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Prepared statements, letters, supplemental materials, etc.-Continued

Johns, Dr. Thomas L., specialist, school finance, Bureau of Elementary
and Secondary Education, Office of Education:

Statement by
Letter from Chairman Perkins, dated June 29, 1977, requesting

additional information.
Letter to Chairman Perkins, dated July 7, 1977, enclosing inform-

ation requested.---
Martin, James Ò., deputy director, Human Resources Division, U.S.
General Accounting Office:
Effect of Changes to the Impact Aid Program Eligibility and

Payment Provisions, article entitled..
McClory, Hon. Robert, a Representative in Congress from the State
of Illinois:

Statement of
“District 64 News, Notes and Quotes," a publication entitled

Handbook for Elementary School District 64, North Chicago, Ill.
Moore, Patt (Mrs.), Parents Organization for Quality Education,
Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico:
Antilles Consolidated Schools at Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico,

testimony of.--
Contribution of Military and Civilian Federal Agencies to Student

Enrollment at Antilles Consolidated Schools, Fort Buchanan,

Puerto Rico, table 1..
Fact Sheet on the Antilles Middle School..

Testimony of.---
Mueller, Donald F., superintendent, Douglas School District No. 51-1,

Ellsworth Air Force Base, S. Dak., testimony of ----
Odom, Wallace S., assistant superintendent for finance and business

affairs, School Board of Escambia County, Pensacola, Fla., testi

mony before...
Paxson, Wayne M., associate superintendent of the Bellevue Public

Schools, Bellevue, Nebr., testimony on---
Perkins, Carl D., á Representative in Congress from the State of
Letter from Robert B. Pirie, Jr., Principal Deputy Assistant

Secretary of Defense, dated July 15, 1977, enclosing information

Letter to Clifford L. Alexander, Jr., Secretary of the Army,

dated July 5, 1977 requesting information ---
Letter to Dr. David Smith, Assistant for Dependents Education/

Youth Programs Graduate Education, Office of the Director
of Naval Education and Training, dated July 5, 1977, request-

ing information..
Response from Dr. David Smith, enclosing answers to Chairman

Perkins questions----
Pinney, Grant, assistant superintendent, Sierra Sands Unified School

District, Ridgecrest, Calif., testimony of
Public Law 81-874, title I, section 6, table 5.
Quie, Hon. Albert H., a Representative in Congress from the State of
Letter to Joseph A. Califano, Secretary, Department of Health,

Education, and Welfare, dated June 30, 1977-
Letter from Secretary Califano, dated July 23, 1977---

Letter to Secretary Čalifano, dated August 3, 1977----
Quint, June K., business manager and legislative coordinator, Rantoul

City Schools, Rantoul, Ill., impact aid statement----
Rorvig, W. O., superintendent, McLaughlin School District, Mc-

Laughlin, S. Dak., information for hearings-
Rose, Hon. Charles G., a Representative in Congress from the State

of North Carolina, testimony of..
Shipley, Thomas R., coordinator, Educational Information Systems,

Anne Arundel County Public Schools, Annapolis, MI)., statement






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Prepared statements, letters, supplemental materials, etc.-Continued
Simon, Hon. Paul, a Representative in Congress from the State of
Letter from George Connor, superintendent, Zeigler-Royalton

Community Unit School District No. 188, Zeigler, Ill., dated Page
June 14, 1977-----

147 Letter from William L. Stormer, director, School Assistance in

Federally Affected Areas, Office of Education, enclosing
questions and answers requested at hearing-

151 “Mine Subsidence Problems Presented By Dr. Castrale,"

paper_article from Johnson City Progress, May 11, 1977---- 149 Smith, Dr. David L., assistant for Graduate Education, Dependents

Education and Youth Programs, Office of the Director of Naval

Education and Training, Department of the Navy, statement of... 257 Sparks, Henry, assistant superintendent, Birmingham Board of Education, Birmingham, Ala., statement of...

353 Stormer, Dr. William L., Director, Division of School Assistance in

Federally Affected Areas, Bureau of Elementary and Secondary
Education, U.S. Department of Education:
Entitlement charts.-

6 Interim Report on the In-Depth Study of Federally Owned

School Facilities Provided Under Section 10 of Public Law

Section 115.14 Assurances and parental participation with respect
to Indian children for applications under section 3.

38 Statement by

168 Order of priority indices and funds needed under section 5 and 14(c)---

665 Summers, Tom, Tulsa County superintendent of schools, Tulsa, Oka., letter to subcommittee, dated June 22, 1977

714 Swicegood, Jack, superintendent, Gallup-McKinley County Public Schools, Gallup, N. Mex, testimony on..

326 Tallchief, George, superintendent, Hays-Lodge Pole School District No. 50, Hays, Mont., prepared statement of --

313 Triplett, Richard L., superintendent, Bellevue Public Schools, Bellevue, Nebr., testimony on.--

136 Wallace, Linn, past president, Antilles Consolidated Education

"Note Book," a publication of the ACEA.

251 Statement of

241 Summary Findings Report on Management Survey

274 Testimony to..

247 Williams, Sydney, Newport School Department, Newport, R.I.,

, testimony on.

