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Contents.—This Committee Print replaces the edition of the
Basic Laws on Housing and Community Development dated De-
cember 31, 1998. It contains the texts of the primary housing and
community development laws within the jurisdiction of the Com-
mittee on Financial Services of the House of Representatives, as
well as additional laws and materials of particular interest to mem-
bers of the Committee in considering legislation relating to housing
and community development. The compilation has been updated
through December 31, 2002. It incorporates the laws passed by the
106th and 107th Congresses and includes the major additions and
revisions made by the American Homeownership and Economic Op-
portunity Act of 2000, enacted December 27, 2000 (Public Law

Organization. This Committee Print has been arranged in

parts, each of which deals with a broad subject area dealt with by

the Committee. The subject areas utilized in organizing the 1998

edition have been retained. Part I contains the basic laws on com-

munity development, including the community development block

grant program and the urban development action grant program.

Part II contains the laws regarding public housing and the section

8 rental assistance program, including the United States Housing

Act of 1937. Part III contains the laws relating to supportive hous-

ing, including supportive housing for elderly and disabled persons.

Part IV contains laws relating to other Federal assistance for hous-

ing, including the HOME program, safety and security in federally

assisted housing, and the low-income housing preservation pro-

gram. Part V contains the laws on homeownership assistance, in-

cluding the HOPE homeownership programs. Part VI contains the

McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act and other related laws

on housing for the homeless. Part VII contains the laws regarding

housing for Native Americans and Native Hawaiians. Part VIII

contains the basic laws on FHA mortgage insurance, mortgage re-

lief, and mortgage foreclosure, most notably, the National Housing

Act. Part IX contains laws relating to the secondary market for

mortgage loans, including FNMA, FHLMC, GNMA, and FAMC.

Part X contains the basic laws on rural housing, including the title

V of the Housing Act of 1949. Part XI contains laws establishing

various regulatory programs, such as those relating to interstate

land sales, real estate settlement procedures, manufactured hous-

ing construction and safety standards, and termination of private

mortgage insurance. Part XII contains laws for the organization

and operation of the Department of Housing and Urban Develop-

ment. Part XIII contains additional laws relating to housing and

community development programs. Part XIV contains permanent

appropriation provisions and a list of appropriation Acts relating to
housing and community development. Finally, part XV contains
miscellaneous tables and lists designed to assist in the use of this

United States Code. For the benefit of the reader, the United
States Code citations are shown in boldface brackets at the begin-
ning of each Public Law section in the Committee Print. These cita-
tions are not a part of the text of the laws in which they appear.

As its title indicates, this Committee Print contains only the
basic laws relating to housing and community development that
govern programs currently in effect. Additional laws relating to
housing and community development, including laws governing for-
merly major programs that have since been superseded, various
provisions that have expired or terminated, and laws not within
the jurisdiction of the Committee, may be found in the United
States Code and the notes contained therein.

It is important to recognize that the United States Code, and
the several commercial publications of the Code, contain additional
information that may be extremely useful in understanding the
laws contained in this Committee Print. For example, the relevant
section in the Code will provide the reader with information on spe-
cific amendments made to the section since its enactment, effective
dates and transitional provisions, delegations and transfers of func-
tions, and cross references to other sections dealing with similar
subject matters. Commercial publications of the Code also indicate
relevant judicial decisions issued with respect to each section.

For changes after the closing date of this publication (Decem-
ber 31, 2002) to provisions of law in this publication that have cita-
tions to the U.S. Code, see the United States Code Classification
Tables published by the Office of the Law Revision Counsel of the
House of Representatives at

Bracketed Matter.Matter appearing in this Committee Print
in boldface black brackets is not a part of the text of the law in
which it appears. As noted above, this matter includes United
States Code citations, which appear at the beginning of each Public
Law provision in this print. The headings and section or subsection
designations of some repealed provisions and some items in tables
of contents also appear in brackets as an aid to the reader.

