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65. Incorporated surety companies which have complied with the requirements of the War Department will also be accepted as surety on the bond, and in this case only one surety is required.

66. A college corporation desiring ordnance and ordnance stores for the use of the college must furnish evidence that some one is authorized to execute in its behalf the bond which the law requires.

67. This authority can only be given by the governing body of the corporation, i. e., the body invested with authority to employ the faculty and make all other contracts in its behalf, and designated in the charter of the corporation as board of regents, board of trustees, etc., and this body must give the authority in the formal way in which it does other business, the action taken being recorded as a part of the proceedings of the meeti at which it was taken. The evidence of this authority required to be furnished will be an extract from the record of the proceedings of the board of regents or board of trustees, showing that the board met in its official capacity, that a resolution was offered authorizing some person by name to execute the required bond for the corporation, and that this resolution was adopted ; and this extract must be certified, under the corporate seal, to be a true extract from the record of the proceedings of the board by the secretary or other custodian of the records. His certificate that the authority has been conferred, or that such a resolution was passed, is not sufficient. The record speaks for itself, and a copy of so much of it should be furnished as will show that it purports to be a record of the board, that the resolution was offered, and that it was passed.

68. Great pains should be taken to use the name given to the corporation by its charter, and to mention in the resolution the particular bond to be given.

69. It is desired that a copy of the charter be sent to the Chief of Ordnance, United States Army, Washington, D. C.; also a copy (accompanied by certificate under corporate seal) of so much of the record of the election of the officers of the corporation as will show the election of the particular oficer who is to execute the bond.

In calling for form of bond it should be stated-
First. If the principals and sureties are individuals.


Second. If the principal is a corporation and surety an individual.

Third. If principal is an individual and surety a corporation.
Fourth. If both principal and surety are corporations.
As indicated above, there are four forms of bond, as follows:
1417. When principal and sureties are individuals.

1418. When the principal is a corporation and the sureties are individuals.

1419. When the principal is an individual and the surety a corporation.

1420. When principal and surety are corporations. In calling for the blank forms of bond they may be called

Form No. 1417," “ Form No. 1418," etc. [2087186, A. G. 0.] BY ORDER OF THE SECRETARY OF WAB:


Major General, Chief of Staff. OFFICIAL : GEO. ANDREWS,

The Adjutant General.

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