Fermilab Report, Issues 7-8

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Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, 1990

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Page 34 - Argonne National Laboratory Brookhaven National Laboratory Idaho National Engineering Laboratory Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Los Alamos National Laboratory Oak Ridge National Laboratory Pacific Northwest Laboratory...
Page 58 - If you would like to be placed on the mailing list for the newsletter, or would like further information on Find's services, please call or write.
Page 17 - Injector is designed to have a transverse aperture of 4071 mm-mr (both planes, normalized at 8.9 GeV/c). This is 30% larger than the expected Booster aperture following the 400 MeV Linac upgrade, and a factor of three to four larger than that of the existing Main Ring. A single Booster batch will be accelerated for antiproton production while six such batches are required to fill the Main Injector.
Page 18 - Main Injector Parameter List Circumference Injection Momentum Peak Momentum Minimum Cycle Time (@ 120 GeV) Number of Protons Harmonic Number (@53 MHz...
Page 17 - The power supply and magnet system is designed to allow a significant increase in the number of 120 GeV acceleration cycles which can be run each hour for antiproton production, as well as to allow a 120 GeV slow spill with a 35% duty factor. The cycle time at 1 20 GeV can be as low as 1 .5 seconds.
Page 16 - Injector will support test and calibration beams required for the development of new experimental detection devices which will be required both at Fermilab and at the SSC. In contrast to the present situation at Fermilab simultaneous antiproton production and...
Page 18 - MHz) Horizontal Tune Vertical Tune Transition Gamma Natural Chromaticity (H) Natural Chromaticity (V) Number of Bunches Protons/bunch Transverse Emittance (Normalized...
Page 46 - Submitted to the proceedings of the Workshop on Beam Dynamics Issues of High-Luminosity Asymmetric Collider Rings, Berkeley, California, February 12-16, 1990. Ng, K.-Y. "Stripline Monitors as Transmission Lines.
Page 15 - Injector will allow the production of about seven times as many antiprotons per hour (1.5x10' '/hour) as are currently possible using the Main Ring and will have a capability for the delivery of five times as many protons to the Tevatron (at least 3x10" protons/bunch for collider operations).
Page 43 - IU'i,-i et al., High Luminosity Muon Scattering at FNAL - Report of the Study Group on Future Muon Scattering Experiments from 'Physics at Fermilab in the 90

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