Health Manpower, 1970: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Health... 91-2, September 2, 4, 1970

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Page 15 - The study shall incorporate guidelines which are consistent with criteria provided in resolutions adopted by the Committee on Labor and Public Welfare of the United States Senate or the Committee on Education and Labor of the United States House of Representatives, or both.
Page 10 - We face a massive crisis in this area [health care] and unless action is taken both administratively and legislatively to meet that crisis within the next two or three years, we will have a breakdown in our medical care system which could have consequences affecting millions of people throughout the country.
Page 54 - I reply that until we begin moving toward national health Insurance, neither Congress nor the medical profession will ever take the basic steps that are essential to reorganize the system. Without national health insurance to galvanize us into action, I fear we will simply continue to patch the present system beyond any reasonable hope of survival.
Page 108 - Nothing in this title shall be construed to authorize any Federal officer or employee to exercise any supervision or control over the practice of medicine or the manner in which medical services are provided...
Page 703 - Psychologists have been emphasizing the motivation-learning and the interest-activity sequences of cause and effect for so long that they tend to overlook their reciprocal aspects. Since motivation is not an indispensable condition for short-term and limited-quantity learning, it is not ' necessary to postpone learning activities until appropriate interests and motivations have been developed.
Page 356 - The Congress declares that fulfillment of our national purpose depends on promoting and assuring the highest level of health attainable for every person, in an environment which contributes positively to healthful individual and family living...
Page 297 - Department of Chemistry, University of Missouri-Kansas City. STATEMENT OF RICHARDSON K. NOBACK, MD, ACTING DEAN, SCHOOL OF MEDICINE, UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI, KANSAS CITY Dr. NOBACK. Thank you very much, Senator Eagleton. I hope you have a copy of some remarks that I prepared. Senator EAGLETON. Yes. Dr. NOBACK. I would like to thank you on behalf of all of us for this opportunity to speak to the subcommittee. We believe it will be most effective if I summarize a number of points about the medical school...
Page 699 - ... cosmetology and barber schools was exact because their respective associations conduct an annual census. In 1966 the United Business Schools Association had a membership of 500 schools offering secretarial, accounting, business administration, and other courses; and it maintained a record of 800 nonmember business schools. The National Association of Trade and Technical Schools (NATTS), established in 1965, had only 200 member schools, but the Association's mailing list was several times that...
Page 692 - The Board of Trustees of the WE Upjohn Unemployment Trustee Corporation HARRY E. TURBEVILLE, Chairman E. GIFFORD UPJOHN, MD, Vice Chairman DONALD s. GILMORE, Vice Chairman D. GORDON KNAPP, Secretary-Treasurer MRS. GENEVIEVE U. GILMORE CHARLES C. GIBBONS PRESTON S. PARISH MRS. RAY T. PARFET, JR. JAMES H. DUNCAN The Staff of the Institute SAMUEL V.
Page 694 - ... Vocational Schools and Their Students. He is collaborating with Dr. Irving H. Siegel on a book that will deal with the future of employment. He has written articles on apprenticeship and training. Preface This paper was prepared at the invitation of the Bureau of Higher Education, Office of Education, US Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. It is a slightly revised version of a paper which will appear in a collection of studies to be published in 1970 by the Bureau of Higher Education...

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