106 Wugalter, Harry, secretary for educational finance and cultural affairs, State of New Mexico: Equalization in New Mexico..

425 Meeds Amendment.--

427 New Mexico and the wealth neutrality test..

427 Statement of..--

410 The New Mexico educational finance project (NMEXEFP) the new school funding formula...




Appendix 1. Impact aid legislation, Public Law 81-874 and Public Law

81-815, as amended.---
Appendix 2-A. Proposed rules, School Assistance in Federally Affected

Areas, from Federal Register, dated December 5, 1975-
Appendix 2-B. Rules and regulations, School Assistance in Federally

Affected Areas, from Federal Register, dated April 8, 1975.--
Appendix 2-C. Rules and regulations and proposed rules, School Assistance
in Federally Affected Areas (equalization), from Federal Register, dated

March 22, 1977..
Appendix 3. Background materials on impact aid program from U.S.

Office of Education..




Appendix 4. Table, Public Law 874, impact aid program, estimated maximum authorization, appropriation, and budget request levels, Page fiscal years 1966-78..

859 Appendix 5. “Assessment of the Impact Aid Program,” General Accounting Office report--

860 Appendix 6. Letter from Chairman Perkins to Mr. William Stormer, Director, School Assistance in Federally Affected Areas, U.S. Office of Education, requesting additional information.

957 Response to Chairman Perkins from Mr. Stormer.

Appendix 7.
Miscellaneous statements and letters:
Michel, Hon. Robert H., statement

981 Evans, Hon. Frank E., statement.---

993 Bobo, Mr. Thomas A., assistant superintendent, Montgomery, Ala., public schools, statement.-

997 Odom, Mr. Wallace s., assistant superintendent for finance and

business affairs, Escambia County, Fla., public schools,

1004 Luke, Dr. John, superintendent, Chicopee, Mass., public schools, position paper

1021 Brimer, Mr. Paul T., director of finance, Brevard County, Fla., public schools, statement.--

1027 Ritchie, Mr. Robert R., superintendent, Fairborn City Independent School District, Ohio, statement

1031 Counce, Mr. Shelby, superintendent, Huntsville, Ala., city schools, statement ---

1033 Sutton, Mr. J. E., superintendent emeritus, Midwest City-Del city schools, Oklahoma, statement...

1035 Jenkins, Dr. Donald R., superintendent, elementary school

district 111, Highworth Highland Park, Ill., statement - 1043 Zerkle, Mr. Robert W., Mascoutah Community Unit, School District 19, Illinois, statement.--

1045 Pickard, Mr. Joseph A., superintendent, Selma city schools, statement

1051 Forsythe, Hon. Edwin, letter to Congressman Quie enclosing

statement of Mr. Albert Dietrich, assistant superintendent,
Toms River schools, New Jersey

Dillon, Dr. Jesse D., superintendent, Rockaway Township, N.J.,
public schools, statement ---

1062 Hin, Dr. William G., superintendent, Bayonne, N.J., public schools, letter to Chairman Perkins

1064 Hanks, Mr. J. M., superintendent, Ysleta Independent School District, El Paso, Tex., statement

1066 Foley, Hon. Thomas S., letter to Chairman Perkins enclosing

statement of Mr. Clayton Dunn, superintendent, Medical
Lake Consolidated Schools, Washington.

1068 Tuder, Mr. Charles L., Alameda, Calif., Unified School District, statement..


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TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 1977



Washington, D. C. The subcommittee met, pursuant to notice, at 9:30 a.m., in Room 2175, Rayburn House Office Building, the Hon. Carl D. Perkins, presiding

Members present: Representatives Perkins, Blouin, Simon, Mottl, Le Fante, Heftel and Quie.

Staff present: John F. Jennings, majority counsel; Nancy L. Kober, staff assistant; and Christopher T. Cross, minority senior education consultant.

Chairman PERKINS. The Subcommittee on Elementary, Secondary and Vocational Education is today beginning two weeks of oversight hearings on the Impact Aid laws. The hearings are a continuation of hearings on H. R. 15, a bill to extend for five years certain elementary and secondary education programs that expire at the end of fiscal year 1978.

The Impact Aid programs under Public Law 81-874 and Public Law 81-815 provide financial assistance to local educational agencies in areas affected by Federal activities. Appropriations for the 874 and 815 programs totaled $793 million in fiscal year 1977 and will affect over 4500 public school districts.

In recent weeks there has been much discussion about the impact aid program, as the Appropriations Committee and the House dealt with funding for fiscal year 1978. The last time our committee looked at the program very comprehensively was prior to the Education Amendments of 1974. In the amendments included in that law, P.L. 93-380, Congress substantially revised the impact aid legislation. I feel it is important, as we prepare for reauthorization legislation next year, to again look at this program in depth and focus on the effects of those amendments.

Today we will be hearing from Mr. William Stormer, Director, Division of School Assistance in Federally Affected Areas in the Office of Education, who will provide an overview of the 874 programs and discuss the implementation of these 1974 amendments.

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