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its inability to look after the small sellers after night and the regular officers on the beat pay no attention to them unless they violate the law in some other way."Anna Y. Reed, Work with Boys, January, 1918.

A. G.

Some Limitations of the Plan for Segregating the Feeble-minded.-There are at least three or four feeble-minded persons to every thousand of the population. Feeble-mindedness is the cause of much criminality, pauperism, and prostitution. Studies of feeble-mindedness show that at least one-half is due to inheritance. If we are to decrease feeble-mindedness we must prevent these people from becoming parents by the reproduction of their kind. Theoretically our institutional segregation of the feeble-minded is to prevent this perpetuation, but practically the feeble-minded have been sent to institutions because of their anti-social character in the community, not as a eugenic measure. The cost of segregation is very great and an obstacle toward its general realization.

A state census of feeble-mindedness would show the people who are most in need of segregation. Today, the acquired feeble-minded are more likely to be sent to an institution than those with a hereditary taint, since the feeble-minded of intelligent families are sent to institutions by their relatives for training.

The Wasserman test shows that about 6 per cent of the cases of feeble-mindedness are due to syphilitic infection. In many cases intemperance is at least the exciting cause of the defect. Recent studies show that if the feeble-minded are trained from youth they become law-abiding and useful members of the community under favorable circumstances. The whole problem calls for continued scientific study so that these people may be trained, cared for, and segregated to the best of our knowledge.Walter E. Fernald, Ungraded, May, 1918. G. E. H.



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