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KINGS RIVER PROJECT, CALIFORNIA (REIMBURSABLE) Kings River project, California, $1,000,000 (increase)

$1, 000, 000 On page 711 of the Budget, under the title "Boise Project, Idaho,

Anderson Ranch (Reimbursable)," increase the estimate for the item from "$2,500,000” to “$4,300,000" (increase).

1, 800, 000 On page 715 of the Budget, under the title “General Investigations, Bureau of Reclamation (Reimbursable)," increase the estimate for the item from “$500,000” to “$875,000" (increase)

375, 000 The increase in the estimate for the Colorado River development fund will permit the Bureau of Reclamation to expedite, during the fiscal year 1945, the completion of the comprehensive plan for the utilization of waters of the Colorado River system in accordance with the provisions of the Boulder Canyon Project Adjustment Act of July 19, 1940. The completed report will serve as a basis for coordinating the plans of the several projects proposed. in the basin and will thereby expedite the findings of feasibility which must be approved before funds can be made available for the preparation of construction plans and specifications, the acquisition of lands, or for other purposes preparatory to construction activities.

The Palisades project in Idaho is authorized by the Reclamation Project Act of August 4, 1939 (53 Stat. 1187). The finding of feasibility was submitted to the Congress on December 9, 1941 (H. Doc. 457, 77th Cong., 1st sess.). No funds have been provided for the preparation of plans and specifications and for other preconstruction work: The purpose of this estimate is to permit the Bureau to take such steps as are necessary to prepare for the construction of the project when conditions are favorable.

The Kings River project in California is one of two projects which have been authorized for construction by the Bureau of Reclamation for which funds are not available to perform all necessary work preliminary to construction. This estimate proposes to provide funds for the preconstruction explorations of project sites, preparation of construction plans and specifications, purchase of rights-of-way and aggregate deposits, relocation of railroads and highways from the reservoir sites, and clearing the reservoir sites to provide for early storage of water in order that construction of the works may be undertaken when materials become available and when it becomes necessary to provide employment opportunities during the demobilization period.

The War Food Administration has determined that the early completion of the Anderson Ranch Dam will provide assurance that a high rate of production of critically needed foods will be maintained in the area served by the project. In consideration of this determination the War Production Board has revoked orders to suspend construction. The increase in the estimate proposes to provide funds for expediting the construction work so that 45,000 acre-feet of water from the spring run-off in 1945 may be stored to meet the requirements of the war food program.

A large number of basin reports and project investigations undertaken by the Bureau of Reclamation are now in various stages of completion. The information to be supplied by these reports is needed so that the programs of the agencies engaged in the conservation and use of water may be coordinated properly. The project investigations must be completed before plans and specifications for project construction can be prepared. The increase in the two estimates for general investigations will provide for the completion of a number of these reports by the Bureau so that the programs of the several agencies can be advanced to the stage where construction can be undertaken with the least delay when conditions warrant.


DRAFT OF PROPOSED PROVISION On page 511 of the Budget, under the subhead "National Parks” following the semicolon at the end of line eight, insert the words "necessary protection of the area of federally owned land in the custody of the National Park Service knowo as the Ocean Strip and Queets Corridor, adjacent to Olympic National Park, Washington;".

The National Park Service has for the past several years been acquiring and has now about completed the acquisition of land adjacent to the Olympic National Park, Wash., for a parkway along the seacoast and connecting the road system of the park. The foregoing provision is intended to authorize the expenditure of regularly appropriated funds allotted to Olympic National Park for the protection of the area from trespass and authorized use, fire protection, and possibly for the administration of the completion of timber operations now in progress and scheduled for completion on or before June 30, 1944. No increase in the appropriation over the amount included in the 1945 Budget is involved.

The foregoing items are required to meet contingencies which have arisen since the transmission of the Budget for the fiscal year 1945 and their approval is recommended. Very respectfully,

HAROLD D. Smith, Director of the Bureau of the Budget.

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MARCH 10, 1944.- Referred to the Committee on Appropriations and ordered to

be printed



SIR: I have the honor to transmit herewith for the consideration of Congress the Budget for the Petroleum Administration for War or the fiscal year 1945 containing an estimate of appropriation mounting to $6,550,000.

