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The following publications are available to the public on a subscription basis from the National Technical Information Service (NTIS), Springfield, Virginia 22161. The annual subscription rate for one volume (calendar) year (12 issues plus cumulative index) is $75.00 for domestic subscribers and $150.00 for subscribers outside the North American continent, except as listed below for DOE Patents Available for Licensing (PAL). A single issue is $7.00 (domestic) and $14.00 (outside the North American continent).

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The following publications are available from the National Technical Information Service (NTIS), Springfield, Virginia 22161. The annual rate for one volume (calendar) year (24 issues) is $40.00 for domestic subscribers and $80.00

for subscribers outside the North American continent. Direct Energy Conversion (DEC)

development of geothermal resources. Available as safety systems, radiation protection, decommissionA semimonthly current awareness bulletin cov- PB83-914700.

ing and dismantling, and security measures. Availering the following areas: photovoltaics, magnetohyNuclear Fuel Cycle (NFC)

able as PB83-913500. drodynamics, electrohydrodynamics, thermoelec

A semimonthly current awareness bulletin covtrics, thermionics, and fuel cells. Available as ering all aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle, both

Radioactive Waste Management (RWM) PB83-946600 front end and back end. Available as PB83-913400. A semimonthly current awareness bulletin cov

ering the following management aspects: transport Geothermal Energy Technology (GET) Nuclear Reactor Safety (NRS)

and storage, waste processing, waste disposal, waste A semimonthly current awareness bulletin A semimonthly current awareness bulletin cov- storage, radioactive effluents, and shipping condevoted to information on the exploration and ering the following safety aspects: accident analysis, tainers. Available as PB83-902900.


Atominder (Published in cooperation with the UNIPUB, 345 Park Avenue South, New York, NY tion of Coal Abstracts to TIC for inclusion in the

Technical Information Center by the Interna. 10010. The cost of an annual subscription, 24 semi- Energy Data Base; in turn, TIC provides all U. S. tional Atomic Energy Agency, International monthly issues and semiannual and annual cumula- coal information to IEA Coal Research for incluNuclear Information System, Vienna, Austria) tive indexes, is $290.

sion in Coal Abstracts. Coal Abstracts is available A semimonthly abstract journal devoted to

to Department of Energy components and contracinformation on nuclear science and technology Coal Abstracts (Published in cooperation with the tors from the Technical Information Center. NonThrough an exchange agreement, IAEA/INIS pro- Technical Information Center by the Interna- DOE organizations may obtain Coal Abstracts vides all non-U. S. nuclear information of tional Energy Agency, IEA Coal Research, Lon- from IEA Coal Research, Technical Information Alomindex to TIC for inclusion in the Energy Data don, England)

Service, 14-15 Lower Grosvenor Place, London
Base; in turn, TIC provides all U. S. nuclear infor- A monthly abstract journal devoted to informa- SWIW OEX, England, for 100 pounds sterling per
mation to IAEA/INIS for inclusion in Atomindex. tion on coal. Through an exchange agreement, IEA year.
Atomindex is available by subscription from Coal Research provides all non-U. S. coal informa-

International Copyright, US Department of Energy. 1979. under the provisions of the Universal Copyright Convention United States copynight is not asserted under the
United States Copyright Law, Title 17, United States Code


ISSN: 0098-5104

CODEN: EAPAD February 1983




The Technical Information Center in Oak Ridge, Tennes

sec, has been the national center for scientific and techniical information for the Department of Energy (DOE) and

its predecessor agencies since 1946. In developing and managing DOE's technical information program, the Center places under bibliographic control not only DOEoriginated information but also worldwide literature on scientific and technical advances in the energy field and announces the source and availability of this information. Whereas the literature of science is emphasized, coverage is extended to DOE programmatic, socioeconomic, environmental, legislative/regulatory energy analysis, and policy-related areas. To accomplish this mission, the Center builds and maintains computerized energyinformation data bases and disseminates this information via computerized retrieval systems and announcement publications such as abstracting journals, bibliographies, and

update journals. Direct access to the Center's most i

comprehensive data base, the Energy Data Base, is available to the public through commercial on-line bibliographic retrieval systems. The Energy Data Base and many of the Center's energy-related data bases are available to DOE offices and contractors and to other government agencies via DOE/RECON, the Department's online information retrieval system. The Center has developed and maintains systems to record and communicate energy-related research-in-progress information, to catalog official DOE issue-and-policy documents, to maintain à register of DOE public communications publications, to track research report deliverables from DOE contractors, and to test and make available DOE-funded computer software programs with scientific and management applications. The Center also maintains a full-scale publishing capability to serve special publication needs of the Department. To effectively manage DOE's technical information resources, the Center's program is one of continual development and evaluation of new information products, systems, and technologies.

