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Question. When and how will decisions be made on the recommended allocation to the Matching Grant Program for FY '92.

Answer. We expect to provide the Committee with a proposed distribution of funds by budget activity in May.


Questions. On July 3, 1989 Secretary Sullivan submitted a report on the Community Food and Nutrition Program. Included in the report was an overview of the program's accomplishments as well as a summary of the FY 1987 program grants. Is there a more recent report on CFNP grantees and accomplishments? If so, please provide a copy to the Subcommittee.

Answer. Yes. The FY 1988 CFNP Annual Report is in final clearance at the Department of Health and Human Services and will be submitted in the near future to the Chairman of the Committee on Education and Labor and the Chairman of the Committee on Labor and Human Resources as mandated by legislation. We will be happy to make copies available to this committee.


Question. In FY 1991 Congress appropriated $731.9 million, however, these funds will not be released to the States until September 7, 1991. When do you plan to 188ue regulations regarding the use of these funds.

Answer. The Family Support Administration 18 moving quickly to 1ssue preliminary guidance on the Child Care and Development Block Grant to the States. We plan to issue regulations by late spring.

Question. Will the block grant program address the need for coordination between various child care programs to ensure that children enrolled in part-day, or part-year programs have easy access to complementary child care services that could provide a family with full-day or full year services.

Answer. The Child Care and Development Block Grant Act requires the lead agency in each State to coordinate the provision of Block Grant services with other Federal, state and local child care and early childhood development programs. We will encourage States to develop service delivery systems which provide a complete day of child care service that would meet the varying needs of children and families.

We have met with Head Start staff, as well as with representatives from a number of national child care and development organizations to discuss coordination of services. In addition, as We develop the regulations for the Child Care and Development Block Grant, we are considering issues of coordination with At-Risk-Child Care, Transitional Child Care and Title IV-A Child Care.


Question. In my experience the community Services Block Grant Program provides support at the local level which is vital for enabling communities to respond quickly to unmet needs of low-income families and to providing emergency assistance in times of crisis. Why does the Administration repeatedly seek to eliminate support for the block grant?

Answer. The Administration's request for the Community Services Block is based on the fact that the Community Action Agencies and other local organizations that historically have received Community Services Block Grant and discretionary funds have been successful in obtaining funding for similar purposes from other sources. In general, Community Services funds now represent a small fraction of the operating budgets of most of these organizations. The more successful of these organizations are no longer dependent on the Community Services funding. Funding for services provided under CSBG is available from a number of other Federal programs, as well as State, local and private sources.

Question. Doesn't this run counter to the recent talk of returning decisions of allocating Federal resources to the State and local level.

Answer. No. The budget request for CSBG is separate from the Administrations' proposal to consolidate a variety of Federal programs into one block grant to states and allow states the flexibility to determine the purposes for which funds will be allocated at the local level. The Administration's request reflects the hard choices that must be made during a period of severe budget constraints.

Question. To what extent do the "other Federal funds" which Community Action Agencies receive provide the same degree of flexibility as CSBG dollars responding quickly to local community needs?

Answer. Funds from other Federal sources which are provided to or administered by CAAs and local community organizations must be used for the purposes mandated by the Congress in the authorizing legislation for the various programs. The block grant programs provide considerable flexibility while other programs are targeted on particular problems and needs. Some of these other Federal programs that provide similar services include the Social Services Block Grant, the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, the Community Development Block Grant Program, the Supplemental Food Program for Women Infants and Children, Head Start, the child Care and Development Block Grant and meals and food distribution programs operated by the Department of Agriculture.


Question. The President's budget request does not include recommendations for the distribution of domestic refugee resettlement assistance funds. When will decisions be made on the allocation of these funds?

Answer. We expect to provide the committee with a proposed distribution of funds in May, when we have more information on States' current FY 1991 expenditures.

Question. Is it expected that refugee flows in FY'92 will be significantly different than those in FY'917

Answer. Barring an unexpected refugee emergency, we expect the FY 1992 refugee flows to be similar to those in FY 1991.

Question. What is the status of the award process for the Social Service, Targeted Assistance and Preventive Health programs?

Answer. Social service grants have been awarded for the first two quarters of FY 1991. Preventive health grants will be awarded in July, and targeted assistance grants will be awarded later in the year, following the issuance of notices of targeted assistance formula allocations and of competitive applications for the 10 percent of targeted assistance funds designated for most heavily

impacted areas in accordance with the Conference Report on the FY 1991 appropriation.

