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American National Standard for Minimal
American National Standards Institute,
January 1978.

BASIC, X3.60-1978,
New York New York,

2. J. A. Lee, A Candidate Standard for Fundamental BASIC, NBS-GCR 73-17, National Bureau of Standards, Washington DC,

July 1973

3. T. R. Hopkins, PBASIC - A Verifier for BASIC, Software Practice and Experience, Vol. 10, 175-181 (1980)

4. D. E. Knuth, The Art Addison-Wesley


of Computer Programming, Vol. 2, Publishing Company, Reading Massachusetts

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John V. Cugini, Joan S. Bowden, Mark W. Skall

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Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 80-600163

Document describes a computer program; SF-185, FIPS Software Summary, is attached.

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This publication describes the set of programs developed by NBS for the purpose of testing conformance of implementations of the computer language BASIC to the American National Standard for Minimal BASIC, ANSI X3.60-1978. The Department of Commerce has adopted this ANSI standard as Federal Information Processing Standard 68. By submitting the programs to a candidate implementation, the user can test the various features which an implementation must support in order to conform to the standard. While some programs can determine whether or not a given feature is correctly implemented, others produce output which the user must then interpret to some degree. This manual describes how the programs should be used so as to interpret correctly the results of the tests. Such interpretation depends strongly on a solid understanding of the conformance rules laid down in the standard, and there is a brief discussion of these rules and how they relate to the test programs and to the various ways in which the language may be implemented.

12. KEY WORDS (Six to twelve entries; alphabetical order; capitalize only proper names; and separate key words by semicolons) Basic; language processor testing; minimal basic; programming language standards; software standards; software testing

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