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Extensive to say the least. This is the most detailed account of Steve Jobs' life we will ever get. For starters, Walter Isaacson was in the midst of all the apple and Jobs related drama. Interviewing, observing, dissecting. He has interesting interviews with mostly everyone that is relevant in the Apple and Steve Jobs story including steve Job's lovers, family members, and the most relevant actors in Steve's life such as Bill Gates. Walter Isaacson is not afraid to throw jabs and punches to the memory of Steve, which is oddly more validating that harmful in my eyes. This detailed account let me in the trenches of Apple warefare, from the reign of Scully to Steve's epic overtake a decade later. All the details, all the triumphs and horrible mistakes he constantly made and never grew out of are here. A complete portrait of a man, not a demigod as he is often portrayed. To me, learning about all his failures makes him better and more admirable than a glorified unreachable god like depiction the media and apple fans often project. A must read for those that are crazy enough to believe they can change the world : ) 

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An outstanding biography from Isaacson. As expected, from his previous works, the book is well documented, easy to follow and interesting to read. What makes Isaacson's work outstanding from other Jobs' biographies is the number of interviews he has done and the volume of original and first-hand information he has gathered from people who have directed worked or lived with Jobs'. The book follows a rational standpoint and tries to narrate an independent point of view from Jobs' life and work, however, as it is inevitable, it has fallen into personal understanding from the relationship between people that not everyone might agree on. Overall, by far, this book is the best Biography on Steve Jobs' incredible life and impact.  

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One of the best book

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Very Interesting! Definitely a good read!

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My son enjoyed this book. Read full review

A good read.

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Sent to a friend as a gift. Read full review

Purchased for adult son

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Just as expected for a paperback. Read full review

Review: Steve Jobs

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I managed to finish this book during one of the busiest months in my career. Really inspiring! Read full review

Review: Steve Jobs

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The Inspirational story that touched you throughout. Amazing. Words are too small to describe this kinda epic. Read full review

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