Comments and Suggestions. Comments and suggestions for
improvements in future editions of this compilation are encour-
aged, and may be addressed to the attention of the Editor, Com-
pilation of Basic Laws on Housing and Community Development,
Office of the Legislative Counsel, United States House of Rep-
resentatives, 136 Cannon House Office Building, Washington, DC













Allocation of funds

United States Housing Act of 1937

Title I—General program of assisted housing

Declaration of policy and PHA organization

Rental payments and definitions

Public housing loans

Public housing contributions

PHA plans

Public housing contracts

Designated housing,

Section 8 rental assistance

Fair market rentals


Public housing capital and operating funds

Labor standards and community service requirement

PHA consortia, joint ventures, affiliates, and subsidiaries

Eligibility for assisted housing

Demolition and disposition of public housing

Public housing resident management

Public housing homeownership opportunities

Authority to convert public housing to vouchers

Family self-sufficiency program

Revitalization of severely distressed public housing

Transfer of public housing management

Environmental reviews

Information for law enforcement agencies

Exchange of information with law enforcement agencies

Civil money penalties against section 8 owners

Public housing mortgages and security interests

Pet ownership in public housing

Resident homeownership programs

Required conversion of distressed public housing
































United States Housing Act of 1937–Continued

Services for public housing residents

Mixed finance public housing

Title III_HOPE for public housing homeownership

Title IV-Home rule flexible grant demonstration

Repeal of section 8 new construction

Repeal of new construction authority

Section 8 prior to repeal

Income eligibility

Repeal of Federal tenant preferences

Funding for section 8 tenant-based assistance

Moving to work demonstration

Section 8 administrative fees

Section 8 contract renewals

Multifamily housing mortgage & assistance restructuring

Subtitle A-F#A-Insured Multifamily Housing Mortgage and Housing

Assistance Restructuring

Subtitle B-Miscellaneous Provisions

Subtitle C-Enforcement Provisions

Subtitle D_Office of Multifamily Housing Assistance Restructuring

Section 8 rent annual adjustment factors

Section 8 excessive rent burden data

Section 8 disaster relief assistance

Section 8 homeownership demonstration

Homeownership option

Funding for pilot programs

Section 8 homeownership

assistance pilot program for disabled families

Section 8 community investment demonstration

Use of funds recaptured from refinancing State and local finance projects

Access to PHAs' books

Miscellaneous provisions

Rental assistance fraud recoveries

Purchase of PHA obligations

Procurement of insurance by PHAS

Transitional ceiling rents for public housing

Limitation on public housing assistance

Mental health action plans

Annual report regarding 1998 Act

Consultation in settlement of litigation

Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988–Continued

Public and assisted housing drug elimination

Drug-free public housing

Youthbuild program

Standards for residency, occupancy preferences, and service coordinators in

federally assisted housing

Standards and obligations of residency

Preferences for elderly residents and units for disabled residents in sec-

tion 8 housing

Service coordinators for elderly and disabled residents

General provisions

Safety and security in public and assisted housing

Removal of regulatory barriers to affordable housing

Disposition of HUD-owned projects

Flexible disposition authority

Transfer of unoccupied and substandard housing to local governments

and community development corporations

Management and disposition of HÚD-owned projects

Housing access

Housing counseling

State housing finance agencies

Amendments affecting tenant rents

Treatment of housing assistance as income

Treatment of payments made to Nazi persecution victims

Financial assistance in impacted areas

Restrictions on welfare and public benefits for aliens

Eligibility for Federal benefits

Eligibility for State and local public benefits

Use of assisted housing by aliens

Immigration reform

Solar energy systems in assisted housing

Energy conserving improvements for assisted housing

Energy efficiency plan

Low-Income Housing Preservation and Resident Homeownership Act of 1990

Prepayment of mortgages insured under National Housing Act

Technical assistance and capacity building

Transition and other low-income housing preservation provisions


State preservation project assistance

Preserving existing housing investment

Assistance for self-help housing providers

Surplus property disposition for low-income housing use


National Homeownership Trust Act

HOPE homeownership programs.

Homeownership of multifamily units

Homeownership of single family homes

Section 235 homeownership assistance

Enterprise zone homeownership opportunity grants

Eligibility under first-time homebuyer programs


McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act

General provisions

Interagency Council on the Homeless

FEMA food and shelter program

Housing affordability strategy

Emergency shelter grants program

Supportive housing program

Safe havens for homeless individuals demonstration program

Section 8 assistance for single room occupancy dwellings

Shelter plus care program

Rural homelessness grant program

Use of FMHA inventory for transitional and turnkey housing

Use of unutilized and underutilized public buildings and real property

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