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The Lieutenant-Governor is elected by the people, holds office for three years, is President of the Senate, and has the casting vote therein,

is a member of the Canal Board, is one of the commissioners of the Land Office, of the new Capitol, and of the Canal Fund, is one of the trustees of the Capitol, is one of the trustees of the Idiot Asylum, and of Union University, and one of the trustees of the State IIall, and ex officio, one of the Regents of the University, and member of the State Boar 1 of Charities. If the Governor dies, resigns, is impeached, or otherwise becomes unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, they devolve upon the Lieutenant-Governor for the residue of the term.

1777 1795 1801

1804 29, 1811

1811 1813 1823 1825 1827

1828 1829

Pierre Van Cortlandt..
Stephen Van Rensselaer.
Jeremiah Van Rensselaer..
John Broome..
John Tayler, President pro tem, of Senate... January
De Witt Clinton..

John Tayler..
Erastus Root
James Tallmadge..
Nathaniel Pitcher.
Peter R. Livingston, President pro tem. of

Enos T. Throop.
William M. Oliver, President pro tem. of

Edward P. Livingston.
John Tracy
Luther Bradish.
Daniel S. Dickinson.
Addison Gardiner.
Addison Gardiner, to June.
Hamilton Fish.
George W. Patterson.
Sanford E. Church.
Henry J. Raymond.
Henry R. Selden.
Robert Campbell.
David R. Floyd Jones.
Thomas G. Alvord.
Stewart L. Woodford..
Allen C. Beach...
John C. Robinson.
William Dorsheimer..

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1830 1831 1833 1839 1843 1845 1847 1848 1849 1851 1865 1857 1859 1863 1865 1867 1869 1873 1876



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The Secretary of State is keeper of the State archives, in connection with which he has numerous specific duties. He, superintends the publication and distribution of the Laws, and issues patents for lands, commissions, pardons and licenses, and notices for elections. In his office are filed applications from companies formed under general laws, except banking institutions and insurance companies. He reports annually to the Legislature the statistics of pauperism and crime received from the several counties, and upon such other subjects as may be required by law or by a resolution of either branch of the Legislature. At the opening of each session, he administers the oath of office to each member of Assembly. He is a regent of the University, a Commissioner of the Land Office and of the Canal Fund, a member of the Canal Board and of the Board of State Canvassers, a Trustee of the Capitol and of the State Hall, a trustee of the Idiot Asylum, a trustee of Union College, a member of the State Board of Audit, and ex officio a meunber of the State Board of Charities. He is elected (each odd year) for a term of two years, and receives a salary of $5,000. The fees of the office go juto the Treasury. He appoints a deputy (who is clerk of the Land Office), and the necessary clerks.

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