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A. L. A. See American Library Association.
AAF Regional Hospital (Santa Ana, Calif.), Purple
Heart High School, 27, no. 10, July.
Abraham, Herbert J.: A World Organization for
Peace, 3-4, no. 9, June.

Acceleration, veterans in high school, Philadelphia,
Pa., 6, no. 2, Nov.

Accredited Secondary Schools in the United States,
publication, U. S. Office of Education, 29, no. 3,

Aderhold, O. C. Use of community in building pro-
gram of education, 11, no. 8, May.
Administration: Georgia State School for the Deaf,
22, no. 7, Apr.; elementary grades, 5, no. 10,
July; per pupil cost, 19, no. 9, June; schools,
theses, 24-25, no. 8, May.
Adult education: Books for the blind, 26-27, no.
10, July films, 20, no. 8, May; for veterans:
Denver, Colo., 27-28, no. 6, Mar.; teachers pre-
pared to teach, 23-24, no. 2, Nov.; forums on
world cooperation, Indianapolis, Ind., 2., no. 3,
Dec.; immigrant groups, 27, no. 9, June; library
service, British community center, 6, no. 3, Dec.;
secondary education, report, 28, no. 6, Mar.;
State legislation, 28, 29, no. 4, Jan.; through
correspondence, 30-31, no. 10, July.
Age entrance, varies in local schools, 20-25, no. 10,

Agriculture: Farm youth of tomorrow, 15-16, no.
1, Oct.; problems, FFA meeting, 18, no. 7, Apr.;
representatives on Federal Committee on Educa-
tion, 1-2, no. 6, Mar.

Aids in teaching, 25-31, no. 7, Apr.
Alabama College conferences for Extended School
Services, 27-28, no. 2, Nov.; Department of Edu-
cation, publication, food for nursery school chil-
dren, 18, no. 2, Nov.; Education Association, su-
pervisors' conference, 23, no. 1, Oct.; State aid
for school plant construction, 23, no. 7, Apr.; 9,
no. 8, May.
Aliens, education: Report, National Council of
Chief State School Officers, 14, no. 7, Apr.
All the Children, annual report, New York City Pub-
lic Schools, 31, no. 2, Nov.

All Hands, publication, Navy Department, 27, no.
2. Nov.

Allied Ministers of Education, conference report,
5-8, no. 1, Oct.

Alves, H. F.: Appointed director, Surplus Property
Utilization, U. S. Office of Education, 18, no. 4,
Jan.; 7, no. 5, Feb. ; 8, no. 6, Mar.
American Association for Adult Education: Hand-
book, 30, no. 10, July.

American Association for Health, Physical Educa-
tion, and Recreation, cooperates in conference on
education, health, and welfare, 10, no. 5, Feb.
American Association of School Administrators
(NEA), regional conference announcement, 9,
no. 6, Mar.

American Association of Teachers Colleges (NEA),
report, teachers in colleges for training, 6, no. 9,

American Automobile Association, publication,
safety education survey, 13, no. 5, Feb.
American Book Center for Devastated Areas, Inc.,
report, 26, no. 10, July.

American Council on Education: Publications on-
Child study, 13, no. 5. Feb.; international cul-
tural relations, 13, no. 5, Feb.; Ph. D. programs,
24, no. 8, May; slides, other American Republics,
16, no. 3, Dec.

American culture, cherished by Franklin D. Roose-
velt, 17, no. 9, June.
American Dental Association: Dental program for
schools widened, 17, no. 2, Nov.; health program,
and public support, 10, no. 8, May.
American Education Week: (Truman), 1, 2, no. 2,
Nov. 27, no. 6, Mar.; program, 14, no. 1, Oct.
American Historical Association, pamphlets, War
Department GI Roundtable Series, 18, no. 9,
American history, Asiatic interests in, publication,
Connecticut State Department of Education, 12,
no. 10, July.
American Home Economics Association, annual
meeting, 17, no. 9, June.
American Hospital Association, collaborates in.
study of practical nurse training, 23, no. 1, Oct.
American Legion, sponsors American Education
Week, 14, no. 1, Oct. ; 2, no. 2, Nov.
American Library Association: Cooperates in sur-
veys-Books most popular with children, 27, no.
2, Nov.; library support, 19, no. 5, Feb.; reading
interests of veterans, 27, no. 10, July; publica-
tions-Book selection guide, 31, no. 4, Jan.; for
library building planners, 19, no. 5, Feb.; on
library service to business, 26, no. 8, May; re-
ports, Gary (Ind.) plan for library training of
veterans, 26, no. 10, July,

American Medical Association, principles govern-
ing school lunches, 10, no. 6, Mar.

