Current Antitrust Problems: Hearings Before Antitrust Subcommittee (Subcommittee No. 5) . .

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1955 - 2712 pages
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Committee Serial No. 3. Includes following court cases and documents related to charges of monopoly against petroleum companies. a. U.S. v. Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey, Socony-Vacuum Oil Co., Standard Oil Co. of California, Texas Co., Gulf Oil Corp. Answer of Defendant Socony-Vacuum Oil Co. (p. 839-902). b. U.S. v. Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey, Socony-Vacuum Oil Co., Standard Oil Co. of California, Texas Co., Gulf Oil Corp., Sept. 1, 1953, compilation of documents submitted by Socony-Vacuum Oil Co. Includes documents relating to Iraq Petroleum Co. and New East Development Corp. (p. 903-1054); documents related to Arabian American Oil Co., and Trans-Arabian Pipeline Co. (p. 1055-1228); and documents related to Socony's purchase contracts with Anglo-Iranian Oil Co. and Middle East Pipelines, Ltd. (p. 1229-1521). c. Includes text of agreement between Iran and the National Iranian Oil Co. and the Gulf Oil Co., Socony-Vacuum Oil Co., Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey, Standard Oil Co. of California, Texas Co., Anglo-Iranian Oil Co., de Bataafsche Petroleum Maatschappij, and Compagnie Francaise Petroles (p. 1563-1651). Reviews the current administration of antitrust and anti-monopoly laws.

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Page 2411 - Commission shall acquire the whole or any part of the assets of another corporation engaged also in commerce, where in any line of commerce in any section of the country the effect of such acquisition may be substantially to lessen competition...
Page 2409 - That it shall be unlawful for any person engaged in commerce, in the course of such commerce, either directly or indirectly, to discriminate in price between different purchasers of commodities of like grade and quality...
Page 2405 - It shall be the duty of the various district attorneys, under the direction of the Attorney General of the United States, to prosecute for the recovery of forfeitures.
Page 2411 - That any person who shall be injured in his business or property by reason of anything forbidden in the anti-trust laws may sue therefor in any district court of the United States in the district in which the defendant resides or is found or has an agent, without respect to the amount in controversy, and shall recover threefold the damages by him sustained, and the cost of suit, including a reasonable attorney's fee.
Page 2421 - States the sum of $100 for each and every day of the continuance of such failure, which forfeiture shall be payable into the Treasury of the United States, and shall be recoverable in a civil suit in the name of the United States...
Page 2403 - To gather and compile information concerning, . and to investigate from time to time the organization, business, conduct, practices, and management of any corporation engaged in commerce, excepting banks and common carriers subject to the Act to regulate commerce, and its relation to other corporations and to individuals, associations, and partnerships.
Page 2402 - The judgment and decree of the court shall be final, except that the same shall be subject to review by the Supreme Court upon certiorari as provided in section two hundred and forty of the Judicial Code.
Page 2421 - The costs and expenses of such prosecution shall be paid out of the appropriation for the expenses of the courts of the United States.
Page 2401 - Any person, partnership, or corporation may make application, and upon good cause shown may be allowed by the Commission, to intervene and appear in said proceeding by counsel or in person.
Page 2419 - That this right shall not apply to contempts committed in the presence of the court or so near thereto as to interfere directly with the administration of justice...