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1051. Disposition of sundry papers by Government agencies.

1054. Amend Railroad retirement act and Unemployment insurance act.

1055. Additional travel authority to Committee on Public Works.

1056. Consideration of H.R. 8696.

1057. Consideration of H.R. 14563.

1058. Consideration of H.R. 3274.

1059. Consideration of H.R. 5605.

1060. Consideration of S. 306.

1061. Consideration of H.R. 1340.

1062. Consideration of S. 2419.

1063. Committee to study retirement benefits for Members of House.

1064. Consideration of H.R. 11601.

1065. Investigation of water resource developments.

1066. Amend National Foundation on Arts and Humanities act of 1965.

1067. Disposition of sundry papers by Government agencies.

1068. Consideration of H.R. 6157.

1069. Exchange of lands at Acadia National Park, Maine.

1070. Exchange property at Acadia National Park, Maine.

1072. Designating Oahe Reservoir as Lake Oahe.

1073. Changing name of Twin Buttes Dam and Twin Buttes Reservoir.

1074. Changing name of San Angelo Reservoir project, Tex.

1075. Independence National Historical Park, Philadelphia, Pa.

1076. Federal jury selection act.

1084. Definition of Federal judicial districts in Virginia.

1085. Reduce ratio of career substitute employees in postal field service.

1086. Mailing of master keys for motor vehicles.

1087. Funds from judgments, Apache Tribe of Mescalero Reservation.

1088. Credit to Kings River Water Association for excess payments.

1089. Amend sec. 2, Migratory bird conservation act.

1090. Consideration of H.R. 25.

1091. Consideration of H.R. 11308.

1092. Masters' liens for wages.

1035. Removal of gold cover.

1096. Amend secs. 281 and 344 of Immigration and nationality act.
1097. Expeditious naturalization of surviving spouse of U.s. citizen who dies

while in Armed Forces.

1098. Consideration of H.R. 14743.

1099. Consideration of S. 989.

1100. Urgent supplemental appropriation bill, 1968.

1101. Salary increases, D.C. policemen and firemen.

1102. Endangered species.

1103. Export-Import Bank act extension.

1104. Tax adjustment act of 1968.

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1105. Amend sec. 202(b) of Federal property and administrative services act of


1106. Long-term contracts for delivery of water, Navajo Reservoir, N. Mex.*

1107. Repeal acts relating to containers for fruits and vegetables.

1108. Regulation of devices causing radio interference.

1109. Obscene, abusive, and harassing telephone calls.

1112. Travel by members of Committee on Agriculture.

1113. Consideration of H.R. 15414.

1114. Food service programs under National school lunch act.

1115. Funds for investigations, etc., authorized by H. Res. 356.

1116. Funds for investigations, etc., authorized by H. Res. 356.

1117. Funds for investigations authorized by H. Res. 34.

1118. Funds for Committee on the Judiciary.

1119. Funds for Committee on District of Columbia.

1120. Expenses pursuant to H. Res. 218.

1121. Expenses pursuant to H. Res. 101.

1122. Funds for studies, etc., authorized by H. Res. 19.

1123. Expenses of study, etc., authorized by H. Res. 53.

1124. Expenses for studies, etc., pursuant to H. Res. 209.

1125. Funds for investigations authorized by H. Res. 168.

1126. Funds for studies, etc., authorized by H. Res. 203.

1127. Purchase of uniforms, etc., of Capitol Police.

1128. Redemption of savings notes.

1129. Amend Immigration and nationality act.

1130. Pretrial proceedings in multidistrict litigation.

1131. National Visitor Center facilities act of 1967.

1135. Disposition of sundry papers by Government agencies.

1136. Overtime differential for postal field service employees.

1137. Conveyance of public lands in Nevada to Colorado River Commission.

1138. Amend H. Res. 101, 90th Congress.

1139. Consideration of H.R. 15398.

1140. Amend Arms control and disarmament act, as amended.

1144. Travel expenses of Government employees.

1145. Increased participation by U.S. in Inter-American Development Bank.

1146. Chilocco Indian School lands for Cherokee Nation.

1147. Consideration of H.R. 14940.

1150. Indian higher education.

1151. City of El Dorado, Kans.

1152. Respective rights of Confederated Tribes of Colville Reservation and

Yakima Tribes of Indians of Yakima Reservation.

1153. Amend sec. 2735, title 10, U.S. Code.

1154. Amend sec. 2734a, title 10, U.S. Code.

1155. Amend Public Law 90-60, Ute Mountain Tribe.

1156. Consideration of H.R. 13058.

1157. Consideration of H.R. 14910.

1158. Consideration of H.R. 14933.

1160. Employment opportunities for Vietnam era veterans.

1161. Land conveyance, Huntsville, Ala.

1162. Providing for ceremonies in connection with unveiling of bust of Con-

stantino Brumidi.

1163. Continue civil defense authorities.

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