School Life


Volume XXVIII, October 1945 to
July 1946

American Public Health Association: Meeting, 15,
no. 7, Apr. recommendations on professional
education, 24, no. 9, June.
American Red Cross: Collaborates in practical nurse
training study, 23, no. 1, Oct.; develops interest
in school lunch program, 12, no. 6, Mar.
American Republics: Instructional material, 26,
no. 5, Feb.; Pan American club activities, 20-23,
no. 1, Oct.; slides, 16, no. 3. Dec.; 31, no. 4,
Jan. students visit United States, 24, 25, no.
5, Feb. teachers of English visit United States,
31, no. 9, June; U. S. Office of Education, rela-
tionship, report, 5, no. 6, Mar.; U. S. State De-
partment, grants for fellowships and study, 11,
no. 4, Jan.
American University, sponsors Institute on the
United States in World Affairs, 27, no. 8, May.
American Vocational Association: Convention re-
port, 10-11, no. 8, May; early history, 13, no. 8,
May publication on vocational training, 13, no.
5. Feb.
Anderson, Howard R.: Appointed specialist, social
sciences and geography, U. S. Office of Educa-
tion, 6, No. 6, Mar.
Anderson, Robert E.:

Back-to-School Campaign,

Oregon. 8, no. 3, Dec.
Appendicitis, school health policies, 20, no. 6, Mar.
Appointments and assignments, U. S Office of Edu-
cation, 7-9, no. 5, Feb.; 6, no. 6, Mar.; 1-2, 19,
no. 10, July.
Appropriations, State aid for school plant con-
struction, 23-24, no. 7, Apr.
Architectural Forum, articles contained on school
plants, 19, no. 10, July.
Architectural Record, articles contained on school
plants, 19, no. 10, July.
Argentina: Flags exchanged, 22, no. 1, Oct.; teach-
ers of English visit United States, 31, no. 9,

Armsby, Henry H.: Appointed specialist in Engi-
neering Education, U. S. Office of Education, 2,
19, no. 10, July.

Army Education pamphlets available to citizens,
2, no. 1, Oct.; leaders favor universal military
training, 17, no. 5, Feb.

Arndt, C. O.: Selected References for Teachers-
China, 27-29, no. 5, Feb.; the Far East, 10-14,
no. 10, July.

Art: Courses of study-bibliography, 14-19, no. 6,
Mar. summer study in Mexico, 29, no. 8, May;
teaching aids, 27, no. 7, Apr.; traveling exhibits,
University of Nebraska, 7, no. 9, June.
Asheville, N. C.: Nursery schools, 9, no. 10, July.
Asia, peoples of: Recordings, U. S. Office of Edu-
cation, 13, no. 10, July.
Assignment: Tomorrow, National Education Asso-
ciation film, 4, no. 4, Jan.
Associated Broadcasting Corporation, new net-
work, dedicatory program, 5, 10, no. 3, Dec.
Association for State Directors of Elementary
Education meets, 8-9, no. 9, June.
Association for the Study of Negro Life and His-
tory, sponsors Negro History Week, 23, no. 4,

Association for Supervision and Curriculum De-
velopment (NEA), first postwar conference, 7-8,
no. 9, June.
Athletic program, National Committee on School
Health Policies. 22, no. 9, June.
Atlanta, Ga.: Child-care centers, 9, no. 10, July.
Atomic energy: "Education for the Atomic Age,"
theme, American Education Week, 1946, 27, no.
6. Mar.; factor in Colorado State world citizen-
ship training, 17, no. 10, July; information, 12,
no. 8, May publications, 29, no. 10, July.
Attendance: City schools, 30-31, no. 5, Feb.; pub-
lic schools, 20-22, no. 5, Feb.
Audio-visual education: Aids in library service,
25, no. 10, July; Virginia, State appropriation
for use in public schools, 27. no. 2, Nov.
Austin, Minn. : School dental program, report,
16-17, no. 2, Nov.
Australia Today in Nursery-Kindergarten Educa-
tion (Heinig), 19-22, no. 3, Dec.
Automotive maintenance, films, U. S. Office of Edu-
cation, 30-31, no. 3. Dec.
Auxiliary services: Per pupil cost, city schools,
19, no. 9, June; U. S. Office of Education, di-
rector assigned, 7, no. 5. Feb.
Averill, Felix Eugene: Obituary, 9, no. 5, Feb.


Back-to-School Campaign: 10-11, no. 1, Oct; edi-
torial, Washington Post, 2, no. 2, Nov.; reports,
U. S. Office of Education, 7-9, no. 3, Dec.
Bailey, Thomas L.: Back-to-School Drive, Missis-
sippi, Governor's proclamation, 8, no. 3, Dec.
Balanced diets, school lunch program, 12, no. 6,
Baltimore, Md. Establishes veterans' institute and
adult day institute, 28, no. 6, Mar.; school den-
tal program, report, 18, no. 2, Nov.

