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the Literature Fund, which is distributed annually, to the amount of $40,000, on the basis of attendance of scholars who have passed the preliminary Academic examination, in writing, prescribed by the Regents. This examination has been held tri-yearly since 1865, in more than two hundred Academies and Academic Departments of Union Schools.

The Regents also apportion $30,000 annually, from the U. S. Deposit Fund, for the instruction of' Common School Teachers, by about one hundred Academies and Academical Departments selected for the purpose; and $3,000 from the income of the Literature Fund, for the purchase of books and apparatus, among Academic Institutions, raising in advance an equal amount not exceeding $250 in one year for the same purpose.

An annual meeting of the Board is held the second Thursday of January, and adjourned meetings during the session of the Legislature. Special meetings may be called by their Chancellor. A semi-annual meeting is held on the first Tuesday of July (unless this be the 4th of July, in which case it is the Second Tuesday), in connection with the University Convocation. This is an annual gathering of the Regents and the officers of Colleges and Academies, subject to their visitation for the oonsideration of subjects of mutual interest. The Regents appoint the Librarians of the State Library and the Director and assistants of the State Museum. Their officers consist of a Chancellor, ViceChaucellor, Secretary and Assistant Secretary.


ERASTUS C. BENEDICT, Chancellor of the University ; appointed Regent March

22, 1855; residence, New York.
Henry R. Pienson, Vice-Chancellor ; appointed Regent April 24, 1872; resi-
dence, Albany.

The Governor (Lucius ROBINSON), ex-officio.
The Lieutenant-Governor (WILLIAM DORSHEIMER), ex-officio.
The Secretary of State (ALLEN C. Beach), ex-officio.
The Superintendent of Public Instruction (Neil Gilmour), ex-oficio.


Date of appointment.


Robert G. Rankin.......
George W. Clinton......
Lorenzo Burrows..
Robert S. Hale....
Elias W. Leavenworth......
J. Carson Brevoort...
George W. Curtis..
Francis Kernan
John L. Lewis,
Martin I. Townsend...
Anson J. Upson...
William L. Bostwick.
Chauncey M. Depew.
Charles E. Fitch...
Orris H. Warren.
Leslie W. Russell...
Whitelaw Reid.

1847, September 22...... Newburgh.
1856, March 6...... Buffalo.
1858, February 16...... Albion.
1859, March 29...... Elizabethtown,
1861, February 5...... Syracuse.
1861, February 5.. Brooklyn.
1864, April 12.... W. N. Brighton, S. I.
1870, February 10... Utica.
1871, February 8.. Penn Yan.
1873, April

24..... Troy.
1874, February 11.. Albany.
1876, March 9...... Ithaca.
1877, January 31...... New York city.
1877, January 31.. Rochester.
1877, April 11...... Syracuse.
1878, January 17...... Canton.
1878, January 17.. New York city.

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SAMUEL B. WOOLWORTH, Sec'y of the Board.
DANIEL J. PRATT, Assistant Secretary.


For the Year 1878.

On the Incorporation of Colleges id Academies. The Vice-Chancellor,

Mr. Kernan, Mr. Clinton,

Mr. Depew, Mr. Leavenworth,

Mr. Russell, Mr. Brevoort,

On the State Museum of Natural History. The Vice-Chancellor,

Mr. Rankin, The Secretary of State,

Mr. Townsend, The Sup't of Public Instruction, Mr. Bostwick. Mr. Clinton, ,

On the State Library.* Rev. Dr. Upson,

The Secretary of State, The Vice-Chancellor,

Mr. Hale, The Governor,

Mr. Curtis.
The Lieutenant-Governor,

On the Instruction of Common School Teachers.
The Sup't of Public Instruction, Rev. Dr. Warrer.,
Mr. Burrows,

Mr. Russell.
Mr. Bostwick,

On the Distribution of the Literature Fund.
The Lieutenant-Governor, Mr. Townsend,
Mr. Rankin,

Mr. Fitch.
Mr. Burrows,

On Appropriations for the Purchase of Books and Apparatus. Mr. Clinton,

Mr. Lewis, Mr. Depew,

Mr. Reid. Mr. Curtis,

On the Annual Report. Mr. Brevoort,

Rev. Dr. Warren, The Secretary of State,

Mr. Reid. Mr. Kernan,

On Arrangements for the Visitation of Colleges and Academies. The Chancellor,

Mr. Fitch, The Lieutenant-Governor, Mr. Depew. Mr. Hale,

On Preliminary Academic Examinations. Mr. Leavenworth,

Mr. Lewis,
The Vice-Chancellor,

Rev. Dr. Úpson,
The Sup't of Public Instruction, Mr. Fitch.
Mr. Hale,

* This committee meets every Monday at eleven o'clock a. m., at the office of the secretary.




TO THE LIBRARY. SECTION 1.* The regents of the university of the state of New York are hereby constituted, and shall continue, the trustees of the state library. (Laws of 1844, chap. 255, sec. 1.)

SEC. 2. The trustees hereby appointed shall have power, from time to time, to appoint a librarian to superintend and take care of said library, and to prescribe such rules and regulations for the government of the library as they shall think proper, and to remove the librarian at any time when they shall deem it expedient; but for the purpose of removing or appointing a librarian twelve of the said trustees shall be required to form a quorum. (Same chap., sec. 3.)

SEC. 3. The assistant librarian and messenger shall be appointed by the trustees of the library. (Laws of 1848, chap. 262, sec. 2.)

For second assistant, seo Laws of 1855, chap. 538, sec. 1, and chap. 539, sec. 1.

SEC. 4. The state library shall be kept open every day in the year, Sundays excepted, during such hours in each day as the trustees of the said library may direct. (Laws of 1844, chap. 255, sec. 5.)

SEC. 5. The librarian shall be constant in his personal attendance upon the library during the hours it shall be directed to be kept open, and shall perform such other duties as may be imposed by law or by the rules and regulations which may be prescribed by the said trustees. (Same chap., sec. 6.)

SEC. 6. The acting trustees will, from time to time, give directions to the librarian in relation to the proper and safe-keeping of the books, maps, charts and other property belonging to the said library; and may, by way of amercement for every violation or neglect of duty, suspend or deduct from his salary or emolument any part thereof, not exceeding half of it in any one year. (Laws of 1840, chap. 381, sec. 3.)

* The sections are, for convenience, numbered without reference to their original numbers,

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