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I. Scope of the bill..

II. Summary of committee amendments -

1. Farm workers..

2. Small firms..

3. Hospitals and institutions of higher education.

4. Clients of sheltered workshops..

5. Effective date..

III. Summary of the principal features of the bill.

A. Changes in coverage.

1. Workers affected by changed definition of “employee".

2. Agricultural labor.--

3. Employees of nonprofit organizations and State

hospitals and institutions of higher education.-

4. Citizens of the United States employed outside the

United States by an American employer--

5. Exclusions of certain students, students' spouses, and .

hospital patients.--

6. Accrued leave of ex-servicemen.

7. County and municipal hospitals and higher educa-

tional institutions...

B. Provisions required to be included in State laws.

1. Work requirement.

Worker training--

3. Interstate and combined wage claims..

4. Cancellation of wage credits..

C. Judicial review--

D. Clarification of section 3304(c)--

E. Federal-State extended unemployment compensation pro-


F. Financing provisions--

G. Other provisions-

1. Reduced tax rates for new employers --

2. Tax credits allowable to certain employers.

3. Research, training, and Federal advisory council.

4. Change in certification date_-

5. Changes in ceilings, transfers, and the flow of funds

among accounts in the Unemployment Trust Fund.

6. Employment service financing-

IV. General discussion.

A. Coverage-

1. Definition of employer.

2. Small firms-

3. Agricultural labor.-

4. State law coverage of employees of nonprofit organi-

zations and of State hospitals and institutions of

higher education.---

5. Coverage of certain services performed outside the

United States

6. Exclusions from coverage.-

(a) Exclusion of spouses of students in certain


(b) Exclusion of students in work-study pro-


(c) Exclusion of hospital patients..

7. Accrued leave of ex-servicemen.

8. County and municipal hospitals and higher educa-

tional institutions...

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Title III—Financing provisions.

VI. Changes in existing law made by the bill, as reported.




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