The letter of the Director of the Bureau of the Budget in connection vith this budget is transmitted herewith. Respectfully,


69140 0 - 45 - 3



Washington 25, D. C., March 7, 1944. The PRESIDENT,

The White House Sır: I have the honor to submit for your consideration the budget for the Petroleum Administration for War for the fiscal year 1945 containing an estimate of appropriation amounting to $6,550,000. The details of this estimate are transmitted herewith. I recommend that the budget be transmitted to Congress. Very respectfully,

Harold D. SMITH, Director of the Bureau of the Budget.


PETROLEUM ADMINISTRATION FOR WAR Salaries and Expenses, Petroleum Administration for War

Salaries and expenses: For all necessary expenses of the Petroleum Administration for War in performing its functions as prescribed by the President (Fed. Reg., December 4, 1942), including [personal services in the District of Columbia;] not to exceed {$600,000] $450,000 for personal services without regard to the civil-service and classification laws; printing and binding not to exceed [$15,000; traveling expenses not to exceed $320,000, including attendance at meetings of organizations concerned with the purposes of this appropriation, and actual transportation and other necessary expenses and not to exceed $10 per diem in lieu of subsistence of persons serving in an advisory capacity to the Administrator while away from their homes without other compensation from the United States; contract stenographic reporting services; books of reference, newspapers, and periodicals; purchase (not to exceed $12,000), maintenance, repair, and operation of passenger, carrying automobiles; $5,473,000) $25,000; and not to exceed $420,000 for travel expenses; $6,550,000: Provided, That section 3709, Revised Statutes, shall not apply to any purchase or service rendered under this appropriation when the aggregate amount involved does not exceed $300 (Act of July 12, 1943, Public Law 139). Estimate 1945, $6,550,000

Appropriated 1944, $5,473,000


By objects

Estimate, 1945 Estimate, 1944 | Actual, 1943


Man- Total Man- Total Man. Total
Clerical, administrative, and fiscal service: years salary years salary ycars salary
Grade 15. Range $8,000 to $9,000:
Assistant deputy administrator.



$9,000 Executive officer

1 9,000 1 9,000 0.5 4,500 Division director.

7 56, 000 7.2 57,600 5.6 44, 800 Executive secretary


0.8 6, 400
Grade 14. Range $6,500 to $7,500:
Assistant division director

8 52, OGO 5. 2 35, 050 1.9 12, 450 Section chief

10 65,000 6. 7 43, 750 1 7,500 Special assistant

3 22, 500 2.5 16, 875 1.5 9, 750 Grade 13. Range $5,600 to $6,400: Assistant division director

20 112, 000 3.3 18, 480 Section chief

18 100, 800 13. I 73, 760 4.8 26, 940 Special assistant

2 12,800

1.3 7, 520 1.6 8, 960 Materials specialist.

1 5,600 1 5. 600 Petroleum specialist

1.1 6, 160 0.7 3, 920 Grade 12. Range $4,600 to $5,400: Section chief

18 82, 800

5.4 25, 240 1.6 7, 580 Special assistant

8 36, 800 3. 8 17, 560 2 9, 200 Information specialist

3 13, 800 1.7 8,620 Marketing specialist.

18, 400

1.6 7, 360 Material specialist

16 73, 600 15. 9 73, 580 9.7 44, 620 Petroleum specialist

1 5, 400 2.3 10, 580 0.7 3, 220 Transportation analyst

3 13,800 3. 9 17, 940 2.6 11, 960 Grade 11. Range $3,800 to $4,600: Section chief

5 19,000 4.4 16, 420 1.6 5, 960 Special assistant

5 19.000 3.8 14, 440 1.4 5, 320 Information specialist.

1 3,800 0.5 1.900 1.1 4, 420 Marketing specialist.

7 26, 600 2.2 8, 360 1.7 6, 460 Materials specialist.

8 30, 400 8.2 31, 160 5.3 20, 140 Petroleum specialist.

3 11, 400 2.6 9, 880 1.6 6,080 Procedures specialist.

1 3,800 0.8 3,040 1.1 4, 180

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