Energy Abstracts for Policy Analysis (EAPA), while embracing all phases of energy analysis and development, is limited primarily to nontechnological or quasitechnological articles or reports having significant reference value. This selectivity in scope and coverage of EAPA is effected to emphasize the following: programmatic efforts; policy, legislative, and regulatory aspects; social, economic, and environmental impacts; regional and sectoral analyses, institutional factors, etc. Note: the "hard" scientific and technical literature is abstracted for the most part in DOE Energy Research Abstracts (ERA) and is included in the DOE Energy Data Base.

Selection for EAPA is based strictly on content (substantive articles) and is made from Congressional committee prints; Federal agency and department reports; regional commission and state and local government reports; periodicals, including

including trade journals and newsweeklies; conference proceedings and/or conference papers, books, including manuals, directories, encyclopedias, etc.; and documents from industrial firms, private institutes and foundations, educational institutions, societies, associations, etc.

EAPA is available on an exchange basis to universities, research institutions, industrial firms, and publishers of energy information. Inquiries should be directed to the Technical Information Center, P.O. Box 62, Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37830.

EAPA is available to the public on a subscription basis from the Superintendent of Documents, U. S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C. 20402. The subscription rate for the 12 monthly issues plus the annual index is $70.00 for domestic subscribers and $87.50 for subscribers outside the North American continent. The annual index is also available separately to subscribers for $10.00 (domestic) or $12.50 (outside the North American continent). A single issue costs $6.00 (domestic) or $7.50 (outside the North American continent).


Donald Paul Hodel


Martha 0. Hesse

Assistant Secretary Management and Administration

William S. Heffelfinger Director of Administration

Loo M. Thompson Editor

Joseph G. Coyne

Manager Technical Information Center

Published by the United States Department of Energy, Technical Information Center

P. O. Box 62, Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37830

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5411 CANLICNSV-TY-67) Oasis code application to pro posed Argonne Nationa Laboratory cogeneration plant. Bingman, P.J.; Leslie, N.P. (Argonne National Lab., IL (USA)). Tun 1981. Contract W-31-109-ENG-38. 135p. NTIS, PC A07/MF A01. Order Number DE81025869.

A computer program, OASIS (Optimization and Simulation of Integrated Systems), has been developed by Argonne National Laboratory to provide detailed representations of the processes and operating conditions in central plants. It contains an extensive library of generic component subroutines that model representative equipment using part-load performance curves. New technologies may be modeled by adding FORTRAN written subroutines in the job input stream. The equipment performance and economic data already included are easy to modify, so that almost any plant configuration and set of operating conditions may be modeled. The use of OASIS is described for an evaluation of the proposed cogeneration plant at Argonne National Laboratory.


Bingman, D.J., Oasis code application to proposed Argonne

National Laboratory cogeneration plant, 7:5411 (R:US) Leslie, N.P., See Bingman, D.J., 7:5411 Stevens, B.J., See Stewart, R.R. Jr., 7:5520 Stewart, R.R. Jr., Taxation of coal: an update, 7:5520 (J:US)


•Subject Index

The subject index consisting of entries naming specific concepts, objects, and materials is arranged alphabetically. Document titles, informative phrases, or both specific to these entries are arranged alphabetically under the entries. Pertinent cross references are included.

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Taxation of coal: an update, 7:5520 (J:US)
0 Codes
Oasis code application to proposed Argonne National Labo-

ratory cogeneration plant, 7:5411 (R:US) DUAL-PURPOSE POWER PLANTS Computerized Simulation Oasis code application to proposed Argonne National Labo

ratory cogeneration plant, 7:5411 (R:US)

5520 Taxation of coal: an update. Stewart, R.R., Jr.; Stevens, B.J. (Deloitte Haskins & Sells, Denver, CO). Oil and Gas Tax Quarterly; 29: No. 4, 694-715 Jun 1981).

