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(Project Grants) FY 08 $0; FY 09 est $157,000; FY 10 est $0

Range and Average of Financial Assistance:

Refer to program guidance.


Fiscal Year 2008: No Current Data Available Fiscal Year 2009: It is anticipated that the State of Washington will apply for funding for eligible State and local first responders in preparation for the 2010 Winter Olympics. It is further anticipated that these efforts will be coordinated with DHS CBP Security Training and Exercise Support for the 2010 Olympics. Fiscal Year 2010: No Current Data Available


For reguations and guidelines please refer to the solicitation guidance and application kit.

Regional or Local Office:

See Regional Agency Offices.

Headquarters Office:

FEMA Grant Programs Directorate 500 C Street SW, Washington, District of Columbia 20472 Email: Phone: 1-800-368-6498

Website Address:


Not Applicable.


Not Applicable.


Refer to program guidance for information on criteria for selecting proposals.

Appendix I: Programs Requiring Executive Order 12372 Review

This appendix lists programs requiring Executive Order 12372 review. Executive Order 12372 "Intergovernmental Review of Federal Programs," structures the Federal government's system of consultation with State and local governments on its decisions involving grants, other forms of financial assistance, and direct development. Under E.O. 12372, States, in consultation with their local governments, design their own review processes and select those Federal financial assistance anddirect development activities they wish to review.

Since October 1, 1983 most States have acted to establish a review and comment system in response to E.O. 12372. In such cases, applicants for grants will need to meet the requirements of the intergovernmental consultation process established by a particular State and its local governments before Federal agencies take action on an application.

For more information on the process a particular State requires to be followed, an applicant should contact the office or official designated as the single point of contact in his or her State. Consult the individual program description in the Catalog to determine whether the programs under which he/she plans to apply is subject to E.O.12372. Consult the Federal agency's application package for instructions on State notification.

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10.558 Child and Adult Care Food Program (A)

10.559 Summer Food Service Program for Children (A) 10.560 State Administrative Expenses for Child Nutrition (A)

10.561 State Administrative Matching Grants for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (A)

10.565 Commodity Supplemental Food Program (A,H) 10.566 Nutrition Assistance For Puerto Rico (C)

10.567 Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (B,H) 10.568 Emergency Food Assistance Program (Administrative Costs) (A) 10.569 Emergency Food Assistance Program (Food Commodities) (A) 10.760 Water and Waste Disposal Systems for Rural Communities (B,E,F) 10.763 Emergency Community Water Assistance Grants (B) 10.766 Community Facilities Loans and Grants (B,E,F)

10.770 Water and Waste Disposal Loans and Grants (Section 306C) (B,E) 10.780 Community Facilities Loans and Grants (B,E)

10.783 10.787


Water and Waste Disposal Systems for Rural Communities - ARRA

Rural Business Enterprise Grants - ARRA (B)
Broadband Initiatives Program (B,E)

10.855 Distance Learning and Telemedicine Loans and Grants (B,E)
10.901 Resource Conservation and Development (K)
Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention (K)
10.916 Watershed Rehabilitation Program (K)

11.010 Community Trade Adjustment Assistance (B)
11.012 Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS) (B)
11.013 Education Quality Award Ambassadorship (B)

11.300 Investments for Public Works and Economic Development Facilities (B)

11.302 Economic Development_Support for Planning Organizations (B) 11.303 Economic Development_Technical Assistance (B)

11.400 Geodetic Surveys and Services (Geodesy and Applications of the National Geodetic Reference System) (B)

11.407 Interjurisdictional Fisheries Act of 1986 (A)

11.419 Coastal Zone Management Administration Awards (A,B) 11.420 Coastal Zone Management Estuarine Research Reserves (B) 11.426 Financial Assistance for National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science (B)

