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U.S. CONGRESS, 89th Congress, 1st Session

P.L. 89-333, Vocational Rehabilitation Act Amendments of 1965. November 8, 1965.


Committee on Labor and Public Welfare

Report H.R. 8310, Senate Report No. 806, September 30, 1965.

Subcommittee on Health. Report of Hearings ons. 1625, Vocational Rehabilitation Act,

Amendments of 1965, March 29 and 30, 1965.

House of Representatives

Conference Report on Vocational Rehabilitation Act Amendments of 1965, H.R. 8310, Report

No. 1204, October 21, 1965.

Committee on Education and Labor

Restoring Disabled People to Jobs and Useful Living, Committee Print, October 1965.
Report... on Vocational Rehabilitation Amendments of 1965, to accompany H.R. 8310,

Report No. 432, May 28, 1965.
Special Subcommittee on Education. Hearings on Vocational Rehabilitation Act Amendments,

H.R. 6476, April 1965.

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Articles published in the monthly Health, Education, and Welfare Indicators before June 1963 and
generally available only in New Directions in Health, Education, and Welfare (Superintendent of Document
Washington, D.C. 20402, $1.50) include:
Tenth Anniversary of the Department of Health,

Air Pollution
Education, and Welfare

Water Resources and Pollution Control Community Needs and Goals for Community Services Chronic Conditions and Disability Marriages, Births, and Population

Manpower for Medical Research Investment in Human Resources

Hospital Costs and Insurance Educational Attainment

Older Population: Characteristics Library Services

Juvenile Delinquency Articles published in the Indicators since June 1963, listed below, will generally be available as reprints. GENERAL

WELFARE AND INCOME MAINTENANCE Trends in Divorce and Family Disruption, Sept. 63

Illegitimacy and Dependency, Sept. 63 Report of the President's Commission on the Status ** Poverty in the United States, Feb. 64 of Women, Oct. 63

Financing Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Homemaker Service: A Community Resource, May 1964 Insurance, Feb. 64 **1964 Presidential Messages to Congress Relating to

The Civil Rights Act of 1964, Aug. 1964 Health, Education, and Welfare, Feb.- June 1964

Community Planning for Concerted Services in Public Appalachia, June 1964

Housing, Oct. 1964 Progress in Health, Education, and Welfare, 1961-1964, 30th Anniversary of the Federal Credit Unions, Nov. 1964 Jan. 1965

*The Social Security Act: 1935-1965 *Older Americans Act, P.L. 89-73, Aug. 1965, 15 cents Twenty Million Beneficiaries, June 1965, 15 cents *White-Nonwhite Differentials in Health, Education,

* Medicare - Social Security Amendments of 1965, Aug. and Welfare, Aug. 1964-Oct. 1965, 50 cents

1965, 30 cents HEALTH

EDUCATION **Nursing Homes, Related Facilities, and Programs, ** Vocational Education: Report of the Panel of July 1963

Consultants, July 63 Influenza Epidemic of January-April 1963, Oct. 63 ** Manpower Development and Training, Aug. 63 Health Professions Educational Assistance Act, Oct. 63 ** Education for Home, Health, and Family, Oct. 1963 *Mental Retardation and Mental Illness, Nov. 63, 35 cents *1963: Year of Legislative Achievements in Education **Smoking and Health, Feb. 64

Higher Education Facilities ... Vocational Clean Air, Jan. 64

Education ... Amendments and Extension of NDEA, Indian Poverty and Indian Health, March 1964

School Assistance to Federally Affected Areas and ** Medical Care and Family Income, May 1964

Manpower Development and Training, Enrollments, Progress in Research on Communication, July 1964

Federal Funds, and Costs of Higher Education. *+State Planning for Comprehensive

Oct. 1963-Feb. 1964. 55 cents. Action to combat Mental Retardation, July 1964

** Library Services and Construction Act (P.L. 88-269) Training for Service and Leadership in the Health

March 1964 Professions. Aug. 1964

Education for the Gifted, April 1964 The Hill-Harris Amendments of 1964 to the Hilfe

A New Look at School Dropouts, April 1964 Burton Act ... Sept. 1964

Gallaudet College, 1864-1964. April 1964 The Nurse Training Act of 1964. Oct. 1964

*Faculty in White and Negro Colleges, Feb. 1965. 15 cents. * Accidents, Dec. 1964. 30 cents.

* Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, * Epilepsy, Dec. 1964. 20 cents.

May 1965. 20 cents. Hospital Costs, 1946-1963, Jan. 1965

*State Variations in Support of Public Schools, *Support of Basic Research in the General Medical

May 1965. 15 cents. Sciences, Apr. 1965. 20 cents.

* College Aid for Students, July 1965 *White-Nonwhite Mortality Differentials in the United Manpower Legislation and Training, 1965, MayStates, June 1965. 15 cents.

June 1965

* Available from the Government Printing Office at Price stated. **Supply exhausted. Limited numbers of copies of individual reprints still available may be secured without charge from the Office of Program Analysis, Office of the Under Secretary, U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Washington, D.C. 20201. Articles may be reproduced; notification will be appreciated.

The monthly Health, Education, and Welfare Indicators is for sale by the Superintendent of Documents, Washington, D.C. 20402, at $5.00 per year ($6.25 foreign).

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