Inorganic Quantitative Analysis

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Century Company, 1925 - 493 pages
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Page 16 - SYSTEMATIC HANDBOOK OF VOLUMETRIC ANALYSIS ; or, the Quantitative Estimation, of Chemical Substances by Measure, applied to Liquids, Solids, and Gases. Adapted to...
Page 320 - KMnO4 solution, stirring the liquid vigorously and continuously. The permanganate must not be added more rapidly than 10 to 15 cc per minute and the last 0.5 to 1 cc must be added dropwise with particular care to" allow each drop to be fully decolorized before the next is introduced.
Page 75 - Archimedes stated that a body immersed in a fluid is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the displaced fluid. By means of this principle, known as Archimedes' principle, he determined that a crown was not pure gold.
Page vii - PREFACE IT has been the aim of the author in preparing this work to...
Page 96 - The specific gravity of a gas may be defined as the ratio of the weight of a given volume of gas to the weight of an equal volume of air measured at the same temperature and pressure. The specific gravity of a dry gas referred to dry air is, for all practical purposes, the same for any temperature.
Page 321 - ... cc. must be added dropwise, with particular care to allow each drop to be fully decolorized before the next is introduced. The excess of permanganate used to cause an end point color must be estimated by matching the color in another beaker containing the same bulk of acid and hot water. The temperature of the solution should not be below 60 C.
Page 328 - The test is most delicate when the flask is provided with a two-hole stopper fitted with inlet and outlet tubes of glass. If the outside opening of the outlet tube is small the concentration of the escaping steam and gas contributes to the sharpness of the test. Because of the possibility of the introduction of organic matter from the stopper by the action of the hot steam, it is safer to employ a cap of platinum foil with two holes, one for the gas entry tube, the other for its escape in a concentrated...
Page 122 - The capacity mark on transfer pipettes must not be more than 6 cm from the bulb. The outlet of any transfer pipette must be of such size that the free outflow shall last not more than one minute and not less than the following for the respective sizes: Capacity...
Page 329 - ... *The direct use of a solution of sulphur dioxide or of an alkali sulphite is inadmissible unless these have been freshly prepared, since after a lapse of time they contain other oxidizable bodies than sulphurous acid or a sulphite. The sulphur dioxide is best obtained as wanted by heating a flask containing a solution of sulphur dioxide, or of a sulphite to which sulphuric acid has been added. The expulsion of the...
Page 277 - After standing overnight in the corked flask the insoluble matter is collected on the smallest possible filter and washed with more of the above mixture of alcohol and ether. After drying, a few cubic centimeters of hot water are passed through the filter, on which may remain a few tenths of a milligram of residue, which does not usually contain any lime or other alkaline earth and whose weight is therefore to be deducted from that of the lime, unless it can be shown that it is derived from...

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