11.427 Fisheries Development and Utilization Research and Development Grants and Cooperative Agreements Program (B)

11.433 Marine Fisheries Initiative (B)

11.434 Cooperative Fishery Statistics (B)

11.435 Southeast Area Monitoring and Assessment Program (B)

11.436 Columbia River Fisheries Development Program (B)

11.437 Pacific Fisheries Data Program (B)

11.438 Pacific Coast Salmon Recovery_Pacific Salmon Treaty Program (B)

11.439 Marine Mammal Data Program (B)

11.443 Short Term Climate Fluctuations (B)

11.452 Unallied Industry Projects (B)

11.454 Unallied Management Projects (B)

11.455 Cooperative Science and Education Program (B)

11.457 Chesapeake Bay Studies (B)

11.463 Habitat Conservation (B)

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Mortgage Insurance_Housing in Older, Declining Areas (F) 14.126 Mortgage Insurance_Cooperative Projects (F) 14.127 Mortgage Insurance_Manufactured Home Parks (F) 14.128 Mortgage Insurance_Hospitals (F)

14.129 Mortgage Insurance_Nursing Homes, Intermediate Care Facilities, Board and Care Homes and Assisted Living Facilities (F)

14.134 Mortgage Insurance_Rental Housing (F)

14.135 Mortgage Insurance_Rental and Cooperative Housing for Moderate Income Families and Elderly, Market Interest Rate (F)

14.138 Mortgage Insurance_Rental Housing for the Elderly (F) 14.139 Mortgage Insurance_Rental Housing in Urban Renewal Areas (F) 14.151 Supplemental Loan Insurance_Multifamily Rental Housing (F) 14.157 Supportive Housing for the Elderly (C)

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Appendix I: Programs Requiring Executive Order 12372 Review

14.218 Community Development Block Grants/Entitlement Grants (A) 14.246 Community Development Block Grants/Brownfields Economic Development Initiative (B)

14.253 Community Development Block Grant ARRA Entitlement Grants (CDBG-R) (Recovery Act Funded) (A)

14.255 Community Development Block Grants/State's program and Non-Entitlement Grants in Hawaii (Recovery Act Funded) (A) 14.256 Neighborhood Stabilization Program (Recovery Act Funded) (B) 14.257 Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (Recovery Act Funded) (A)

14.258 Tax Credit Assistance Program (Recovery Act Funded) (A)

14.314 Assisted Living Conversion for Eligible Multifamily Housing Projects (B)

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14.850 Public and Indian Housing (C)

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15.615 Cooperative Endangered Species Conservation Fund (B) 15.622 Sportfishing and Boating Safety Act (B)

15.626 Firearm and Bow Hunter Education and Safety Program (A)
15.628 Multistate Conservation Grant Program (B)
15.636 Alaska Subsistence Management (B)

16.013 Violence Against Women Act Court Training and Improvement Grants (B)

16.014 Engaging Men and Youth in Preventing Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking (B)

16.016 Culturally and Linguistically Specific Services Program (B) 16.017 Sexual Assault Services Formula Program (A,B)

16.019 Tribal Registry (B)

16.202 Prisoner Reentry Initiative Demonstration (Offender Reentry) (B)

16.524 Legal Assistance for Victims (B)

16.525 Grants to Reduce Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking on Campus (B)

16.526 OVW Technical Assistance Initiative (B)
16.527 Supervised Visitation, Safe Havens for Children (B)

16.528 Enhanced Training and Services to End Violence and Abuse of Women Later in Life (B)

16.742 Paul Coverdell Forensic Sciences Improvement Grant Program (A) 16.744 Anti-Gang Initiative (B)

16.750 Support for Adam Walsh Act Implementation Grant Program (B) 16.752 Economic High-Tech and Cyber Crime Prevention (B) 16.753 Congressionally Recommended Awards (B)

16.803 Recovery Act - Eward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program/ Grants to States and Territories (A,B)

16.804 Recovery Act - Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program / Grants To Units Of Local Government (A,B) Recovery Act Transitional Housing (B)

16.805 16.806 Recovery Act - Violence Against Women Discretionary Grants For

Indian Tribal Governments (B)

16.807 Recovery Act - VOCA Crime Victim Assistance Discretionary Grant Program (B,C)


17.207 Employment Service/Wagner-Peyser Funded Activities (A,B) 17.235 Senior Community Service Employment Program (A,B)

17.258 WIA Adult Program (A)

17.259 WIA Youth Activities (A)

17.260 WIA Dislocated Workers (A,B)

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Appendix I: Programs Requiring Executive Order 12372 Review

