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On February 11, 1904, the following resolution was adopted by the Senate:

Resolved, That a revised edition of the compilation of treaties in force be prepared under the direction of the Committee on Foreign Relations, and that there be inserted in said revised edition, all treaties proclaimed and in force at the end of the present session; and that there shall be printed 500 copies of said revised edition for the use of the Senate.

The following revised edition of treaties in force was prepared, under the direction of the Committee on Foreign Relations, by Mr. William M. Malloy, and contains treaties and conventions, important international acts, agreements, and protocols (except claim protocols), to which the United States is a party, in force on April 28, 1904, at the end of the second session of the Fifty-eighth Congress, as provided in the foregoing resolution. A supplement is added (page 948) containing treaties ratified during the last session of Congress, but not proclaimed and in force until after the adjournment of Congress on April 28, 1904.

This compilation, before it was finally sent to the Public Printer, was submitted by the chairman of the committee to the Secretary of State, and was examined by the State Department with a view to excluding agreements and parts of agreements in whatever form, which are regarded as no longer operative, and including all that are so except claim protocols.


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