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Page 256 - Computer), which was first demonstrated at the Moore School of Electrical Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania at Philadelphia Feb 14, 1946.
Page ii - Certain commercial equipment, instruments, or materials are identified in this paper to specify adequately the experimental procedure. Such identification does not imply recommendation or endorsement by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, nor does it imply that the materials or equipment identified are necessarily the best available for the purpose.
Page xi - I often say that when you can measure what you are speaking about and express it in numbers you know something about it; but when you cannot measure it, when you cannot express it in numbers, your knowledge is of a meagre and unsatisfactory kind: it may be the beginning of knowledge, but you have scarcely, in your thoughts, advanced to the stage of science, whatever the matter may be.
Page 123 - He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering and a Fellow of the American...
Page 87 - And the Lord said, Behold the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do; and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.
Page 13 - Jr. Constitution and Metallography of Aluminum and Its Light Alloys with Copper and Magnesium.
Page 197 - Rademacher, G Reim, P Seyfried, and H Siegert , "Absolute measurement of the (220) lattice plane spacing in a silicon crystal", Phys.
Page 229 - ... solutions will be proposed in an interregional rather than global framework. However, the year's events did not in themselves suggest that a turning point had been reached in North-South relations. Two major UN conferences on development issues were held in the course of 1979: Unctad V in Manila and the UN Conference on Science and Technology for Development (UNCSTD) in Vienna.
Page 297 - CD-ROM: IEEE/IEE ELECTRONIC LIBRARY The IEEE/IEE Electronic Library (IEL) gives researchers full-image access to the publications of both the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE). This complete reference system includes an image database of IEEE/IEE material, including all journals, magazines, standards and conference proceedings published since 1988. The powerful index, a subset of the INSPEC database, allows users to search specifically...
Page 129 - W. Edwards Deming and Raymond T. Birge, On the Statistical Theory of Errors.

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