Question. When were the awards made in fiscal years 90 and 917

Answer. Social service funds were awarded quarterly in FY 1990, as they have been for the first two quarters of FY 1991. Preventive health awards were made in July 1990. Targeted assistance awards were made as indicated in the table below.

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OG063007 7501503 ORR Florida Dept of Health and Rehabilitative Services
OG 853007 7501503 ORA Florida Dept of Health and Rehabilitative Services
OG850007 7501603 OAR Florida Dopt of Health and Aghabilitativo Services

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OG853007 7501503 OAR Tenns Dept of Human Swoic of Strategic Mirgt
OGIS3007 7501503 ORR Florida Dept of Health and Aghabilitativo Services
OGIS3007 7501503 ORA Florida Dope of Health and Rehabilitative Services
OGIS3007 7501503 ORA Minnesou Department of Human Services
OGIS3007 7501503 ORA Minnesota Department of Human Services
OGI53007 7501503 ORA Colorado Avlugno & Immigrant Services Program
OGOS 3007 7501503 ORA Colorado Poluga & Immigrant Services Program
OGI53007 7501503 ORR Loutmana Dept of Social Services
OGIS3007 7501503 ORR Kanons Dept of Social And Rehabilitation Services
OG353007 7501503 ORA Uran Dope of Human Services
OG253007 7501503 ORR litimoto Dopl of Public Ald
OG853007 7501503 OAR Mlecourt Dhuraton of Family Aonidlanco
OG453007 7501503 ORA Penneyhania Dept. of Public Wollare
OG453007 7501503 ORA New Jersey Dope of Human Services
OGAS3007 7501503 ORA Commonwealth of Masa/Olc for Rotugee & Immigrants
OGI53007 7501503 ORA Now York Dope of Social Services
OG 53007 7501503 ORA Rhode Island Dope of Human Services
OG853007 7501503 ORA Virginia Dope of Social Service
OGIS3007 7501503 ORR California Dept. of Social Services
OG853007 7501503 ORA Omon of Community Services (Hawaii)
OG853007 7501503 ORA Maryland Community Services Administration
OG853007 7501503 ORA Washington Dept. of Social & Health Sys

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OGIS1007 7601600 ORA Nabama Dopt of Human Resources

0 2 11 AL 001
OGIANOOT 7601503 OAR Penneyhounda Dopl of Public Wollero

007 11 PA 002
OGAS2007 7001503 ORR Maryland Community Services Administration

90 2 TI MO 003
OGIC 007 7601803 ORA Clity and Cty of Dorner Mayor's Ole of Employmt & Traini 80 2 TICO 001
OGI63007 7601603 ORR Commonwealth of Manaloto al Polugows and Immigranto H 2 TIMA 005
OGIS3007 7501603 ORA Minnesota

90 2 11 MN 000
OGIS2007 7501503 ORA Mental Health Center of Dana County, Ino.

00 2 11 W 007
OGIS3007 7301603 ORR School District of Wicconein Rapido

90 2 11 W 000
OG253007 7501503 OAR Waunnu Area Community Foundation, Inc.

1 2 1 W 009
OGIS3007 7501503 OAR University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

00 2n W010
OGIS3007 7501803 ORR Wicconan Coutea Regione Community Action Program 2 TI W 011
OGIS3007 7501803 ORA Leo Family Community, Ine.

002 W 012
OGIS3007 7501603 ORA CAP Services, Ine.

90 2 7 W 013
OG&53007 7501503 OAR Private Industry Council of San Franciaco, Inc.

2 CA 014
OGOS 2007 7501SO3 ORA Orange County Social Services Agency

2 CA 015
OCIS0007 7501503 ORA County of Froma Dope of Social Serdicos

90 27 CA 010
OQIS3007 7501S0J OAR San Joaquin Countyhowth Care Services

90 2T CA 017
OGIS3007 7601603 ORA County od Merced

002 T1 CA 010
OGIS3007 7501503 ORA Morond County Uniwerally

O 2 T1 CA 010
OCUS3007 7501503 ORA Now York State Dope of Social Services

00 2 1 NY 020
OGIS0007 7501503 ORA State of New Hampshire Ol of Human Resources 00 20 NH 1
OGI53007 7501503 ORR Waveau Ason Honong Mutual Ascociation, Inc.

90 2 W 022

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The grants awarded to organizations within the State of Wisconsin were rei-issued to the State of Wisconsin, Dept. of Health and Social Services, to conform to provisions contained in the program announcement.

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