High Throughput Analysis for Early Drug Discovery

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James Kyranos
Elsevier, 2004 M09 18 - 204 pages
High Throughput Analysis for Early Drug Discovery offers concise and unbiased presentations by synthetic and analytical chemists who have been involved in creating and moving the field of combinatorial chemistry into the academic and industrial mainstream. Since the synthetic method often dictates the appropriate types of analysis, each chapter or section begins with a description of the synthesis approach and its advantages. The description of various combinatorial and high-throughput parallel synthesis techniques provide a relevant point of entry for synthetic chemists who need to set up appropriate characterisation methods for his/her organisation. This is an invaluable resource for all organic and analytical chemists in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and biotechnology fields who are either involved in, or beginning to investigate combinatorial techniques to increase overall efficiency and productivity.
  • First reference to focus on the analytical side of synthesis

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Chapter 2 Analysis of a Combinatorial Library Synthesized Using a SplitandPool Irori MicroKan Method for Development and Production
Chapter 3 High Throughput Flow Injection AnalysisMass Spectrometry
Chapter 4 High Throughput Flow Injection AnalysisMass Spectrometry for Combinatorial Chemistry Using Electrospray Ionization Atmospheric Pres...
Chapter 5 Purity and Quantity Determination of Parallel Synthesis Compound Libraries
Chapter 6 High Throughput Parallel LCMSELSD of Combinatorial Libraries Using the EightChannel LCT System with MUX Technology
Chapter 7 Purification and Analysis of Parallel Libraries
Chapter 8 Screening SingleBead Combinatorial Libraries using Capillary HPLC and MALDITOFMS
Chapter 9 The Role of NMR in the Analysis of Chemical Libraries
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