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List of Revised Volumes

The following volumes of the Code of Federal Regulations have been revised since publication of the 1949 Edition. The list includes volumes revised as of December 31, 1954:

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Title 7 (Parts 1-209) 7 (Part 900 to End) 8 14 (Parts 1–399). 14 (Part 400 to End) 19 26 (Parts 1-79) 26 (Parts 183-299) 32 (Parts 1-699, first revision) 32 (Part 700 to End, first revision) 32 (All volumes, second revision) 32A 43 46 (Parts 1–145) 46 (Part 146 to End) 47–48. 49 (Parts 71-90).

Revision Date

1953 1952 1952 1952 1952 1953 1953 1953 1951 1951 1954 1954 1954 1952 1953 1953 1950

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Title 2-The Congress

Table of statutory authorities and statutes interpreted or applied

Title 3-The President

Proclamations (tabulation)

Executive orders (tabulation)

Presidential documents other than Proclamations and Executive orders (tabulation)

Title 4-Accounts

I General Accounting Office

Title 5-Administrative Personnel

I Civil Service Commission

III Foreign and Territorial Compensation

IV Fair Employment Board

V International Organizations Employees Loyalty Board

Title 6-Agricultural Credit

I Farm Credit Administration

II Rural Electrification Administration, Department of Agriculture III Farmers Home Administration, Department of Agriculture

IV Commodity Stabilization Service and Commodity Credit Corporation, Department of Agriculture

V Agricultural Marketing Service, Department of Agriculture

Title 7-Agriculture

SUBTITLE A-Office of the Secretary of Agriculture
SUBTITLE B-Regulations of the Department of Agriculture

I Agricultural Marketing Service (Standards, Inspections, Market-
ing Practices), Department of Agriculture

II Agricultural Marketing Service (School Lunch Program), Department of Agriculture

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III Agricultural Research Service, Department of Agriculture
IV Federal Crop Insurance Corporation
V Commodity Stabilization Service (Surplus Property), Depart-

ment of Agriculture VI Soil Conservation Service VII Commodity Stabilization Service (Farm Marketing Quotas and

Acreage Allotments), Department of Agriculture VIII Commodity Stabilization Service (Sugar), Department of Agri

IX Agricultural Marketing Service (Marketing Agreements and

Orders), Department of Agriculture
XI Agricultural Conservation Program Service, Department of Agri-


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Title 8—Aliens and Nationality
I Immigration and Naturalization Service, Department of Justice
II Office of Alien Property, Department of Justice

Title 9—Animals and Animal Products

I Agricultural Research Service, Department of Agriculture
II Agricultural Marketing Service, Department of Agriculture

Title 10—Atomic Energy

I Atomic Energy Commission

Title 11-Bankruptcy

(No regulations assigned to this title)

Title 12—Banks and Banking

I Bureau of the Comptroller of the Currency, Department of the

II Federal Reserve System
III Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
IV Export-Import Bank of Washington

Title 13-Business Credit

II Small Business Administration

Title 14—Civil Aviation

I Civil Aeronautics Board
II Civil Aeronautics Administration, Department of Commerce


SUBTITLE A-Office of the Secretary of Commerce
SUBTITLE B-Regulations Relating to Commerce and Foreign

Bureau of the Census, Department of Commerce
II National Bureau of Standards, Department of Commerce
III Bureau of Foreign Commerce, Department of Commerce
IV Foreign-Trade Zones Board

V Weather Bureau, Department of Commerce
VI Business and Defense Services Administration, Department of

VII Committee for Reciprocity Information
VIII Office of Business Economics, Department of Commerce

Title 16-Commercial Practices

I Federal Trade Commission

Title 17-Commodity and Securities Exchanges

I Commodity Exchange Authority (Including Commodity Ex

change Commission), Department of Agriculture II Securities and Exchange Commission

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Title 18—Conservation of Power

I Federal Power Commission
II Tennessee Valley Authority

Title 19-Customs Duties

I Bureau of Customs, Department of the Treasury
II United States Tariff Commission

Title 20—Employees' Benefits

I Bureau of Employees' Compensation, Department of Labor
II Railroad Retirement Board

Bureau of Old Age and Survivors Insurance, Social Security

Administration, Department of Health, Education, and Welfare IV Employees' Compensation Appeals Board, Department of Labor V Bureau of Employment Security, Department of Labor

Title 21—Food and Drugs

I Food and Drug Administration, Department of Health, Educa

tion, and Welfare
Bureau of Narcotics, Department of the Treasury


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I Department of State
II Foreign Operations Administration
IV International Joint Commission, United States and Canada
V United States Information Agency

Title 23—Highways

I Bureau of Public Roads, Department of Commerce

Title 24-Housing and Housing Credit
SUBTITLE A–Office of the Administrator, Housing and Home

Finance Agency
SUBTITLE B-Regulations Relating to Housing and Housing

I Home Loan Bank Board, Housing and Home Finance Agency
II Federal Housing Administration, Housing and Home Finance

III Public Housing Administration, Housing and Home Finance

IV Federal National Mortgage Association
VIII Office of Defense Mobilization

Title 25—Indians

I Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of the Interior
II Indian Arts and Crafts Board, Department of the Interior
III Indian Claims Commission

Title 26-Internal Revenue

I Internal Revenue Service, Department of the Treasury
II The Tax Court of the United States

Title 26 Internal Revenue, 1954

I Internal Revenue Service, Department of the Treasury

Title 27—Intoxicating Liquors
I Internal Revenue Service, Department of the Treasury

Title 28—Judicial Administration

I Department of Justice
II Subversive Activities Control Board

Title 29—Labor

SUBTITLE A-Office of the Secretary of Labor
SUBTITLE B-Regulations Relating to Labor

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