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fields of France, and ill-considered or unjustified interruptions of the essential labor of the country may make it impossible to win it" places labor in a position requiring vindication.-L. A. Brown, Forum, September, 1918.

C. W. C.

The Housing Question: with Special Reference to the Country.-The proper housing of many farms in several counties of England is of vital importance. At conferences plans are exhibited on the screen and recommendations which accompany them embody most of the mistakes which would paralyze any scheme of housing whatever. Among the points the neglect or miscalculation of which would be disastrous are: (1) many of the plans have been based on the idea of one common room for the meals of a pair of cottages or even four cottages. The meal time in the cottage is the meeting time of the family. It loses all its force if the meal is to be taken with one or three other entire families; (2) the plans provide a common washhouse and the like for groups of cottages as an economy of space and saving of cost; (3) the family bath or tub is sunk in front of the kitchen fire to be covered with floor-boards when not in use; (4) architects omit parlor or sitting-room, saying that cottagers have their meals in the kitchen and that any other sitting-room is a senseless worship of respectability; (5) every cottage should have a reasonable space of garden ground; (6) the cottage should be attractive; (7) the standardization of cottages is unattainable or should not be attained because price cannot be standardized. Whatever we do, let us have homes for our people whose memory will go pleasantly along with them through life.-Gerald S. Davies, The Nineteenth Century and After, November, 1918. C. N.


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