Parson's Complete Annotated Pocket Code: The New York Code of Civil Amended in 1891

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H.B. Parsons, 1891 - 931 pages

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Page 313 - Upon the trial of an action, or the hearing upon the merits of a special proceeding, a party or a person interested in the event, or a person from, through or under whom such a party or Interested person derives his interest or title, by assignment or otherwise, shall not be examined as a witness, in his own behalf or interest, or in behalf of the party succeeding to his title or interest...
Page 24 - From the commencement of an action or special proceeding, or the service of an answer containing a counterclaim, the attorney who appears for a party has a lien upon his client's cause of action, claim or counterclaim, which attaches to a verdict, report, decision, judgment or final order in his client's favor, and the proceeds thereof in whosesoever hands they may come; and the lien cannot be affected by any settlement between the parties before or after judgment or final order.
Page 366 - ... evident miscalculation of figures, or an evident mistake in the description of any person, thing, or property, referred to in the award.
Page 141 - Where the will has been lost, concealed, or destroyed, the cause of action is not deemed to have accrued, until the discovery, by the plaintiff, or the person under whom he claims, of the facts upon which its validity depends.
Page 201 - The affidavit of verification must be to the effect, that the pleading is true to the knowledge of the deponent, except as to the matters therein stated to be alleged on information and belief, and that as to those matters he believes it to be true.
Page 163 - In any other case, to the president or other head of the corporation, the secretary or clerk to the corporation, the cashier, the treasurer, or a director or managing agent.
Page 207 - Upon the application of either party, the court may, and, in a proper case, must, upon such terms as are just, permit him to make a supplemental complaint, answer or reply, alleging material facts which occurred after his former pleading, or of which he was ignorant when it was made ; including the judgment or decree of a competent court, rendered after the commencement of the action, determining the matters in controversy, or a part thereof.
Page 341 - ... making an affidavit that he received it from the agent, that the agent is dead, or from sickness or other casualty...
Page 183 - ... would have been liable to an action in favor of the decedent by reason thereof if death had not ensued.
Page 135 - ... 4. Where a known farm or a single lot has been partly improved, the portion of such farm or lot that may have been left not cleared or not inclosed, according to the usual course and custom of the adjoining country, shall be deemed to have been occupied for the same length of time as the part improved and cultivated.

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