Banfield, Mary Ella W.: Expenditures per Pupil in
City Schools, 22-23, no 3, Dec.; 30-31, no. 5,
Feb. 18-19, no. 9, June.
Barnard, Henry: Annual report concerns inter-
national understanding, 24, no. 5, Feb.; science
of recreation included in science of education,
29, no. 6. Mar.
Basler, Roosevelt: Appointed chief, Instructional
Problems Section, Division Secondary Education,
U. S. Office of Education, 1-2, no. 10, July.
Bathurst, Effie G.: Foundations for Friendship
With Neighbor Nations, 14-17, no. 10, July.
Battle Creek, Mich. : Public schools radio broad-
casts on books, 26, no. 10, July.
Beach, Eleanor, and Kompf, Carl:

Teacher De-
velopment in Nursery School [Rochester (N. Y.)
Public Schools], 24, 30, no. 3, Dec.
Beard, Sarah A.: Appointed consultant for school
libraries, Massachusetts State Department of
Education, 31, no. 9, June.
Benjamin Franklin High School (Philadelphia,
Pa.), acceleration for veterans, 6, no. 2. Nov.
Benjamin, Harold R.: Appointed director, Divi-
sion of International Educational Relations, U. S.
Office of Education, 7-8, no. 5, Feb.; deegate to
London UNO Conference, 2, no. 3, Dec.; New Edu-
cation for a New Japan, 1, 3-4, no. 9, June;
UNESCO-Design for Waging Peace, 1-6, no. 5,


Beust, Nora E. and Clift, Eleanor F.: A Supplement
to Five Hundred Books for Children, 24-31, 32,
no. 1, Oct.

Bibliographies: Art courses of study, 14-19, no. 6,
Mar.; China, 27-29, no. 5, Feb.; care of handi-
capped children, 20, no. 8, May; citizenship edu-
cation, 5, no. 10, July; the Far East, 10-14, no.
10, July; general health policies, 25, no. 9. June;
intergroup education, Cincinnati Public Schools,
21, no. 9, June; interest measurement, 29, no. 3,
Dec.; music courses of study, 12-17, no. 9,
June; Negro education, 22, 25-26, no. 4, Jan.;
Netherlands East Indies, education, 10-11, no.
4, Jan.; science courses of study, 19-22, no. 2,

Biennial Survey of Education, 1938-40 and 1940-
42, publication, U. S. Office of Education, 4, 6,
no. 6, Mar.
Blind: Adults, books, Library of Congress, 26-
27, no. 10, July; children, report, National Com-
mittee on School Health Policies, 24, no. 9, June.
Blough, Glenn O.: Appointed specialist for science,
U. S. Office of Education, 2, no. 10, July; The
Case of Science in the Elementary School, 3-5,
no. 10, July.
Bonds To Build the Peace-The Future of War
Savings (Studebaker), 6, no. 5, Feb.
Books: For adult blind, Library of Congress, 26-
27, no. 10, July; for teachers, 10-11, no. 10,
July; most popular with children, A. L. A. sur-
vey, 27, no. 2, Nov.; on immigration and -natu-
ralization, 5, no. 10, July; selection of-For
school libraries, 25, no. 10, July; guide for buy-
ing, American Library Association, 31, no. 4,
Jan.; institute on, report, Michigan State Li-
brary Association, 26, no. 10, July.
"Books Bring Adventure," radio broadcast, Battle
Creek (Mich.) Public Library, 26, no. 10, July.
Boston, Mass.: Museum of Fine Arts, loans ex-
hibits as teaching aids, 25, no. 7, Apr.; Public
Library, publication to serve trade unions, 10, no.
9, June.

Boushall, Tom: Education the foundation of our
whole economy, 4, no. 4, Jan.
Bowsher, E. L. Back-to-School Campaign, Toledo,
Ohio. 7, no. 3. Dec.

Boy Scouts and Future Farmers work together, re-
port, 18-19, no. 7, Apr.

Bradford, Leland P. Preparing Teachers

Leaders for Education of Veterans, 23-24, no. 2,
Bretton Woods, publication, World Peace Founda-
tion. 10, no. 3, Dec.
Britain: National Union of Students, plans for
peace, 15-16, no. 3, Dec.; library service, adult
education agencies, 6, no. 3, Dec.
Brooklyn, N. Y. Children's Museum, loans as teach.
ing aids, 25, no. 7, Apr.
Brotherhood Week, announcement, National Con-
ference of Christians and Jews, 26, no. 4. Jan.
Brown, Lt. Col. Mary Agnes: Counseling and train-
ing women veterans. 10, no. 8, May.
Brownsville, Tex.: High School, Pan American
club report, 21-22, no. 1, Oct.
Buffalo, N. Y.: Public Library, Forty-ninth Annual
Renort, 10, no. 9, June.

Building America, publication, National Education
Association. 8, no. 9. June.
Building Facilities for Physically Impaired Children
in Public-School Systems (Keefe), 17-20, no. 8,
Building planning, educational theater, publication,
The National Thespian Society, 24, no. 8, May.
See also School plants.

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