The coal-mining industry is subject to a myriad of tax laws, regulations, and rulings. Recent developments in the area of coal mining have resolved some past conflicts and further confused others. Nevertheless, a taxpayer involved in any aspect of coal mining should carefully analyze both tax and nontax implications related thereto. There can be benefits for the taxpayer who considers the structure of the transaction, the timing and method of acquisition, classification of exploration and development stage costs, and the interaction of depletion, Section 631(c), and the concept of economic interest. 71 references.

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Technical report literature is also indexed using report numbers. This index includes information on where individual reports may be obtained. Patents and conference papers are indexed here as a matter of convenience. When a report is supplied under an Order Number, that number is included in the availability statement. An Order Number - Report Number Correlation is included for convenience.

Four indexes are provided for approaching the contents of each issue of Energy Abstracts for Policy Analysis (EAPA). These indexes are cumulated annually. Each index is preceded by an introduction that details the organization of the index and the principles by which it was compiled. The reader is referred to these introductions for information not found in the index examples that follow.

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01 Energy Analysis and Modeling

(Methodology or techniques for process analysis,

input-output analysis, systems analysis, regional

analysis, etc., including energy accounting and net

energy evaluations. For analysis for a specific pur-

pose, see the appropriate subcategory; e.g., for

forecasting electric power demand, see the sub-

category Electric Power.)

02 Economics and Sociology

(All economic, sociological, or political aspects of

any energy action or policy, e.g., energy source

development, energy facility construction and/or

siting, implementation of conservation or other

programs, the OPEC cartel, etc., also, basic

economic and social studies that are applicable to

analysis of energy systems or policy.)

03 Environment, Health, and Safety

(Policy and management aspects as opposed to tech-

nological studies; energy or monetary costs of

complying with regulations; environmental

impacts of energy source development, energy

facility construction, and/or siting, conventional

energy supplies, etc., environmental regulations

and legislation per se.)

04 Natural Resources

(Broad survey-type or economics-oriented studies

related to resource development or utilization;

includes ores, minerals, and materials generally,

but not specifically, unless an element of unusual

interest, e.g., uranium; also includes general stud-

ies on water resources, land use, food production,

and resource conservation.)

05 Research, Development, Demonstration, and Commer-


(Overall energy RD&D programs of Federal, state,

or local governments or organizations; industrial

laboratories; regional organizations; private insti-

tutions; and foreign governments and organiza-

tions. Technology assessment, transfer, and utili-

zation are also included here.)

06 Nuclear Energy

(Only the broader nontechnological aspects of

nuclear energy as related to overall energy policy

or strategy.)

07 Transport and Storage


STORAGE, not energy aspects of transportation

or energy supply stockpiling or storage.)

08 Waste Heat Utilization

(Total energy systems, co-generation, district heat-

ing and cooling, or any other use of waste heat.)

10 Conservation

(Policy, management, legislative, programmatic, and

regulatory aspects of conservation.)

20 Supply, Demand, and Forecasting

(Surveys, analyses, simulations, forecasts, and fore-

casting techniques for predicting energy demand

or supply; also, emergency measures, e.g., alloca-

tions, substitutions, etc., to ensure adequate sup-


30 Policy, Legislation, and Regulation

(Congressional hearings, legislation, regulations,

etc., for implementing or interpreting already-

established policy or that can aid in formulating

policy, also, assessments, evaluations, surveys,

regional hearings, etc., on present or to-be-

established policies. Information concerning

energy policies of state, local, and foreign govern-

ments or regional or international organizations is

also included.)

40 Fossil Fuels

(Policies and programs for and economic, sociologi-

cal, and environmental aspects of coal, petroleum,

natural gas, and oil shale or tar sand develop-

ment; also, all assessments of reserves and

resources, both U. S. and worldwide.)

50 Hydrogen and Synthetic Fuels

(Assessment of the potential of hydrogen in a

hydrogen-based economy or of nonfossil fuel

sources in substitution for conventional sources.)

60 Electric Power

(Surveys and forecasting of electricity demand and

supply; statistics of power consumption on a local,

regional, or national basis; utility management

problems including planning, rate structures and

regulations, accounting procedures, peak-load

pricing, load management, power thefts, public

relations, etc.)

80 Consumption and Utilization

(Survey- or statistical-type information on energy

usage in the consuming sectors.)

90 Unconventional Sources and Power Generation

(Policy and management aspects of solar, geother-

mal, wind, tidal wave, or other renewable energy


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