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(No) reservations may be made to this convention.

Partios Not Procluded from making Declarations 12. Paragraph 1 above shall not, however, preclude a state or regional economic integration organization, when signing, ratifying, accepting, approving or acceding to this convention, from making declarations or statements, provided that such declarations or statements do not purport to exclude or to modify the effects of the provisions of the Convention in their application to that state or regional economic integration organization. )


Written Notification of withdrawal from Convention 1. At any time after (throo) (live) yours from the date on which this Convention has entered into force for i Party, that Party may withdraw from the Convention by giving written notification to the depositary. Bffective Date of withdrawal 2. Any such withdrawal shall take offect upon expiry of (six months lone your) from the date of its receipt by the Depositary, or on such later date as may be specified in the notification of the withdrawal. Withdrawal from convention considered as withdrawal fron Protocol 3. Any Party that withdraws from this convention shall be considered as also having withdrawn from any protocol to which it is a Party.


The original of this convention, of which the Arabic, chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish texts are equally authentic, shall be deposited with the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

IN WITNESS WIERBOT the undersigned, being duly authorized to that offect, have signed this convention. Dono at

this of






:/ Same text as in A/AC. 237/15, Annex II


(ANBI 11


1. Reports submitted pursuant to Article (VII. 1.) (Reporting) (shall) (may) contain l, inter alia, 1 the following information:


Description of relevant national circumstances relating to climate
change and, for developing countries, any particular difficulties
faced by them;
National inventories of sources and sinks of all greenhouse gases
not controlled by the Montreal Protocol, using comparable
methodologies agreed upon by the Conference of the Parties;



Option 1

(The measurus it is taking to implement this convention, including
the fulfilment of any general or specific coamitments, with respect
to, inter alla; national (strategies and) programmes: mitigating
and adapting to climate change; rosearch and systematic
observation; exchange of informations public awareness; financial
resources and cooperation and related technology transfer; )
Option 2
(For developed country Parties, l (and developing country Parties)
imeasures] inational strategiesi i policies] to äitigate and adapt
to climate change (including a description of specific actions
being taken or to be taken, with respect to each gus in each sector
selected for action by the Party]:
(Measures taken in fulfilment of the lobligations) (specific
commitments) under the Convention, (with particular attention to
(reductions of emissions, transfer of financial resources and
technology) (energy efficiency and conservation, now (and
renewablej energy sources, I imitigating the adverse consequences of
climate changol (protection and enhancement of) sinks, lland use
and management,) coastal zone management, transportation and

industrial processes (and agriculturelil
l(d) Current projections for annual levels of sources and sinks of

greenhouse gases and expected changes and trends taking into

account measurus and policies described under (clil
(10) Expocted changes and trends in (net] emissions of (main) greenhouse

gases (and sinks) (including estimates of the Inet] offects of its
actions on nationai (not) greenhouse gas emissionsj (and sinks ]
(with particular reference to the achievement of any target

established in the Conventionli)
118) Pertius undertaking specific commitments may include estimates of

the costs of specific measures to meet commitments under the
Convention, guided by a methodological framework they have agreed

(19) Contributions to the financial and technology transfer

mechanism; )



Ilh) Por developing country Parties, (projects for) (requirements of)

transfer of technology and financial resources to mitigate and adapt to climate change, as well as estimated grous and incremental

costs (of these projects) (to fulfil these requirements;) li) Option : 1

(Effective measures in fulfilment of obligations and specific commitments relative to the provision of adequate, new and additional financial resources, and access to and transfer of environmentally sound technology on a preferential and noncommercial basis contributions to the financial mechanism of the Convention and description of programmes for technological cooperation; )

Option 2


(Effective measures in fulfilment of obligations and specific commitments relative to the provision of financial resources and

cooperation on transfer of technology: ) 113) Description of methodologies used in making its estimates in areas

where there is no methodology agreed under the present Convention; ] 1(k) Efforts l, as appropriate, ) to coordinate and harmonize measures to

avoid trade distortions; )
1(1) Relevant national research (and development, and systematic

observation programmes and participation in international

programmes ;) [(m) National (programes (measures) and International cooperation with

regard to education, training and public awareness (and technology

l(n) Efforts to implement (obligations) (opecific commitments, jointly

with another Party or Parties;) and
(0) Such other actions us are relevant to the achievement of the

objective of the Convention.
Further, reports may, on a voluntary basis, identify proposed projects un
need of investment including specific technologios, materials, equipment,
techniques or practices that would be needed to implement such projects and an
estimate of the costs and not greenhouse gas emission reduction associated

[A Party ney designato (the following] (any) typolo) of information
contained ja its report us confidentiall. ll:j1.
(Possible alternative chaporu

