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general, it has not seemed practicable to compile a list of those who should, in strict justice, be associated as authors with those originally invited to furnish the first drafts of chapters.

As the material was received by the Council, it generally proved too long for the available space and went back to the authors for abridgement. Again the services of collaborators were requested by both authors and the Council, either to furnish material, to criticize the treatment, or to suggest places where abridgement of the material would cause the least sacrifice from the viewpoint of the average member.

To these collaborators, whose names follow, the Council extends its hearty thanks for welcome aid generously given.

Ackerman, J. Walter
Alvord, John W.
Allis-Chalmers Co.
Amsbary, F. C.
Andrews, Lewis P.
Andrews, George C.
Applebaum, S. B.
Armstrong, James W.
Arnold, Victor
Avery, C. N.
Badger Meter Mfg. Co.
Bahlman, Clarence
Baker, Clarence M.
Baldwin, F. N.
Barbour, Frank A.
Bartow, Edward
Batchelder, Geo. W.
Baylis, John R.
Beck, F. E.
Behrman, A. S.
Berry, F. R.
Billings, L. C.
Birdsall, Lewis I.
Bliven, C. H.
Bohmann, Henry P.
Booth, G. W.
Boynton, Perkins
Brown, A. W. F.
Brown, Walter I.
Brush, W. W.
Buffalo Meter Co.

Bugbee, J. W.
Bunker, Geo. C.

C. B.
Burgess, Philip
Burnham, H. A.
Buswell, A. M.
Byers, A. M, Co.
Caldwell, James H.
Campbell, C. B.
Carlin, Phil
Case, E. D.
Catlett, G. F.
Central Foundry Co.
Chadwick-Boston Lead Co.
Chambers, John
Chase, E. S.
Chester, J. N.
Chivvis, L.
Christy, J. F.
Cleveland, H. Burdette
Coffin, Theodore DeL.
Cole, E. S.
Conard, W. R.
Cook, John H.
Craig, J. O.
Cramer, W. S.
Crane, Arthur M.
Critchlow, H. T.
Crowley, C. M.
Cuddeback, A. W.
Cunningham, F. G.

Daily, C. M. Dallyn, F. A. Daniels, F. E. Davis, Carleton E. Davis, E. E. Day, Leonard A. DeBerard, W. W. DeLaporte, A. V. Denman, Chas. S. Dill, H. A. Dittoe, W. H. Diven, J. M. Dixon, G. Gale Dobbin, R. L. Donaldson, Wellington Drake, H. P. Dunlap, John H. Dunwoody, J. S. Durbin, W. H. Earl, G. G. Eddy, Harrison P. Elliott, G. A. Ellms, J. W. Ely, H. M. Emerson, C. A., Jr. Engel, P. N. Enslow, Linn H. Ericson, John Fair, Gordon M. Fales, Almon L. Fenkell, George H. Ferguson, H. E. Foreman, Charles S. Foulks, John A. French, D. W. French, E. V. Frost, V. M. Fuertes, James H. Fuller, George W. Fuller, Weston E. Gage, $. de M. Gamon Meter Co. Gear, Patrick Gelston, W. R. Gettrust, J. S. Geupel, L. A. Gibson, James E.

Gillespie, C. G. Gillespie, T. A. & Co. Goldsmith, Clarence Goodell, John M. Goodnough, X. H. Gore, William Gorman, Arthur, E. Graf, August V. Greeley, Samuel A. Green, F. W. Greenfield, R. E. Gregory, John H. Grobbel, D. C. Gutmann, I. Gwinn, Dow R. Habermeyer, G. C. Hale, Frank E. Hannan, Frank Hansen, Paul Harding, James C. Hardy, E, D. Hatfield, W. D. Hawley, Geo. W. Hawley, John B. Hawley, W. C. Hayhurst, Emery R. Hazen, Allen Hebbring, A. W. Henderson, C. R. Hersey Mfg. Co. Highland, Scotland G. Hill, Nicholas S., Jr. Hilscher, Ralph Hinman, Jack J., Jr. Hodgman, Burt B. Holmquist, C. A. Holway, A. S. Holway, W. R. Hommon, Harry B. Hoover, Charles P. Horton, Robert E. Houston, Sir Alexander Howard, Chas. D. Howard, Norman J. Howson, L. R. Huy, Harry F. Iron Trade Review

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Jackson, D. D. Jacobs, N. B. Jenne, Lyle L. Jensen, J. Arthur Jeup, B. J. T. Jewell, Albert A. Johnson, George A. Jones, H. Seaver Jordan, Frank C. Jordan, Harry E. Kable, E. P. Kemble, F. T. Kimberly, A. Elliot Kingsley, John T. Knowles, C. R. Knowles, Morris Lafreniere, Theo. J. Laboon, John J. Lance, J. H. Lanpher, E. E. Lawlor, F. D. H. Leisen, Theodore A. Levy, Herbert S. Little, Beekman C. Lochridge, E. E. Locke, William V. Longley, F. F. Lounsbury, W. C. Lovejoy, W. H. Lowther, Burton Ludlow, J. L. Luscombe, Wm. Lyman, R. R. McCaleb, Wm. B. McCrady, M. H. McInnes, F. A. McMurry, J. A. McVea, J. C. McWane Cast Iron Pipe Co. MacDonald, W. E. Macksey, H. V. Mahlie, W. S. Main, Chas. T. Manahan, E. G. Marks Lissberger & Son, Inc. Maury, Dabney H. Meadows, Jas. 0.

