions, or of any changes in position or address. Likewise, the executive director will be pleased to receive immediate information about advances in cancer research made by former fellows.

All inquiries in reference to Damon Runyon cancer research fellowships are to be sent to: Mr. John H. Teeter, executive director, Damon Runyon Memorial Fund for Cancer Research, Inc., Hotel Astor, Broadway and 44th, New York 36, N. Y.

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Damon Runyon Memorial Fund for Cancer Research, Inc.-Geographical summary, cancer research program as of Sept. 30, 1953

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NOTE.-To date, $7,246,786.65 has been allocated in 388 grants and 256 fellowships, in 170 institutions, in 47 States, the District of Columbia, and 14 foreign countries.

Damon Runyon Memorial Fund for Cancer Research, Inc.-Geographical breakdown of allocations, Aug. 31, 1953 (see next table for September allocations)

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Damon Runyon Memorial Fund for Cancer Research, Inc.-Geographical breakdown of allocations, Aug. 31, 1953—Continued

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