66.511 Office of Research and Development Consolidated

Research/Training/Fellowships (B)

66.512 Regional Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program

(REMAP) Research Projects (B)

66.516 P3 Award: National Student Design Competition for Sustainability (B) 66.517 Regional Applied Research Efforts (RARE) (B) 66.604 Environmental Justice Small Grant Program (B) 66.605 Performance Partnership Grants (A,B)

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84.002 Adult Education - Basic Grants to States (A)

84.004 Civil Rights Training and Advisory Services (B) 84.011 Migrant Education_State Grant Program (A)

84.015 National Resource Centers Program for Foreign Language and Area Studies or Foreign Language and International Studies Program and Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship Program (B)

84.016 Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language Programs


84.027 Special Education_Grants to States (A)

84.031 Higher Education_Institutional Aid (B) 84.042 TRIO_Student Support Services (B) 84.044 TRIO_Talent Search (B)

84.047 TRIO_Upward Bound (B)

84.048 Career and Technical Education -- Basic Grants to States (A)
84.060 Indian Education_Grants to Local Educational Agencies (A)
84.066 TRIO_Educational Opportunity Centers (B)
84.083 Women's Educational Equity Act Program (B)
84.103 TRIO Staff Training Program (B)

84.116 Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (B)
84.120 Minority Science and Engineering Improvement (B)

84.126 Rehabilitation Services_Vocational Rehabilitation Grants to States (A) 84.128 Rehabilitation Services_Service Projects (B)

84.129 Rehabilitation Long-Term Training (B)

84.132 Centers for Independent Living (B)

84.141 Migrant Education_High School Equivalency Program (B)

84.144 Migrant Education_Coordination Program (B)

84.145 Federal Real Property Assistance Program (H)

84.149 Migrant Education_College Assistance Migrant Program (B)

84.153 Business and International Education Projects (B)

84.160 Training Interpreters for Individuals who are Deaf and Individuals who are Deaf-Blind (B)

Rehabilitation Services_Client Assistance Program (A)


[blocks in formation]

Agreements (B)


66.810 Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention (CEPP) Technical Assistance Grants Program (B)

66.812 Hazardous Waste Management Grant Program for Tribes (B) 66.813 Alternative or Innovative Treatment Technology Research, Demonstration, Training, and Hazardous Substance Research Grants


66.814 Brownfields Training, Research, and Technical Assistance Grants and Cooperative Agreements (B)

66.816 Headquarters and Regional Underground Storage Tanks Program (B) 66.817 State and Tribal Response Program Grants (A)

66.818 Brownfields Assessment and Cleanup Cooperative Agreements (B) 66.931 International Financial Assistance Projects Sponsored by the Office of International Affairs (B)

66.940 Environmental Policy and State Innovation Grants (B)


81.041 State Energy Program (A,B,L)

81.042 Weatherization Assistance for Low-Income Persons (A,L) 81.127 Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program (EEARP) (A)

81.128 Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program (EECBG) (A,B)

81.131 Expand and Extend Clean Coal Power Initiative (B) DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION

Rehabilitation Services_Independent Living Services for Older
Individuals Who are Blind (B)

84.181 Special Education-Grants for Infants and Families (A)

84.184 Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities_National Programs (B) 84.186 Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities_State Grants (A) 84.187 Supported Employment Services for Individuals with Significant Disabilities (A)

84.191 Adult Education_National Leadership Activities (B,C) 84.196 Education for Homeless Children and Youth (A) 84.200 Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (B) 84.206

Javits Gifted and Talented Students Education Grant Program (B) 84.214 Even Start_Migrant Education (B)

84.217 TRIO_McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement (B) 84.220 Centers for International Business Education (B)

84.224 Assistive Technology (A)

84.234 Projects with Industry (B)

84.235 Rehabilitation Services Demonstration and Training Programs (B) 84.240 Program of Protection and Advocacy of Individual Rights (B) 84.243 Tech-Prep Education (A)

84.246 Rehabilitation Short-Term Training (B)

84.263 Rehabilitation Training_Experimental and Innovative Training (B) 84.264 Rehabilitation Training_Continuing Education (B)

84.265 Rehabilitation Training_State Vocational Rehabilitation Unit

In-Service Training (B)

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