Merriman, Richard Merriman, Thaddeus Messer, Richard Metcalf, Leonard Meyerherm, Chas. F. Miller, A. P. Miller, Warren C. Milne, Alexander Minor, Edward E. Mitchell, W. M. Mohlman, F. W. Moore, Fred. F. Morse, Robert B. Moses, H. E. Moulton, R. S. National Meter Co. National Tube Co. Neptune Meter Co. Neubling, Emil L. Newsom, Reeves J. Newlands, James A. Niesley, W. M. Norcross, Paul H. Normon, Earl E. O'Brien, D. F. O'Brien, J. J. Ohlinger, L. B. O'Leary, J. E. Oliphant, John Orchard, Wm. J. Palmer, Marshall B. Parker, Horatio N. Patton, W. S. Perry H. W. Picher Lead Co. Pincus, Sol Pirnie, Malcolm Pittsburgh Meter Co. Porter, John L. Porzelius, A. F. Powell, Richard Powell, S. T. Pracy, Geo. W. Pritchard, J. C. Quayle, L. A. Randlett, Fred M. Rathbun, W. S.

Read, George

Thompson Meter Co. Reading Iron Co.

Thompson, R. E. Reagan, John F.

Tiernan, M. F. Reed, D. A.

Toyne, J. W. Reyer, G. F.

Turner, J. W. Rice, Lawrence G.

Union Water Meter Co. Rich, Edward D.

United Lead Co. Roos, C. M.

United Lined Tube & Valve Co. Rowe, E. J.

Van Loan, S. M. Russell, N. F. S.

Veatch, F. M. Salmond, J.J.

Veatch, N. T., Jr. Saville, Caleb Mills

Voellmeck, J. W. Saville, Thorndike

Voorhis, Warren R. Schneider, Wm. G.

Wagner, R. F. Schoonmaker, George N.

Walker, Elton D. Senior, S. P.

Walker, Isaac S. Sheahan, James

Wall, Edward E. Sherman, Chas. W.

Wallace, Wm. M. Sherman, L. K.

Walsh, J. H. Sherrerd, M. R.

Warde, John S. Siems, V. Bernard

Waring, F. H. Simms, R. B.

Weston, Robert Spurr Skinker, T. J.

Whipple, George C. Smith, L. A.

Whipple, Melville C. Smith, W.C.

Whittaker, H. A. Smith, W. Z.

Wiggin, Thomas H. Snyder, S. B.

Willcomb, George E. Soost, C. W.

Williamson, Lee H. Spencer, C. A.

Winslow, C. E-A. Sperry, Walter A.

Wilson, N. M. R. Stevenson, W. L.

Wood, Chas. R. Stokes, D. B.

Wood, Leonard P. Streeter, H. W.

Wood, Walter Sullivan Machinery Co.

Worrell, M. L. Taylor, Stephen H.

Worthington Pump & Machinery Corp. The Iron Age

Young, W. R. Thomas, R. J.

Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. The Publication Committee of the Association has coöperated closely and most helpfully with the Council since the latter began its work. This has been the result, in part, of the fact that the Council's Secretary has been a member of the Publication Committee from the inception of the Council's activities and has been chairman of that Committee for several years. In this way intimate contact between the two bodies has been maintained with minimum effort.

While the large number of contributors of information for use in the Manual have undoubtedly been scrupulous to give credit to those from whom they in turn have received aid, it is certain that in the rewriting and condensing of the enormous mass of material used in preparing this volume some of the credits, particularly to older authors, have been unintentionally omitted. With respect to these older authors the Council feels much as Rudyard Kipling did when he wrote his introduction* to the second section of the “Seven Seas.

When 'Omer smote 'is bloomin' lyre,
He'd 'eard men sing by land and sea;
An' what he thought ’e might require
'e went an' took—the same as me.

The market-girls an' fishermen,
The shepherds an' the sailors, too,
They 'eard old songs turn up again,
But kep’ it quiet-same as you.

They knew 'e stole; 'e knew they knowed,
They didn't tell, nor make a fuss,
But winked at 'Omer down the road,
An' 'e winked back-the same as us.


* Reprinted with Mr. Kipling's permission and that of his American publisher, Doubleday, Page & Co.; copyright, 1896, by Rudyard Kipling; 1905, by D. Appleton & Co.

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