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record for you to answer as expeditiously as possible, and I thank you.

Ms. Norton.

Ms. NORTON. Thank you, Mrs. Morella. I have only a couple of more things today.

One, I want to make sure that I understood President Ladner correctly. I certainly understand that his—that the expansion that's been approved is expansion on the AU campus. Do I understand you to say that you do not intend to acquire properties on the south side of what you now own?

Mr. LADNER. No, I would not say that. We have purchased a couple of buildings in the last 5 to 6 years, and we hold open that option as any other legal entity has in the city.

Ms. NORTON. So your response to me was not entirely candid then. You're saying as of now you intend to expand on the AU campus, but you add that you still purchase properties outside of your campus, and therefore you might expand beyond the campus confines.

Mr. LADNER. Congresswoman Norton, I was responding to a discussion about the campus plan as you laid it out, and so I intended to be doing it in that context. I'm glad you asked this further question because it's my understanding you were talking about the campus plan.

Ms. NORTON. And the campus plan does then include not only the campus, but any properties you may acquire?

Mr. LADNER. No, it does not.

Ms. NORTON. The campus plans means you will be expanding only on property you own now?

Mr. LADNER. That's right.
Ms. NORTON. That's important.

Madam Chair, I want to ask that included in the record be a list of addresses in Spring Valley and diseases which people and the diseases that people at these addresses have acquired. I have no idea

Mrs. MORELLA. Without objection, so ordered. [The information referred to follows:]

[blocks in formation]

S058 Sodgwick breast cancer

Father had prostate cancer (avid gardner)
Mother multiple skin cancers, both daughters
Have skin cancers

Bny across street died at young age.

Daughter brain cancer, grandkid hydrocephalitus


3819 484" St.

Breathing diff. Dog died age 6 Wifc had hair loss

3,000 Plants died, cicadias deformcd.

5045 Van Ness

Has skin cancer. Hands would bum after working in

Garden.Daughter also has skin cancer&lives at 52nd
Court now. 100s of trucks of dirt moved from
Mass. & Van Ness to 52"4 ct. Another lady suid
dirt from AU taken to Van Ness and Mass many

years carlier.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

4825 Glenbrook Rd. Laughlin's nanny Many problems compatible

With arsenic, mustard cxposure
Wife had Brain Tumor

Ms. NORTON. Thank you. I have no idea whether these residents—there's a pattern here sometimes on specific blocks—would have acquired these diseases in the first place, and the last thing we ought do is draw the conclusion that because a set of people have cancers, for example, and other diseases that there's a causeeffect relationship established. I ask for their inclusion in the record for one reason only, and that is to fortify and reinforce what from me is a major contribution we can make, and that is to get the earliest health studies so that people can take whatever precautions they need to take to avoid health risks, and so that the Federal Government can do whatever it can to prevent health risks to this community.

Thank you very much, Madam Chair.

Mrs. MORELLA. Again, I want to thank you for spending the day with us and for the information that you have given this subcommittee. As you probably have gathered, when we pull all our material together and look at what further needs to be done, we will be working with you, and we will be moving ahead beyond this. Thank you all very much.

The hearing is now adjourned, and I want to thank our staff for the work that they have done: Russell Smith, Heea Fales, Rob White, Matt Batt, Howard Denis and John.

(Whereupon, at 3:07 p.m., the subcommittee was adjourned.]

[The prepared statement of Hon. Thomas M. Davis and additional information submitted for the hearing record follow:]

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