(A Party and the Advisory Committee on Implementation may agree that
certain information contained in the report of that party is conéidential.
Categories of confidential information include: )
((a) Information that is directly related to the national defence (and

security] of that partyi )
[(b) Information that is of a proprietary commercial nature; )
(c) Information the roleuse of which would result (directly, in

loignificanti economic or commercial dislocation for that party; or 11d) Such other information as (the Party believes is confidential)

(agreed upon) (thought necessary by the Party) (by the Party and the Advisory Committee on Implementation).111





.:/ Samo text as in N/AC.237/15 Annex II




The Parties recognize that:
(a) There should be established, as an integral part of the Convention,

an International climate Pund to finance measures to counter the
adverse consequences of climate change, especially drought and
desertification, and a separate International Insurance Pool
(hereinafter referred to as "the Pool") to provide financial

insurance against the consequences of sea lovel rise;
(b) Revenue for the pool should be drawn from mandatory sources, in

particular developed country assessments;
(C) The financial resources of the Pool should be now, additional and

(d) The Pool should be under the control and direction of the

Conference of the Parties; and
(O) The resources of the Pool should be used to compensate the most

vulnerable small island and low-lying coastal developing countries

for loss and damage resulting from sea level rise.
The Parties further recognize that the formulation of a scheme for a Pool
involves consideration of the following main questions:

Methods of funding a Pool;
Classification of the types of loss to be covered by the Pool;
Criteria for establishing entitlement to claim against the Pool;
Methods of evaluating lous resulting from sea level rise; and

Limitations on the amount of compensation payable by the pool.
The Parties accordingly agree as follows:




The financial burden of loss and damage suffered by the most
vulnerable small island and low-lying developing countries
(heroinafter referred to as "Group 1 countries") as a result of sea
lovel rise shall be distributed in an equitable manner amongst the
industrialized developed countries (hereinafter referred to as
*Group 2 countries") by means of a Pool;
The Pool shall be funded by contributions levied on Group 2
The administrating authority for the scheme (hereinafter referred
to as "the Authority") shall be a body controlled on an equitable
basis by the Group i and Group 2 countries within the framework of
the Conference of the Parties;






The contributions referred to in paragraph (b) shall be calculated
according to a formula modelled on the 1963 Brussels Supplementary
Convention on Third Party Liability in the field of Nucitar Energy,
us follows:
(1) as to 50s, on the basis of the ratio between the gross

national product at current prices of each Group 2
country and the total of the grous national products of
all Group 2 countries in the your prior to the year in
which the contribution was levied (hereinafter referred

to as "the contribution year");

as to 504, on the basis of the ratio between the total
emissions of co, of each Group 2 country, and the total
co, emissions of all Group 2 countries in the year prior

to the contribution your;
Ten years from the date on which the convention enters into force
the Group 2 countries shall contribute to the pool an agreed
percentage of the total of the gross national products of all Group
2 countries in the year prior to the contribution your, apportioned
as in paragraph (d), provided that over the ton your period the
rate of global mean sea level rise will have reached an agreed
figure. 10 the rate of global mean sau level rise has not reached
the agreed ligure by the end of the ten your period, review shall
thersifter be carried out at five-yourly intervıls and the
obligation of the Group 2 countries to contribute to the pool will
not arise until the year following the review in which it is
established to the satisfaction of the Authority that the rate of
global mean sea level rise has reached the agreed figure or that
absolute global noun sea level rise has reached an agreed figure;
The insurance fund so constituted shall be invested by the
Authority in interest bearing securities as determined by the
Conference of the Partios;
No right to claim against the Pool in respect of loss or damage in
any afea of a Group 1 country shall arise until:

it shall have been established to the satisfaction of
the Authority that the rate of global mean sea level
rise and the absolute level of global mean sea level
rise has reached agreed figuros;
It shall have been established to the satisfaction of
the Authority that the relative mean sau level rise for
any insured area in a Group 1 country has reached an
agreed level above base lovols determined for each area
insured (such relative mean soa level figuras having
been determined within ton yours of the Convention

coming into force); and
ผ่น) one you shall have olapsed from the date upon which the

figurus referred to in sub-paragraph (1) shall have been established as having been reached (that dato plus one your baing (hereinafter referred to as "the inception date").




(n) in the first instance those areas of Group 1 countries which would

be directly affected by sea level rise to a level of an agreed number of centimetres above the base levels referred to in paragraph (g) (ii) shall be valued for insurance. Marketed assets shall be valued on the basis of gross domestic product for the Insured are in question. Non-marketed interests shall be valued on the basis of formula. to be agreed;

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